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Log Twenty: Nuremberga Market

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Mar 24th, 2013
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  1. <Class> Nuremberga part 2
  2. <Class> From the mage with with beard "You probably still didnt have breakfast? Do you want to youn us then I lat prepare more, its just nothing special"
  3. <Class> (err join and let)
  4. <Baruch> "That would be kind of you."
  5. <Makara> 'You have fish-pulp?"
  6. * Silas_ rolls his eyes
  7. <Class> "Huh? Sorry fish is nothing for breakfast!"
  8. <Baruch> "Where to?"
  9. <Makara> "What a strange culture you have."
  10. <Class> "I will ask if we still have some dried fish then we will prepare something but I doubt so"
  11. <Makara> "I shall join the breakfast none the less."
  12. <Class> (Sorry Baruch I dont get your question at all)
  13. <Makara> (TO TABLE)
  14. * Gustbran just shakes his head.
  15. <Class> "Dirk you might talk to our guests till the food is ready. I will send Wolfi then to get you"
  16. =-= Class is now known as Dirk
  17. <Baruch> (Where to as in where should we head to eat:)
  18. <Baruch> "Thank you."
  19. <Makara> (I think they eat food in the bathroom)
  20. <Dirk> "Oh sure. then packing have to wait"
  21. <Baruch> "How did you come to hear of our covenant's predicament, Dirk?"
  22. <Dirk> (Makara remember your inland even with a river flowing trough the city fish is by no way one of the main source of food here)
  23. <Makara> (I know)
  24. <Silas_> (Makara just doesn't care ^^ )
  25. <Dirk> "My parent writen me a Letter and told me that the Covenant of Ivory and Jade looking for a Verditus and that she have aranged for the trip. Btw. Where is this covenant? I never heard of it!"
  26. <Gustbran> (rivers usually aren't the best source of fish unless it's salmon spawning season or something... :))
  27. <Baruch> "Well, it flies up in the clouds for the time being. It's not stationary."
  28. <Makara> (you dig a hole in the group, pour water over it, put your hand in the new pond water, pull fish out)
  29. <Baruch> "Currently we are quite near here."
  30. <Makara> (ground*)
  31. <Dirk> "Ohh a flying covenant what marvel ov magic!"
  32. <Dirk> "by the name of it it must be quite a sight!"
  33. <Silas_> "it is! And there are so many different people gathered there too"
  34. <Makara> "I have full expectation that you will be able to drive the city when you pass the driving examination."
  35. <Baruch> "Yes, well, it is also in a slight state of disrepair, honestly. But beautiful nonetheless."
  36. <Dirk> "Ohh!"
  37. * Gustbran believes the word "slight" is an understatement but says nothing.
  38. <Dirk> "But that dont affect the flight magis, or?"
  39. <Dirk> (magic)
  40. * Silas_ shrugs
  41. <Makara> "Baruch can fix the city temporary."
  42. <Makara> "So you will be fine."
  43. <Baruch> "Well, we suspect it may. There is certainly something wrong there. We have been trying to discover what, but haven't had much success yet. All kinds of matters to take care of lately, you see."
  44. * Silas_ smirks
  45. <Baruch> "Dragons, that sort of thing."
  46. <Makara> "Maybe we should hire some dragonslayer, is there such profession?"
  47. <Dirk> "Temporary fixing it? And Dragon attacks on the Covenant? Sound like you have a interesting live up there!"
  48. <Dirk> "How large is this flying city?"
  49. <Baruch> "Well, they haven't attacked the city yet. But we did have a flying boat that spat fire the other day."
  50. <Makara> "Nice boat."
  51. <Baruch> "How many inhabitants do we have again? It's quite sizable, really, all the amenities."
  52. <Silas_> "I think it is nearly three or four kilometers from one end to the other.."
  53. <Makara> (Since I have convenant lore 3, I probably know)
  54. <Makara> (or 2 pre-winter)
  55. <Dirk> (CJ didnt leave infos about the people but the diameter of 4000m is probably mentioned in your summa)
  56. <Makara> " Around 1,000 (150 to 300 per quarter, seems to be human, rumor to have some fairy around )"
  57. <Makara> (he did note it)
  58. <Dirk> (Ok)
  59. <Dirk> "Interesting but I'm more interested about the dimensions the magic keep in the air!"
  60. <Silas_> "I think it is nearly three or four kilometers from one end to the other.."
  61. <Makara> "You mean the aura?" Makara become interested as the topic of what he read is on the table.
  62. <Silas_> circular in shape
  63. <Dirk> "Impressive!"
  64. <Dirk> "I just fear it will take decades till I finaly can work at such a scale!"
  65. <Dirk> "Oh wulfi is here looks like the breakfeast is finished"
  66. <Dirk> (You see nothing)
  67. <Makara> "Nah, come with us to work on it now!"
  68. <Silas_> "Sounds good, where is he?"
  69. <Silas_> ".. it"
  70. <Dirk> He says something thats sounds like the language of the Hypoborean Quarters
  71. <Makara> (how widepread the hypoborean people were)
  72. <Dirk> (sudenly a Wulf like hound apears out of nothing)
  73. <Makara> (in numeberg, wolf serve you food)
  74. <Dirk> (I thing 1/3 of our Named Grog are from there)
  75. <Silas_> "That is a neat trick! Can it turn invisible?"
  76. <Dirk> "No he just can materialise he is a spirit"
  77. <Dirk> "Lets go to the dinning room"
  78. * Baruch follows
  79. * Silas_ follows Baruch
  80. <Makara> "Ohhh I hope you employs the legendary spirit of the king of chef"
  81. <Dirk> You leave trough a other door then the one you get in and trough a floor into a other larg room where a nice looking long wooden table and a lot of wooden chairs are
  82. * Gustbran also follows
  83. <Dirk> On the table are bowls placed near each seat with millet gruel and one with some dired fish in water
  84. <Makara> (dried fish... in water...)
  85. <Makara> (still dry?)
  86. <Gustbran> (It's dry water)
  87. <Dirk> spread at the center are bowls with different herbs like chive, thyme and galeric clove but also salt
  88. <Makara> (of course)
  89. * Gustbran goes for the salt
  90. <Dirk> No its no longer dry but from the consitence it must have been dryed fish not fresh one ^^
  91. <Makara> nooooooo
  92. <Baruch> "Seems delicious. Thank you."
  93. <Gustbran> (yeah, this far out it would have to have been. otherwise it would likely have rotted away in this era)
  94. * Makara ponder the philosophical meaning of dry and not dry as he sat down
  95. <Dirk> "Have a good meal"
  96. <Makara> "May your tongue be undry and dry."
  97. * Gustbran pours pretty large amounts of salt on his portion.
  98. * Baruch eats
  99. * Makara see the salt, salt dry things.
  100. * Makara eat fish.
  101. * Silas_ gives his gruel a bit of herbing and digs in
  102. <Dirk> Salfatore asks "Do you have any news from the outside world with my school here I'm kind of bussy"
  103. * Makara stands up, arm widespread, "Dragon is not dry around the world!"
  104. * Makara sits back down.
  105. <Silas_> "There are things happening in England, the King John seems to have been beaten by his barons and France moves to take over.."
  106. * Silas_ politely ignores Makara's antics
  107. <Baruch> "Yes, it is a troubled time there - it seems dragons are arising as well, as I mentioned earlier."
  108. <Dirk> "Yes Dragons can be a problem to us mages as well especial the older ones"
  109. <Baruch> "How do you acquire the students for your school, salfatore?"
  110. <Dirk> Salfatore "Now most find theyr way to us as we make no secret of our locations in opsit to some othere Mystery Cults"
  111. <Baruch> "I see. Any trouble with having so many gifted youths in one place? I've never quite understood the principle of it."
  112. <Makara> "The youth can dry each other"
  113. <Gustbran> ,
  114. <Gustbran> (sorry)
  115. <Gustbran> (/me finishes his food before anyone else.
  116. <Dirk> "Now Dirk is actual the youngest mage I every initated the othere are usualy at last 12 years older"
  117. <Gustbran> me finishes his food before anyone else.
  118. <Makara> (that's self explanatory)
  119. <Gustbran> (I give up)
  120. <Makara> (give up = join criamon)
  121. <Dirk> (he is not gifted Makara so he can't ^^)
  122. <Baruch> "Ah, I see."
  123. <Makara> (maybe if he stab the twlight enough times...)
  124. <Dirk> "Do any one want a extra bowl?"
  125. <Dirk> from Salvatore
  126. * Makara drink water to undry
  127. <Gustbran> (dammit all this food talk is... *grumble*)
  128. * Silas_ is still eating from his bowl listening attently
  129. <Baruch> "Thank you, I'm full."
  130. <Silas_> "thank you, but I am fine"
  131. <Makara> "Thank you, I am undry"
  132. <Dirk> Dirk: "I will start packing see you all then later"
  133. <Gustbran> "thank you, but no."
  134. <Gustbran> (Thank you, but your princess is in another castle)
  135. <Silas_> "me hurries finishing
  136. <Silas_> (slash me rather)
  137. <Dirk> Salvatore: "You mentioned you want to buy some things here in the city, maybe I can give some directions"
  138. <Makara> "I want to buy a troop of dragonslayer."
  139. <Baruch> "I was thinking I might want some faerie herbs. You wouldn't have any in the store, would you?"
  140. <Silas_> "the man in the store mentioned I should ask here for lavender oil?"
  141. <Dirk> "I think you got it wrong, Silas, we have it in the store below"
  142. =-= Dirk is now known as Salvatore
  143. <Silas_> "Ah, I must have misheard"
  144. =-= Salvatore is now known as GM
  145. <GM> "But fearie herbs I hope we have non of them it only ends with problems having such a thing"
  146. <Makara> "(GM have identity crisis)
  147. <GM> (Salvatore was taken)
  148. <Baruch> "Yes, well, they have their uses as well."
  149. <GM> "YOu might look at the market perhaps there is a store from feries who sell such things
  150. <GM> "But because of the divine Aura there they usualy avoid it"
  151. <Makara> "A fairy that live in divine aura?"
  152. <Makara> (yes I know it's possible)
  153. <GM> "There reports that some fearies live in Divine Auras but most avoid it"
  154. <Baruch> "I won't be too devastated if I won't find it, really. But thank you."
  155. <Makara> "BUT WE MUST"
  156. <Silas_> "what do you want faerie dust for?"
  157. <Gustbran> (I suppose it would be more likely than demons...)
  158. <GM> (Gust you gave up with your spear?)
  159. <Makara> (Get one at home instead)
  160. <Makara> (probably higher quality)
  161. <GM> "I bring you to the stairs unless you still have some questions"
  162. <Makara> "No."
  163. <Gustbran> (I'm just waiting for the opportunity)
  164. <Makara> (Oh look, a harpoon.)
  165. <Baruch> "Faerie herbs can be used to great effect in the lab, Silas."
  166. <GM> Salvatore lead you to the stairs you got up
  167. <Silas_> "mhm"
  168. <Baruch> "I prefer not to - they are not without ill effects - but sometimes it may prove necessary."
  169. * Baruch follows
  170. * Silas_ follows suit
  171. * Makara follows
  172. <GM> "Just leave trough the store and when you come back just ring the bell"
  173. <GM> The man below is in talk with someone who aperently have the Guild clotes of a doctor
  174. * Silas_ heads down the stairs and tries to find the storeclerk
  175. <Makara> "Will do, to shopping!"
  176. <GM> When he see you he mention your other camerade mentioned he get to the ship and that you sould be by the ship at latest by dusk
  177. <Gustbran> "Say, you wouldn't happen to know where a blacksmith or such would be around here?"
  178. <Gustbran> (miss anything?)
  179. <Makara> (no)
  180. * Silas_ waits politely for the doctor to finish
  181. <GM> "Let me finish the buisness with this customer first"
  182. * Silas_ nods
  183. <GM> It apears the doctor is kind unessy with other people watching him but from the talk of it he orders finished perpared medice here what is kind of unusaly
  184. * Makara wait with dry patient
  185. <GM> @Gustbran usualy a Doctor prepare the medics him self
  186. <Magic_Dice> Heads up! You're all going to die! Better make preparations!
  187. <GM> After the Doctor leaves he return to you
  188. <Makara> (the magic dice has spoken)
  189. <Baruch> (I can't play very long today, btw - have to go in about 1,5 hours)
  190. <Makara> (we must kill the doctor before it does)
  191. <Silas_> (maybe they are in reality doom dice)
  192. <GM> "So a Blacksmith there is one in the seetlement towards the east but we also have a weaponsmith near the castle
  193. <GM> "Anything else I can help you with?"
  194. <Gustbran> "I think I'll try my luck with the one near the castle."
  195. <Silas_> "I was wondering if I could buy some lavender oil?"
  196. <GM> "Yes I think we have some at store, how much do you want?"
  197. <Makara> (five gallon)
  198. <Silas_> "I do not need much, just a small bottle"
  199. <Silas_> (hehe)
  200. <Gustbran> (too bad, they only come it 50Gal drums)
  201. <GM> Sure he goes to the back and return a bit later with a small bottle.
  202. <GM> (Sorry I forgot to look how much it will cost so we have do this in the forum)
  203. <Makara> (He took a piss to fill the bottle)
  204. <Makara> (so free)
  205. <Silas_> (fair enough :) )
  206. * Gustbran asks around for someone to translate at the blacksmith's.
  207. <GM> (As it is only Silas know German ^^)
  208. * Makara follow baruch
  209. <Silas_> "I can go with you Gust, if you want"
  210. <Gustbran> "Thanks!"
  211. * Gustbran goes off to the weaponsmith!
  212. * Silas_ follows
  213. <Baruch> "I'll follow you - I don't have anything in particular I need."
  214. * Baruch follows Gus
  215. <GM> In front of the store a puppet teater have set up and someone playing a flute
  216. <GM> from the right you hear loud crys advertising different products
  217. * Silas_ strolls by, enoying the bustle
  218. * Gustbran sniffs for the telltale ironworking smell.
  219. <GM> Ok to shorten it the Weaponsmith only have spear heads but of supperior quality
  220. <Gustbran> (spear heads, eh?
  221. <Gustbran> )
  222. <GM> (yes or what are you looking for?)
  223. <Makara> (head will do, we can attach to iron later)
  224. <Baruch> (Plenty of people in the city who can do that, yes.)
  225. <Gustbran> (I agree a head will do IF there isn't a better single handed sword)
  226. <GM> (Usual ist Head Mettal and handle wood)
  227. <Makara> (gustbran deserve iron)
  228. <Makara> (unless it's ironwood)
  229. <Gustbran> (I have an inferiority complex thanks to that damn knight.)
  230. <GM> "Sorry sir we usualy only produce on request!"
  231. <Gustbran> (how long are we staying here? just today?)
  232. <GM> "So we only have arrow and spear heads on store"
  233. <Makara> (I won't turn down superior quality)
  234. <Silas_> (till evening, where we go home)
  235. <GM> (yes only till dusk)
  236. * Gustbran lays his real sack of money on the counter.
  237. <Makara> (bring home and have our blacksmith do it)
  238. <Gustbran> (I dunno....)
  239. <Gustbran> "If you can make a solid sword by the eve for this much, then you have a customer."
  240. <Gustbran> (If not then I wait)
  241. <Makara> (or go to the other blacksmith)
  242. <GM> Sillas you translate?
  243. <Makara> (hell, maybe the fairy have a spear)
  244. <Silas_> (I'll translate yes)
  245. <Silas_> (sorry, was a bit slow ^^)
  246. * Silas_ translates for Gustbran
  247. <GM> "Sorry it take longer then just one day to make a good sword"
  248. <Gustbran> (darn.)
  249. <Gustbran> (I figured... "maybe")
  250. * Gustbran thanks the man and prepares to depart with his coinpurse hidden again.
  251. <Silas_> "So, just the head,.. or nothing?"
  252. <GM> "The spearhead cost 12 pennies but we also have some for just 6 pennies"
  253. <Gustbran> (If I'm getting one it's gonna be the best quality...)
  254. <Makara> (yes)
  255. <Gustbran> (It can always be enchanted later right?)
  256. <Makara> (yes)
  257. <Gustbran> (YES!)
  258. <Baruch> (But that one was superior quality, he said?)
  259. <Makara> (although enchanting it would mean parma get to resist it)
  260. <Silas_> (no no no! Yes!)
  261. <Gustbran> (we can worry about the magical aspect later. for now it's mundane and I'll take the head.)
  262. <GM> (Yes the spearhed for 12 pennies is superior)
  263. <Makara> (good, keep it in your pant)
  264. <Gustbran> (...)
  265. <Silas_> (hehe)
  266. * Gustbran puts down the 12 pennies.
  267. * Silas_ finishes the transaction and thanks the man
  268. <Gustbran> (a not insignificant price for a grog.)
  269. <GM> (I know usualy you get the weapon from the covenant)
  270. <Makara> (for free, no less)
  271. <Gustbran> (Well, like any military force, people bought better stuff than the standard issue.)
  272. <GM> He hand the spearhead over "It was a pleaser to make buissnes with you"
  273. <GM> (err pleasure)
  274. <Gustbran> (hehe)
  275. <Makara> (blacksmith side job is prostitute)
  276. <GM> Anything else you want to do today?
  277. <Makara> (fairy dust)
  278. <Baruch> (Yeah, probably just look around, and if I happen to run into fairy herbs the I'll get them.)
  279. <GM> (Wasnt it faerie herbs?)
  280. <Makara> (of course)
  281. <GM> Make a per+fearie lore or a suitable Ability for Herbs
  282. <GM> Also all just make Per+Awearness rolls when entering the market
  283. <Gustbran> (maybe go to a butcher's? get some liverwurst! yum.)
  284. <Makara> (And you cut your ham with your spearhead?)
  285. <Gustbran> (haha)
  286. <Makara> !roll 1d10+1
  287. <Magic_Dice> Makara: 8 :7+1
  288. <Gustbran> !roll 1d10+3 (-1 roll penalty not accounted for if applicable)
  289. <Magic_Dice> Gustbran, (-1 roll penalty not accounted for if applicable): 6 :3+3
  290. <Baruch> (I don't really have anything suitable for finding them, so I'll just try with 1d10)
  291. <Baruch> !roll 1d10
  292. <Magic_Dice> Baruch: 3
  293. <Baruch> !roll 1d10+1 (awareness)
  294. <Magic_Dice> Baruch, (awareness): 4 :3+1
  295. <Silas_> (or pasted liver, mmm!)
  296. <Silas_> oh sorry
  297. <Gustbran> (getting hungry in rl... grrrr.)
  298. <GM> Baruch you founda someone selling herbs but it apears he not have fearie Herbs and the Herbs look older then in the shop from Salvatore
  299. <Silas_> !roll 1d10
  300. <Magic_Dice> Silas_: 4
  301. <GM> .. and of inferior quality
  302. <Makara> (I should had brought momo)
  303. <GM> Makara you spot some child grabing food and sneaking away
  304. * Makara ignore it
  305. <Magic_Dice> sic em, makara!
  306. <Makara> (but magic dice! What if boy...)
  307. <GM> By now its 2h past noon
  308. <Makara> "Barcuh, maybe you should look for the local church and look around from there?"
  309. <GM> As mentioned bevore the market place is right in front of the curch ^^
  310. <GM> thats why the divine aura there
  311. <Gustbran> (so I guess that spellcasting will be harder here.)
  312. <Baruch> "Why do you expect they should have faerie herbs?"
  313. <Baruch> "I'm not particularly fond of churches, anyway."
  314. * Gustbran looks for his crucifix but realizes he left it at the covenant.
  315. <Makara> "Then we give up?"
  316. <Silas_> "Should we find a tavern, or maybe a place to buy some supplies?"
  317. <Silas_> "some dried meats, or taste some local dishes?"
  318. <Makara> "Yes, I'm sure no one would ruin the meal again."
  319. <Baruch> "I'm not terribly hungry, but why not."
  320. <Makara> "Why not go home indeed."
  321. <Baruch> "I can do without the herbs."
  322. * Silas_ shrugs
  323. <GM> you return to the place in front of the Herbs and Tincutres shop and there is curent a play of the puppet theater and behind the pillory is a tavern
  324. * Silas_ watches the puppet play
  325. <GM> (How long till you have to go Baruch?)
  326. <Silas_> "We can return home if the merchant has finished his part.."
  327. <Baruch> (About 40 minutes)
  328. <Makara> "Let's go get dirk and save his life if there's some sort of danger out of nowhere."
  329. <GM> Ok You watch the play and Silas translate it wasn't bad and at the end they ask for some money
  330. * Silas_ gives them 1 silver
  331. <Makara> Silas, translate me a story
  332. <GM> a Penny can be split in 4 pices
  333. <Silas_> (It was the wonderful story of Riggy the shaved and his mistress, I wont bore you with details but it wasn't a bad play.) :p
  334. <Silas_> (they can have it all, one must support the arts)
  335. <Makara> (that covers for us then)
  336. <Makara> (hate to split my silvers)
  337. <Gustbran> (yup)
  338. <GM> Sorry I want to shorten it a bit after the play Dirk spot you and tell you that he is finished with packing
  339. <Silas_> (is fine, we are just milling about ^^ )
  340. <Makara> "Good, now let's go home, every minutes count for our sinking covenant"
  341. <GM> "I just will need a hand with the chest"
  342. * Makara look at gustbran
  343. * Gustbran lends a hand.
  344. <Baruch> "Let us find our friend the merchant. Perhaps he is ready to depart?"
  345. * Silas_ nods
  346. <GM> Its allready late afternoon by now
  347. <GM> So till your outside with the cest maybe he is already at the boat
  348. <Silas_> "we can return to the ship"
  349. * Baruch heads for the ship
  350. * Silas_ follows
  351. * Makara follows
  352. * Gustbran follows
  353. <GM> Gust the chest is heavy but as long you dont lift it high it moves nearly from alone
  354. * Gustbran resists the urge to peek!
  355. <GM> on the way out you spot the mercant with a wagon
  356. * Silas_ waves to the merchant
  357. <GM> "Oh hello I was about to return to the boat we solld everything especial the olives got a good price here"
  358. <Silas_> "That is fantastic"
  359. <GM> "If you dont mind the dirt you can hop on the wagon"
  360. * Makara hop
  361. * Silas_ walks by the wagon
  362. <GM> When Dirk and Gust lift the chest on the wagon something below it fanished
  363. * Baruch hops
  364. <Gustbran> "Thought I'd seen everything with this job..."
  365. * Gustbran walks.
  366. <Makara> (I assume you mean something below cracked)
  367. <GM> The Mercant brings you to the ship "I have to return the cart then we can return to the our city"
  368. * Silas_ nods
  369. <GM> (No its like the ground below rised a bit to carry it)
  370. <Baruch> "We'll wait here."
  371. <Gustbran> (no it "vanished" something was helping to move the chest and was no longer needed)
  372. <Makara> (k)
  373. <Silas_> "should we mask the boat in the mean time?"
  374. <Makara> "The night shall cover us fine."
  375. <GM> The weater temperature droped drastical te close it goes toward evening its now only around 8 Grad
  376. * Silas_ nods
  377. <GM> The back flight was eventless
  378. * Silas_ talks about the wonders of the market district with Dirk
  379. <Baruch> "Could you cast the cloud illusion anyway, Makara? I still remember that ominous moon from morning."
  380. <Baruch> (oh, ok)
  381. <Makara> "If I must."
  382. <GM> (I asume Makara cast a Illusion and you have a way to find back!)
  383. <GM> (if not then we have to play trough this)
  384. <Makara> (we have a compass thing pointing to covenant)
  385. <GM> (huh when did we get such a thing?)
  386. <GM> (Only Ramon have that)
  387. <Gustbran> (dun dun duuuuuuun)
  388. <Makara> (Oh of course, only ramon have it)
  389. <Gustbran> (We're sooooo getting lost)
  390. <Silas_> (hehe)
  391. <Silas_> (no worries, it'll be fine)
  392. <GM> After some confusion how to find the way back Dirk touched the boat with his hand and pointed North "this way upwards"
  393. <Magic_Dice> Tick, Tock! Tick, Tock!Your death clocks are ticking!
  394. <Gustbran> !quit
  395. <Magic_Dice> Yes, Master!
  396. * Makara ponder how does the merchant trades before without ramon's device
  397. <Silas_> (ha! My death clock has been broken since the day I was born)
  398. <Silas_> (He is used to travel with more talented mages :p )
  399. <GM> (They allways need a mege with them and we have the spell to find home in our Library!)
  400. <Makara> (Oh no, and baruch dosn't have it, wth baruch!)
  401. <Gustbran> (I found a way to put messages in, but it got a bit annoying.)
  402. <Silas_> (hehe)
  403. <Baruch> (Yeah, B sucks bad with terram [has deficiency in it], so hasn't gotten around to learning it yet)
  404. <GM> Ok 2 days go past when you returned from the trip and you managed to reover from the long day when you get called to Atonius
  405. <Baruch> (Would need a lab total of 30 to learn it, might be possible with the apprentice now)
  406. * Baruch heads out
  407. <Makara> (Or just make more of those compass)
  408. <Makara> (in fact, install one on the boat)
  409. <Gustbran> (should be clean of messages now.)
  410. <Gustbran> !join
  411. <Gustbran> (...)
  412. <GM> err only mages are called so you have to play your mage
  413. <Makara> (you killed it)
  414. <Makara> (doubt we would need to roll dice)
  415. <Gustbran> (had to restart proggy)
  416. <GM> "The reason i called you is that I want to have the opinion of our young mages on something!"
  417. * Silas_ waits silently
  418. <Gustbran> ("Do you think that I look good in this color?")
  419. <Baruch> "What is it, head mage?"
  420. <Silas_> (heh)
  421. <Makara> "I think blue looks great on you."
  422. <GM> "As you know a joung verditius want to join our covenant but we only have 2 Labs left!"
  423. <GM> "As it is non of the labs are very good suited to enchantprocedures and so the talk came up in setting up a bnew building"
  424. <Makara> "Do we have such a large space for a enchantment lab?"
  425. <GM> "Now I want you opinion on this if we bether should him just offer one of the remaining 2 Labs or set up a new building where he for now only have a normal sized lab in but that can increased to even work large projects in"
  426. <GM> "As you can see there is large space left around the tempel"
  427. <Silas_> "The plaza?"
  428. <Baruch> "Sounds expensive, to be sure. Can we afford such a project?"
  429. <Makara> "Would there be any problem if we build it there?"
  430. <GM> "yes near the cannals probably"
  431. <GM> "As fare we know there is no problem with this but I wanted to get your input bevore we elder talk trough this and esk our Archtect for infos"
  432. <Makara> "as long as the architect say the extra weight won't unbalance this covenant"
  433. <Silas_> "If it can be done without upsetting the balance of the city, then sure."
  434. <GM> "A good point you bring up here, Silas"
  435. <GM> "other thoughts?"
  436. <Silas_> "And if we could mimic the architecture of the other buildings,.. the temple perhaps,.."
  437. <Makara> "But the limited lab problem is still unsolved, so in addition to building more, how about we explore the unexplored catacomb and underground of this covenant for more additional space?"
  438. <GM> "You might not know it but setting up a Lab in the Underground is much more expensive then setting up a new building"
  439. <Makara> "I'm hoping there would be something of a lab there if the ancient mage who build this already sets one up"
  440. <Makara> "But it's still worth exploring if you would approve."
  441. <Gustbran> (whoo.. I'm glad I'm gonna have a better weapon for this)
  442. <Makara> "Might help solve our sinking problem too."
  443. <GM> "Sure but its your live your risk remember that we already lost a mage trying to explore"
  444. <Makara> "Excellence." Makara rub hands evily
  445. <Baruch> "Yes, well, all in all I don't see a reason to refuse Dirk's request, if he truly needs such a vast laboratory."
  446. <Makara> "Or even merge two closeby laboratory together."
  447. <GM> "Its more about the access for now as he works with wood and the stairs are quite small in the towers"
  448. <GM> (Remember Class couldnt fly trough the stairs)
  449. <Silas_> (hehe)
  450. <Makara> (meh, elevator is a thing though)
  451. <Aiden> (I should be done with building my lab so I can help out now, maybe!)
  452. <Makara> ( good, come die with me in catacomb)
  453. <GM> "So no other opinions Aiden, Baruch,Makara or Silas?"
  454. * Silas_ shakes his head
  455. <Baruch> "Nothing further, no."
  456. <Silas_> "No, expanding the city sounds like a sound idea."
  457. * Makara thought about throwing him off the covenant as an option, but decide not to mention that.
  458. <Makara> "Nothing else."
  459. <GM> "Good your dismissed then"
  460. <GM> *************************************************************************************
  461. * Silas_ bows
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