Secret Lewds: Gilda x Suri

Mar 1st, 2020
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  1. >”Oh, man…” Gilda said, lovingly running her hands over the smooth curves before her
  2. >Suri rolled her eyes
  3. >The two were in the workshop/garage in the back of Gilda’s shop
  4. >The door was up, letting midday sun and summer humidity in
  5. >Everything in here was covered in grease, grime, or ruse
  6. >Suri stood off to one side, her arms over her chest, careful not to touch anything
  7. “You’re going to actually get to work soon, right? Not just sit there molesting my baby?”
  8. >”Hey, relax. I’m just getting warmed up.”
  9. “Ugh. You should at least have gloves on, or something, ‘mkay? I don’t like seeing your greasy hands all over her.”
  10. >”Then go hang out in the waiting room,” Gilda said, flashing Suri a positively infuriating grin
  11. “Absolutely not. I’m going to be watching you *very* closely, ‘myeah?”
  12. >”You are, huh?” Gilda said, her grin widening
  13. “You know what I mean.”
  14. >”Oh, I think I do…”
  15. >Gilda stood bent low, and her filthy cargo pants sagged just enough to give Suri a brief glimpse of the small of her back, where her muscled figure became soft and delicate before it met the curve of her buttocks
  16. >Gilda’s skin glistened with sweat, where it wasn’t smudged with mechanical grease
  17. >Suri scowled, averting her eyes
  18. >”Problem, miss?” Gilda said, trying not to laugh
  19. “Just don’t you *dare* scratch her.”
  20. >”Hey, no worries. I’ve got delicate hands.”
  21. “Hmph.”
  22. >”Don’t believe me? I could give you a little demonstration,” Gilda said
  23. >Her face was serious now, but Suri could see the intuendo sparkling in the other woman’s golden eyes
  24. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she spat
  25. >”What do you think it means?”
  26. “Don’t you—“ Suri started, then slapped her hand against her face. “Just get to work, ‘mkay? I have to be downtown for Prim Hemline’s expo by seven.”
  27. >”I’ll have her done for ya. You can’t rush a good time.”
  28. “I’m paying you to work. This isn’t supposed to be a good time.”
  29. >”Hey, nobody’s saying you can’t enjoy it too.”
  30. “Is that… I could report you for this, you know.”
  31. >”This what?”
  32. “All this flirty… whatever it is. It’s unprofessional, ‘mkay?”
  33. >”Oh, sorry,” Gilda said, not sounding sorry at all. “Who you gonna tell, my boss? I own this place. Can do whatever I want, back here…”
  34. “I’m pretty influential, y’know? I could ruin your name.”
  35. >”Yeah, because *so* many Manehattan princess-types are comin’ out here.”
  36. >Suri bit her lip; she didn’t know what to say to that
  37. >The garage was sweltering, and in her jacket and blouse, she was starting to sweat furiously
  38. >Worse than that, her head was beginning to spin, too, and her eyes just kept drifting to Gilda as she circled Suri’s car
  39. “I can’t imagine why they avoid this place,” Suri said, her voice dripping with venom
  40. >”Neither can I. I think the benefits are pretty obvious.”
  41. >Gilda popped the hood and leaned over the engine, posed like a girl in a pinup
  42. >Her muscled bulged in the dusty light, and her torn tanktop hung from her chest, reavealing full, sweaty breasts that—
  43. >Suri looked away, though she could feel her cheeks burning
  44. >A slow smile spread across Gilda’s face, giving Suri the impression of a wolf that’s spotted its prey
  45. >”You okay there, miss?”
  46. “I’m fine.”
  47. >”You’re lookin’ a little toasty. Wanna get outta that jacket?”
  48. “I’m fine just like this, ‘mkay? Get to work.”
  49. >”Yes, miss~” Gilda said, her voice coy
  50. >Suri shut her eyes
  51. >The heat must be really getting to her
  52. >Her heart was hammering in her chest, and her mind felt hazy and slippery
  53. >Gilda pretended not to notice
  54. >She straightened up, then crawled beneath Suri’s car, until only her lower half was sticking out from beneath the machine
  55. >Her pants had sagged low enough to reveal the hem of her underwear and the chiseled, tempting lines of her muscled abdomen
  56. >An electric feeling bubbled up in Suri’s chest and dropped down between her legs
  57. “I’m… going to be in the bathroom,” Suri stammered, then ran out of the room
  58. >She swore she could hear Gilda laughing behind her
  60. >Suri locked the door behind her and sat down atop the toilet
  61. >The place was filthy, but she had to get rid of this feeling before she did something stupid
  62. >She hiked up her skirt and slipped her hand into her panties, fingers meeting her now-soaking gash
  63. >A groan escaped her lips
  64. >After just a few strokes, she could already feel the orgasm building
  65. >She rubbed faster and faster, trying to keep her breathing as quiet as possible
  66. “Aah… nnf… fuck… why is she so… goddamn hot…” Suri panted
  67. >Images of Gilda whirled through her mind: the muscular woman bent over the car, her pants slipping down, her powerful, sweat-soaked body…
  68. >And then Suri realized what she was doing, masturbating in a filthy public bathroom, like some kind of desperate whore
  69. >Shame flooded her, mixing with the hot currents of lust that still lurked just below her skin
  70. >She straightened up, smoothed out her skirt, and vigorously washed her hands
  71. >There was no reason to act like that, she told herself
  72. >She would simply tough this out
  74. >As she stepped back into the garage, Suri tried to keep a straight face
  75. >Gilda looked up from the car’s guts, her brow glistening with sweat
  76. >She grinned, and Suri could tell that she saw right through her
  77. >”Exciting trip, huh?”
  78. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
  79. >”Your cheeks are a little pink.”
  80. “It’s the heat, ‘kay?”
  81. >Gilda went silent for a moment
  82. >Suri allowed herself to hope that she had shut the other woman up for good, and that this whole awkward exchange was coming to an end
  83. >But then Gilda straightened up, letting out an exaggerated sigh
  84. >”It really is fucking hot, isn’t it?”
  85. “Um… yeah?”
  86. >”Drives me crazy. I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I…”
  87. >Gilda grabbed the hem of her tank top and pulled it up and over her head
  88. >Suri tried to say something, but her voice caught in her throat
  89. >Gilda’s breasts hung naked and glistening against her muscled chest, her dark nipples erect
  90. >Suri’s mouth felt dry as sand
  91. >But another part of her was growing quite wet
  92. >Well, several parts were, actually
  93. >Sweat was beading along her own body as arousal, heat, and embarrassment flooded through her
  94. >Gilda’s mouth stretched in a toothy, predatory grin
  95. “W…w-whatever. Just get back to… back to work…”
  96. >Suri was fully aware she was staring
  97. >Gilda raised her arms above her head and stretched, basking in Suri’s shameful gaze
  98. >”Y’know, I’m gettin’ kinda thirsty.”
  99. “Hmm,” was all Suri could manage
  100. >”Could you hand me that bottle?”
  101. >Suri handed her a plastic gatorade bottle
  102. >Gilda took a deep, greedy pull from it, and beads of orange liquid spilled from around her mouth and dribbled down her chest
  103. >”Ah. That’s better.”
  104. “You are… *such* a mess, y’know that?”
  105. >”Yeah? You wanna help clean me up?”
  106. >Gilda gestured to the spilled juice running down her chest
  107. “A-absolutely not!”
  108. >”Yeah, you’re right. Don’t have any clean towels out here. You’d have to use something else,” she said with a wink
  109. >Suri sputtered
  110. >Gilda took another long drink, and this time Suri could tell that she was purposefully letting the drink spill onto her chest
  111. >Suri glanced at Gilda’s breasts, then away, but her eyes slid back to them again
  112. >”Eh?” Gilda said, giving her girls a small shake
  113. >Suri glanced towards the open garage door
  114. >”Who do you think’s gonna see ya? C’mon. You totally want it, yeah?”
  115. “Hmph.”
  116. >”Come and get it.”
  117. >Suri stood up, shutting her eyes
  118. “Just… don’t touch me with your gross hands.”
  119. >”Sure, sure. Anything you say, princess.”
  120. >The way Gilda spat the word out sent an unbidden tremor running through Suri’s thighs
  121. >She practically fell towards Gilda, and gingerly lowered her mouth to the other woman’s chest
  122. >Her tongue met hot, salty flesh, tinged with sweetness from the spilled gatorade
  123. >She breathed in Gilda’s musk, and a wild, greedy feeling rolled through her body
  124. >Suri’s tongue trailed to Gilda’s right breast, and she took Gilda’s nipple into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it
  125. >Gilda grunted in pleasure
  126. >”Shit. You actually know what you’re doing.”
  127. >Suri opened her eyes just long enough to scowl
  128. “What? You think I haven’t done this before?”
  129. >”I dunno, you were acting all like a nervous virg—ow!”
  130. >Suri bit Gilda’s nipple just hard enough for her to really feel it
  131. >Gilda raised her right hand, and Suri flinched away
  132. “I said no touching with the gross hands!”
  133. >For a moment, Gilda looked furious
  134. >Then the anger drained, replaced with that same smug, punchable smile
  135. >”Fine, fine no problem. But I guess you’ll have to do all the work, then.”
  136. >She clasped her hands behind her back
  137. “You’re pretty presumptuous, ‘myeah?”
  138. >”I call it like I see it. You wanna fuck.”
  139. “Hmph.”
  140. >”So…?”
  141. >Suri groaned
  142. “I… I need a place to put my clothes. This is a two-thousand-dollar outfit, and I’m *not* letting it touch your filthy floor.”
  143. >”Keep ‘em in your car for all I care, princess. But hurry up.”
  144. “Don’t rush me!”
  145. >”Yeah, yeah.”
  146. >Suri turned her back to Gilda and did her best to ignore the burning sensation of the other woman’s eyes on her back as she undressed
  147. >Jacket, blouse, skirt, and eventually her bra and panties
  148. >She slipped everything off and piled it in the passenger’s seat of her car, until all she had on were her shoes—no way she would step on the disgusting garage barefoot
  149. >In spite of everything, being naked did feel *incredibly* refreshing, as the sweat began to dry from her skin
  150. >”Well?”
  151. >Suri turned
  152. >Gilda whistled as she got a full view of Suri’s goods
  153. >”God, Manehattan really builds ‘em well.”
  154. “Oh, shut up.”
  155. >Gilda chuckled
  156. >”Wanna get right down to business, eh?”
  157. “Just… let’s make this quick.”
  158. >”My thoughts exactly,” Gilda said
  159. >She unbuckled her pants and slid them down
  160. >Beneath, she wore a pair of checkered boxers
  161. >Suri sneered
  162. “Cute.”
  163. >”Thanks. You’ll like what’s underneath even better.”
  164. >She yanked her underwear down as well, then slid her feet from her shoes and kicked the whole pile of clothes aside
  165. >Buck-naked, she sat back against the hood of Suri’s Mercedes
  166. “Hey! Get your sweaty ass off my baby!”
  167. >”Relax. I’ll buff it, free of charge. Now get your face in my pussy.”
  168. “You could *try* not to be so vulgar.”
  169. >”I can see how wet you are, princess. I know you like it.”
  170. “S-shut up…” Suri said
  171. >Before she knew it, she was squatting before Gilda, careful to avoid touching the ground with her knees, and her face was between the woman’s warm, powerful thighs
  172. >Musk and the tang of sweat overwhelmed her, and the glistening petals of Gilda’s cunt and the white tuft of her pubic hair were filling Suri’s vision
  173. >She groaned, and gave into the primal, mewling parts of herself
  174. >Gilda’s taste filled her mouth, making Suri groan
  175. >Thigh-flesh clamped both sides of her face, holding her in place as her tongue darted expertly around the folds of Gilda’s sex
  176. >”S-shit, you really do know what you’re… mmf… doing…”
  177. >Gilda trembled
  178. >”Shit, slow down, girl. You’re actually gonna…”
  179. >Gilda’s hips bucked, pressing her pussy into Suri’s mouth and nearly toppling her over
  180. >”…actually gonna make me cum, oh my GOD.”
  181. >Against her promise, Gilda grabbed Suri by the hair and *shoved* her face against her clit
  182. >Suri cried out in protest, but her voice was muffled by the tangy, salty juices that spilled into her mouth
  183. >When Suri pulled away, Gilda’s hand trailed down her cheek, smudging her with grit
  184. >She glared at Gilda, furious
  185. “You said you wouldn’t get me dirty.”
  186. >Gilda laughed, and Suri was somewhat surprised to see that the other woman actually looked a little guilty
  187. >”Heh. Sorry. I just… you’re *really* damn good at that.”
  188. >Suri scowled
  189. >”Hey, look, I was just really into it. I got kinda carried away and—“
  190. “Lay back.”
  191. >”What?”
  192. “Lay back.”
  193. >Suri was almost surprised at the steel in her own voice
  194. >Gilda obeyed, lying across the hood of Suri’s car
  195. >Suri slipped her shoes off as she clambered up onto the car’s hood, then turned and pressed her rear end into Gilda’s face before the other woman could protest
  196. “I think you owe me some payback.”
  197. >Gilda struggled for a moment, but quickly acquiesced
  198. >Her tongue pressed against Suri’s red-hot, desperate slit, and Suri shivered as the relief she so desperately needed back to flood through her
  199. >She sat back, pressing all of her weight onto Gilda’s face and mashing the woman’s face between her buttocks
  200. >Gilda wriggled in delight beneath her, her tongue going for every inch of Suri’s sex she could reach
  201. >Her hands reached up to grasp Suri’s thighs
  202. >Suri struggled against Gilda’s grip, but the other woman was so much stronger
  203. >She held Suri in place, digging her fingers into Suri’s soft, supple flesh
  204. >She ran her hands over Suri’s ass, then up her stomach, leaving big greasy marks
  205. “S-stop…” Suri moaned. “You… fucking bitch…”
  206. >Gilda just groaned, and Suri cried out as a spike of pleasure rolled through her
  207. “Agh, stop… stop touching me…”
  208. >Gilda didn’t stop
  209. >She smeared filth over Suri’s lower body, as if she were marking her as her own
  210. >Suri shut her eyes
  211. >She hated this, it made her skin crawl
  212. >But it felt *good* to be defiled, to feel like Gilda owned her
  213. >She lifted her rump off of Gilda’s face, and this time threw herself atop the other woman
  214. >”Being dirty isn’t so bad, eh princess?” Gilda mumbled
  215. “Shut. Up. And. Fuck. Me. Okay?” Suri demanded
  216. >Gilda did not have to be convinced
  217. >Their bodies intertwined, legs finding legs, arms wrapping around each other
  218. >Suri was kissing Gilda before she realized what was happening
  219. >The taste of the other woman was heavy, sweet, and tantalizing
  220. >Suri humped any part of Gilda’s anatomy that came close enough, and she could feel the rough sensation of the other woman’s hands exploring her smooth back, then toying with her breasts, then eventually moving down to cup her ass
  221. >”Oh, yeah. This is mine.”
  222. “Yeah.”
  223. >”Hell yeah.”
  224. ”Then make it yours.”
  225. >Gilda knew exactly what to do
  226. >She wriggled out from under Suri, grasped Suri’s hands, and positioned the two of them in the center of the car’s hood
  227. “Scissoring?”
  228. >”The fuckin’ best.”
  229. “Hmmm…”
  230. >”Oh? We found something you’re not already a pro at?”
  231. “Just make me cum already, you asshole.”
  232. >”Oh, I am *on* it.”
  233. >Gilda lifted Suri’s leg and kissed the bottom of her foot
  234. >Suri rolled her eyes
  235. “Weirdo.”
  236. >Then Gilda pulled her close, and Suri’s desperate, hyper-sensitize cunt pressed up against Gilda’s hot, slippery petals
  237. >The sensation as first was strange, almost frustrating in how little Suri fel
  238. >But Gilda’s hips moved as if they had a mind of their own, and Suri’s own soon joined in, mashing their sopping wet lips together in a musky kiss of pure bliss
  239. >Suri threw her head back and let out a low, throaty moan
  240. >She would have fallen from the car if Gilda didn’t cling tightly to her, digging her fingers painfully into Suri’s flesh
  241. >The pain was *good*
  242. >The filthy, sweat, and nastiness of the place were *good*
  243. >Suri felt like a disgusting, wretched creature, driven by base desire, and she loved every second of it
  244. >She let herself submit to the filth within her, and she *came*
  245. >Wet, spasming, hollering, it was the kind of orgasm she’d only seen in movies
  246. >(Her normal finish involved a single shudder, a brief spike of pleasure, and then kicking her lover out to find a cab home; this was like something from a whole different universe)
  247. >Even after Suri had finished, both her and Gilda kept going, slapping their bodies together until both were too tired to continue
  248. >Suri was soaked in her own sweat, in Gilda’s, and in dribbling fluids
  249. >”Well,” Gilda said, springing to her feet like nothing had happened. “Back to work.”
  250. “H-hold on!”
  251. >”What? You got off, I fuckin’ heard you.”
  252. “Yeah, but…”
  253. >”Don’t tell me you’re gonna get clingy.”
  254. “Absolutely not! But you can’t just get me all dirty and then leave me dripping and naked on my own car.”
  255. >”I, uh, kinda just did.”
  256. “You made this mess, help me clean it up! Do you guys have a shower?”
  257. >”A shower? What, does this look like the Ritz?”
  258. >Suri glowered
  259. >”There’s a hose out back. Should be nice and cold. You can clean off like that.”
  260. “I’m not hosing myself off behind your garage.”
  261. >Gilda shrugged
  262. >”Kay. But that’s it. Now, I don’t mind working in the buff, so if you could just scoot.”
  263. >Suri slid off her car’s hood, shuddering as her feet met the concrete
  264. “You owe me another round, after this.”
  265. >”If you say so, princess.”
  266. “Only for me. And you should discount my repairs, too, ‘mkay?”
  267. >”Yeah, yeah.”
  268. “Good. Glad we got that settled.”
  269. >Suri was about to storm off to shamefully hose down her body, but a strange impulsed stopped her
  270. >She turned back and gave Gilda a quick kiss on the cheek
  271. >”The hell was that—“
  272. “Just fix it, okay?”
  273. >”Right. Can do.”
  274. >And Suri ran out, leaving the mechanic blushing and looking more than a little confused
  276. END
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