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  3. For once the nightmare had fallen silent, the shared lustful night had helped her relaxed and made the fear go away. She could’ve went back to her room but she was rather lazy to even returned. Why would she need to hide? Their fucking was heard outside of the walls that surrounded them. Hearing the crunching snow under footsteps of those working outside and making a living didn’t disturb her. Lying next to him naked body, some bruising from smacks and grip yet it would’ve faded by the time the sun set for the evening to conclude the day. Arm outstretched with the side of her head using it as a pillow, her other hand slipped through her hair with the soft breathing of her still asleep soundly next to him. A look she displayed even when the sun was shining, showing all what had happened last night. The broken bed the still decided to sleep up, sheets covering their lower extremity.
  5. A knock sounded to the door of his room, guards notifying him of they were prepared to follow whatever order was to start the day. Finally she began to show signs of being awake, the rolling of her body moving to rest on her back, arms stretching above head. Was there shift in their bond and how they looked at each other, it didn’t show with her but to savor the moment any longer would put them behind with what was already happening. There was two things on the agenda; continue until they reach their destination with being home in the north or turn around and go to the south to confront the leader.
  7. Oh how the day was going to be now, especially when she has to continue to be next to him from now on. Thoughts of last night was going to be replayed in her head over and over again if he even glance at her and smile at her. A wild ride, a crazy way to make pleasure finally sated, with how much he had filled her up her theory was true. It has been a long time since the King lied in bed with someone to release that pent up desire and rejuvenate him, to breathe life into him. Is that what she did? Glancing over at him seeing him shiver a devious smirk appeared on her face. His back was to her and she had reached for something metal that was left out to be cold with the window being wide open, well shit with how loud she was last night it was probably heard outside to. She dragged the ice cold metal down his spine waiting for a reaction that she was expecting, she laughed before she started to move around.
  9. Another bath was needed, bath and getting dress to press forward. The snorting of the razorboar outside motivated her to stand from the broken bed examining the mess that was made. Nnngh, wow she felt different— the phantom feel of his hands that roamed her body still fresh in her mind her core still remembering the feeling of being stretched and mercilessly pounded until she was screaming. Thinking about it made her bite her lower lip, no no Ombretta don’t let it make you lose focus. “I’m going to bathe now, where are we heading to next? Continue north until we reach home or turn around and head down south?” She would’ve waited for him to answer but her feral mind was still stuck on going for round two and the bit the inside of her cheek to anchor herself from going off the rail again. Eyes trailed over his body and that made her back into the door and twist the knob open before the wolf disappeared into the solitude of the room next door. The door was left slightly ajar and the splashing of water heard in the next room.
  11. Distraction, a distraction the fantasy she enjoyed so much had to be kept at bay or misjudgment with a battle that was coming up could affect everything. Water poured over her, no his scent was still there even if it was washed away on her body his scent still claimed her down below, inside all over her walls. If she was to be part of the north she had to dress decent enough for it. After the bathing had ended she walked over to the bag she had been carrying around to pulling out what was suppose to be given to her by the west but never received it. The dark jumpsuit looked like leather but indeed it was made to handle well even in the dire situation. An odd clothing, they told her it was something about it that would be able to handle her but wasn’t revealed about it. Could they be talking about the demon and what happens when she allows I to come forth? Sliding inside the suit it fitted to her thick bottom, contour to her figure, a perfect fit. Pulling and slipping her arms inside her back was still exposed as it was needing to be zipped in the back, it didn’t bother her when she had to put the shoulder plates onto her shoulders although she herself didn’t need them but it was inside the bag along with something else? Folded neatly on the bed she didn’t bother with it and stuffed it back inside the back along with her attire from earlier. The boots that was left for her were tall, probably thigh length, a silent huff escaped from her. Well she knew how the west felt about her for them to make her feel like she was some assassin or whatever craze nonsense they had rolling in their mind. Soft thump of her foot against the wooden floor get a better fit of the shoes. Better, much better mostly because she didn’t have to worry about feeling the coldness from the snow.
  13. In her room fully dressed, looking different actually would it be hard to tell it was her? Did the clothes change her to look like a different character or did it enhance the image she already held? Movements made around the room, not much to even clean when her night was spent in Nex’s bed with him difficult to tell if such a thing would happen again and would it feel different than what was already discovered the first round? Submission, that wasn’t like her but who was she kidding she was picky to who she submitted to, he toyed with her weakness but the power out on the battlefield and in between the sheets she’ll truly submit in the near future…maybe. She hated that she left his room but the separation between the two and the chance to collect her thoughts that went out the window needed to come back. Leaving from her room, almond hue eyes scanned the passing faces that held devious grins and a reasonable nod in her direction. Were they doing that because of what happened between her and Nex or was the celebration still ongoing? Descending from upstairs, the bag slumped over her shoulders and seeing the berserkers she taught a lesson bowed their heads to her, acknowledging her strength and the alpha in her. Good, eyes trailed over each individuals and she turned onto her heels to approach them, they flinched. “Never…judge a book by it’s cover. You three learned your lesson, next time I see you coming for me to pull the same stunt again…I will not hesitate to kill you. This is a warning, remember that.” With the last word leaving her lips she released a growl that sounded a wolf and they quickly nodded, sweating profusely before a soft snort was heard and she turned to step outside.
  15. Approaching her razorboar she attached the bag to the harness hook that had other things attached. Brushing her hand against her companion’s head she smiled, “Have you been good, Bo?” A name she gave him, the hot air from the snort and the nudge that made her step back caused her to laugh. “Missed you too. Come, lets find you food to eat while we wait on the King to get decent.” The guards stood by watching her venture off on her own with her companion, they didn’t stop her as they weren’t going far just to mingle elsewhere in the town. Would’ve gave him plentiful time to bathe, get dress and head downstairs and outside into the cool crisp air the tundra had to offer. The snow was blinding especially when looking directly at it with the sun beaming down and making any shadows give up and be revealed to the light. Walking and seeing what else part of the north had to offer would do good to bring her back to reality. ‘The south is coming for you demon wolf.’ A nearby voice spoke to her, turning to see the disgusted look on the female warriors face that was adorned in the south’s armor and another comment made. ‘We won’t stop until you’re dead and rid of this world.’ A loogie hacked and aimed for her but it was towards her feet that made her pull her leg back. Childish threats too? But this woman that spoke the first threat, her hair was silver, dressed in the similar fashion as her even feeling the same aura she has herself, demonic. A sliver of it in her though nothing immensely, fed demon blood an abomination, a commander of the south she appeared to be. The pleasure it would be to watch her eat those words, no words came from her just the innocent smile though the gleam in her eyes spoke of danger and death. Once they were out of view she resumed with tending to Bo.
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