The Irresponsibility of Obama

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  1. The Irresponsibility of Obama
  3. Recently, President Obama mockingly speaks of unity, while his hand continuously casts forth a venomous lance that slashes and divides our nation. By incorporating a rhetoric of "They and Them" representing the upper middle class of America, he molded an image of the enemy, How irresponsible of a leader to sound the rally cry of hatred against a portion of the nation's citizens. Have we learned nothing from the lessons of history when more than 80 years ago, a European leader turned on the best and brightest of his nation?
  5. While a few in the banking industry had committed some misdeeds and should be brought to task, many citizens of the upper middle class won a decent life through education and hard work, the values upon which our nation thrived.
  7. With a political pandering technique and the dissemination of misinformation, he  incites the masses to loathe a portion of the nation's citizens and encourages a widespread blame for economic woes beleaguering the nation. It is far more facile to blame, rather than to face the daunting task of fixing a crumbling economy. It is far more facile to blame, rather than take responsibility for his own failed initiatives. The people gave him four years. His answer to lack of thriving industry spews blame and more taxes upon Obama's created enemy.
  9. With both federal and state income, property, parcel and value added taxes, many citizens earning more than $250,000, already pay well more than 50% of their income to taxes. Many live in communities where jobs are available and hence subjugated to a high cost of living. With the addition of more taxes, many higher income earners, often times who work more than 100 hour work week, are at risk of losing their own homes. A far gap exists between $250,000 or even now the $1 million and those earning billions. While we should have a sense of social responsibility, how does a family losing their home help another to find a job? In addition, doesn't some fraudulence exist in unemployment, where it is easier to receive money rather than take a job that requires hard work?
  11. For the purposes of his own presidential popularity and re-election, President Obama created an enemy. In general terms, as Doris Lessing described, the creation of an enemy gives a nation a sense of unity. It offers a sense of purpose to fight against something and  is generally used against another nation, for example, former President Reagan effectively pounded the message of the former USSR as our enemy. In our USA case, Obama encouraged widespread protests against some of our own citizens.
  13. As an analogy, imagine  a school facing  a myriad of egregious problems, ineffective teachers, crumbling infrastructure and unproductive pedagogical methodologies. In a particular kindergarten classroom, a few children with blond hair spilled some glue on the carpet. The principal of the school then encourages the teachers and student body to ostracize and blame  all the blond children in school and forces them to pay for the entirety of the difficulties of the school.
  15. The irresponsibility of blame and division define the Obama presidency, what happened to "We the people."?
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