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  1.     AMOUNTMAX: '&2&l(!) &7Số lượng lớn nhất là {max}'
  2.     MOD: '&2&l(!) &7TNT sẽ được sử dụng từ Faction Bank bởi vì túi đồ bạn không còn TNT và vai trò của bạn là&a {role}&7.'
  3.     DESCRIPTION: Lấp đầy TNT vào Dispensers xung quanh bạn
  4.   UNBAN:
  5.     DESCRIPTION: Bỏ cấm người chơi khỏi Faction
  6.     NOTBANNED: '&a%s &7không bị cấm!'
  7.     UNBANNED: '&a%1$s &7đã unban &a%2$s'
  8.     TARGET: '&7Bạn đã được unban bởi &a%s'
  9.   UNCLAIM:
  10.     SAFEZONE:
  11.       SUCCESS: SafeZone đã được unclaim.
  12.       NOPERM: Vì đây là khu vực hệ thống. Bạn không có quyền chiếm giữ.
  13.     WARZONE:
  14.       SUCCESS: WarZone đã được unclaim
  15.       NOPERM: Vì đây là khu vực hệ thống. Bạn không có quyền chiếm giữ.
  16.     UNCLAIMED: '%1$s đã unclaim lãnh thổ của bạn.'
  17.     UNCLAIMS: Bạn đã unclaim phần lãnh thổ này.
  18.     LOG: '%1$s đã unclaim (%2$s) đất khỏi faction: %3$s'
  19.     WRONGFACTION: Bạn không sở hữu phần đất này.
  20.     TOUNCLAIM: để unclaim phần đất này
  21.     FORUNCLAIM: để unclaim phần đất này
  22.     FACTIONUNCLAIMED: '%1$s đã unclaim vài phần lãnh thổ Faction.'
  23.     DESCRIPTION: Unclaim phần đất bạn đang đứng
  24.     CLICKTOUNCLAIM: Nhấn để Unclaim &a(%1$d, %2$d)
  26.     TOUNCLAIM: để unclaim tất cả phần đất của faction
  27.     FORUNCLAIM: để unclaim tất cả phần đất của faction
  28.     UNCLAIMED: '&a%1$s&7 đã unclaim &ATẤT CẢ&7 phần đất trong faction của bạn.'
  29.     LOG: '%1$s đã unclaim tất cả cho: %2$s'
  30.     DESCRIPTION: Unclaim tất cả phần đất của factions
  31.   VERSION:
  32.     NAME: '&2&l(!) &4&lSAVAGE FACTION &7- &a&lTRANSLATE BY PEASHOP &2&l(!)'
  33.     VERSION: '&7Phiên bản a» &7%1$s&7 - &aGreen Themed'
  34.     DESCRIPTION: Hiện tất cả thông tin về Plugins
  36.     DESCRIPTION: Unclaim all warzone land
  37.     SUCCESS: You unclaimed ALL war zone land.
  38.     LOG: '%1$s unclaimed all war zones.'
  39.   RULES:
  40.     DISABLED:
  41.       MSG: '&cThis command is disabled!'
  42.     DESCRIPTION: set/remove/add rules!
  43.     ADD:
  44.       INVALIDARGS: Please include a rule!
  45.       SUCCESS: '&cRule added successfully!'
  46.     SET:
  47.       INVALIDARGS: Please include a line number & rule!
  48.       SUCCESS: '&cRule set successfully!'
  49.     REMOVE:
  50.       INVALIDARGS: Please include a line number!
  51.       SUCCESS: '&cRule removed successfully!'
  52.     CLEAR:
  53.       SUCCESS: '&cRule cleared successfully!'
  54. command:
  55.   help:
  56.     invitations: 'You might want to close it and use invitations:'
  58.   GRACE:
  59.     TOGGLED: '&7Grace flag bây giờ đã được &a%1$s'
  60. COMMANd:
  61.   GRACE:
  62.     DESCRIPTION: Does grace toggling
  63. LEAVE:
  64.   PASSADMIN: You must give the admin role to someone else first.
  65.   NEGATIVEPOWER: You cannot leave until your power is positive.
  66.   TOLEAVE: to leave your faction.
  67.   FORLEAVE: for leaving your faction.
  68.   LEFT: '%s left faction %s.'
  69.   DISBANDED: '%s was disbanded.'
  70.   DISBANDEDLOG: The faction %s (%s) was disbanded due to the last player (%s) leaving.
  71.   DESCRIPTION: \n  &a&l» &7Leave your faction
  72. CLAIM:
  73.   PROTECTED: This land is protected
  74.   DISABLED: Sorry, this world has land claiming disabled.
  75.   CANTCLAIM: You can't claim land for %s.
  76.   ALREADYOWN: '%s already own this land.'
  77.   MUSTBE: You must be %s to claim land.
  78.   MEMBERS: Factions must have at least %s members to claim land.
  79.   SAFEZONE: You can not claim a Safe Zone.
  80.   WARZONE: You can not claim a War Zone.
  81.   POWER: You can't claim more land!You need more power!
  82.   LIMIT: Limit reached. You can't claim more land!
  83.   ALLY: You can't claim the land of your allies.
  84.   CONTIGIOUS: You can only claim additional land which is connected to your first
  85.     claim or controlled by another faction!
  86.   FACTIONCONTIGUOUS: You can only claim additional land which is connected to your
  87.     first claim!
  88.   PEACEFUL: '%s owns this land. Your faction is peaceful, so you cannot claim land
  89.     from other factions.'
  90.   PEACEFULTARGET: '%s owns this land, and is a peaceful faction. You cannot claim
  91.     land from them.'
  92.   THISISSPARTA: '%s owns this land and is strong enough to keep it.'
  93.   BORDER: You must start claiming land at the border of the territory.
  94.   TOCLAIM: to claim this land
  95.   FORCLAIM: for claiming this land
  96.   TOOVERCLAIM: to overclaim this land
  97.   FOROVERCLAIM: for over claiming this land
  98.   CLAIMED: '%s claimed land for %s from %s.'
  99.   CLAIMEDLOG: '%s claimed land at (%s) for the faction: %s'
  100.   OVERCLAIM:
  101.     DISABLED: Over claiming is disabled on this server.
  102.   TOOCLOSETOOTHERFACTION: Your claim is too close to another Faction. Buffer required
  103.     is %d
  104.   OUTSIDEWORLDBORDER: Your claim is outside the border.
  105.   OUTSIDEBORDERBUFFER: Your claim is outside the border. %d chunks away world edge
  106.     required.
  107.   CLICK:
  108.     TO:
  109.       CLAIM: Click to try to claim &2(%1$d, %2$d)
  110.   MAP:
  111.     OUTSIDEBORDER: '&cThis claim is outside the worldborder!'
  112.   YOUAREHERE: You are here
  113.   'NO':
  114.     TERRITORY:
  115.       PERM: You do not have permission from your faction leader to do this!
  116. GENERIC:
  117.   YOU: you
  118.   YOURFACTION: your faction
  119.   NOPERMISSION: You don't have permission "%1$s" required to %2$s.
  120.   FPERM:
  121.     NOPERMISSION: '&7The faction leader does not allow you to &c%1$s.'
  122.   DOTHAT: do that
  123.   NOPLAYERMATCH: No player match found for "<plugin>%1$s".
  124.   NOPLAYERFOUND: No player "<plugin>%1$s" could not be found.
  125.   ARGS:
  126.     TOOFEW: '&aMô tả không đúng, hãy sử dụng theo cú pháp:'
  127.     TOOMANY: 'Strange argument "<plugin>%1$s". Use the command like this:'
  128.   DEFAULTDESCRIPTION: Default faction description :(
  129.   OWNERS: 'Owner(s): %1$s'
  130.   PUBLICLAND: Public faction land.
  131.   FACTIONLESS: factionless
  132.   SERVERADMIN: A server admin
  133.   DISABLED: disabled
  134.   ENABLED: enabled
  135.   INFINITY: ∞
  136.   CONSOLEONLY: This command cannot be run as a player.
  137.   PLAYERONLY: This command can only be used by ingame players.
  138.   ASKYOURLEADER: ' Ask your leader to:'
  139.   YOUSHOULD: 'You should:'
  140.   YOUMAYWANT: 'You may want to: '
  142.     VERSION: 'Translation: %1$s(%2$s,%3$s) State: %4$s'
  143.     CONTRIBUTORS: 'Translation contributors: %1$s'
  144.     RESPONSIBLE: 'Responsible for translation: %1$s'
  145.   FACTIONTAG:
  146.     TOOSHORT: The faction tag can't be shorter than %1$s chars.
  147.     TOOLONG: The faction tag can't be longer than %s chars.
  148.     ALPHANUMERIC: Faction tag must be alphanumeric. "%s" is not allowed.
  149.   PLACEHOLDER: <This is a placeholder for a message you should not see>
  150.   NOTENOUGHMONEY: '&cYou dont have enough money!'
  151.   MONEYTAKE: '&c{amount} has been taken from your account.'
  152.   NOFACTION:
  153.     FOUND: '&cCouldn''t find a faction with that name!'
  154.   YOUMUSTBE: '&cYour must be atleast %1$s to do this!'
  155.   MEMBERONLY: '&cYou must be in a faction to do this!'
  157.   NOFACTION: '&cYou need a faction to use a warbanner!'
  158.   COOLDOWN: '&cThe warbanner is on cooldown for your faction!'
  159.   INVALIDLOC: '&cYou can only use warbanners in enemy land or the warzone'
  160. COMPASS:
  161.   SHORT:
  162.     NORTH: N
  163.     EAST: E
  164.     SOUTH: S
  165.     WEST: W
  166. CHAT:
  167.   MOD: mod chat
  168.   FACTION: faction chat
  169.   ALLIANCE: alliance chat
  170.   TRUCE: truce chat
  171.   PUBLIC: public chat
  172. ECON:
  173.   'OFF': no %s
  174.   FORMAT: '###,###.###'
  175. RELATION:
  176.   MEMBER:
  177.     SINGULAR: member
  178.     PLURAL: members
  179.   ALLY:
  180.     SINGULAR: ally
  181.     PLURAL: allies
  182.   TRUCE:
  183.     SINGULAR: truce
  184.     PLURAL: truces
  185.   NEUTRAL:
  186.     SINGULAR: neutral
  187.     PLURAL: neutrals
  188.   ENEMY:
  189.     SINGULAR: enemy
  190.     PLURAL: enemies
  191. ROLE:
  192.   LEADER: leader
  193.   COLEADER: coleader
  194.   MODERATOR: moderator
  195.   NORMAL: normal member
  196.   RECRUIT: recruit
  197. REGION:
  198.   SAFEZONE: safezone
  199.   WARZONE: warzone
  200.   WILDERNESS: wilderness
  201.   PEACEFUL: peaceful territory
  202. PLAYER:
  203.   CANTHURT: You may not harm other players in %s
  204.   SAFEAUTO: This land is now a safe zone.
  205.   WARAUTO: This land is now a war zone.
  206.   OUCH: Ouch, that is starting to hurt. You should give it a rest.
  207.   USE:
  208.     WILDERNESS: You can't use %s in the wilderness.
  209.     SAFEZONE: You can't use %s in a safe zone.
  210.     WARZONE: You can't use %s in a war zone.
  211.     TERRITORY: You can't %s in the territory of %s.
  212.     OWNED: 'You can''t use %s in this territory, it is owned by: %s.'
  213.   COMMAND:
  214.     WARZONE: You can't use the command '%s' in warzone.
  215.     NEUTRAL: You can't use the command '%s' in neutral territory.
  216.     ENEMY: You can't use the command '%s' in enemy territory.
  217.     PERMANENT: You can't use the command '%s' because you are in a permanent faction.
  218.     ALLY: You can't use the command '%s' in ally territory.
  219.     WILDERNESS: You can't use the command '%s' in the wilderness.
  220.   POWER:
  221.     NOLOSS:
  222.       PEACEFUL: You didn't lose any power since you are in a peaceful faction.
  223.       WORLD: You didn't lose any power due to the world you died in.
  224.       WILDERNESS: You didn't lose any power since you were in the wilderness.
  225.       WARZONE: You didn't lose any power since you were in a war zone.
  226.     LOSS:
  227.       WARZONE: |-
  228.         The world you are in has power loss normally disabled, but you still lost power since you were in a war zone.
  229.         Your power is now %d / %d
  230.     NOW: Your power is now %d / %d
  231. PVP:
  232.     LOGIN: Bạn không thể đánh người chơi sau %d giây.
  233.     REQUIREFACTION: Bạn không thể đánh người choi khác khi chưa vào faction.
  234.     FACTIONLESS: Bạn không thể đánh người chơi không ở trong faction.
  235.     PEACEFUL: Peaceful players cannot participate in combat.
  236.     NEUTRAL: You can't hurt neutral factions. Declare them as an enemy.
  237.     CANTHURT: You can't hurt %s.
  238.     NEUTRALFAIL: You can't \hurt %s in their own territory unless you declare them
  239.       as an enemy.
  240.     TRIED: '%s tried to hurt you.'
  241. NOPAGES: Sorry. No Pages available.
  242. INVALIDPAGE: Invalid page. Must be between 1 and %1$d
  243. title: '&bFactions &0|&r'
  244. wilderness: '&2Wilderness'
  245. wilderness-description: ''
  246. warzone: '&4Warzone'
  247. warzone-description: Not the safest place to be.
  248. safezone: '&6Safezone'
  249. safezone-description: Free from pvp and monsters.
  250. toggle-sb: You now have scoreboards set to {value}
  251. faction-leave: Leaving %1$s, Entering %2$s
  252. faction-announcement-top: '&d--Unread Faction Announcements--'
  253. faction-announcement-bottom: '&d--Unread Faction Announcements--'
  254. default-prefix: '{relationcolor}[{faction}]'
  255. faction-login: '&e%1$s &9logged in.'
  256. faction-logout: '&e%1$s &9logged out..'
  257. nofactions-prefix: '&6[&a-&6]&r'
  258. date-format: MM/d/yy h:ma
  259. raidable-true: 'true'
  260. raidable-false: 'false'
  261. WARMUPS:
  262.   NOTIFY:
  263.     FLIGHT: '&eFlight will enable in &d%2$d &eseconds.'
  264.     TELEPORT: '&eYou will teleport to &d%1$s &ein &d%2$d &eseconds.'
  265.   ALREADY: '&cYou are already warming up.'
  266.   CANCELLED: '&cYou have cancelled your warmup.'
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