Phone Sex Script (Male)

Cobalt Jun 28th, 2011 102,655 Never
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  1. Are you thinking about it? Are you imagining me, there, with you?
  2. Thinking about my lips touching yours, then down to your neck, Kissing and biting you in trails down over your shoulder
  3. My arms wrapped around you, pulling you me tight against you.
  5. Are you touching yourself right now? and thinking about it? About my fingers running over your skin, drawing on your stomach, teasing your hard nipples.
  6. My breath on them as I take one in my mouth. Licking, sucking, biting, rolling it gently between my teeth.
  7. My hand sliding over your thigh and between your legs...
  9. No, I'm not teasing! If I was there I would. I'd kiss every inch of you. I'd love to taste your pussy right now. I want to run my tongue  over your clit, tease you with soft little circles.
  10. Then, slide a finger inside you, two fingers...I'd play with your gspot while i worked on your clit with my tongue.
  12. Fuck I'm so hard right now. Yeah, I'm thinking about it too. My cock buried deep inside you. I like it when you go on top, i love looking up at you, the look on your face when you start to cum.
  14. God I wish you were here. I think I'm going to cum just thinking about it. Fuck I love hearing you moan like that...I bet you wish those fingers were mine.
  16. (Improvise an orgasm boys, we all do it different)
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