Damnit Ruin

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  1. [2015-05-17 15:26:48] <Mishie|Johnny> As Johnny sits at one of the many bars in the new Super Mega Awesome Robo Fighto Casino with a drink in hand, he starts to wonder if he should feel bad about the huge invasion of privacy that he and Casshan are about to do to Kitsune-chan, and for a moment considers that there could be other ways of doing this that wouldn't cause trouble for somebody he considers a close friend.  Right up...
  2. [2015-05-17 15:26:48] <Mishie|Johnny> ...until he remembers all the shit that Kitsune does on a regular basis and that this is totally fair payback.
  3. [2015-05-17 15:28:48] * Casshan is wearing an implausible backless cyberpunk cocktail dress that shows off the tron lines scoring her back and the metal covering her spine. She peers over at him curiously, swishing around a glowy drink. "Having second thoughts?"
  4. [2015-05-17 15:29:01] <Mishie|Johnny> "Hmmmmm?"
  5. [2015-05-17 15:29:55] <Mishie|Johnny> "Oh I kinda was, but then I remember the whole mystery box shenanigans thing, and oddly enough those thoughts all flew away"
  6. [2015-05-17 15:30:15] <Casshan> "...yeah. We should probably find that eventually."
  7. [2015-05-17 15:30:24] <Casshan> "I might have given it the ability to walk around."
  8. [2015-05-17 15:30:27] * Mishie|Johnny shrugs
  9. [2015-05-17 15:30:29] * Casshan winces and sips.
  10. [2015-05-17 15:35:48] <Kitsune-chan> ( should probably not drink there)
  11. [2015-05-17 15:39:32] <Casshan> Eh, there's no risk!
  12. [2015-05-17 15:39:40] * Casshan is thinking that, also.
  13. [2015-05-17 15:40:37] <Mishie|Johnny> "Anyway, she should be here soon and we can talk it over with her then"
  14. [2015-05-17 15:45:12] * Kitsune-chan much heading in
  15. [2015-05-17 15:45:31] <Mishie|Johnny> Johnny waves Kitsune-chan over before grabbing himself another drink
  16. [2015-05-17 15:46:48] <Kitsune-chan> "Drink like that and you'll end up working here.."
  17. [2015-05-17 15:47:13] <Mishie|Johnny> "I'm pretty sure that I count as a part-owner"
  18. [2015-05-17 15:49:32] <DarkenedHG> The bartender quietly keeps a tally.
  19. [2015-05-17 15:50:35] <Kitsune-chan> "That doesn't make the drinks any less magical"
  20. [2015-05-17 15:52:00] <Mishie|Johnny> "I'm pretty sure that I'm more magic than the are, and that I've drunk dumber shit in the past"
  21. [2015-05-17 15:52:28] <Mishie|Johnny> "Anyway, we're not here about my drinking problems, we're here to talk about your mother"
  22. [2015-05-17 15:53:20] * Casshan pours the drink out on the floor and tosses the glass, sighing. "You know if you don't want people to enjoy drinks you don't have to ruin the alcohol. Just tell me you're straight edge or whatever."
  23. [2015-05-17 15:55:13] * Kitsune-chan catches the glass "don't do that"
  24. [2015-05-17 15:56:01] * Mishie|Johnny nods "That's just rude Casshan"
  25. [2015-05-17 15:57:18] * Casshan huffs. "Well, excuse me for being upset I can't enjoy the little things anymore."
  26. [2015-05-17 15:57:31] <Casshan> "Get on with your thing, though."
  27. [2015-05-17 15:57:51] * Mishie|Johnny grabs one of the many flasks of alcohol that he keeps hidden on himself and passes it to Casshan
  28. [2015-05-17 15:58:39] * Casshan peers at the flask thoughtfully, and then at Johnny. Suddenly, her expression turns apologetic.
  29. [2015-05-17 15:58:44] <Mishie|Johnny> "So yeah, funny story, Casshan and I were planning a thing, which is going to be hilarious and awesome and is basically going to be Casshan doing Science shit to my brain and upgrading things or whatever so I can get some sort of uh..."
  30. [2015-05-17 15:58:54] <Kitsune-chan> "you can, just don't set yourself up for things.. like breaking stuff"
  31. [2015-05-17 15:58:57] * Casshan sips.
  32. [2015-05-17 15:59:19] * Mishie|Johnny looks at Casshan "I'll leave the technical details to you, but it's meant to be a social augment thing because I think it would be hilarious, and also useful"
  33. [2015-05-17 15:59:33] <Mishie|Johnny> "But having something that just works on people would be boring, so we want something that works on Everything"
  34. [2015-05-17 16:00:20] <Mishie|Johnny> "And considering how well, your mother is so uh... Unique, we were hoping to involve her in the calibrations or whatever"
  35. [2015-05-17 16:00:43] <Mishie|Johnny> "I don't know the details, it's nothing invasive, just us talking to her for a bit whilst Casshan does her thing"
  36. [2015-05-17 16:02:20] <Kitsune-chan> "no"
  37. [2015-05-17 16:02:25] <Mishie|Johnny> "Cmooooooon"
  38. [2015-05-17 16:02:39] <Mishie|Johnny> "It's literally just us talking to her for a bit"
  39. [2015-05-17 16:04:54] <Mishie|Johnny> "And lets be real, you kinda owe us for the whole 'regularly causing shit for us and then claiming that it's because we deserve it' thing you do"
  40. [2015-05-17 16:06:04] <Kitsune-chan> "or you're actually a bad person"
  41. [2015-05-17 16:06:11] <Casshan> "I insert a micron-thin wire made of organic polymers into the brain, causing no side-effects. Then the implant stabilizes and select parts of the brain receive improvements to performance."
  42. [2015-05-17 16:06:33] <Casshan> "It won't hurt her. And parents being able to discern lies is an important quality."
  43. [2015-05-17 16:06:36] <Casshan> "Moreover."
  44. [2015-05-17 16:07:01] * Mishie|Johnny nods along
  45. [2015-05-17 16:07:22] <Kitsune-chan> "I'm working with my and her causality."
  46. [2015-05-17 16:07:25] <Mishie|Johnny> "Like I said, no side effects to her at all, it's just recording how she reacts to various stimuli"
  47. [2015-05-17 16:07:47] <Casshan> "We're asking you as a courtesy. Since she's your mother, she's the person we'd ask."
  48. [2015-05-17 16:08:19] * Casshan hands Johhny his flask back and steeples her fingers ominously.
  49. [2015-05-17 16:09:09] <Kitsune-chan> "and I'm saying this. If you try to get involved I'm going to pull you into the situation. So unless you want your whole history rewritten butt out"
  50. [2015-05-17 16:10:51] <Mishie|Johnny> "So you're saying that she's so unstable that merely talking to her would cause history to be rewritten"
  51. [2015-05-17 16:11:16] <Mishie|Johnny> "That's pretty odd considering how she didn't seem to have any powers of that sort earlier"
  52. [2015-05-17 16:12:13] <Kitsune-chan> "Its not a power its a state of the universe"
  53. [2015-05-17 16:13:02] * Mishie|Johnny nods along
  54. [2015-05-17 16:13:06] <Mishie|Johnny> "Then it's settled then"
  55. [2015-05-17 16:13:25] <Mishie|Johnny> "You'll be the one to talk to her, and Casshan can get the data from a distance without disturbing her"
  56. [2015-05-17 16:13:54] <Kitsune-chan> "Right so bunnygirl then.."
  57. [2015-05-17 16:14:21] <Mishie|Johnny> "Well, unless you're saying that you plan to never talk to her, there really isn't an issue"
  58. [2015-05-17 16:16:29] <Mishie|Johnny> "Although if she such a threat to Reality that merely talking to her is enough to rewrite history, maybe the rest of us need to investigate to see what needs to be done"
  59. [2015-05-17 16:16:49] <Kitsune-chan> "The issue is you're going to mess iwth probability and break the world doing so and then you're going to complain when I heroically resist my desires to make you waitress here that I'm some how at fault"
  60. [2015-05-17 16:17:21] <Mishie|Johnny> "Considering how I wouldn't be involved, that's very impressive"
  61. [2015-05-17 16:17:39] <Mishie|Johnny> "Since like I've said, it's literally just talking to her and gathering data"
  62. [2015-05-17 16:17:49] <Mishie|Johnny> "Trying to influence it would make the whole thing pointless"
  63. [2015-05-17 16:18:29] <Kitsune-chan> "Its not a threat to reality.  Its just a rewrite."
  64. [2015-05-17 16:19:09] <Mishie|Johnny> "Mhhhhhm"
  65. [2015-05-17 16:19:43] <Kitsune-chan> "Look the world wouldn't end if someone went back in time and killed hitler it would just be different"
  66. [2015-05-17 16:19:51] <Mishie|Johnny> "True"
  67. [2015-05-17 16:20:21] <Kitsune-chan> "I am incerting her timeline into the weave of reality. I have damaged my own to do so."
  68. [2015-05-17 16:20:25] <Mishie|Johnny> "But unless you're saying that you're dramatically rewriting history every time you talk to her, I'm sure you can figure out a way to hold a 5 minute conversation with her without breaking everything"
  69. [2015-05-17 16:21:08] <Mishie|Johnny> "Worst comes to worst I can just monitor things and just pull you out if it gets too bad"
  70. [2015-05-17 16:21:12] <Kitsune-chan> "not dramatically, subtly"
  71. [2015-05-17 16:21:30] * Casshan looks between the two.
  72. [2015-05-17 16:21:46] <Mishie|Johnny> "So is there any difference between this and what you do normally then?"
  73. [2015-05-17 16:22:08] <Casshan> "Well, I'm already bored with this line of thought then. There's no point in arguing over something like this."
  74. [2015-05-17 16:22:48] * Mishie|Johnny shrugs
  75. [2015-05-17 16:22:49] * Casshan leans her arms on the counter and leans her head on them, letting out a small hiccup.
  76. [2015-05-17 16:22:58] <Kitsune-chan> "I'm giving you reasonable warning to keep from ending up a bunnygirl and always have been"
  77. [2015-05-17 16:23:37] <Mishie|Johnny> "And how exactly would that happen without it not being something that you caused?"
  78. [2015-05-17 16:24:35] <Casshan> "It's fine! People are allowed to have selfish fancies they keep others out of."
  79. [2015-05-17 16:26:05] <Kitsune-chan> "This is why I lie, because when I lie you all believe me. When I tell the truth you think its something else. Do whatever you want I can use more sisters"*stomps out*
  80. [2015-05-17 16:29:06] * Casshan look at Johnny.
  81. [2015-05-17 16:29:14] <Casshan> "Is she always like this?"
  82. [2015-05-17 16:29:18] <Mishie|Johnny> "Ehhhh"
  83. [2015-05-17 16:30:14] <Mishie|Johnny> "Anyway, time for the next test subject on the list!"
  84. [2015-05-17 16:30:54] <Mishie|Johnny> "Time to go harass, I mean talk to a Dragongirl!"
  85. [2015-05-17 16:50:28] <DarkenedHG> Following the sounds of complaining in the casino clearly leads to a rather irrate dragon-girl maid at the slots.
  86. [2015-05-17 16:58:54] <Mishie|Johnny> Seeing his prey, Johnny takes advantage of her distracted state to sneak up behind her
  87. [2015-05-17 16:58:57] <Mishie|Johnny> "Gotta say, I expected to find you down at the arena, or did you just want to stay somewhere near me?~"
  88. [2015-05-17 16:59:18] <DarkenedHG> "GRRRRR"
  89. [2015-05-17 16:59:27] <DarkenedHG> She goes to bite! Ignoring the staff she's been arguing with.
  90. [2015-05-17 17:00:12] * Mishie|Johnny pats Ruin on the head as she tried to bite him, and then looks at the staff "Is there a problem here?"
  91. [2015-05-17 17:00:15] <Mishie|Johnny> (tries*)
  92. [2015-05-17 17:00:57] * Casshan leans nearby and gives a small wave.
  93. [2015-05-17 17:01:01] <Casshan> "Hi!"
  94. [2015-05-17 17:02:58] <DarkenedHG> "She won't settle her debts..."
  95. [2015-05-17 17:03:46] <Mishie|Johnny> "And how much are they?"
  96. [2015-05-17 17:10:11] <DarkenedHG> He shows a number.
  97. [2015-05-17 17:10:16] <DarkenedHG> It's rather... high.
  98. [2015-05-17 17:10:52] * Mishie|Johnny looks down at Ruin, who is still trying to bite him
  99. [2015-05-17 17:11:32] <Mishie|Johnny> "So uh, you ARE aware of the fact that you have to pay what you owe right?"
  100. [2015-05-17 17:11:59] <Mishie|Johnny> "And that well, all you've got to pay it with is your hoard"
  101. [2015-05-17 17:12:24] <Mishie|Johnny> "And well, it looks like you've lost a decent chunk of it, which is actually pretty impressive that you're so bad at this"
  102. [2015-05-17 17:13:03] -->| Darkened ( has joined #QQNobilisIC
  103. [2015-05-17 17:15:11] |<-- DarkenedHG has left freenode (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
  104. [2015-05-17 17:16:32] <Darkened> "Hmph! I don't owe anything."
  105. [2015-05-17 17:17:07] * Mishie|Johnny looks between the staff and Ruin
  106. [2015-05-17 17:17:15] <Mishie|Johnny> "Pretty sure they have proof otherwise"
  107. [2015-05-17 17:23:19] <Darkened> "No!"
  108. [2015-05-17 17:23:24] <Darkened> "I'm yours, so clearly its your debt"
  109. [2015-05-17 17:23:26] <Darkened> "So there"
  110. [2015-05-17 17:24:49] <Mishie|Johnny> "True, but I'll be docking it from your pay"
  111. [2015-05-17 17:25:28] * Mishie|Johnny sighs "Guess that means you wont be getting your bonus for a while then..."
  112. [2015-05-17 17:29:20] [INFO] There is nothing to tab-complete. Use F6 to cycle through the user list, input box and the chat output.
  113. [2015-05-17 17:29:37] <Darkened> "... You don't pay me."
  114. [2015-05-17 17:32:00] * Mishie|Johnny looks at how much money she's lost "Well I was going to have something sorted out where you would get paid for your work, but since so far all you've done is lose money at the casino, guess we'll have to change things a bit"
  115. [2015-05-17 17:34:32] <Mishie|Johnny> "Don't worry though Ruin, I've got a really fun way for you to be able to pay me back for all this money~"
  116. [2015-05-17 17:34:37] * Mishie|Johnny looks over at Casshan
  117. [2015-05-17 17:36:16] <Mishie|Johnny> "Correct me if I'm wrong Casshan, but since we're the owners, that means that she has to pay us back for the money owed right?~"
  118. [2015-05-17 17:37:43] <Mishie|Johnny> "And well, you DID mention wanting to fight strong people right?"
  119. [2015-05-17 17:40:07] * Casshan rubs her chin.
  120. [2015-05-17 17:40:26] <Casshan> "I guess making you fight in the robodome is an adequate penance."
  121. [2015-05-17 17:42:42] * Mishie|Johnny nods along
  122. [2015-05-17 17:43:11] <Darkened> "That sounds fair for his irresponsible behavior."
  123. [2015-05-17 17:43:13] <Darkened> Ruin nods.
  124. [2015-05-17 17:45:15] <Mishie|Johnny> "Yupe, having Ruin fight would definitely draw in a crowd"
  125. [2015-05-17 17:45:49] <Mishie|Johnny> "Because plan B is that I go to play the slots and clear this place out"
  126. [2015-05-17 17:45:58] <Mishie|Johnny> "This would not end well for anybody"
  127. [2015-05-17 17:52:50] <Casshan> "Hmm... fights usually need hype though."
  128. [2015-05-17 17:53:02] <Casshan> "Do you know anyone who can get the word out?"
  129. [2015-05-17 17:53:08] <Darkened> "Who wouldn't want to see Johnny get punched?"
  130. [2015-05-17 17:53:51] <Mishie|Johnny> "I know a few people"
  131. [2015-05-17 17:53:52] <Casshan> "I don't! He's been really nice so far."
  132. [2015-05-17 17:53:57] * Mishie|Johnny then looks down at Ruin
  133. [2015-05-17 17:53:57] * Casshan smiles.
  134. [2015-05-17 17:54:08] <Mishie|Johnny> "You're in enough trouble, don't try to make it worse"
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