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  1. MC Deaths Recap and Other Takeaways
  3. Since we had much fewer deaths on Rag this week I figured I could cover each and every death in our MC run.
  7. Molten Destroyer Pack
  8. Worslash and Drunk died to a destroyer after Ulti took an unlucky stun while the destroyer was running towards her. Math was a bit late to taunt it off so Drunk died, then once taunt faded Worslash pulled threat and also died before Ulti could taunt. Lesson learned here is that if ulti for any reason loses threat on this kind of pack, either stop DPS totally until she gets it again or just switch to polars target while she grabs it again and builds threat.
  10. Garr Adds (firesworn)
  11. Ulti died during the AOE phase, she takes an insane amount of damage from those adds, but she was missing a couple key stam/mitigation pieces that she will have going forward that should allow us to keep her alive during this. We could also have a random warrior go in when they are all about to die and have them AOE taunt and shield wall as we finish off the adds to let Ulti get out safely with her buffs in tact. 4 other DPS died once she went down so saving Ulti here would have saved a nice chunk of our deaths on the night.
  13. Baron
  14. Spicy pulled baron threat @ 40 seconds, didn't FD in time so Baron was in the normal raid position during Inferno. Math taunted it off but it was too late. If this ever happens, people need to back up into the tunnel to safety during the inferno and then Ulti will pick up after Interno and run the boss back to his position then we all slide back forward. Zonku and Ginzo died to inferno because they did not back out to safety when Spicy pulled. Spurgy died to Morboh's explosion, not sure why Spurgy ran where he ran during inferno. Morboh was a bit late to move with bomb so maybe he was just trying to get away from the bomb which actually took him right to the bomb instead.
  16. Shaz
  17. 6 people died to Arcane Explosions. 2 people died before shaz even ported. Walinda needs to stand further back and Rugar died in melee. We need shamans prio on chain healing there so the melee can stay topped off. Priest and Druids can focus on Ulti heals on our targeted heals. We need to do a better job at dispelling the deaden magic. Let's have Zonku be the primary dispeller on that please. Sassy died on first blink/arcane explode because he had taken too many arcane explosions prior. Bendeez, Spurgy and Twinkle all died while Shaz was being taken back to the tanking location. Nitty died by pulling threat during execute phase. Ulti did do one Execute but we need her to be ready to start executing at 20% so others don't pull threat from her. This was our single worst fight and the reason was because ranged too far too many arcane explosions. Every ranged and healer should be standing at max rank here.
  19. Domo
  20. 2 people died. Bendeez killed himself standing in the fire pit 17 seconds into the fight. Sassy died while we were killing the final 2 healers, just make sure we keep the low hp folks topped off during the adds since a bad string of fireballs and shadowbolts means a low hp person is dead. The start of the fight was a bit sloppy with getting the 2 adds to Math. Math taunted one of his mobs and then switched to his other mob. Once taunt faded that first one went for healers. Please make sure to do more than just a taunt so that once it fades it sticks with you. Maybe next time we have a ranged bring each add to Math.
  22. Trash outside of rag
  23. During the surger pack someone agrod the giants to the right, both of them ran up to me from healer agro and i got smashed, losing my world buff. next time we can walk that surger a bit towards rags room so we don't either walk into or get knocked into the giants.
  25. Rag
  26. 1 freakin death on rag. Zonku died. He got booped into lava and died. I guess maybe shield yourself while in the air? Idk, this was an odd death because it was one lava burst and a single lavatick. not much you can do about that. Unrelated to Zonku's death, but we should not have triple stacks. Zonku, Morboh and Cavix all were single stacked, also if we need extra spots, we can have a DPS stack with Utaki/Zewol/Kala as needed.
  28. Overall it was our fastest run yet, if I wouldn't have screwed up and forgotten to start the parse until the 2nd pull I think warcraftlogs would have us in the top 20 or so horde speed runs of MC on our server which is pretty good considering we weren't actively going for speed.  No lava pack deaths this week, that is for sure a first for us. Nicely done on that. 21 total deaths in MC and pretty much every single one is preventable so we can learn from this stuff and continue to get better week after week.
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