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  1. <PatMan>
  2. <YT-info> Twitter Β» Jim Watkins, who continues to try to reopen 8chan, is acting in a disgusting way by using dark money to fund (eithe… Β· by Fredrick Brennan πŸ”£πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­βœ on 2019-10-10 Β· β™» 3 ❀ 8
  3. <PatMan> >Don't go to the webring
  4. <owo> imagine being that butthurt
  5. <PatMan> >decentralize or die
  6. <owo> >"reopen 8chan"
  7. <owo> literally cnn tier fake news
  8. <owo> some people have too much time on their hands
  9. <PatMan> copypaste has gone unhinged.
  10. <copypaste> have i?
  11. <PatMan> Except the media, everyone would've just been OK leaving him to play with fonts
  12. <copypaste> i argued in open court today. it was always on my bucket list to get to be a lawyer
  13. <copypaste> i got to see what it was like!
  14. <PatMan> Going on a crusade to take down 8chan/8kun/everything else just makes everyone hate you more
  15. <copypaste> so what?
  16. <PatMan> Making everyone hate you more is going to make people do all sorts of shit to fuck with you.
  17. <copypaste> why should i care if 8gaggers hate me?
  18. <PatMan> Well, it's simple.
  19. <copypaste> explain
  20. <PatMan> Every time someone goes on a shooting, 8chan/etc. is going to go out of their way to put your name on it
  21. <owo> <~copypaste> have i?
  22. <copypaste> it was fun arguing against opposing council and using legal arguments
  23. <owo> obv
  24. <copypaste> i got what i wanted
  25. <owo> are you 3
  26. <copypaste> and i'm confident i'll get the petition thrown out in february
  27. <copypaste> i'm sorry? am i 3?
  28. * zxiiro_ (~zxiiro_@41FE5355.CE2D2AA7.9C20F3E5.IP) has joined
  29. <PatMan> owo, obviously he's :3
  30. <PatMan> You forgot the colon
  31. <owo> are you three years old
  32. <Monroe> copypaste: do you bang hookers?
  33. <Monroe> unironically curious
  34. <PatMan> copypaste, there's people who want to make you the next Sam Hyde because of this.
  35. <owo> must be some stupid self sabotage thing
  36. <owo> i was just hearing about that phenomenon
  37. <copypaste> PatMan: so?
  38. <owo> people get stressed and try to ruin their own name
  39. <PatMan> Didn't you want to be left alone to forget about 8chan?
  40. <PatMan> That's not going to happen anymore.
  41. <copypaste> i want 8chan gone first
  42. <owo> make everyone hate them as much as they hate themselves
  43. <copypaste> that's the most important thing
  44. <owo> etc
  45. * JohnDerp (~JohnDerp@share.the.cheesecake.ffs) has joined
  46. <copypaste> 8chan, 8kun, no jim watkins-run 8chan related website
  47. <copypaste> i can't have peace until that's accomplished
  48. <PatMan> Why?
  49. <owo> or else baby gonna cry
  50. <Monroe> 10/10 autism
  51. <copypaste> after that's done i can worry about everything else
  52. <owo> oh he literally typed it before me
  53. <owo> epic
  54. <copypaste> because jim wronged me
  55. <owo> so did you abandon all pretense of Christianity
  56. <PatMan> What do you think jim did you wrong?
  57. <PatMan> I've never gotten that, and that's a sincere question
  58. <PatMan> Not rhetorical one bit.
  59. <owo> are you gonna remove the cross emoji from your Twitter name
  60. <copypaste> he barged into my room, let's start with that.
  61. <Monroe> jim tied him up and made him cum
  62. <copypaste> he used 8chan to "embrace infamy" of shooters
  63. <porkpocket__> TileTruem
  64. <copypaste> he ran 8chan in bad faith
  65. <PatMan> <copypaste> he barged into my room, let's start with that.
  66. <PatMan> Elaborate on that one
  67. <copypaste> he thought he was my father or something? his personal slight to me cannot be overstated
  68. <owo> Monroe: inb4 drawn porn of it
  69. <Monroe> lol he even said it himself
  70. <copypaste> i was his employee not his child
  71. <Monroe> jim barged into his room
  72. <copypaste> yes
  73. <owo> can you confirm you are three years old mentally
  74. <JohnDerp> he's stupid copypaste, you are better than him
  75. <copypaste> jim sucks and his way of running imageboards is terrible
  76. <copypaste> i hate him
  77. <copypaste> i really don't need more reasons to do what i'm doing
  78. <owo> hate isn't great
  79. <copypaste> i won a huge victory today
  80. <PatMan> So you don't like the way he treated you when you were his employee, fundamentally?
  81. <owo> so you did abandon all pretense of Christianity
  82. <PatMan> And also the way he ran 8chan
  83. <owo> are you gonna remove the cross emoji from your Twitter name
  84. <porkpocket__> i will be your new father copypaste and will raise you to be the fine young woman you were destined to be
  85. <owo> it'll gain you woke points if you take it down
  86. <owo> l0l
  87. <copypaste> yeah PatMan sure. i think that's about right.
  88. <Monroe> hw the legacy of 8chan in its prime was in your name
  89. <Monroe> jim wronging you in private and treating you like a kid wasn't public
  90. <copypaste> now it is
  91. <Monroe> until now ofc
  92. <PatMan> copypaste, to be flat, that's not something most people know.
  93. <copypaste> sure
  94. <owo> reasoning with a three year old
  95. <copypaste> why does that matter though
  96. <owo> 🎈
  97. <PatMan> I definitely didn't know that until now, and every action you've taken seems like an unjustified - and nearly unjustifiable - vendetta
  98. <PatMan> Moreover, these actions hurt more than just jim.
  99. <porkpocket__> why did you tell Vice and the american drones that you created 8chan and didnt even give mention to STI copypaste  
  100. <copypaste> why does it matter what i do to get 8chan taken down
  101. <copypaste> 8chan's been gone for months
  102. <porkpocket__> during a mushroom trip
  103. <copypaste> everyone except Qboomers has moved on
  104. <PatMan> Not really
  105. <copypaste> well, if they haven't moved on already they should!
  106. <owo> i think you're confusing salt mining with people giving a shit
  107. <copypaste> i have no sympathy for chuds who 2 months later are still whining about 8chan being down
  108. <porkpocket__> you could have brought up the STI chats during it as proof you werent hosting hate and mass shooters
  109. <copypaste> you've had more than enough time to move on
  110. <porkpocket__> but that would let people know all you did was download software and buy a $0.88 domain name
  111. <PatMan> There were lots of tiny boards on 8chan that had no realistic chance of having a bunker.
  112. <owo> how does it feel to be the biggest lolcow on your own site
  113. <Monroe> says the guy who hasn't moved on
  114. <PatMan> A good chunk of communities died because of 8chan getting taken down.
  115. <PatMan> Lots of people are still sad about that.
  116. <porkpocket__> >good communities
  117. <porkpocket__> have sex
  118. <copypaste> it really isn't hard to put them on one of the bunkers
  119. <JohnDerp> y u guys picking on copypaste now
  120. <JohnDerp> 8chan is a joke
  121. <PatMan> The bunkers that you keep railing against!
  122. <JohnDerp> there's nothing even serious about it
  123. <JohnDerp> to warrant it being so important to so many people
  124. <Monroe> JohnDerp: he thinks jim equates to the 8chan userbase
  125. <Monroe> can't separate it in his head
  126. <Monroe> kinda sad
  127. <owo> because he's being a hateful shithead and specifically asking for it JohnDerp
  128. <owo> pay attention
  129. <copypaste> i only rail against bunkers being surreptitiously funded by watkins
  130. <copypaste> like l0l
  131. <porkpocket__> .8ball will JohnDerp ever have sex
  132. * faggotbot shakes the magic 8 ball... In your dreams
  133. <PatMan> You would've been able to justify that statement if you had said nothing about vch; as it is, people are concerned that you're going to go on a crusade against wherever the communities end up!
  134. <JohnDerp> lol
  135. <porkpocket__> welp JohnDerp now  youre a perma-incel and im a faggot for dreaming about men having sex
  136. <JohnDerp> heh
  137. <porkpocket__> HEH
  138. <PatMan> It doesn't look as much like you have a vendetta against Jim as much as it looks like you have a vendetta against everyone who used 8chan before.
  139. <PatMan> That's the way people are taking this, and people are going to act as if you've attacked everyone.
  140. <copypaste> nah. i mean you can take it that way w/e
  141. <copypaste> if jim's funding you and i find out i'll reveal it
  142. <copypaste> don't take jim's money, don't accept staff on jim's payroll
  143. <copypaste> & i wont care about u
  144. <PatMan> >don't accept staff on jim's payroll
  145. <PatMan> wait wat
  146. <JohnDerp> copypaste, sorry if I don't know enough but... how is jim making money off 8chan?
  147. * Rum (~chomo@ADCB253A.33C8677C.C6F98C0D.IP) has joined
  148. <copypaste> jim watkins will never become a filipino citizen on my watch
  149. <PatMan> So you want to blackball, for instance, Mark from being employed just about anywhere?
  150. <copypaste> ill do whatever i can to expose 8kun's network and inner workings
  151. <PatMan> Even if Jim stops giving him money?
  152. <copypaste> if mark quits i don't care what he does
  153. <PatMan> OK
  154. <copypaste> if mark is being paid by jim, then jim is funding the imageboards he's working on
  155. <copypaste> it's really as simple as that
  156. <porkpocket__> ningger penis_  
  157. <owo> you have to choose love and forgiveness
  158. <PatMan> It wasn't clear if that was "staff currently on his payroll" or "ever"
  159. <PatMan> Oh wait
  160. <copypaste> ok i understand. yes of course mark is only on my radar as he's a current known jim watkins shill
  161. <JohnDerp> copypaste, have you ever thought about just withdrawing from this?
  162. <copypaste> sometimes
  163. <JohnDerp> you're not responsible for anything anymore
  164. <JohnDerp> so that is clear
  165. <copypaste> and i might withdraw at any moment
  166. <PatMan> We've basically all told him he should withdraw.
  167. <copypaste> but until then, i find it fun to mess with JW and get 8kun taken down. i've disrupted its launch numerous times already
  168. <copypaste> for sure my testimony in court today threw a huge wrench in his plans
  169. <PatMan> But at this point, to be very blunt, I do not think withdrawing is even close to feasible for copypaste
  170. <copypaste> when it finally comes online, i've made contacts who will help get it deplatformed again
  171. <Monroe> copypaste:
  172. <PatMan> He has already earned as much hatred from 8chan/8kun as is possible.
  173. <RTFT> copypaste /msg chanserv drop #8chan
  174. <copypaste> fuck jim
  175. <RTFT> for closure
  176. <Monroe> thoughts on this
  177. <Monroe> is he gay
  178. <Monroe> has those vibes
  179. * floop ( has joined
  180. <PatMan> RTFT, if that happens JEWS will just grab it again. copypaste is keeping #8chan because he hates jim and wants him to never have this IRC channel
  181. <RTFT> who's jim
  182. <copypaste> indeed
  183. <PatMan> RTFT, Jim Watkins, owner of 8chan/8kun.
  184. <RTFT> Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
  185. <RTFT> ever been here?
  186. <PatMan> Anyway, dropping #8chan doesn't mean someone won't just remake channel
  187. <Monroe> tbh i'm content with hw owning the channel
  188. <Monroe> the interference is minimal
  189. <PatMan> It's irrelevant soon.
  190. <RTFT> It's closure for copypaste though. If he deops/dehalfops everyone it'll be a nightmare to register.
  191. <copypaste> no it won't
  192. <copypaste> if everyone is deopped according to rizon rules the first one to ask in #services gets it
  193. <copypaste> i know the rules fool
  194. <PatMan> Not only that, but it's sort of irrelevant at this point.
  195. <RTFT> I tried
  196. <PatMan> Wasn't really worth the effort.
  197. * IRSSucks has quit (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  198. <RTFT> I would've cleared the channel out while enjoying my morning coffee
  199. * Reducindor ( has joined
  200. * pomf ( has joined
  201. <PatMan> If copypaste was anything less than "insanely bitter" then #8chan would've been given to someone else years ago.
  202. <copypaste> anyway guys. this is personal for me. i don't expect any of you to understand. jim watkins has wronged me in many ways on many levels. him sending tom reidel to tell me 8chan was defunct then launching it as 8kun is the latest betrayal.
  203. <RTFT> quite
  204. <copypaste> i will not stop. it doesn't take up that much time to keep tabs on 8{chan,kun} and throw wrenches into the works
  205. <copypaste> today, testifying in court, took the most time of anything i've done but the payoff was huge
  206. <PatMan> copypaste, you have to realize that this doesn't just impact you and Jim though.
  207. <copypaste> sure, on some level i do realize that
  208. <PatMan> And if you continue, it's not just going to look like a conflict between you and Jim.
  209. <RTFT> I don't think empathy is a big thing in this community PatMan.
  210. <PatMan> Well, it's not going to look like that even if you don't continue.
  211. <pomf>  __ _(___   _____ _ __ ___   ___| |__   __ _  ___| | _ _ __ ___  _   _ ( _ )  ___| |__   __ _ _ __
  212. <pomf>  / _` | \ \ / / _ | '_ ` _ \ / _ | '_ \ / _` |/ __| |/ | '_ ` _ \| | |  / _ \ / __| '_ \ / _` | '_ \
  213. <pomf> | (_| | |\ V |  __| | | | | |  __| |_) | (_| | (__|   <| | | | | | |_| | (_) | (__| | | | (_| | | | |
  214. <pomf>  \__, |_| \_/ \___|_| |_| |_|\___|_.__/ \__,_|\___|_|\_|_| |_| |_|\__,  \___/ \___|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|
  215. <pomf>  |___/                                                            |___/
  216. <copypaste> no
  217. <copypaste> goodbye everyone. for now. just enjoy what im doing.
  218. <PatMan> We won't.
  219. <Shahid> wu?t
  220. <copypaste> remain bitter then lol cuz im not stopping
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