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  1. select l.LotNumber, i.ItemID, rfs.RFSID, i.DateSubmitted, tr.TradeName, sub.CompanyName, i.Location, i.Title, i.Description, i.Reviewed, i.InspectionRequired,
  2. i.Appointment, i.DateSubmitted, i.DateCompleted, i.DateClosed, i.CurrentAge, it.ItemDescription, pr.TheProblem
  3. from Projects p
  4. inner join ProjectPhases pp on p.ProjectID = pp.ProjectID
  5. inner join Lots l on l.PhaseID = pp.PhaseID
  6. inner join RequestForService rfs on rfs.LotID = l.LotID
  7. inner join Items i on rfs.RFSID = i.RFS
  8. inner join RequestTypes rt on rt.ReqTypeID = rfs.ReqTypeID
  9. inner join Trades tr on i.TradeID = tr.TradeID
  10. inner join SubContractors sub on i.SubID = sub.SubID
  11. inner join ItemToRepair it on i.Item2RepairID = it.Item2RepairID
  12. inner join Problem pr on i.ProblemID = pr.ProblemID
  13. where p.ProjectName = 'Alameda Landing - Linear'
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