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  1. ################## LORE #####################
  6. First of January,1936.
  8. The crowds all over Sealand are celebrating the New Year's eve,but suddently,an air raid siren goes off,the party is over,and the people have to go back to the bunkers.
  10. How did things end up this way?
  12. Back in 1913,there weren't just three major nations in the world,there were four:
  14. Sealand,Muratia,Totelaren and Totelaren's ally,Purten.
  16. Totelaren and Purten were the undisputed leaders of the world,they had everything,the resources,the technology,it was looking like they would continue to dominate for a 1000 years.
  17. But then,two small countries,Sealand and Muratia formed the "The Sealo-Muratian Pact" to try to defend themselves from foreign threats.
  19. 14th of September,1914.
  21. Sealandian Prime Minister,Joseph Sullivan,got a telegram from the Purtenian Government,it was a declaration of war.
  22. Joseph immediately went to the Sealandian Parliament to announce the news and to prepare for the upcoming war.
  24. A few hours after Purten's declaration of war came Totelaren's as well,and thus the First World War began.
  25. Sealand and Muratia were vigorously defending their countries,and managed to hault the offensive,for now.
  26. the situation was looking dire,but then,out of nowhere,a communist uprising in Purten happened and the government had to retreat all of their troops back from the front,leaving Totelaren's front completely exposed.
  27. Sealand and Muratia used the opportunity to defeat the disorganized and outnumbered Totelaren's forces and pushed onwards,towards the enemy capital.
  29. 28th of October,1915.
  31. The war was over,the Treaty of Serlin was signed,effectively ending the existence of Purten and Totelaren as sovereign nations.
  32. And thus the world map changed again,this time under the rule of The Sealo-Muratian Pact.
  34. 3rd of June,1916.
  36. The fractured remains of the two defeated states proclaimed a union of the two peoples,called "the United Alliance".
  37. The now two dominant states of the world didn't really care that much because The United Alliance wasn't a threat for them.
  39. 15th of December,1926.
  41. The stock market in Selvich crashed,and along with it,the Serlin one as well.
  43. It was the beggining of what the people call these days, "The Dark Ages".
  45. The economy was in ruins,and people of both countries were unhappy and  the wind of revolution was blowing dangerously close to Serlin and Selvich.
  47. In 1929.,A plan was introduced in Sealand to recover from the stock market crash,it was called The Economic Reform.
  48. It succedeed,but with a great cost.
  49. To sucessfully implement The Economic Reform in the world,Joseph had to get aproval of both the Sealandian and the Muratian Parliaments.
  50. Only the Sealandian one agreed due to the Muratian one disagreeing over the specifics of the reform (the reform required Muratia to spend 40% of their GDP in order for the reform to be sucessful).
  52. In 1930,the Muratian government couldn't put the ongoing revolts down and a coup by Peter Mihlor,a fascist supporter,successfully overthrew the government and thus Muratia was no more.
  53. Peter was an anti-sealist,and he despised the Sealandian race and their country.
  54. He promised the United Alliance to brind their days of glory back if they joined him in a co-operative war against Sealand (Parwood-Selvich Pact,keep in mind Sealand didn't have a clue this was a thing).
  56. The new State of Muratia was a much different one,it was extremely hostile,especially towards Sealand and its government.
  58. The relations continued to deteriate until the breaking point that happened on  1st of August 1935.
  59. An Muratian nationalist,along with multiple armed guards,stormed the Sealandian Parliament and killed 1/3 of it before getting arrested.
  60. After it was found out that the Muratian government was funding those terrorists,chaos in Sealand erupted.
  62. Due to the Prime Minister of Sealand being assasinated in the parliament as well,Fieldmarschal Sealer Nokavs took over the leadership of the country and restored law and order.
  64. After the Murtian government openly denied any claims of connections with the terrorist group,Sealand and its people have had enough.
  66. On 13th of August 1935.,Sealand declared war on The State of Muratia.
  67. And thus,the Second World War began.
  69. The State of Muratia knew very well this war was coming and secretly prepared four naval invasions directed on the continent of Sealand.
  70. The Sealandian guard was caught off guard(no pun intended) and all four invasions were sucessful,but after securing a beachhead,they were met with stiff sealandian resistance.
  72. In the far north,The United Alliance honored the pact and declared war on Sealand.
  74. The United Alliance and Muratia signed the "Anti-Sealand Bloc" to end the Sealandian nation for once and for all.
  76. Outnumbered and outgunned,will Sealand pervail and defend its nation,or will the Anti-Sealand bloc destroy it once and for all?
  77. That is up to you.
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