Chihaya Stella Stage Story Preview Translated

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  1. When Chihaya hears that you're going to start producing her she says with enthusiasm that "I want to become a solid singer as soon as possible so that I can be free"​. Before she met everyone at 765pro there was a lot of unenjoyable things in her life, she said that there were only two ways she had to escape from that heavy feeling situation. The first was to forget everything. The other was...?
  3. (screenshot)
  4. Triangle - To become engrossed in something else
  5. Square - To resolve the problem
  6. Circle - To not to worry about it
  8. When asking about what other things Chihaya is worried about, it seems she got a message from her divorced parents saying "We want to talk soon". Producer tells Chihaya that an idol and their Producer's hearts are together, and promised to talk again when something happens.
  10. (screenshot)
  11. Chihaya
  12. "Our hearts are as one... Actually, I got a message from my parents.
  13. My parents are divorced, our family is already disconnected but..."
  15. When Chihaya advances to Rank E she calls out Producer saying "I have somewhere I want you to come with me". That place is a certain first class hotel she plans to meet her parents at?!
  17. (screenshot)
  18. Chihaya
  19. "Um... It's a hotel. A first class hotel's... private cafe.
  20. I'm supposed to talk with my parents there."
  22. After finishing her conversation with her parents, Chihaya reports to Producer that they apologized for what they did in the past. Chihaya proclaims that "I've finally sorted out my feelings", however at the next job (rehearsal) immediately following​ this she makes a rare mistake... Even though the problem should have been solved, Chihaya shows her irritation at her lack of ability to properly sort out her feelings. Producer seeing this tries to calm her down.
  24. (screenshot)
  25. Chihaya
  26. "But...! Ku...!"
  28. After Chihaya calms down a bit she mentions that her foundation has fallen apart due to recent events. Producer hearing this suggests they have a new start so they can create a new foundation.
  30. (screenshot)
  31. Chihaya
  32. "A new start. I see... I'll try starting over.
  33. I'll think of it as me returning to my younger self, once more..."
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