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Guide to Questing efficiently on 2007RS

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  1. NOTES:
  2. Unless stated, always keep around 100gp with you at all times, even when I say bank everything. Never keep the whole stack on you.
  3. The only quest that gives defense is 'Dragon Slayer'. Pures will only need to omit any items bought for this.
  4. I haven't included much skilling in this, just enough for quest requirements and certain xp gains such as the Varrock Museum basement tests which should be done for convenience.
  5. I have tried to use places which may not be as crowded as others, like the Falador farm pen or seagulls in Port Sarim.
  6. However, I can only make a guess if a certain place will be empty or crowded. Certain places that I've predicted will be forgotten might be completely packed.
  8. If you do find that a place is crowded in the free-to-play areas, there are many plenty of spots everywhere else which definitely won't be crowded! Suggestions include:
  9. - Mining area north of Makeover Mage which contains copper, iron, tin and coal
  10. - Mining area east of Ardougne, plenty of iron, coal and copper
  11. - Chickens in the Sinclair Mansion, Falador Castle and Hemenster
  12. - Cows near Beefy Bill north of Lumbridge, west of the Crafting Guild and Yanille
  14. Useful Resources:
  16. Rune Hq Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20070809012606/http://runehq.com/
  17. Tip.it Archive: http://web.archive.org/web/20070813040811/http://www.tip.it/runescape/
  20. Tutorial Island:
  22. I highly recommend making your character a female for the quest 'Recruitment Drive'
  23. It saves a bit of time and you may not have the money to change your gender when needed.
  27. Lumbridge:
  29. - Go inside the castle and start 'Cook's Assistant' quest
  30. - Go upstairs one floor and talk to 'Duke Horacio to start 'Rune Mysteries' quest
  31. - Go upstairs and bank everything. Then take out some coins, a small fishing net, a tinderbox, an axe and a bucket.
  32. - Go outside the castle and talk to Father Aerack in the Lumbridge Church to start 'The Restless Ghost'.
  33. - Go inside the swamp, to Father Urhney southwest of the graveyard and get the Amulet of Ghostspeak. Go back to the church and talk to the Ghost.
  34. - Go to General store and buy a cake tin and a bucket. Milk the Dairy cow in the cow pen for two buckets of milk.
  37. Draynor:
  39. - Go back west through the swamp and south to the Wizard's Tower.
  40. - Enter the basement and steal the skull (avoiding the skeleton) for 'The Restless Ghost'.
  41. - Speak to Sedridor for 'Rune Mysteries'.
  42. - Exit the tower.Go north to Draynor Village and bank everything except for a small net and a weapon.
  43. - Catch shrimps until level 5. Cook the shrimps.
  44. - Bank and head to Draynor Manor. Speak with Veronica to start 'Ernest the Chicken' quest.
  45. Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Ernest_the_Chicken.  Complete quest 'Ernest the Chicken'.
  46. - Whilst doing this, pick up a bronze med helm from the south eastern room in the Manor. (Not needed if you're a pure)
  49. Port Sarim:
  51. - Pick up a cabbage from the Draynor cabbage patch. (Not needed if you're a pure)
  52. - Go west further and pick up an egg from a chicken at the Falador farm. Watch out for the aggressive 'Highwayman'.
  53. - Start 'Pirate's Treasure' by speaking to Redbeard Frank.
  54. - Kill seagulls on the port for level 10 melee skills. Try chickens and cows at the Falador farm if they're not packed.
  57. Musa Point/Karamja:
  59. - Board a ship to Karamja. Buy the rum from the Musa General store and then go the general store and pick up the knife on the table there.
  60. - Speak to Luthas for a job. Pick 10 bananas, fill a crate and then use the rum on the crate.
  61. - Board a ship back to Port Sarim.
  64. Port Sarim:
  66. - Go to the fishing store and buy 40 bait and a fishing rod. Take an apron off the wall from the Fishing Store.
  67. - Buy a pot of flour from Wydin's Food Store. Wear the apron and ask Wydin for a job.
  68. - Go inside the stockroom and search the crate containing the rum. Bring it back to Frank.
  71. Draynor:
  73. - Go back to Draynor and bank everything. Withdraw bait and a fishing rod.
  74. - Bait sardines until level 10. Cook the fish but make sure you have one raw sardine for later.
  75. - Start 'Demon Slayer' by talking to Morgan
  76. - Bank everything. Withdraw a pickaxe and as much food as you have. Travel to Varrock by walking east of the Falador Walls.
  79. West Varrock:
  81. - Go inside the Stronghold of Security in the Barbarian Village.
  82. - Navigate through the first three floors and loot the chest rewards for 10k. The Fourth floor does not give a coin reward and has much harder-hitting monsters.
  83. OPTIONAL: Kill the minotaurs/Barbarians here and heal using dropped food from fly fishers.
  84. - Go directly south to the mining spot nearby and mine 7 pieces of clay.
  85. - Bank everything and withdraw a bucket of milk, coins, the package from 'Rune Mysteries' and a raw sardine.
  86. - Visit Gertrude's house to start 'Gertrude's Cat.'  
  87. Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Gertrude's_Cat. Complete until you need to visit the Lumberyard.
  88. - Visit Juliet's house just opposite to start 'Romeo and Juliet.' Complete until you need to visit Father Lawrence in East Varrock.
  91. East Varrock:
  93. - Buy a pink skirt from Thessalia's clothes shop.
  94. - Go to the Blue Moon Inn pub for 'Pirate's Treasure'. Go upstairs and open the chest in the South-Western room.
  95. - Buy three beers for 'Prince Ali Rescue' later. Talk to Dr. Harlow for 'Vampire Slayer'
  96. - Go to the Varrock Museum and complete the quiz in the basement for 9 Slayer and Hunter.
  97. - Buy a bronze bar off a player training smithing for 'Prince Ali Rescue.' If you can't find anyone, try the general store. If still nothing, you'll have to make your own.
  98. - Go to Father Lawrence in the Varrock Church for 'Romeo and Juliet'.
  99. - Go South East to Aubrey's Rune store for 'Rune Mysteries'.
  100. - Go to the Lumberyard for 'Gertrude's Cat'
  101. - Go South East outside of Varrock near the mine. Pick up one Cadava berry and five redberries.
  102. - Run south of Varrock (beware of Dark Wizards) to the sheep pen. Shear 3 sheep for three pieces of wool.
  103. - Complete 'Gertrude's Cat' and 'Romeo and Juliet.'
  106. Lumbridge:
  108. - Home Teleport to Lumbridge. Go to the loom and spin the three pieces of wool
  109. - Bank everything upstairs. Withdraw coins, redberry, pot of flour, egg, bucket of milk, a bucket, clay, cake tin, and skull
  110. - Go to Lumbridge kitchen and complete quest 'Cook's Assistant.'
  111. - Start 'Recipe for Disaster'.
  112. - Fill the bucket with water, use on clay, fill bucket again.
  113. - Visit the Ghost in the Lumbridge graveyard to complete 'The Restless Ghost'.
  114. - Go to Al-Kharid. Buy a steel and mith scimitar from Zeke's store, steel and mith platelegs from Louie's Platelegs store and an uncut sapphire from the gem store.
  115. - Talk to Chancellor Hassan in the Palace to start 'Prince Ali Rescue'.
  116. - Go back into Lumbridge and walk towards Fred's farm. Pick up four onions.
  117. - Head to Draynor from farm.
  120. Draynor:
  122. - Visit Leela and complete 'Prince Ali Rescue'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Prince_Ali_Rescue
  123. - Whilst in Draynor, withdraw the notes and give them to Sedridor to finish 'Rune Mysteries'
  128. Ernest the Chicken
  129. Gertrude's Cat
  130. Romeo and Juliet
  131. Cook's Assistant                                           QUEST POINTS SO FAR: 17
  132. Rune Mysteries
  133. The Restless Ghost
  134. Prince Ali Rescue
  140. Att:  10          HP:    16/17          Mine: 2
  141. Str:  10          Agi:   1              Smth: 2
  142. Def:  10          Herb:  1              Fish: 10
  143. Rng:  2           Thv:   1              Cook: 10
  144. Mage: 2           Craft: 1              Fire: 2
  145. Pray: 10+         Flch:  1              WC:   2
  146. RC:   1           Slay:  9              Farm: 1
  147. Con:  1           Hunt:  9
  151. Falador (If you haven't already gotten at least 10 defence, train it now) :
  153. - Buy 1 iron, black and mithril chainbody from Wayne's Chains in South West Falador.
  154. - Complete 'Pirate's Treasure' by digging in the Garden. You can find a spade in the Falador Estate Agent building.
  155. - Buy two Woad Leaves from Hershey the Gardener.
  156. - Go to the second floor of the White Knight's to start 'Black Knight's Fortress'. Start 'Knight's Sword' by speaking to the Squire.
  159. Now, you have three options. For 'Knight's Sword', you can either buy 3 iron bars, reach 15 smithing and smelt them yourself or go into level 18 Wilderness from Edgeville and pick up the spawn.
  160. Waiting on someone to sell iron bars or going into the Wilderness may be risky. Many players might have the same mentality as you. However, you can try trading for gp or bars you've gotten from the quests.
  161. However, it took me just over an hour to mine 120 copper and tin, smelt them and then smith them to level 15 at the Falador Mines. It could even be completely crowfef
  162. Whichever way you choose, it's very much worth doing this quest right now for the massive smithing xp.
  164. - Mine until level 15. Keep 4 copper and 2 iron (8 if you're smelting yourself). Recommended places are at the back of the Dwarf mines past the scorpions and in Rimmington.
  165. - Bank everything. Equip a bronze med helm, iron chainbody and have a cabbage in your inventory
  166. Refer to quest guide:  http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Black_Knight's_Fortress. Complete the quest. (Not needed if you're a pure)
  167. - Make your way to Varrock after the quest.
  170. Varrock:
  172. - Talk to the Gyspy to start 'Demon Slayer' Refer to guide: http://web.archive.org/web/20070705172602/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00181?English=true
  173. - Complete 'Demon Slayer' until you need to visit the Wizard's tower.
  174. - Go to Aubrey's Rune Shop and buy Mind runes.
  175. - Pick up a pie dish in Varrock kitchen palace.
  176. - Speak to Reldo about Incando Dwarves for 'Knight's Sword'.
  177. - Start 'Shield Of Arrav'. You will need a partner to do this with. You're a high enough level to do either gang.
  178. Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070614174500/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00247?English=true
  181. Draynor:
  183. - Home teleport to Lumbridge and walk to Draynor.
  184. - Bank everything. Withdraw some food, a weapon, armour,  2 onions, 1 redberry, 2 woad leaves, the stake and the stake hammer.
  185. - Go into Morgan's house and pick 2 garlic. You'll need 1 now and 1 for later.
  186. - Kill the Vampire in Draynor Manor to finish 'Vampire Slayer'.
  187. - Make a blue, yellow and red dye by going to Aggie with 2 onions, 1 redberry and 2 woad leaves. Combine the red and yellow dyes for an orange dye.
  188. - Bank inventory and withdraw bones.
  189. - Give 25 bones to Wizard Traiborn in Wizard's Tower
  192. Port Sarim:
  194. - Run back to Draynor bank and withdraw gp, pie dish and a weapon.
  195. - Kill a cow and a chicken and pick up the raw meat, cowhide and feathers.
  196. - Buy a pot of flour from the food shop.
  197. - Complete 'Witch's Potion.' You need to get her an onion, a rat's tail, burnt meat and an eye of newt, which can be bought from Betty's store in Port Sarim.
  198. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Witch's_Potion
  199. - Make a redberry pie on a range here in Rimmington.
  200. - Go to Thurgo the Dwarf south of Rimmington and give him the pie.
  202. Falador:
  204. - Return to Falador. Bank everything and withdraw a steel pickaxe, Ores (6 clay, 4 copper, 2 iron), blue and orange dyes and the raw meats
  205. - Retrieve the picture of the Knight's sword.
  206. - Give the ores to Doric to complete 'Doric's Quest'.
  207. - With the dyes, complete Goblin Diplomacy. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Goblin_Diplomacy
  208. - Just outside the village to the right, there is a black bear. Kill it and take the meat.
  211. Taverley:
  213. - Complete 'Druidic Ritual' You'll need the 4 uncooked pieces of meat (rat, chicken, beef and bear).
  214. - Buy a pestle and mortar from the Herblore shop here.
  216. Falador:
  218. - Complete 'Recruitment Drive' by speaking to Sir Sir Amik Varze.  (Not needed if you're a pure)
  219. Refer to quest guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070708201616/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00536?English=true
  220. - Bank everything. Withdraw steel pickaxe, some food, 2 iron bars and coins
  221. - Go south West of Falador to the Crafting Guild. Pick up a piece of Snape Grass, avoiding the Hobgoblins
  223. Port Sarim:
  225. - Buy a chocolate bar from the Port Sarim food store
  226. - Take the portait to Thurgo. Be prepared to mine blurite in the ice caverns.
  227. It may become crowded, so find a safespot and switch worlds if there's too many people or just wait your turn.
  228. - Take the iron bars and blurite to Thurgo to complete 'Knight's Sword'
  229. - Take a boat to Karamja
  231. Musa Point:
  233. - Buy 4 buckets from the Musa General Store. Run across Karamja to Brimhaven and go through the gate. Run to the Customs officer and take a boat to Ardougne.
  239. Ernest the Chicken
  240. Gertrude's Cat
  241. Romeo and Juliet
  242. Cook's Assistant                                          
  243. Rune Mysteries
  244. The Restless Ghost
  245. Prince Ali Rescue
  246. Black Knight's Fortress                                       QUEST POINTS SO FAR: 41
  247. Knight's Sword
  248. Doric's Quest
  249. Shield of Arrav
  250. Vampire Slayer
  251. Witch's Potion
  252. Witch's House
  253. Recruitment Drive
  254. Druidic Ritual
  255. Goblin Diplomacy
  260. Att:  22          HP:    17             Mine: 18
  261. Str:  10          Agi:   9              Smth: 27/31
  262. Def:  10          Herb:  10             Fish: 10
  263. Rng:  2           Thv:   1              Cook: 10
  264. Mage: 5           Craft: 1              Fire: 2
  265. Pray: 14          Flch:  1              WC:   2
  266. RC:   1           Slay:  9              Farm: 1
  267. Con:  1           Hunt:  9
  270. Ardougne:
  272. - Bank everything. Withdraw an axe, a bucket, an empty pot, around 1k gp, spade, a scimitar
  273. - Visit the general store. Buy a jug of water and 2 ropes. Fill the jug and buckets up with water.
  275. - Complete the following quests in Ardougne:
  277. 'Monk's Friend'   Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070716002322/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00186?English=true
  278. 'Clock Tower'     Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715095849/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00287?English=true
  279. 'Hazeel Cult'     Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070715102421/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00297?English=true
  280. 'Sheep Herder'    Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070716001419/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00174?English=true
  282. - Start 'Plague City' by talking to Elmund west of the North Ardougne bank.
  285. Catherby/Seers:
  287. - Run to White Wolf Mountain and start 'Fishing Contest' by talking to the dwarf outside the passageway.
  288. - Buy farming equipment in Catherby
  289. - Bank everything and withdraw your fishing rod.
  290. - Buy at the fishing store:
  291.  80 bait
  292.  a lobster cage
  293.  and a fly fishing rod. Fish with all the bait you have. Cook any fish you get.
  294. - Go to the Sinclair Mansion and complete 'Murder Mystery'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Murder_mystery
  295. - Start 'Merlin's Crytal' Complete until you need to visit the Lady of the lake. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Merlin's_Crystal
  296. - Bank everything in Seers. Pick flax and spin 190 flax into bowstrings till 20 crafting.
  297. - Bank all your bowstrings and withdraw a fishing rod, garlic, 1k gp, spade and fishing contest ticket.
  298. - Go west to McGrubbors wood and find a red vine and dwellberries. Pick three of each.
  299. - Finish 'Fishing Contest'  Refer to rest of guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fishing_Contest/Quick_guide
  302. Ardougne / Tree Gnome Strognhold:
  304. - Run back to Ardougne and bank everything. Withdraw 1 dwellberry, chocolate bar, Rope, 5 buckets, spade, pestle & mortar and snape grass.
  305. - Fill 4 buckets up with water. Milk the dairy cow in the North Ardougne farm for a bucket of milk.
  306. - Complete quest 'Plague City'   Refer to quest guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Plague_City/Quick_guide
  307. - Start quest 'Biohazard'.
  308. - Complete the quest until you need to deliver the samples in Rimmington. Make sure to do the drop trick and get a few extra sets in case you mess up.
  309. - Run to the Tree Gnome Stronghold. Go to the Agility Course and train from 9 till 25.
  310. - Buy:
  311. a 1 Cocktail shaker
  312. 1 Cocktail glass
  313. 2 Lemons, 1 Pineapple, 1 Orange
  314. and a blurberry special from the first floor of the Grand Tree.
  315. Teleport to Lumbridge.
  320. Ernest the Chicken
  321. Gertrude's Cat
  322. Romeo and Juliet
  323. Cook's Assistant                                          
  324. Rune Mysteries
  325. The Restless Ghost
  326. Prince Ali Rescue
  327. Black Knight's Fortress                                       QUEST POINTS SO FAR: 54
  328. Knight's Sword
  329. Shield of Arrav
  330. Vampire Slayer
  331. Witch's Potion
  332. Witch's House
  333. Doric's Quest
  334. Recruitment Drive
  335. Druidic Ritual
  336. Goblin Diplomacy
  337. Sheep Herder
  338. Hazeel Cult
  339. Plague City
  340. Clock Tower
  341. Dwarf Cannon
  342. Monk's Friend
  343. Fishing Contest
  344. Murder Mystery
  350. Att:  22          HP:    29             Mine: 18
  351. Str:  10          Agi:   25             Smth: 27/31
  352. Def:  10          Herb:  10             Fish: 20
  353. Rng:  2           Thv:   11             Cook: 20+
  354. Mage: 5           Craft: 20             Fire: 2
  355. Pray: 14          Flch:  1              WC:   14
  356. RC:   1           Slay:  9              Farm: 1
  357. Con:  1           Hunt:  9
  362. Al-Kharid:
  364. - Buy a rotten tomato from the Duel Arena
  365. - Go to the Crafting store and buy a chisel, some thread, a needle, a sickle mould and a necklace mould.
  366. - Take out the cowhide from your bank and tan it.
  367. - Buy feathers from Shantay Pass.
  368. - Travel to Varrock
  370. Varrock:
  372. Here, you want to raise up some skilling levels. I recommend training:
  374. Fishing and cooking trout for food at Barbarian village
  375. Woodcutting, firemaking and fletching in West Varrock/Near Edgeville
  376. Raising range and magic levels
  378. You also need 4 pieces of coal for 'Elemental Workshop I'. Again, either buy from a player or mine yourself.
  380. Once you're happy with your levels and have gotten 4 pieces of coal, home teleport and head for Draynor bank
  383. Draynor:
  385. - Bank everything. Withdraw a set of samples from 'Biohazard', 10 trout, 2k gp, an iron bar and a blurberry special.
  387. Rimmington:
  389. - Continue with 'Biohazard', giving the chemist and the three men the samples. Make sure you give each person the right substance
  390. - Buy 10 loaves of bread from the Food store in Port Sarim. Then travel to Burthorpe.
  393. Burthorpe/Taverley:
  395. - Talk to the 'Lady of The Lake' for Merlin's Crystal
  396. - Complete 'Death Plateau'. Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070714205044/http://runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00414?English=true
  397. - Go back to Port Sarim. Buy a loaf of bread from the food store and then enter the jewellery store.
  398. Home teleport and head back to Varrock
  399. - Buy an eye of newt for 'Recipe for Disaster'.
  401. Varrock/Morytania:
  403. - Go to the Champion's guild and start 'Dragon Slayer' by talking to the Guildmaster. Talk to Oziach in Edgeville.
  404. - Bank and withdraw some food, 1k gp and Silverlight. Don't wear any metal armour. Complete 'Demon Slayer'
  405. - Continue with 'Biohazard' by going to South East Varrock. Make sure to follow the guide to the letter, it's incredibly easy to mess up here.
  406. - Visit the Altar of chaos for 'Merlin's Crytal' and check the inscription on the altar.
  407. - Try and buy a silver ore/bar from players or at general store for 'Nature Spirit'
  408. - Complete quest 'Priest in Peril'   Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Priest_in_Peril/Quick_guide
  409. - Whilst walking towards Morytania, buy three planks and 90 steel nails for 'Dragon Slayer' (Not needed if you're a pure)
  410. - Once you've completed 'Priest in Peril', talk to Drezel to start 'Nature Spirit'.
  411. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Nature_spirit
  412. - Complete 'Nature Spirit'
  413. - Home Teleport to Lumbridge, go upstairs and talk to Duke Horacio to recieve an Anti-Dragon Shield.
  414. - Walk to Port Sarim, travel to Ardougne
  416. Ardougne/Kandarin:
  418. - Run to Yanille, buy a Greenman's ale from the bar here.
  419. - Run back to Ardougne. Finish 'Biohazard' quest
  420. - Run to Camelot and finish 'Merlin's Crystal'
  421. - Bank everything in the Seer's bank. Withdraw a chisel, a hammer, uncut sapphire, gold bar, necklace mould, 4 pieces of coal, cosmic rune, water rune, leather, pickaxe, sword, needle, knife and thread
  422. = Cut the sapphire, then bank the chisel.
  423. - Complete 'Elemental Workshop I'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Elemental_Workshop_I/Quick_guide
  424. - Once you've got the furnace running, create a necklace amulet. Enchant it to get a Games necklace.
  426. - Bank and withdraw a rope and the games necklace. Teleport to the Barbarian outpost.
  427. - Complete 'Waterfall Quest'. Refer to guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Waterfall_Quest
  428. - Whilst navigating through the Tree Gnome Village maze, go to the centre and start the quest 'Tree Gnome Village'
  429. - Make sure to stock up on food for both of these quests. If you're short on food, buy stews from the Seer's Village bartender.
  430. - Teleport to Lumbridge. Complete the first part of 'Recipe for Disaster'
  431. Refer to the guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Recipe_for_Disaster/Quick_guide
  432. - Walk to Port Sarim.
  434. Port Sarim:
  436. Buy a few pieces of cheese (around 4-5) from the food store.
  437. Complete 'Witch's House'. Refer to guide here: http://web.archive.org/web/20070716001645/http://www.runehq.com/RHQQuestsView.php?id=00172?English=true
  438. Finish 'Dragon Slayer'. Refer to the guide here: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Slayer
  443. Ernest the Chicken
  444. Gertrude's Cat
  445. Romeo and Juliet
  446. Cook's Assistant                                          
  447. Rune Mysteries
  448. The Restless Ghost
  449. Prince Ali Rescue
  450. Black Knight's Fortress                                       QUEST POINTS: 73
  451. Knight's Sword
  452. Shield of Arrav
  453. Vampire Slayer
  454. Witch's Potion
  455. Witch's House
  456. Doric's Quest
  457. Recruitment Drive
  458. Druidic Ritual
  459. Goblin Diplomacy
  460. Sheep Herder
  461. Hazeel Cult
  462. Plague City
  463. Clock Tower
  464. Dwarf Cannon
  465. Monk's Friend
  466. Fishing Contest
  467. Murder Mystery
  468. Merlin's Crystal
  469. Waterfall Quest
  470. Tree Gnome Village
  471. Elemental Workshop I
  472. Demon Slayer
  473. Biohazard
  474. Death Plateau
  475. Priest In Peril
  476. Nature Spirit
  477. Dragon Slayer
  478. Recipe for Disaster Part 1/10
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