Futa Lockers

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  1. # Futa Lockers
  3. ## Chapter 1 (by deathjoe4)
  5. I can't believe what I was seeing, I just started my new job as a teacher at a middle school in a wealthy neighborhood. I had also become the junior coach of the cheerleading team and on my first day as coach I saw something crazy. Oh right, I'm 26, and fairly good-looking, 6', blond hair, blue eyes, muscular and thin, so I got some looks in class. During class all the girls were whispering amongst themselves and I could hear some of their comments, talking about how cute I was. This was going to be a difficult semester; however, the event changed everything.
  7. At the beginning of the cheerleading practice everything was normal, the girls were very good and I had some experience because my sisters were all cheerleaders. The actual coach, Ms. Lee was a very attractive woman about my age, but very petite. She probably didn't even top 5 feet but was obviously very fit, she was wearing a sports bra and tight booty shorts. Her stomach was quite defined and her breasts were extremely perky.
  9. She was very domineering during the practice, she told me exactly what to do and how. The girls listened to her and jumped at her every command. She was also very obviously strong, at one point she had me demonstrate a technique and I ended up being lifted up onto her shoulders and standing there for a good amount of time. This was a very strange school indeed. The girls all seemed slightly too strong to be normal.
  10. After practice I was going to the showers and I found that there was only a co-ed shower. I waited outside for a second before the coach came up to me, “Hey John, why aren't you taking a shower? Its required for everyone after a practice?” She stared up at me standing with her hands on her hips.
  12. I blushed, “Well I'm just waiting for everyone else to finish, I'm a teacher and a guy and I can't be in the shower with all those girls.”
  14. She stared up at me, “You have to take a shower and I'm going to lock up the locker room after the girls are done, so unless you want me to hose you down you had better get over your shyness and get in that shower.”
  16. I gaped at her, “Wouldn't it be weird for me to...”
  18. She interrupted me commandingly, “Get in the showers, now.”
  20. The tone of her voice made me gulp, and begin to walk to into the locker rooms. I took a deep breath and opened the door to see something crazy. All of the girls were simply walking around naked, their stunning bodies open to view for everyone and not even caring. More than that though, there were also boys in the locker room, and that was the strange part. The girls were all walking around with titanic cocks hanging between their legs. Every single one of them had a massive cock that would dwarf even the biggest porn star. The boys in the room were simply being used as fuck toys. None of the girls even cared about the boys sucking dicks and getting their asses pounded.
  22. “Enjoying the view are we?” said a voice behind me. I turned to see the coach, now naked and with the biggest dick I had ever seen, dangling between her legs with a huge pair of balls to match. “Stop looking around and get in the shower, I'll join you.” I gulped at the undisguised lust in her voice, as she stared up and down my body and licked her lips. “Take off your clothes, you can't take a shower with your clothes on.”
  24. I was frozen, this was too much for me to handle, there were loud noises of fucking and a couple of girls were staring at me and giggling and talking to each other. I then noticed that during all of this, I had somehow gotten hard, and that reminded that even the smallest girl here was bigger than me by several inches, and Ms. Lee was even bigger than them.
  26. Be a man, I thought to myself, just deal with it and find out what this is all about later. I was still blushing furiously, but obviously none of the girls cared about having an erection or anything like that, some of the girls were walking around with their cocks sticking straight up and bouncing at every step. I went to a locker a took off my clothes, and was immediately met with laughs and giggles as several girls walked up to me.
  28. ## Chapter 2 (by fallacies)
  30. Ms. Lee's arm was deceptively thin, but if I looked carefully, I could see rigid muscle straining just under the skin of her bicep. As much as I was ready to bolt from the locker room, I wasn't able to resist her as she dragged me into the shower stall and pushed me toward the wall face-first. Luckily, the plastic matting -- sticky with what I assumed to be semen -- provided enough grip that I didn't lose my footing and fall.
  32. Supporting myself against the wall, I felt Ms. Lee run a hand along my ass.
  34. "Such nice skin," she said. "Pity it's wasted on a man."
  36. She gripped my left asscheek with a hand, spreading it apart. Something hard and slimy rubbed against my nether regions.
  38. "Please, stop this," I said, instinctively guessing what was coming. "I'm not gay!"
  40. "And I'm not a man, John," she said. Facing the wall, I couldn't see her face, but I could hear the sheer lust in her voice.
  42. Her organ -- it had to be at least a foot long -- thrust into my anus and I gasped. Had she torn something? The stretching of the muscles felt unnatural -- as if they were being pulled apart in a way they weren't meant to be. The sensation of something long and hard entering my rectum was excruciatingly painful and utterly alien.
  44. "Nice and tight," she said, grunting. "Deflowering straight boys is always a pleasure, don't you think?"
  46. The hurting had rendered me unable to answer, and Ms. Lee seemed irked at that. With her palm she pushed my face against the tiles of the wall. I tasted some blood in my mouth. Was my nose bleeding?
  48. "This, incidentally," she said, continuing to thrust at my hips, "is the second half of your interview. When I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Understand me?"
  50. "Yes," I said through grit teeth. If I get out of here, I thought, I'm never coming back.
  52. "Very good," she said, letting go of the back of my head and giving my ass a hard thrust. "First question. You said during the first part of your interview that you live with your parents. What's your home situation like?"
  54. It was difficult to speak, but in the face of her physical strength, not complying would be worse.
  56. "I ... I live with my mother and my younger sister," I said. "My father's job keeps him in Europe. I have two older sisters, but they live out of state."
  58. As if to reward me, she began stroking my cock. To my shame, I felt the beginnings of an erection.
  60. "Your younger sister and mother," said Ms. Lee. "How old are they?"
  62. I didn't understand why she was asking this -- what did my sister and mom have to do with my being employed here? Ms. Lee seemed to notice my momentary hesitation and responded by gripping my scrotum.
  64. "Answer the fucking question, John."
  66. Panicking, I replied, "My sister's 14, and my mom is 48!"
  68. She let go of my my balls and resumed stroking. Somehow my cock seemed only to get harder with the passing of the pain.
  70. "Good boy," she said with a gleeful sadism. "I assume that they have the same coloration as you?"
  72. "Yes."
  74. "How about their bodies?" she asked, jerking my cock in beat with her thrusts to my ass. "Are they in shape?"
  76. "My sister," I said, not sure what Ms. Lee would do if I ejaculated, "she ... hasn't really begun to develop yet, but she's a cheerleader at her middle school ... she's relatively fit."
  78. Surprisingly, I wasn't 'punished' for not completely answering in one go, but the thrusts of Ms. Lee's organ felt like they were going further inside, into my intestines.
  80. "And your mother?" she asked.
  82. "She's fit," I replied, struggling to keep myself from cumming in her hand. "She looks ... a lot younger than her age ..."
  84. Ms. Lee gave my cock a hard pull, and I felt sometime warm injecting into my gut. Unable to resist anymore, I ejaculated, covering Ms. Lee's hand in semen. She pulled her manhood out of my ass. It felt like my entire nether region was distended and aflame with pain.
  86. "Turn around," she commanded.
  88. I complied, turning to face her. Her dark-skinned cock -- about 9 inches long -- was coated in a mixture of blood and semen. A cold anger marred her pretty features. Holding up her semen-covered right hand in a fist, she looked me in the eyes.
  90. "Did I say you could cum, faggot?" she said icily. There were a few giggles from the girls that had paused in their activities due to her outburst, and no looks of sympathy toward me.
  92. "I didn't mean to," I began.
  94. "Shut the fuck up!" she yelled, slamming her right fist into my stomach.
  96. //
  98. I opened my eyes to a darkened room, illuminated in the faint orange of street lights from outside the windows. Blinking a few times, I realized that I was in a bed at the nurse's office at the school. The wall clocked indicated that it was 6:37 PM, and there didn't seem to be anyone about. I'd been unconscious for about two hours?
  100. What happened in the locker room -- had it just been a nightmare? Or were the girls in the school really all shemales of some sort?
  102. Getting up off the bed, I winced at the dull pain inside my anus. No, I thought. There was no nightmare. I had to get out of here.
  104. Somebody had dressed me while I was unconscious, it seemed. My first guess was the school nurse, a Ms. Johanson -- a petite, bespectacled woman who'd seemed nice enough when I talked to her earlier in the day. Then again, Ms. Lee was perfectly agreeable right up until she brought me to the locker room. Was there a foot long cock hiding beneath Ms. Johanson's miniskirt as well?
  106. I didn't want to think about it anymore. Clearing my head of dark thoughts, I put on my shoes and made to leave the room. It was just as I was about to exit that I noticed a manila envelope on the table beside the bed, addressed to a "Mr. John Lawrence."
  108. "For me?" I asked aloud.
  110. Unfastening the envelope's string, I found a stack of printouts within. It took me a moment to realize that the images printed on them were stills from a security camera -- one that had to have been situated within the locker room, above the shower stall that Ms. Lee had brought me to. They showed me in the nude, being anally penetrated by a shemale whose face was mosaiced out. In neat Times New Roman on the last page, there was a message for me: "Congratulations on passing your interview. For your own sake, we hope that you don't turn down your new position."
  112. Blackmail, I realized.
  114. //
  116. The drive home was uneventful, thankfully, but by the time I reached my parent's street, I was on the verge of collapse. This is probably what people refer to as "a first day from hell."
  118. I should've selected a different school, I thought. Even if St. Francisca's Academy did happen to be in an upscale neighborhood, I should've noticed that the promised salary looked a bit too good to be true. Why wasn't I more suspicious?
  120. I sighed. At least I was home. I could finally relax ... Or so I thought.
  122. My first indication that something might've been wrong was the unfamiliar black minivan parked in the driveway. I wondered, naively, whether my mom had called a repairman for something -- it struck me as odd, since I'm usually the one who handles the repairs around the house.
  124. The front door was slightly ajar when I crossed the yard. Peeking inside, I gave into habit and yelled, "Mom, I'm home!"
  126. No response. There seemed to be voices from upstairs, and some slight creaking from the floorboards. Were they fixing something up there? The panic I felt back in the nurse's office began to creep back into my mind as I quietly paced up the staircase -- the voices I'd heard had resolved into very sexual moaning. Worse, I recognized the voices.
  128. The door to the master bedroom was open, and the lights within lit the dark hallway. On my parents' bed, the 8-inch cock of a girl I recognized as Suzy -- the captain of the cheerleading team -- penetrated my mother's pussy. My mother, always so caring and proper and nice to me and my siblings ... her pupils were turned upwards as she bounced up and down the girl's meatshaft, moaning in ecstasy as saliva dripped from her smiling lips.
  130. Ms. Lee sat cross-legged on the floor in front of one of the bedposts, holding my sister Samantha. Her cock, again bloodstained, penetrated Samantha's pussy. To her credit, it seemed as if Samantha hadn't given into the utter lust that had claimed our mother -- tears fell from her eyes as she moaned unintelligibly through the ball gag in her mouth.
  132. "Welcome home, John," said Ms. Lee as I entered the room. "Girls?"
  134. Two solid kicks impacted the backs of my knees, bringing me to the ground. I felt a pair of strong hands clamp down on my shoulders, preventing me from standing. Turning my head to see who had attacked me, I recognized Darlene and Clara, the two smallest girls in the cheerleading team. Sadistic expressions twisted their innocent features as they stroked their meaty cocks with their free hands. I glared at Ms. Lee.
  136. "I could've forgiven this bullshit if you just did it to me," I growled at her, "but I'll never forgive you fucking shemales for hurting my family."
  138. Ms. Lee sneered at me and the girls giggled.
  140. "Shemales?" asked the petite woman. "I think you're misunderstanding something, John. We aren't shemales. Girls?"
  142. Darlene and Clara pushed down on my shoulders, forcing me to my hands and knees. If I weren't so angry, I would've been amazed that girls their size could overpower a reasonably fit man like me.
  144. Ms. Lee spread Samatha's legs wide open.
  146. "Lick your sister's pussy," she said.
  148. I balked.
  150. "What?"
  152. "I said, lick her."
  154. Darlene and Clara pressed my head forward until my mouth was almost at my sister's crotch. My glare upwards at Ms. Lee's face was met with amused sadism.
  156. "I applaud your morals and integrity, John," she said, "but this isn't getting us anywhere. Maybe you need a bit of encouragement." She undid my sister's ball gag. "Tell your brother what he needs to do."
  158. It was almost physically painful to see the fear and pain in my sister's expression.
  160. "P- please, John," she said. "Th- they injected mom and me in the clitty with s- something and mom ... mom started acting weird and crazy, and they said they're gonna hurt her even worse if you don't do what they ask."
  162. It physically repulsed me, but I couldn't bear to see my mother and Samantha in worse shape than were. I opened my mouth and reached at Samantha clitoris with my tongue. She moaned as I began to lap at her pussy like some sort of dog, and Ms. Lee smiled.
  164. "How does it feel, Samantha?" she asked, pulling my sister's legs apart even wider.
  166. "It ... it hurts," said my sister closing her eyes.
  168. "Be a little more specific," she said, moving her hips slightly to resume thrusting her cock in and out of Samantha's pussy. Some liquid hit my face with each squelch.
  170. "It feels like ... there's something pressing out," said Samantha, suppressing a moan.
  172. I'd given cunnilingus to former girlfriends before, but somehow, licking Samantha was a bit different. It wasn't simply that she was my sister -- it was that clit seemed to be shaped somewhat oddly. It was bigger than what I had seen in other girls -- about the size of a fingertip. The end of it tapered off in a ... pisshole? Based on Samantha's moaning, it was very sensitive ...
  174. "Do you like it, Samantha?" asked Ms. Lee. "Do you like your brother licking your clit?"
  176. "N- no ..."
  178. Ms. Lee viciously twisted Samantha's left nipple.
  180. "The truth, dear," she said.
  182. "Ye- yes ... b- but," my sister stuttered.
  184. "But what?"
  186. "Th- there's a pressure there ... it-" Samantha gasped. "It's going to b- ... burst if ... I don't push it out ..."
  188. "So push it out," said Ms. Lee, meeting my gaze with a smile. "Show your brother what you really are."
  190. "But-"
  192. "Do it."
  194. My sister screamed, and something large burst from her pussy, slapping and covering my face in wetness as I involuntarily fell backwards. In horror, I stared. The foot-long appendage that stood angrily from my sister's crotch was covered in veins and undeniably male, down to the fist-sized scrotum that hung over her pussy lips. Its dark brown skin contrasted unnaturally against the paleness of the rest of her body. Samantha's expression was one of fear and disgust, and I can only imagine that my expression mirrored hers, despite the comparatively smaller bulge my own erection was making in my jeans.
  196. "We aren't shemales," repeated Ms. Lee, stroking my sister's new cock and eliciting a scared moan. "The Japanese call us Futanari, or dual sexed. We're afflicted with an inherited intersex disorder that causes our genitals to develop differently from normal women."
  198. "My sister was perfectly normal until you gave her whatever medicine you did!" I yelled at her.
  200. "Most Futanari go through their entire lives thinking that they're normal women," replied Ms. Lee, increasing the tempo of her stroking. "It's only when they experience extreme arousal that their genitals shift permanently into their proper state. What I injected your mother and sister with was just an aphrodisiac." My sister was moaning loudly now.
  202. "Why are you doing this to my family?" I yelled, almost crying.
  204. "Why do you think Saint Francisca gave you the job so easily?" she asked, letting go of my sister's cock. "It's because during the health screening process, you turned out to be a carrier of the intersex gene that causes Futanarism. The purpose of Saint Francisca is to help Futanari reach their full potential, and that means getting at your 'female' family members through you."
  206. The initial fear that had been in my sister's expression had at some point been replaced by a lust that looked utterly foreign to her. After Ms. Lee let go, she had collapsed to the floor and hesitantly begun stroking her own cock -- she was now jerking at it almost violently with both her hands. Was this really the same little girl that I'd known growing up?
  208. Ms. Lee got up and sneered at me.
  210. "Incidentally, you inherited your intersex gene from your mother," she said. Ignoring my shock, she turned to the bed and asked, "Suzy, is she ready?"
  212. "Yes, coach" said the cheerleading captain.
  214. Pushing my mother to the bed, the tanned girl helped to spread my mother's legs and hold them down. I could see my mother's erect clit, protruding from the her pussy by an inch. Darlene and Clara continued to hold me down as Ms. Lee dragged my sister to her feet.
  216. "Do you want to feel something better than jerking off dear?" she asked Samantha.
  218. "Y- yes! Please!"
  220. This wasn't my sister anymore. The creature that was standing there, jerking her foot-long cock -- she couldn't be my sister. She simply couldn't ... I could feel the tears rolling down my cheek.
  222. "Push your cock into your mommy," said Ms. Lee seductively, pulling Samantha up on to the bed. "She's just on the verge of changing the way you have, so help her out."
  224. Clumsily, Samantha guided her meaty cock to my mother's slime-covered pussy. Giving mom a tentative thrust, she began to pick up her tempo. Her eyes seemed to glaze over with a blind lust as her pupils turned upwards the way mom's had. Her behavior; the drool the leaked from her lips; her bestial moans as her hips bucked ... it was like she'd become some sort of dog.
  226. "The bigger the cock," said Ms. Lee, stroking her own organ, "the looser the cunt has to be before it'll come out. Your father obviously didn't do a good job of fucking her if she's still 'female' by age 48." Petting my sister's cum-matted hair, she said, "When you feel like you're about to cum, Samantha, I want you to pull out."
  228. Samantha's thrusts got progressively stronger until -- twenty seconds later -- she pulled her cock from mom's pussy. As her organ left the canal and released its load across mom's breasts and torso, I was treated to a vision of a slimy organ erupting from where my mom's clit used to be -- much larger than even my sister's.
  230. "Let him up slightly," said Ms. Lee to Darlene and Clara, and they complied. Pulling my face toward hers by my tie, she smiled at me toothily.
  232. "Things are going to change around here," she said, "I doubt your mom will have any problems with my transferring your sister to Saint Francisca on a sports scholarship ..."
  234. ## Chapter 3 (by fallacies)
  236. They must've drugged me at some point, because I don't clearly recall the remainder of the night. The hazy image of my mother and sister in a deep French kiss is all that comes to mind, and I'm not sure if that actually happened.
  238. The first things I was aware of in the morning were the hard wooden floor of my bedroom and the pain running through my body -- my anus, which felt inflamed, ached whenever I moved. Sitting up was a struggle, and my clothes stank of dried semen -- probably not my own. Several buttons were missing from my shirt, and on the bared part of torso, a number of bruises were beginning to turn purple.
  240. Making my way to the shower took more effort than I expected, but I bore through it, wanting to be clean as quickly as possible. Mom and Samantha didn't cross my half-awake mind until I stepped downstairs to find them already at breakfast, dining in silence. At first glance they seemed to be perfectly normal, as if nothing had happened the night prior. When I sat down, though, I noticed that Mom's erect nipples were clearly visible through the white blouse she was wearing. She avoided meeting my eyes, and Samantha, who was wearing a uniform from Saint Francisca's for some reason, seemed sad and full of shame.
  242. "G- Good morning," said Mom awkwardly as I bit into my toast.
  244. I mumbled something in reply, trying to keep the emotions in my mind in check. The anger that I felt toward Mom and Samantha -- it wasn't rational. They were my family, and they were victims of Ms. Lee, the same as me. I wasn't sure how much stock I could really put into this rationalization, though. In my heart of hearts, they'd betrayed my trust. The respect I'd had for Mom ... I don't know how much of it was left.
  246. "I-," she began. "I ... spoke with your superior last night ..."
  248. Conspiring with the shemales already? Aloud, I asked, "What did she say?"
  250. "We ... we agreed that with the ... changes in Samantha's body, it would be difficult for her to return to Hammarskjold Middle School."
  252. I suddenly remembered something that Ms. Lee had mentioned while I was still lucid -- that my sister would be transferred to St. Francisca's. They wanted to reeducate Samantha -- they wanted to turn her into one of them. I bit my lower lip. Even though I'd shredded the contents the manila envelope I received in the paper shredder under Nurse Johanson's desk, I didn't doubt that Ms. Lee or whoever else was responsible still had the original images. I couldn't oppose their agenda.
  254. No longer having the appetite to finish breakfast, I replied, "I understand," and got up to put on my coat. Mom looked like she wanted to say something, but relented with a sad expression.
  256. "I'll be waiting for you in the car," I said to Samantha.
  258. //
  260. It was ten minutes into the drive when Samantha broke the silence.
  262. "I'm sorry," she said.
  264. "What are you sorry about?" I asked, keeping my eyes to the road. There was more bitterness in my voice than I intended, and Samantha noticed.
  266. "F- for what I did to mom," she said. "I ... I knew it was wrong and dirty, but my body ... I had to do it. P- please ... please don't hate us for this."
  268. Her voice was cracking slightly, as if she were on the verge of tears. I sighed, hating myself for acting so cold to her. This girl beside me -- she wasn't the sex-crazed creature that had gleefully raped my mother last night. She was my kid sister -- the girl I'd watched growing up, who I'd babysat and helped do homework. The person hurting her right now wasn't Ms. Lee -- it was me.
  270. "Don't apologize for something that you didn't do," I said.
  272. "But I-"
  274. "It wasn't you," I continued, cutting her off. "It was the drugs that were making you act that way. Even if you're body's different now, Mom and Dad raised you as a girl with a strong moral code. That doesn't go away just because somebody injected you with chemicals that make you act in a way that you know is wrong. What your body did to Mom ... That wasn't your fault."
  276. I don't know if it was enough to convince Samantha that I didn't blame her for what had happened. My words seemed to calm her down, though.
  278. "There's something you should understand about St. Francisca's, Samantha," I said. "I don't agree with you going there. It's not a normal school ..."
  280. "But mom said it's a school that helps girls who've changed like me?"
  282. Help them? They sodomize boys and transform normal girls like my sister into shemales -- and they try to justify what they do as 'helping' people? Ms. Lee's photos kept me from openly opposing them, but it didn't mean that I would ever admit that she was in the right. Even if it killed me, I wouldn't allow my sister to lose what remained of her innocence and morality.
  284. "What happened last night to you and Mom, before I came home?"
  286. I didn't miss the look of fear that crossed her face as she remembered.
  288. "Th- they ..." she stuttered.
  290. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," I said quickly. "But I'm asking you this to make a point. What did you feel when they hurt you and mom?"
  292. "It ... it hurt, and I was scared. I hated it."
  294. "Ms. Lee -- that's the teacher's name -- she thinks that doing that sort of thing is okay. She did it to you and mom, and she does it to a lot of the students at St. Francisca. Worse, she teaches the girls there that acting the way she does is perfectly fine ... Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you? I don't want you to be brainwashed into becoming one of those heartless bitches ..."
  296. Samantha's expression grew conflicted.
  298. "But," she said, "I don't think I can go back to my old school anymore ..."
  300. "Why's that?"
  302. Her face was filled with shame, and she didn't answer aloud. Instead, she pulled back the hem of her skirt. I almost stepped on the wrong pedal. Between Samantha's legs, bound to her right thigh with a black elastic hairband, her ebony, vein-covered cock stood rigidly at attention. A trail of cum leaked from her urethra, staining the chair cushion and the carpet below. To my disgust, I felt an emerging hardness between my own legs. I tore my gaze from her crotch and turned my attention back to driving, willing myself to keep calm for Samantha's sake.
  304. "I ... I don't want my friends to see my like this," she said. "And Anthony ..."
  306. Anthony was her boyfriend. As far as I know, they hadn't been sexually active. Now, they might never be. I clenched my teeth. I'd been too self-centered, going at this for my own peace of mind. Samantha was just as trapped as I was -- St. Francisca might be her only option if she wants to have a relatively normal school life without too much social stigma.
  308. There were no right choices.
  310. //
  312. Ms. Lee was waiting in the office when I got there to process Samantha's transfer.
  314. "I'll take her off your hands, John," she said to me, smiling sultrily. "Don't worry. I don't bite ... most of the time."
  316. Chuckling as if her words were at all funny, she walked off toward the registrar. My sister nodded at me before following, smiling sadly as if to reassure me that she would be alright. I nodded back.
  318. "Mr. Lawrence," said the secretary, a humorless young woman. "The principal asked me to inform you to report to her office when you arrive."
  320. "Alright," I said, letting my gaze travel down the length of her body before turning down the hall. I doubt she appreciated my attentions.
  322. It was odd. Now that I knew the secret of the school, I realized that, beyond the slight bulges they they under their skirts, there were actually a lot telltale signs that the women and girls here weren't normal. My mother and Samantha seemed not to have developed them yet, but both the secretary and Ms. Lee had obvious adam's apples, and spoke in sultry-sounding voices noticeably lower than 'normal women.' Their muscles too -- they weren't bulky like body builders, but when Ms. Lee exercised her strength, it was easy to see the cords of her muscles straining just under the skin. Was it the result of some sort of second puberty that occurs when their genitals transform?
  324. //
  326. "C- come in," said a distracted voice when I knocked on the principal's door.
  328. I let myself in. I hadn't actually met the principal before, and the large, elegant office was a bit imposing. The high ceiling and the mahogany-paneled walls reminded me that the school had once been a nunnery.
  330. The revolving chair behind the large wooden desk was facing one of the windows, and from a distance it seemed as if the principal was in the middle of a phone call. I'd expected her to be the old matronly type, but instead she was an attractive, bespectacled woman with large breasts, who looked to be in her 30's. Her expression was gentle, and I wondered if perhaps she wasn't party to this whole shemale conspiracy that Ms. Lee was involved in.
  332. As I got nearer, I realized that something was off ... the principal let out a feminine moan, and the chair swiveled slightly. There was a small, long-haired child -- a boy? a girl? -- sitting on the ground between her legs. Her hands clutched the child's head, forcing her meaty cock in and out of his (her?) mouth. With one loud moan, she forced her entire length down the child's throat, and then smiled in orgasmic pleasure.
  334. Extracting the huge cock from the child's mouth left her (him?) in a coughing fit, and he (she?) collapsed to the floor, choking out bits of semen. Uncaring of the child's state, the principal pulled her miniskirt down to cover her still-hard, dripping organ and turned to me.
  336. "So," she said, "Mister John Lawrence, was it?"
  338. "Yes," I said, trying to school my expression.
  340. "My name is Josephine Stadtler, and I'm the principal of this school," she said, casually folding her hands before her face. "I'd like to welcome you to our staff."
  342. She sounded pleasant enough. If I hadn't seen her sexually abusing a small child not moments before, I might have said she was the very picture of a responsible educator. Instead, I was almost certain that I was talking to some living incarnation of the devil -- probably the author of the ordeal I've gone through these past twenty-four hours. There was an indentation in the skin around her ring finger, I noticed, but no ring. Was she divorced?
  344. "Thank you," I said sullenly, fixing her face with a steely gaze.
  346. "Right now, you must think terribly of us for obtaining your cooperation through coercion," she said, getting up and approaching me from around the desk. "You'll find though," she said, touching my chin, "that we aren't so heartless as to deny your freedoms or hold you here against your will without compensation."
  348. "The only thing I want," I said holding myself motionless as she embraced me from behind, "is for my mother and sister to be safe and happy."
  350. A hardness pressed against the back of my leg as she grasped my crotch. The softness of her H-cups pressed against my arm, and it was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra.
  352. "We won't harm them," she said, stroking my growing erection through my pants. "I can promise you that right now. Though, uh, how did you put it to your sister again? 'I don't want you to be brainwashed into becoming one of those heartless bitches!' I assure you, we aren't going to 'brainwash' them. I can't promise that they won't 'join us' of their own free will, though."
  354. How did she know I said that? My car, I realized -- they must've bugged it last night. I pulled myself away from her and glared. She smiled at me calmly.
  356. "As I said," she continued, "we'll provide you with a handsome compensation should you remain here for a full year. I promise also that we'll destroy any materials we collect on you that could result in public humiliation for you or your family. "
  358. "And in exchange, I serve as a bitch for all of the shemales in this school for a whole year? Why should I believe you?"
  360. A small frown crossed her face.
  362. "Shemale is a derogatory term, you know?" she said. "But to answer your question, now that Judith's properly broken you in, no student is allowed to engage you in a sexual act without your explicit consent. Generally, we won't interfere with your freedom."
  364. Her wording was very specific: 'no "student" is allowed.' She gave no mention of teachers. I narrowed my eyes.
  366. "Does that mean that any teacher can order me to have sex, then?"
  368. A devious light entered her eyes.
  370. "Clever boy," she said, smiling.
  372. Bending down, she lifted the prone body child she'd been pleasuring herself with into the air with one arm, causing the sleeve of her tight business dress to bulge.
  374. "Take Joey here, for example," she said. "I could order you to fuck him in the schoolyard, and you'd have to comply. If you don't ..." She trailed off and smirked at me mischievously, dropping the boy to the floor. Stepping on his crotch, she pressed down with her 9-inch heel. "Well, I won't immediately humiliate you with the photos we've taken, but I'm sure we can work something out."
  376. She lifted her foot at sat back down behind her desk.
  378. "In any case, I didn't call you here just to welcome you," she said, pushing her glasses upwards. "Judith doesn't have class until three in the afternoon today, and she's currently assigned to counseling duty. You're her assistant, and so I'll be having you bring Joey here back to Room B329-A in the counseling division to continue his detention."
  380. I glared at her and helped the effeminate boy to his feet. As we exited the office, I heard her call out to me:
  382. "Someday, John, you'll understand the necessity of what I'm doing."
  384. Fat chance, I thought.
  386. //
  388. The counseling office was in basement level 3 of the secondary administration building, a lone-standing redbrick in the courtyard between the lower school building -- which housed the 6th and 7th grade classrooms -- and the upper school building -- which housed the 8th and 9th grade classrooms. For reasons that weren't fully explained to me, interactions between the two schools are usually not permitted; upper school teachers like Ms. Lee and I can apparently go through an entire month without ever meeting anyone from the other building, and even the gym programs are assigned to separate fields. It seemed a bit odd that Principal Stadtler assigned me to bring Joey to detention. According to the color of the buttons on his uniform, he was a 7th grader.
  390. The boy, for the most part, was silent -- whether from exhaustion or trauma, I couldn't tell. It made the descent to our destination all the gloomier, and I couldn't help but wonder what genius came up with the idea of making the counselling division look like a badly maintained prison.
  392. The entrance to Room B329-A turned out to be a heavy metal door in a dimly lit maintenance hallway. I wondered if the principal had gotten the room number wrong -- this looked more like the door to a janitor's office than a counseling room. Pushing the iron slab open, I found myself standing in a bright, spacious room lined with white bathroom tiles. At one end, next to a mirror that spanned one of the walls, there were two chairs and a bit of rope. At the other, there was a gynecologist's chair with a naked young girl secured to it. Her eyes were red -- probably from crying -- and her cheeks were tear-streaked. There was no cock between her legs -- just a bare pussy with a prominent clit.
  394. "P- please," she sobbed. "St- stop hurting Joey!"
  396. "You took your sweet time getting here, John," said Ms. Lee's voice from a speaker in a corner of the ceiling. "Take off the boy's shirt and tie his hands so that we can begin."
  398. "What is this?" I asked. "This isn't counseling."
  400. "Of course it is, John," said Ms. Lee. "We're about to help this young lady awaken her inner misandrist ..."
  402. ## Chapter 4 (by fallacies)
  404. With the rope I had been provided, I tied the Joey's hands to one of the chairs so that his back end faced the girl. His delicate features remained downcast and sullen as I worked, shadowed by his straight, shoulder-length brunette hair.
  406. Now that his jacket and dress shirt had been removed, his girlishness was somehow even more apparent than before. Though he was slender, he had, for the lack of a better term, 'child-bearing hips' and an obvious case of gynecomastia. There were numerous welts in his exposed skin, and a number of bruises -- probably the handiwork of the Principal, I guessed. I could see the telltale mark of a clumsily-performed needle shot on his left arm.
  408. I expected Ms. Lee to enter in the nude, but she was wearing the same t-shirt and bulky sweatpants she'd had on earlier at the office. It was difficult to tell if she had an erection or not. Removing several items from the metal basket she was carrying, she tossed me a ball gag and said, "Put this in his mouth."
  410. Joey's jaw had been slightly ajar, and he gave no protest as I gagged him. I tried to make eye contact -- hinting to him that I was on his side -- but it seemed almost as if he'd resigned to the abuse and couldn't be bothered to care.
  412. "Wh- why are you doing this to us?" asked the girl, struggling against the leather straps that secured her to the gynecologist's chair. "I ... I know what we did was against school rules, but ... you d- don't need to take it out Joey like this!"
  414. "'Us?'" quoted Ms. Lee, lighting the candle she was holding with a hand-torch. Holding it over Joey's bared back, she let a drop of melted wax hit one of his wounds. The boy spasmed and let out a pained moan through his gag.
  416. "I think you're misunderstanding my intent, Angie," she said, casually dropping the hand-torch back into the basket. "Certainly, it's against school regulations for the two of you to be having sex, but I'm not going to hurt you. The way I see it, you're a victim, and Joey-boy was taking advantage of you -- using you for his own pleasure. The only reason you're here is so that you can watch me penalize him properly."
  418. The girl's expression was defiant.
  420. "Joey isn't a pervert!" she said. "We care about each other! He wasn't using me for sex!"
  422. The gym teacher gave a chuckle and let a few more drops of wax hit Joey. His muffled cry was feminine.
  424. "So tell me, then. How many times has this fucker penetrated your cunt?" she asked.
  426. "W- What?"
  428. Ms. Lee upended the candle, letting the melted wax fall along Joey's spine. He screamed, and I looked away, ashamed that couldn't do anything.
  430. "I'm asking you a question," said the woman, meeting Angie's widening eyes as the boy moaned. "The quicker you answer, the quicker we can be done with this."
  432. "Th- thirty times!" stuttered the girl, terrified. "No, forty! W- we didn't keep count!"
  434. "And who initiates the sex?" the coach pressed. "You or him?"
  436. "H- him, mostly."
  438. Ms. Lee held the candleflame directly to Joey's skin, eliciting a loud cry.
  440. "So let me get this straight," she said in cold anger. "You told me earlier that you lost your virginity to him when you started dating two months ago. He's had sex with you around forty times since, and that means he's been fucking you about two times every three days." She kicked the boy in the stomach, and he collapsed to his knees. Angie winced tearfully, and I clenched my Jaw. "You're seriously trying to convince me that he hasn't just been using you for sex?"
  442. "W- we've been in the same English class for two years," sobbed Angie. "He's ... he's always been nice to me. He's helped me with homework and stuff ..."
  444. "Spent a lot of time winning her trust, didn't you, you little fuck?" growled the woman, giving Joey's stomach another kick. He fell over, toppling the chair as he hit the ground. Vomit spilled from his mouth through the holes in the ball gag.
  446. "Clear his mouth," Ms. Lee commanded me. "Letting him choke on his own puke would be too good for him."
  448. Chewing into my bottom lip, I undid his gag and helped him sit up, patting him on the back. After several coughs, he hurled a second time, spewing a putrid mixture of semen and something else across the floortiles.
  450. "L- let Angela go!" he pleaded hoarsely when his hacking concluded. "Y- you promised that you wouldn't-"
  452. Ms. Lee shut him up with a snap kick to the cheek. Angie was openly sobbing now.
  454. "Test my limits again, and I won't stop at the face," she said. Meeting my eyes, she said in a commanding tone, "Gag him. I don't want to hear him whine."
  456. I opened my mouth to protest, but she responded with a glare.
  458. "Don't even think about it, Mr. Lawrence," she said. "This is a serious infraction on school policy, and going light on students because of misplaced sympathy will have consequences. May I remind you that there are cameras here? Just shut up and let me do my job."
  460. A quick glance around revealed a small camera hidden behind the speakers on the ceiling. I hadn't missed the plural, though -- there was at least one other, somewhere. Maybe the wall-mirror was one-way? Defeated, I squatted down beside Joey and fit the gag in his mouth again. He was slightly less cooperative this time, but gave in eventually, squeezing his eyes shut. Damn me for being too weak to help him, I thought.
  462. "P- please," managed Angie between sobs. "D- don't hurt Joey anymore! I ... I'm just as guilty as he is! Punish me instead!"
  464. Ms. Lee sighed and blew out the candle. Setting it back into the metal basket, she pocked a syringe gun and approached Angie.
  466. "Dear, I'm giving him discipline on your behalf," she said in a much kinder tone -- something she reserved for girls only? "You're a very brave and kind girl for wanting to relieve him of his punishment, but it simply wouldn't be right."
  468. "I just don't want him to be hurt because of me anymore," said Angie. "If you need to punish somebody, do it to me instead!"
  470. "It pains me to do this," said Ms. Lee, sighing, "but if you insist."
  472. Removing the syringe gun from her pocket in what looked to be a well-practiced action, she sank the needle into Angie's clit. The girl gasped, arching her neck at the pain. At the coach's sudden action, Joey's eyes widened, and tried to get to his feet, screaming. Knowing that Ms. Lee would probably injure him even worse if he attempted to interfere, I restrained him. That medicine -- was that the thing they used on my sister and mom?
  474. Ignoring the boy, Ms. Lee tossed the syringe back into the basket. Stepping up to Angie's spread-eagled crotch, she leaned forward, closing her arm around the hyperventilating girl in a half-embrace. With her free hand, she started manipulating Angie's pussy.
  476. "Don't worry," she said softly. "The pain will go away soon, and you'll start to feel very good."
  478. "M- Ms. Lee?" asked the girl, sounding scared.
  480. "Tell me," said the teacher, rubbing the slimy precum that issued from Angie's engorged clit. "Has Joey expressed any of his views to you regarding lesbians?"
  482. "L- lesbos? Y- you mean like girls who k- kiss each other and stuff?" Angie's face was red, and tears were forming anew at the corners of her eyes. "H- he told me that he thought they're gross and that he doesn't want me d- doing the stuff they do."
  484. "Excellent," said Ms. Lee. I couldn't decide whether to classify her smile as warm or sadistic. "It means he won't like it if I do this to you."
  486. Planting her mouth against Angie's, I saw her pressing her tongue past the girl's lips, slipping it about as if it were some vaguely phallic tentacle. Angie, caught offguard, resisted momentarily before the dual assault to her mouth and her increasingly wet pussy overwhelmed her. A tear slid down Joey's bruised cheek as he watched, horrified.
  488. A string of saliva hung between Ms. Lee and Angie's lips when the teacher finally broke off their kiss. Tears still streamed from Angie's eyes, but it seemed that she had calmed down somewhat.
  490. "Let me tell you a little story," said Ms. Lee, wiping the fluids on her hand across Angie's erect nipples. "When I was in college, there was a handsome boy that was very nice to me and helped me with my studies. Often, in class, I would catch him looking at me, smiling. I thought he was a wonderful person."
  492. With her index and middle finger, Ms. Lee began to repeatedly penetrate Angie's vaginal lips, causing the girl.
  494. "That's just like me and-" Angie trailed off with a gasp and a moan.
  496. "We started dating," said Ms. Lee, smiling nostalgically and increasing the tempo of her fingering. In rhythm to the teacher's hand movements, Angie moaned with increasing urgency. "After a few months, I gave my virginity to him, and we began to have sex on a regular basis."
  498. Angie seemed to flinch, and a jet of translucent slime spurt forth from the tip of her clitoris -- probably her orgasm. The girl panted, trying to recover her breath, and Ms. Lee pulled back from the gynecologist's chair. Loosening her waist-cords, she dropped her bulky sweatpants and thong to the floor, revealing her glistening ... pussy? I was confused. She still had an abnormally prominent clit and a bulging pubic mound, but the nine-inch monster that I'd come to know her for was nowhere to be seen.
  500. "About a half-year after that, something terrible happened to me." She was rubbing her genitals, but her tone was again steeped in cold anger.
  502. "Wh- what happened?" Angie managed warily.
  504. "There were three masked men," replied Ms. Lee, pulling off her t-shirt. "They were stronger than I was at the time, and easily overpowered me. Brought me into an abandoned building, where they tied me up and took turns forcing me to have sex with them." Reaching to the middle of her back, she unclasped her black lace bra, exposing her breasts. "They were videotaping me the whole time, too. When they'd finally humiliated me enough, they knocked me out with a blunt object and left me in a pile of trash."
  506. The children seemed shocked at the revelation, but I couldn't help feeling a bit skeptical. The story shed a lot of light on the potential reasons behind Ms. Lee's behavior, certainly -- but it was entirely possible that she'd bullshitted the whole thing to win Angie's sympathies. Too much of the scenario resembled the girl's situation, and I didn't believe in coincidences.
  508. "When I woke up in the hospital a few days later," she continued, "I was in a state of emotional shock. My boyfriend ... he helped me through the pain, even though there were certain con-"
  510. Her voice caught, and she closed her eyes, stifling something that sounded vaguely like a sob. White slime -- semen? -- dripped down her inner thigh from her clit.
  512. "... there were certain complications that I couldn't tell him about, and I had to stop having sex with him," she resumed. "It took months for me to recover, but eventually it seemed as if everything was fine. It was almost a half-year before I found out that my boyfriend had betrayed me."
  514. "Be- betrayed?" stuttered Angie.
  516. "Yes, betrayed," she said darkly, leaning over the girl's body again so that their nipples touched. "I don't mean that he cheated on me or anything like that, dear." Her arms encircled the chair. "After I stopped having sex with him, he had to relieve himself by masturbating to porn, which he never shared with me. He left his favorite video inside the player one day, and I was curious to see it. Do you know what I found?"
  518. "N- no," said Angie, more out of fearful, naive sympathy than in reply. She'd guessed what Ms. Lee was leading up to. The way the story was structured, it couldn't be anything else.
  520. "Can you imagine what I felt, watching myself being raped by the three masked men on screen?" she asked, looking Angie right in the eyes. There was nothing in her voice but passionate, righteous anger. "My boyfriend ... he set me up for that. He wanted to see me violated. He *enjoyed* seeing me violated, and he regularly jerked himself off to a video of me on my hands and knees, crying and begging for those men to stop."
  522. The woman lifted herself from Angie's body. Standing between the girl's legs in a position reminiscent of a man pissing, she spread her thighs slightly. Her clit, which had already been an inch long, pushed outwards until its full shape was revealed, resembling the crown of a penis. Ms. Lee let out a sudden grunt, and the thick brown shaft of her cock -- slick with her pussy fluids -- burst from the lips of her vagina, followed by a pair of balls that looked heavy with semen. My jaws dropped. The shemales -- they could retract their penises into their pussies?
  524. "Y- your cunny ..." said Angie, similarly shocked.
  526. "This is the one thing I can thank my rapists for," said Ms. Lee, smiling sadly. "You see, some girls are born special, with boy organs hidden up inside their pubic mounds. The organs don't get released until something stretches the pussy beyond a certain point. My rapists did a good job of loosening me up."
  528. Seeing that the girl was at a loss for words, she pressed the crown of her cock against Angie's pussy and bent forward, closing the distances between their faces. Joey, whose expression betrayed his fear for Angie, began moan loudly in protest.
  530. "I'd like to make a bet with you, Angela Hoddesson," she said humorlessly. "If you win, you and Joey both go free, and nobody will punish you again for having sex so long as you remain within this school. If you lose, you still get to leave, but Joey will continue to serve detention every afternoon for the rest of the year. What do you say?"
  532. "Wh- what's the bet?" asked Angie shakily.
  534. "Your boyfriend," said the gym teacher, smiling. "I think he's a perverted little piece of shit, just like my ex, and I think that he's only after you for the sex. If I fucked you right here, right now, I bet he'd jizz all over his pants."
  536. "Joey isn't like that!" the girl cried. "He's not a sicko like your boyfriend! He would never get off watching you do something like that to me!"
  538. The woman's sadism was beginning to show through her smile, and it clicked in my mind that the needlemark I'd seen on Joey's arm had probably been left behind by an injection of aphrodisiac. Even if the boy normally had enough control not to respond to Ms. Lee's overt displays of sexuality, the drug was strong enough that it didn't matter. The outcome was practically guaranteed to fall in Ms. Lee's favor. If something didn't happen soon, Joey would be down a girlfriend, and Ms. Lee would have another fresh convert for her flock of shemales.
  540. "So, do you accept the bet?" asked Ms. Lee, lubricating the entrance Angie's pussy with the juices on the crown of her cock.
  542. Say no, I silently pleaded. You can't bet a year of your boyfriend's life on something like this -- he's a human being, not some sort of pet or animal. Please don't fall into Ms. Lee's way of thinking.
  544. "Y- yes," said Angie.
  546. I clenched my jaw at Joey's muffled crying, and Ms. Lee's smile was almost feral. With a thrust of her hips, her cock tore into Angie's pussy. The girl's scream was heartbreaking.
  548. "So tight," said Ms. Lee in what sounded like mock kindness. "Are you sure you aren't a virgin, dear?"
  550. Glancing in my direction, the woman noticed that that the boy had squeezed his shut, and gave Angie's right nipple a sharp twist. The painful noises the girl made got Joey's attention.
  552. "Hold his chin and make sure he doesn't look away, Mister Lawrence," she said.
  554. I reluctantly complied, dropping to one knee beside the boy and holding his chin. It wasn't necessary -- he'd fixed his gaze on the spectacle before us without my doing anything, and it struck me that for all his youth and girlishness, he might have been more of a man than me.
  556. "Sorry, sweetie," said Ms. Lee, giving the girl's widening cunt an especially hard push with her ebony organ. "Didn't mean to hurt you. I was just making a point to your boyfriend."
  558. Angie didn't reply. With every thrust of Ms. Lee's cock, the girl's cries of pain seemed to change a little more into pleasured moaning. I could see the corners of her mouth edging upwards into the beginnings of a smile, and already her eyes had lost their terrified cast. Was she a lost cause already? Would she betray Joey to blind lust the way my mother and Samantha had? With one hand, I started to quietly undo the boy's wrist bindings, making sure to move my body only minimally so as not catch Ms. Lee's attention.
  560. Giving a moan, Ms. Lee stilled at the apex of her thrust; a discharge of semen and blood burst out of Angie's violated cunt from around the woman's cock, and Angie turned her irises upwards in euphoria, pushing her tongue from her smiling lips like some sort of bitch in heat. Soon, the woman had resumed pounding the girl's pussy anew, and there was no longer any indication of opposition or complaint -- Angie had surrendered completely to the carnal pleasures of the forbidden union, bucking her hips and embracing Ms. Lee's sex with wild abandon.
  562. The knots were difficult to untie with one hand, but by the girl's fourth or fifth orgasm, I was almost finished. Sensing that the Angie's stamina was giving out, Ms. Lee extracted her still-hard erection from the girl's nether lips, which now gaped quite a bit larger than they had before. Letting Angie recover her breath, the woman loosed the leather straps that bound the girl to the gynecologist's chair.
  564. "Are you ready to see who won the bet?" she asked, helping the girl up.
  566. "Y- yes," said Angie, taking an unsteady step away from the apparatus. Out of shame or guilt -- or whatever else was running through her mind -- she averted her gaze from Joey.
  568. "No," I said, pulling away the last knot from Joey's wrists.
  570. Dragging him by the hand, I rushed to the door and pulled it open. We made it a few meters down the hall before something hard and metallic hit me in the legs from, tripping me into an exposed pipe along the wall. I think I might have bitten a small chunk from the inside of my cheek -- my mouth hurt enough that I couldn't speak. The contents of the metal basket -- what Ms. Lee had thrown, apparently -- spilled out across the dusty floor of the hallway.
  572. "And you were doing so well, John," said Ms. Lee, approaching as I sat up to glare at her hatefully.
  574. She turned to the boy collapsed against the opposite wall and sneered. Wiping a some cum from her cock and licking her hand, she gave boy a knowing smile. Angie, who'd limped after us, had apparently worked up the courage to look Joey in the face again.
  576. "J- Joey," she said, lips quivering even as she smiled. "I ... I won the b- bet, right?"
  578. Joey, whose mouth was still gagged, gave no response whatsoever; it was as if he'd admitted defeat. Angie put her hands on his shoulders and shook him.
  580. "T- tell me that I won!" Angie said desperately, still smiling shakily. "Tell me that you were as d- disgusted as I was when Ms. Lee h- humped me!"
  582. "We can confirm it easily enough, dear," said Ms. Lee, pushing the naked girl away.
  584. Squatting down in front of the boy, she unfastened the button and zipper on his uniform pants and pulled it down along with his underwear, exposing his lightly haired penis. It was maybe three inches long at most, and he'd deposited a large load in the front of his briefs; fresh semen still dribbled from the foreskin. Angie's face had become slack in horror.
  586. "That's right, dear," said the teacher, standing and gleefully stroking her organ. "He didn't even need to masturbate. Just watching you being penetrated against your will was enough to get him off. If he truly loved you, he would've never been turned on by your humiliation, no?"
  588. In the dimly lit hallway, the girl's expression underwent a curious metamorphosis -- from horror to immense sadness, to anger, to rage and disgust. With her bare foot, she kicked at Joey's torso, sinking her toenails into the dried wax that covered his skin and drawing blood. I couldn't help but notice how erect her clitoris was. Was she actually aroused at the prospect of hurting him for his supposed betrayal? She'd betrayed him first, and in far worse a manner. How could she just completely overlook that?
  590. "I loved you," she screamed hoarsely, face covered in tears. "I believed you! I let myself suffer for your sake!! How could you cum!?"
  592. Before Angie was able to fling herself at him, Ms. Lee restrained her, setting a firm hand on her shoulder.
  594. "Calm down, dear," she said. "Do you understand why I said I was punishing him for your sake now?"
  596. "I ... I get it," replied Angie, sobbing.
  598. "Good," said the teacher, curling a hand around the girl's torso and fondling her nipples. "Now, I have something very important to tell you."
  600. "W- what?" The announcement broke the girl from her stupor, and she looked upwards at Ms. Lee's smiling face in confusion. "S- something important?"
  602. "Do you remember what I said about me being special?"
  604. "Y- yes?"
  606. "Well," said Ms. Lee cheerfully, "the truth is, every girl and woman in this school is special, just like me. That includes you."
  608. "B- but," Angie sputtered, "I'm not ... I don't have a-"
  610. Ms. Lee pressed her breast against Angie's cheek and held the girl against her body, playing with her nipple.
  612. "You feel it, don't you?" asked the shemale, placing Angie's left hand on her cock. "If you think about it, there's a weird pressure that you've never felt before inside your pussy. You know why it's there? It's because my cock loosened you up. You'll feel much better when you push it out."
  614. "But-"
  616. "No buts, dear," said Ms. Lee, pressing a finger against Angie's lips. "You're a Futanari now. There's no going back to being a normal girl for you. Now, do you want to help me punish your ex-boyfriend?"
  618. "D- definitely," said Angie. There was some hesitation in her voice still, but her self-righteous fury was resolute.
  620. Letting Angie go, Ms. Lee grabbed Joey by the hair and dragged him to his knees in front of the girl.
  622. "Squat with your legs open widely and put your pussy in front of his face," she said.
  624. Fixing Joey with an angry expression, Angie did as asked.
  626. "You deserve this, you asshole," she said.
  628. "You're unconsciously clenching the pussy muscles holding your cock inside you," said Ms. Lee, stroking her own organ at a slightly faster rate. "Can you feel them?"
  630. "Yes," said Angie.
  632. "Let them go loose, and then push like you're taking a shit. It might hurt a little."
  634. Angie closed her eyes and groaned. Her dripping clit mushroomed outwards slightly, exposing the crown-like shape of her glans.
  636. "Push harder," encouraged Ms. Lee, pulling the ball gag from Joey's mouth.
  638. Angie gave an unladylike grunt, and the veiny shaft of her penis slipped out with a spurt of fluid. Joey yelped in surprise as his face was coated in a layer of vaginal lubrication and blood. Looking down at her new organ with an expression of mild shock, Angie gave it an experimental stroke. Her hand wasn't able to fully encircle its girth, and she had at least five inches on her former boyfriend. It was only slightly shorter than Ms. Lee's monstrosity.
  640. "I ... I really have a penis now," admitted Angie in disbelief. "It feels like I was always meant to have this ... It's so huge."
  642. "Congratulations," the teacher said to her. "You're now far more of a man than your ex-boyfriend ever was." Meeting the boy's eyes, she continued in a darker tone, "And you, Joey-boy ... You've just earned detention for the rest of the year. As payback for everything you've put your ex-girlfriend through, I think the first thing we'll have you do is suck off her newly grown cock."
  644. At Ms. Lee's cue, Angie pushed her cock at Joey's face, hovering maybe a centimeter or two in front of his lips. The boy looked up into Angie's eyes, as if searching for some shred of the girl he'd humiliated himself to protect.
  646. "Please, Angie! I didn't mean to-"
  648. Without any mercy, she shut him up by pushing her cock into his throat.
  650. "I don't want to hear your bullshit anymore," she said, expression now mirroring Ms. Lee's sadistic lust.
  652. The innocent girl that I'd met not an hour ago was dead -- of this, I was fairly certain. Wearing her skin now was a depraved shemale creature, dedicated to her own hedonism. It was entirely my fault, too, I realized. My reputation be damned! I shouldn't have given in to the Principal's orders just because of blackmail. I shouldn't have brought Joey to this place.
  654. As Ms. Lee dumped her load across the floor, I closed my eyes to the soft squelching sounds of Joey's torture ...
  656. ## Side Story (by deathjoe4)
  658. They had recently moved to town. Steve was having a good couple of days there so far, he hadn't started school yet and his sisters were already making cute friends. They had only been there for four days, but his sisters each already got a new friend in town and he had talked to a few of the boys in town. The boys were a little shy, strange for high school guys, but not overly strange, he could talk to a few of them, but the girls were all gorgeous. There was a high ratio of girls to boys in this town, they would walk around in groups with maybe a boy or two, but they were everywhere, and hot. The girls were also very straightforward, they talked and acted more like guys than the guys did. His sisters friends were pretty cool from the few times he had talked to them. They liked fantasy books, comic books, it was strange, but pretty great.
  659. His sisters were 9 and 12, both in ballet, both redheads. Steve was not a normal big brother, because he really loved his little sisters, and made sure to stay really close to them. In their old house they would have slumber parties of just him and his sisters, where he could cuddle with them and even get them to play spin the bottle. He had seen his sisters naked plenty of times before, and they blew his mind every time. Stacy, 9 years old, was pretty much flat, just small mounds and small pinkish nipples, she didn't really have hips, but her butt was perky and round. Her legs and arms were smooth, but had wiry muscles hidden beneath. She had fiery red hair that was shoulder length and very straight, sometimes pulled into a small ponytail, or Steve's favorite, pigtails. She barely reached Steve's chest, but he couldn't get enough of her. He took pictures and videos, masturbated all the time, and spent a lot of time with her. His other sister, Stephanie, wasn't much taller, but had small A cups and rounded hips. Her hair was curly and longer, more auburn than red. A much more aggressive girl, she had shown plenty of signs that she liked Steve the way he did her, but he wasn't completely sure, so he tried to keep it innocent.
  660. That is, until they moved to this new, strange, town. On this fourth day where the story was started, they were going to have their first family slumber party in the new house. His sisters had been spending a lot of time with their friends, but then Steph came up to him and asked if he'd like to have a slumber party tonight, which he immediately said yes to. Now to the fun parts...Steve's diary entry about the instance:
  662. Steph told me to come up to their room at 7:00 so we could watch a movie. When I came in the room I saw both of them lying on their stomachs in see through pink nighties and lace panties on. They both looked up and saw me and smiled, Stacy jumped up and gave me a big hug, a stronger hug than usual, lifting me up off the ground. She put me down and siad, “Steve! I'm so happy you're here, I've been waiting to see this movie for a while. My new friends taught me some things too, about why we all got into this school.”
  663. Confused, I asked, “What do you mean? I thought mom was just sending us to a nicer private school?”
  664. Steph and Stacy looked at each other and giggled, “Thats not all, apparently we're not normal girls, like everyone else” Stacy said as she and Steph stood up next to each other in front of me. Their perfect tiny bodies in full view of me. They looked very similar to each other, wearing the same lacy pink underwear, both smiling up at me. Steph just oozed sexuality, even though she was 12 she exuded a sexual presence that I couldn't help but notice. She stood with her hands on her hips, cocked to one side, smirking at me mysteriously. Stacy was the opposite, innocent and shy, looking down but smiling up at me, waiting to see my reaction.
  665. “You girls are very special, but what does the school have to do with that?” I asked
  666. Stacy looked up with a bigger smile, “Do you know what a futanari is?” I shook my head, “They're girls who have both boy and girl parts, and thats what we are!”
  667. Perplexed I asked, “Girl and boy parts? You mean....”
  668. Steph said loudly, “Yes, we have penises! Big ones!” as she pushed down her panties sexily as something grew from the front of her stomach, right between her hips. Stacy had the same thing happening as she slowly pulled her panties down. When they both had stood back up there were rather large cocks dangling in between their legs, with matching sets of balls.
  669. I couldn't take my eyes off the new, very large, appendages my sisters were sporting. Those massive cocks somehow fit in with their tiny bodies perfectly. Stacy's soft meat hung down practically to her knee and was probably as thick as her thigh, hanging over giant balls, but it all seemed feminine and innocent. “The girls we met also told us about something I've been guessing for a while now and which Stacy really likes. That you are in love with us. We want to show how much we love you, and now that we know that we're futanari we can have all the fun me and Stacy want.”
  670. “What do you mean by that?”
  671. “Well, according to Jenna, my friend in St. Francesca's, futa girls are much stronger than men, and she explained how our big dicks make us horny all the time, and since you love us, we thought you could help us with that.” During this statement both of their dicks had begun to expand and lift themselves up. Growing bigger and harder as Steph told me of their plans to make me pleasure their dicks. “Could you give me some time to think about this?” I asked, trying to stay calm in the situation and not run screaming. Their dicks were pretty scary, but I was also really turned on.
  672. Steph had an angry look on her face and Stacy was beginning to get a lust filled look on her face, “Steve, these big things won't just go away, and if you love us so much, you have to love our big cocks too!” Stacy said as her small hand started rubbing up and down her large dick, “Jenna said that the best way to love a big dick is for you to suck it!” She said as she moved in and pressed herself up against me, her huge cock pressing into my stomach, going all the way up to my ribs, completely eclipsing my own. My cock at this point was being pressed very hard by her gigantic dick and I was getting very turned on.
  673. “She even introduced me to her boyfriend and let me learn a bit about fucking from him. Steph had the same with Kellie, so now we're both ready to become a closer family.” As she stared up at me with her beautiful green eyes,“Jenna and Kellie's boyfriend loved getting fucked so much, but they were experienced, so how about you just suck our dicks.” She said more forcefully as she pushed down hard on my shoulders, getting me down onto my knees and face to face with it. Her cock was titanic, the head of the cock being at least 5 inches around, and almost pressed up to my face. It was pulsing to her heartbeat and bouncing very slowly, with some clear, thick liquid coming from the slit. “At least put your hands on it, I know you've masturbated to me. Now masturbate me.” Stacy was slowly getting angrier and less innocent, with Steph standing in the back and smiling, letting Stacy do all the work.
  674. I started to get angry for some reason, no way was I going to let my little sister dominate me, I didn't want to suck her dick, so I stood up quickly, “No, Stacy, this has gone far enough, you can't be serious.” Her smile grew, in lust and perhaps even in amusement.
  675. “I was hoping you'd resist, you see, we're special now, and that doesn't just mean huge cocks.” She said as she simply stood there, her huge cock still hard and staring up at me with those big, green eyes, amused by my resistance. “If you try to leave, I'll stop you, and then it won't be as much fun for you.”
  676. “Shut up bitch!” I yelled as I punched her in the chest...or tried to. When I punched her it seemed like I hit brick wall, she didn't even flinch, and my fist hurt.
  677. “Thats not very nice Steve,” She said as she lazily swung her arm around and slapped me across the face. It was a lazy slap but sent me to my knees, eyes tearing and face stinging. “You're so cute now, weak and small. I mean really! What could you do with a dick like that? What is it? 6 inches, 7? Maybe we should measure it, and then mine.” I was still shaking from the force of her slap, and slowly trying to stand up and regain my composure. She grabbed my belt with one hand and lifted me up off the ground with ease. I looked up at her, and she was smiling down at me, usually the other way around. I felt so weak, there was no way I could fight her, she was somehow supremely strong, and much more aggressive than before. “So Steve, whaddya say?”
  678. I stared up at her with tears in my eyes, my head ringing, my face stinging, dangling by my belt from the grip of my tiny sister and I had to make a decision. “Please Stacy...can't we just talk.”
  679. “No Steve, you were in control before. I sat in your lap, I let you feel me up, I loved you. But now I'm different, now I'm in control, and you can't fight it.” She said as she literally tossed me across the room, where I collapsed onto the ground and she came up quickly, lifting my head so I was staring into her eyes. They were beautiful eyes, bright green, and then I knew I couldn't resist much longer, I did love her, and the cocks weren't that bad, maybe I could get used to it.
  680. “Ok Stacy, I'll suck your dick.” I said, looking deep into her eyes, watching her smile grow back, her teeth glittering whitely.
  681. “I'd like to do a little something more before we get to that. I like that measuring idea, I want to know how big this thing is, and since you'll be dealing with it every day, you should probably know too.” She said lustily, walking over to her desk and grabbing a ruler, “I don't know if this'll work, but you can find out.” As she walked back over to me and handed me the ruler.
  682. I was already humiliated, dejected, and in pain, but she wanted more. It was then I knew that this wasn't going to be easy, and if I wanted to fight it, I'd have to do it now or else give up entirely. I didn't know how much I was giving up back then. I took the ruler and started to move towards her dick.
  683. “Wait” Stacy said, sitting down next to me, with her huge cock sticking up right next to mine, which was for some reason, still rock hard. “Measure yours first, I want to know just how much bigger I am than you.” I did, I had 6.5 inches long, and 2.5 inches wide. “That adorable! I think mine'll be a lot bigger than that little thing.” I moved to measure hers and had to grab onto the thing. It was hot and thick, so thick my hand barely made it around, and so hard I could barely move it. I put the ruler up to the side, and it didn't reach all the way to the top of her cock. “Look at that! Bigger than the ruler!” She giggled as I moved the ruler so I could measure the rest, 3 more inches of cock. It was 5 inches wide, almost as wide as my cock was long.
  684. Steph walked up then, “Now measure mine, bitch, you'll be getting to know mine just as well as Stacy's.” Stacy giggled. I moved to my knees in front of Steph and measured her cock, 17 inches long, 6 inches wide. “Thats really ncie! Kellie said 16 inches is average for me, and 13 is average for girls your age, Stacy, so now our big bro knows we've got more to love him with.” She said while giggling menacingly, and moving back to her spot and continuing to slowly rub her giant cock.
  685. “Now you can suck my cock Steve.” Stacy said as she stood up and pointed her giant cock at me, it looking even bigger than before. I decided to go for it, I opened up as wide as I could and started to push in on her head. I immediately got a taste of her dick, and it was actually really tasty, sweet, salty, and a bit bitter. I put my hands around the shaft because I had seen a lot of porn, and knew what to do. Stacy moaned, “God thats good! Deeper!”
  686. She put her hand on the back of my head and started to push it in with inexorable force. I could feel my jaws being pried apart and her cock head going in all the way after a push. “C'mon Steve, you've watched porn, start getting into it! Move your tongue around!” I did, and I could feel her cock pulse more in my throat. I was still incredibly turned on, and finally decided to just give in. I started pushing myself down her giant cock, rubbing her huge balls. Her cock was slowly pushing down my throat, farther and farther, with a seemingly endless amount left outside. God her balls were huge, I couldn't hold one in my hand, but Stacy seemed to like it. She moaned loudly, and as her cock got farther down my throat, it stayed pretty much straight because she was so strong, and it was so hard. It pulsed and moved around my throat, turning me on more despite the situation. I had figured out how to breathe through my nose, even with the rather large invading appendage, so I kept pushing down. “Oh god! You are a natural cock sucker, Steve, I'm gonna shoot soon, get ready to be blown away.” She said, finishing with a giggle and putting her other hand on the back of my head. “Her we go!” As she pushed hard and my face went all the way down her cock, impaling me completely on the huge, hard rod making me adjust myself so I didn't fall. It expanded and I could feel the first shot go down the shaft.
  687. It was a good thing she was holding my head, because the force behind the shot would've shot me off, and the amount of it would've made me pull off because I could feel myself inflating. And that was just the first shot. She just kept coming and coming, filling me up more and more, none of it coming up because her cock was plugging me. After a minute or two she let go of my head and the strength of the next shot knocked me off her dick. She was moaning and rubbing her dick furiously as she continued blasting me. It came out in torrents, pressing me up against the wall and making me all sticky. I couldn't see anything from the deluge of semen, but I felt like a balloon. After several minutes she finally finished, completely coating me in thick layers of semen, and filling me up beyond full.
  688. This was of course, only the beginning, but when she was done, I realized that I had cum at the beginning of her orgasm, you couldn't tell at all because I was coated with her much thicker semen, and Stacy was still rock hard. I knew I was in for a lot more...and I'd have to get used to doing this pretty did the boys in this town live like this?
  690. ## Dramatis Personae (by fallacies)
  692. John Lawrence (Age 26, Male; Cock Length: 5 inches)
  693. The protagonist. Assistant gym teacher, fresh out of college. Just started working at Saint Francisca Academy, an upscale private school in an expensive neighborhood. Has two older sisters who are married and live out of state, and one younger sister. All of his sisters were at one point cheerleaders. He currently lives with his mother and younger sister. His father, a businessman with a multinational corporation, is working in Europe, and doesn't come home often. It's been revealed that John is a carrier of a gene that causes intersexuality, but only manifests in females within his family. He inherited it from his mother. On his first day of work, he was sodomized in the showers by Judith Lee.
  695. Samantha Lawrence (Age 14, Futa; Cock Length: 12.5 inches)
  696. John's younger sister, an 8th grader, formerly a student of Hammarskjold Middle School and a member of the school's cheerleading team. Originally a normal girl, she was gangraped and lost her virginity to Judith Lee and the Saint Francisca Cheerleading Team on the day John started at his new job at Saint Francisca's. In the process, a foot-long cock was released from her pussy, and she proceeded to mount and rape her mother while under the influence of an aphrodisiac. Has a boyfriend named Anthony who has been pushing her for sex recently.
  698. Jennifer Lawrence (Age 48, Futa; Cock Length: 14 inches)
  699. John's mother, who looks significantly younger than her age. Up until she was gangraped by Judith Lee and the Saint Francisca Cheerleading Team, she was a proper housewife, who has always been faithful to her husband. However, she secretly feels unfulfilled, and somewhat resents her husband for being absent.
  701. Judith Lee (Age 28, Futa; Cock Length: 9 inches)
  702. A gym teacher at Saint Francisca, and coach of the school's Cheerleading Team, which serves as her personal harem. In terms of personality, she's something of an unrefined, sadistic bitch. At the Principal's request, she's blackmailed John into indefinitely accepting his position as her assistant, despite the sexual torture he'll endure on the job. Further, she's raped John's mother and sister to 'convert' them and bring them into the Futanari community at Saint Francisca -- the mother with the temptation of pleasures her husband can't provide her, and the younger sister, Samantha, with fears of stigma from her peers at school for the changes in her body. Appears to be bisexual, and treats both males and females as tools for her own pleasure -- despite being a misandrist. Claims that she was once gangraped by friends of her ex-boyfriend during college. Is it possible that she was really hurt by men at some point in the past?
  704. Josephine Stadtler (Age 35, Futa; Cock Length: 13 inches)
  705. The principal of Saint Francisca Academy. On the surface, she's an attractive female educator, who cares deeply for the welfare of her pupils; in reality, she's a violent sociopathic hedonist whose goals seem to be related to molding futanari girls in her own image. Under her guidance, Saint Francisca has divided into a lower school for younger students, who she hasn't influenced yet, and an upper school, where boys are reduced to useless sex toys and girls have been converted into futanari. It appears that she might be divorced?
  707. Laurie Johanson (Age 26, Female?)
  708. The bespectacled, cute nurse of the upper school at Saint Francisca Academy. Possibly the person who put on John's clothes for him after his experience in the showers on his first day of work. John's first impression of her is that she seems to be a nice person. Why would somebody like her be working in a place like Saint Francisca Academy?
  710. Joey (Age 12, Male; Cock Length: 3 inches)
  711. A 7th Grader in the lower school at Saint Francisca Academy. An effeminate boy, assigned to detention for violating the school's student dating ban with a girl named Angela Hoddesson. He allowed the school staff to sexually abuse him to spare Angela from similar punishment, but this was useless in the end; Judith Lee successfully convinced Angela to break up with him. He appears to be taking female hormones.
  713. Angela Hoddesson (Age 12, Futa; Cock Length: 8 inches)
  714. A 7th Grader in the lower school at Saint Francisca Academy, nicknamed Angie. Ex-girlfriend to Joey, recently converted into a futanari by the efforts of Judith Lee; has taken to believing that boys and men are perverts incapable of love, who only engage girls in relationships to sexually take advantage of them. Not entirely aware that she's aroused by the act of inducing pain and physical injury to males.
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