The Heisty Buttwoman — Ch. 2

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  1. Fetishes: latex, ass sniffing, ass licking, big ass, cum on ass, groping, goosing, rubber, mild cock crush
  5. Tags: Felicia Hardy, Felicia, Spiderman, Peter Parker, Black Cat, parody, breaking the fourth wall
  10. Peter walked inside the house and looked around. Felicia wasn’t in her living room at all, which surprised him. He was expecting a quick show of her large ass and some making out in the living room before they moved on to the bedroom.
  12. ‘Come over here, lover,’ said a soft, seductive voice from somewhere inside the rooms. Peter jerked his head upwards and looked around for the source. He noticed a leather finger beckoning him from right outside the living room. He jogged over there, but there was no sign of Felicia.
  14. ‘Right over here, big boy,’ said Felicia in a sultry voice from the bedroom. Peter walked further and looked in the next hallway. Felicia’s voice came from behind him, ‘Not there, big boy, I think you’re going the wrong way.’
  16. Peter turned around and looked behind him. It didn’t appear very impressive, as it was dark and reminded him of some of the places he had to go and fight villains like Venom or Sandman. He noticed a trail of clothes left on the floor though through his spider-senses. Following the trail, he started to walk over them slowly. He picked up a pair of tiny thong panties on the ground, wondering if they were actually Black Cat’s or if she simply left them there as a present from a friend. They might even be a trick or a trap … but surely Felicia was not that devious, right? Right?
  18. He recalled the last time he trusted Mary Jane though. It was a nightmare. She had been with a huge muscular bodyguard in a room and clearly enjoying the way he was about to kiss her neck and shoulders. Before he moved down to her breasts, he had walked in and cleared his throat. The bodyguard almost fell off her and Mary Jane pushed him off to complete the job. She jumped off the couch and ran to him, babbling something about how he’d forced her down and tried to pull off her bra. Her bra was already off as she hugged him and pretended to tremble at this big bad man she was about to cheat on him with.
  20. The man walked forwards and gave Peter the finger before grabbing Mary Jane and pulling her off him. He whipped out his sidearm and aimed it at Peter, pulling the trigger. The air was filled with the sounds of a machine gun’s bullets and Mary Jane’s screaming, but Peter was already gone. The man stepped back, hesitated, and whipped around, pointing the gun backwards. He put his finger on the trigger, but saw no one there. Gritting his teeth, he turned back around and only saw Mary Jane covering her breasts and looking around fearfully as well. He pointed the gun at her and barked, ‘Come out with your hands up, or she dies!’
  22. There was no answer. He fired a couple of warning shots in the air and Mary Jane screamed again, but still no Peter.  He sighed and aimed the gun at the centre of her forehead.
  24. ‘Sorry, but I guess your little boyfriend left you here to die,’ he said. Mary Jane made an unintelligible sound, but didn’t actually get anything out. ‘I’d hate to be found out and discharged from duty for this, so one of you will have to go.’
  26. Mary Jane closed her eyes as the guard pulled the trigger. A hailstorm of bullets filled the room aimed at her. She fell back on the ground, feeling something sticky cover her. Her own blood. She would die here alone with no one to fall back on or defend her. A tear slid down her cheek as she tried to cover her face with her hands. She didn’t want to go out like this, whether it was with Peter or a family member. She held her hands over her face and called out Peter’s name one last time.
  28. She noticed that the sticky feeling didn’t seem to be flowing down her body though. She opened her eyes and noticed that there was a white substance all over her. She tried to break free, but it stuck her arms and legs together tightly.
  30. Spiderman had covered her in his web to protect her from the bullets. She could see the bullets stuck all over it. She sighed in relief, wondering if she was safe. Peter was nowhere to be seen, but she noticed the web was covering her entire body. She should be quite safe from harm.
  32. Or that was what she thought before the barrel of the gun pressed against her temple. Spiderman hadn’t covered her face, of course, which was a wise thing to do because she wouldn't be able to see much and it would be hard for anyone else but him to get it off. She closed her eyes in terror as he flicked the safety back.
  34. ‘So long, honey,’ he whispered. ‘I was looking forward to showing you a good time, but I don't think it will work out now. Sweet dreams.’
  36. There was a gunshot. Mary Jane flinched as the sound echoed in her eardrums.
  38. She opened her eyes, but she saw that the man had his arm up and it was tangled in something. She looked up slowly. His arm was trapped in another web and Peter was dangling from the ceiling with both feet perched on a web.
  40. ‘Sorry, fella,’ he said calmly. ‘Better luck next time with killing us.’
  42. The man snarled and put his hand into his belt to pull out a second gun, but Mary Jane kneed him in his soft spot. He groaned and stayed still, barely able to hold his own with the pain.
  44. Peter swung his arm around using the web, and then threw him towards the window. He staggered backwards, trying desperately to free his arm from the web. Peter hopped down from the web and gave him a spinning kick to the chest. He fell backwards towards the window and went right through it, shattering the glass.
  46. Mary Jane pulled herself up somehow with the strands of webbing still clinging to her and holding her arms down. Somehow, Peter had know to keep her legs free to run away.
  48. ‘I’m sorry,’ she said, eyes downcast.
  50. ‘“Sorry” doesn’t cut it, MJ,’ said Peter coldly, heading for the door. ‘This is most likely the only cheating episode I’ve seen, not the only one you’ve done. We’re through.’
  52. ‘W-WAIT!’ shouted MJ, leaping forwards and grabbing his arm. ‘I didn’t mean to, he was just around and he was —’
  54. ‘Taking care to fall over you and seduce you?’ came the indifferent reply. Mary Jane looked into his face. There was no pity or mercy there. ‘If you could do it this time, you’d do it again. I didn’t touch Gwen Stacy in this version of the story, you know, so don’t bother telling me what happened in the film.’
  56. ‘But —’ Mary Jane seemed unable to form a coherent thought. ‘But I love you!’
  58. ‘Enough to find side boys,’ shrugged Peter. ‘I might as well go back into Gwen’s arms, baby. I loved you, but not anymore.’
  60. He walked out of the door even as Mary Jane ran after him, pleading and begging with him to come back. That had been half a year ago. Now as he walked towards Black Cat’s room, he hoped she wasn’t tricking him into a heist or something. Of course she could be banging whoever she wanted since they weren’t together, but he wouldn't be able to stand it if he was betrayed again.
  62. He had taken MJ back on the condition that they would have mutual agreements on whom they met and who they could stay over at, and so far it seemed to be working. He realised that she had become more controlling and bitchy with that rule in place though, and it frustrated him. He had never felt so restrained and controlled before that incident. It should’ve honestly been him micromanaging everything she did after her betrayal, but of course she had to use the excuse that she was afraid of him repeating the performance with one of her rivals. He wondered if he should say that she was completely forgiven after he repeated it with a long, hard bath with one of her rivals, including Black Cat or Poison Ivy, but decided against it. Much as he would’ve happily bedded Ivy or Catwoman in the baths, he didn’t want to leave a relationship he was comfortable with. It might be better for him if he did leave, however.
  64. He found himself longing to go for another woman, though. One who actually made him feel like a superhero or at a minimum alive again. Black Cat was doing the job well enough for now.
  66. ‘Come over here, honey,’ whispered Black Cat’s seductive voice again. ‘My leather is dirty and needs cleaning now. Get over here and make my leather shine again, baby.’
  68. Peter walked inside the room and saw Felicia’s bed for the first time. It was huge, a king sized double. He looked around and saw a soft light turned on, bathing the whole room in a sensuous atmosphere. Black Cat was at the other end of the room with her hands on the wall, her mask off so she was Felicia Hardy once more. The soft feathers on her calves and wrists were poking out. She had her ass towards him and was beckoning him closer with it with barely any effort.
  70. ‘Come on, Peter,’ she said quietly. She wiggled her ass at him, the light dancing over her lewd curves. Her fat ass was wiggling almost in his face. He moved closer, hypnotized by it and wishing he was balls deep inside her. He knelt down and bent his head forwards, taking in deep breaths. For some reason, he could smell that her butt was a little sweaty and clammy from being in the latex for so long. He grabbed her ass and smacked it hard, making her giggle and push back in his face.
  72. ‘Go on, big boy,’ she giggled seductively, bending over further and shaking her ass to a beat only she knew. ‘Worship this ass like you know you want to. Kiss it, lick it, and make sure you let me know how much you love it more than that little bitch Mary Jane.’
  74. Peter stared at Black Cat’s fat bubblebutt jiggling in his face. ‘Uh … I can’t, Felicia. Mary Jane can be a bitch, but she’s all I have. I still remember how we first met, and I believe she really wants to do better from earlier. I can’t leave her.’ His eyes stayed focused on her ass, watching it bounce up and down as she started to move it that way. She knew he was hooked, and she would just have to reel it in. She leaned back and started to move her ass to the left and right in a kind of Indian belly and butt dance.
  76. ‘Don’t worry, honey,’ she whispered, making a few kissing sounds. Peter’s hands slowly went to her ass of their own accord and started to massage them. She deliberately made a few loud, lewd moans as they ran over every inch of her ass. She raised her index finger and put it in her mouth, sucking it wetly for a while, then moved it behind her and started to push the latex into her asshole. It was really tight and tough, but she managed to make a dent in it with the tip of her nail and get it partially inside her asshole before it bounced back. She looked back to see Peter. His face was vacant and some drool was coming out of his mouth. He’d taken his mask off to see her ass better. She wiped it off his chin and placed it in her own mouth, sucking it clean as she winked at him. ‘I won’t ever tell. And remember what she did to you? She doesn’t deserve that chance you gave her.’
  78. Peter started, then recalled that he himself had told her about Mary Jane’s near-cheating experience, during the heist. He stared at her lewd butt waving around in front of his face. ‘That doesn’t justify this.’
  80. ‘Oh, please,’ sighed Felicia, grabbing his head and pulling it towards her ass. He felt his lips brush against the soft latex and the creaking sound of it adjusting itself across her butt. ‘Mary Jane was a waste of time and education. You love this ass and you know it, and Mary Jane can never give you the sexual experiences I can. If you agree with that, start by polishing my latex the way I want. Kiss my latex ass and lick it all over to show me how much you appreciate this.’ She pushed his head towards her ass, making him press his mouth against it. She started wiggling it again to tempt him more.
  82. Peter heard a soft squeaking as Felicia reached back and adjusted her tight latex pants over her ass. There was another creaking sound as she moved her ass left and right to get a more comfortable fit. The latex creaked again as she pushed her ass out, hitting him in the face and getting his nose right between her ass cheeks. She bounced it up and down to get the right fit and pulled it down a little to ensure it was at waist level. The next creaking sound the latex made drove Peter crazy with lust, though. Unable to control himself, he reached out and grabbed her ass with his strong hands. He shoved his face into her butt, making wet kissing sounds as he moved his mouth across the creaky rubber of her suit.
  84. Felicia gasped. ‘Oh my God! What made you so horny, tiger? Pffffft, who cares, worship that latex ass like you mean it!’
  86. Peter shoved his face into her ass and kissed all over it, feeling a really big bulge rise in his spandex pants. He started biting into it, moaning as he felt his lips press against that ass. He heard the latex creak more with all that moving around. Precum seeped out of his cock tip on his pants as he kept kissing and worshipping that round booty. He felt Felicia’s boot stick into his waistband with amazing skill and pull out his hard cock. She rubbed the sole of her boot on it, smiling as he moaned even more and shoved his face hard enough into her ass to push his head inside if her pants had been down.
  88. ‘Do you like this ass?’ she asked him, pressing his cock down on the floor with her boot.
  90. Peter nodded and went, ‘MMmmmmmhmmmmm,’ as he started licking across her butt.
  92. ‘You want this over MJ’s, don't you?’ she said, trying not to laugh at his enthusiasm.
  94. Peter’s answer was to slurp his tongue across her buttocks and bite them right into the centre as if he was trying to get a cream filling from a doughnut.
  96. ‘Good boy,’ laughed Felicia. ‘Kiss it all over again and tell me how much you want it, and that it turns you on, drives you crazy, and you would kick MJ’s ass to the curb.’
  98. Peter almost stopped at the thought of betraying MJ, but he heard another sound which broke his resolve. His hands were on her ass, and the ass cheeks were still moving, making that creaking sound of rubber on skin which he just couldn't resist. He moaned and pushed his face into her ass, breathing it in deeply. ‘Yes, Felicia, I can’t resist your ass at all, and it drives me crazy. I want to be a slave to it forever, cum on it, rub my jizz into your skin, and come home to it every night for me to sink my teeth into. I love it, Felicia. Mary Jane’s skinny ass and bitchy attitude doesn’t do it for me, I want a sexy bitch like you.’ He moaned deeply and shoved his face into her butt, kissing it from the right to the left cheeks, biting them again in the centre lightly. He licked her butt, making the latex wet and covered in saliva from the left to the right. He made sure to lick and kiss along her ass crack several times while pushing her lower back forwards, making her laugh softly at how much he was becoming a slave to her ass. He slapped it on one cheek, then the other, kissing up and down her ass crack. He breathed in deeply, hearing the soft creaking of her latex as he moved it around and smelling the strong scent of her ass. He pushed his nose into her crack where her asshole would’ve been and sniffed hard, trying to pry the scent out of her ass. Felicia looked back and saw that his face was hardly visible buried in her ass. Smiling to herself, she reached back and tugged on her pants, making the latex creak some more. Peter groaned as his face went even deeper into her ass, pushing her against the wall.
  100. Felicia pressed down on his cock with her boot a little harder, smiling as he started moaning in discomfort while she was toying with him. She knew he liked a little bit of cock crushing without any real pain, but she thought he would at least get his face out of his favourite haunt and beg her to stop causing any damage. He didn’t, he just kept pushing his face in and moaning as if he wanted more.
  102. Felicia started to press his cock against the floor a little more, smiling as he kept moaning in pleasure and a little pain. She gently rubbed it against the ground, watching him get harder. She leaned her head down and let some spit gather in her mouth, then let it fall on his cock. She rubbed his spit covered cock with her boot, pushing it into the ground every few seconds. She laughed as he slowly moved his hips against her, letting her use his cock as she pleased. She moved back to his balls and slowly pressed them into the ground. His slight moans of discomfort were music to her ears.
  104. ‘You feel that?’ she asked, pushing down on his balls as gently as possible.
  106. Peter moaned again and nodded into her ass, moving his face back and forth to motorboat her ass cheeks.
  108. ‘You really should learn to be tireless and unrelenting while you get this ass, won’t you?’ said Felicia, pushing both his balls into the ground very gently. She was just reminding him how slutty yet dangerous her boots were.
  110. Peter nodded, moving his face in all possible directions and keeping it stuck in her ass.
  112. ‘Good,’ said Felicia, slowly caressing his cock with her sole and pushing the tip into the ground to make him cry out. ‘Now take your face out of that fat ass you love so much and stand up.’
  114. Peter slowly pulled his cock out from under her boot, wincing a little at how hard he actually was from her teasing. It was actually quite a dangerous bootjob, but he couldn't help how much he was turned on by the risk factor. He stood up, placing his hands on her ass and then reaching back to stroke his cock.
  116. ‘Ah, ah,’ said Felicia, taking his hand and slowly placing it back on her ass. ‘Rub my ass for me and rub it real good so I feel better about what we’ll do next.’
  118. Peter placed his palm back on her ass and started to rub the latex in circles. He heard more creaking sounds and itched to push his face back in there, but kept himself in check. His cock was also hard and in need of relief, which he hoped Felicia would give. He would’ve loved nothing better than to jizz all over that fat ass which had teased him for so long.
  120. Felicia reached back and started to stroke his hard member with her soft palm. She used several teasing techniques on it, moving her fingers up and down it and just letting her fingertips touch the end. She used her whole palm on his base and didn’t move it more than halfway up his shaft, letting him twitch and moan as he tried to hump her hand. She used her palm to slowly rub the middle of his shaft on the base, laughing when he tried to thrust forwards several times to cum on her hand. She pushed him back slowly and continued to jerk him off, now letting her fingers run up his shaft from the middle to the tip. Unable to get full stimulation, Peter gasped and groaned while his hips moved of their own accord against her hand. It appeared he was struggling to get into her ass.
  122. Felicia stopped teasing him after a while and placed her own hand back on the wall. She stuck her ass out and jerked her head towards it, giving him a clear invitation.
  124. ‘Go ahead, lover,’ she said quietly. ‘Fuck his latex ass with everything you’ve got and show me how much you love it. You have free reign to do anything you please with it, and I want you to cum on my ass as a sign you’ll leave that bitch Mary Jane.’
  126. Peter’s subconscious mind screamed at him not to do it, but his conscious mind was drunk with devotion to her ass and fucking it eventually to put his hot cum in her ass. He grabbed her ass, drunk and intoxicated with its smell, taste, and roundness. He rubbed his palms up and down on that perfect booty.
  128. ‘Yes, of course, Felicia,’ he groaned, pushing his cock against her fat butt. He slipped it into her crack and started to push her against the wall, humping her ass. He grabbed her by the shoulders and started to thrust his cock faster and harder against her, as if he was fucking her asshole or doing her doggystyle.
  130. Felicia sighed and leaned against the wall as Peter started to fuck her ass crack harder and faster, seeming to be very close. She was quite impressed at how well he was holding off his orgasm for her, judgeing from his grunting and gasping. She leaned forwards to press her palms on the wall, fingers splayed out, and pushed her ass out even further than usual, letting it push against his hard dick.
  132. Peter took hold of her hips and started to thrust into her ass really hard, moaning at how good it felt. He didn’t expect that an assjob could feel so close to real sex. Felicia’s ass crack was actually gripping his cock tightly and felt like a normal hole to him. Mary Jane couldn’t do that on her best day at all. She had a very skinny ass and refuse to do those things since she said they were degrading. She didn’t seem to think that making him beg for sex or release was degrading, of course, but she would happily employ all her methods in making him frustrated. Felicia did tease and control him, but with every intention of letting him cum and keeping him satisfied.
  134. Peter thrust away between Felicia’s ass cheeks, moaning and gasping at how good they felt gripping his cock. He pushed his cock further into the latex of her ass, making a cock head shaped dent in it and thrusting between those fat booty cheeks which turned him on so much. He heard Felicia whispering sensual things to him, smiling as she felt his desire building in his cock and ready to explode all over her.
  136. ‘Are you ready to cuuuuuuuuum?’ she teased, pushing a finger into her asshole and making the latex creak again. Peter gasped as he kept pushing his cock inside her butthole and aggressively  licked her neck.
  138. ‘That’s good, dear,’ she whispered as he kept pushing his hard cock between her soft buns. ‘These are the buns, and I want your hotdog to keep working on them. I’ve been waiting for a big, hard meat between them so they can be well done with mayonnaise, darling. Keep slipping that hard rod between my slutty ass cheeks and show them that they look amazing covered in gallons of cum. Fuck my buns and watch me squirt. I want you to be humping my fat ass cheeks even when they’re covered in all your warm jizz. Do it, lover.’
  140. Her teasing words left Peter almost comatose from lust and an overactive imagination. He cried out as he spat on his own cock and made it wet enough to push between Felicia’s enormous ass cheeks. He gave a few shuddering thrusts as he felt his orgasm come to a head. Huge, thick spurts of cum burst out of his cock, covering the latex of her fat ass with his cream. He shuddered as several more explosive bursts of spunk sprayed out of him, landing on her back and the remaining bits of her ass not hidden under layers of gooey cream. He pushed his cock head into her asshole, covering the part of her latex hiding it with several spurts of warm, sticky seed. Felicia’s ass was completely covered in his spunk after he was done, some of it also on her back and in her hair. Peter wiped his cock on her hair, wriggling around a little as it tickled his cock head. Felicia laughed as she felt him cleaning his cock and tugging on her hair. She turned around and helped him by grabbing a huge chunk of her hair and scrubbing his cock clean with it, including the spunk on the tip and shaft. She rubbed it over his spit covered balls too to ensure it was mostly dry. She knelt in front of him and kissed the tip of his cock gently, making it twitch in pleasure. She moved to the base and kissed it again, going up to place another kiss on the middle, then the tip again. She kept kissing his cock until it felt a little drier than normal without all the goo and spit on it.
  142. ‘So … how was it?’ she said, looking up at him and smiling as she kissed around his balls, giving them a few licks with her tongue to tease him.
  144. Peter sighed and leaned back, a blissful smile crossing his face. ‘It was amazing, Felicia. But … this is still wrong. I shouldn’t have been with you at all. I’m still cheating on MJ, and I can’t do it. She didn’t get to banging with that guy … I feel so guilty.’
  146. Felicia stood up, narrowing her eyes. ‘She would’ve done it if you weren’t there, Peter. Don't be so naïve. One moment you were ready to throw her to the curb, and now this?’ She reached down and stroked his cock gently, pushing it into her latex cameltoe. ‘This is my cock now, and I can take good care of it for you. Let me help you get over this.’
  148. Peter shook his head and started backing away, his cock sliding out of her grip. ‘I’m sorry, Felicia. My lust took hold of me, and I shouldn’t have let it. MJ is a good girl. She was good once, and I think I can make her one again.’
  150. ‘You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife or a cheater into a lover, big boy,’ said Felicia sadly. She raised her hand to her mouth and started making a blowjob gesture, pushing her tongue out with her cheek. ‘You can turn me into your own personal slut and cocksucker if you leave that bitch. Come on, dear.’ She stretched out her hand even as Peter backed away. ‘This is no way to live. I’m ready to return the favour to you, by the way. I can make you my own personal bootlicker, ass kisser, and submissive when I feel I want to be in charge. If nothing else, I can guarantee you that your sex life will go sky high.’ She turned around and slapped her big ass, wiggling it as hard as she could from side to side. Her big ass cheeks jiggled with her movements. ‘Don't you realize yet how big and beautiful an ass like this is to a skinny skank’s little pancake ass and chest flatter than a road? I can help you realise that.’
  152. Peter backed away, almost to the window now. ‘I can’t, Felicia. I just can’t. I didn’t intend to let things go this far. It’s like I was hypnotised by your ass.’
  154. ‘That’s right,’ said Felicia, grinning as she showed him both sides of her ass and slapped both cheeks several times to entice him. ‘I did kind of hypnotise you with this ass and some of my powers. It wasn’t really your fault, it’s mine. You can freely blame me —’ she grabbed her own ass cheeks with her hands and started to move them up and down, then released them to let them bounce on their own. Peter’s mouth fell open at their bounciness. He closed his mouth and swallowed several times. Felicia winked at him as she started to sway her hips slowly around, ensuring his gaze was fixed on one thing in the room. ‘— as long as you get your cute butt over here and agree to pledge allegiance to the Fat Ass Nation over here.’
  156. Peter took a step forwards. Felicia’s eyes lit up with hope, but the spark went out of her eyes as she saw him take several steps backwards, his hands up as if shielding himself, shaking his head as if trying to get off a tiresome fly. ‘No, Felicia, I went too far by cumming on your ass, and I reek of sex. If I get home like this, she’ll know what I did and whine about staying faithful to me. She’ll say she should’ve cheated with that guy after all if I was going to do this. I should be going and washing up before she realises what happened. Goodbye.’
  158. Felicia raised a hand. ‘Wait! Don’t go! I’ve got a much more comfortable bed here, it’s better than sleeping with that nag! Come back and —’
  160. But it was too late. Peter had shot out a web and swung out of the window, whooping and hollering. She hoped it was because he approved of her and her ass, not for mockery. She ran to the window and screamed out his name, calling him back and begging him to return for a round two so she could prove exactly how much better she was. She yelled out his name to the skies, promising him that she could ensure he had amnesia about Mary Jane as long as he chose a better woman. It was no use, though, he was either out of hearing or he’d turned off his spider senses to ensure she couldn’t reach him through even a megaphone.
  162. Felicia bowed her head, almost hitting it against the window sill, and sighed in disappointment. This was no good. She couldn't capture Peter’s heart unless he was with her and could be exposed to her charms. His cock was already hers, she was sure of that, but not the rest of him. And that was what she wanted.
  164. She raised her head from the window, but then her face brightened. She recalled that Peter would smell of latex and sex when he got back, so Mary Jane would be suspicious about what he’d done. She would probably want to get some on returning home after a long day, so she would wonder why Peter looked and smelled like he already got action. Even if she didn’t notice anything, Peter would have sex with her and realise that she was nothing compared to the Black Cat. He would come swinging back to her at double speed and beg to be with her. It was a matter of a few hours or a day before she nagged him badly enough to leave. She clenched her fists at the thought of Peter making out with Mary Jane. She should be the one pleasing him, keeping other bimbo chicks at bay from her man. She couldn't stand the idea of anyone else touching him.
  166. ‘No matter,’ she thought, leaning her arms and elbows on the window sill and gazing out at the morning air dreamily. ‘He’ll be back for more of this ass, he won’t be able to stand that skinny slut. And when he does …’
  168. She made a swift slicing motion across her neck with her hand.
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