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  1. moxie01/07/2018
  2. HEY
  3. did you talk to ashe
  4. at all
  5. medjed.01/07/2018
  6. no...
  7. we dont talk besides commenting each other here and there. we arent close.
  8. moxie01/07/2018
  9. hmm
  10. im confused
  11. medjed.01/07/2018
  12. why...
  13. did something happened?
  14. moxie01/07/2018
  15. her twitter has me blocked
  16. O_o
  17. and im confused
  18. medjed.01/07/2018
  19. she has a twitter?
  20. i mean, i know shes close to jenn but idk if that means anything;;
  21. moxie01/07/2018
  22. its jsut creepy bc
  23. no one knwos..about my twitter
  24. medjed.01/07/2018
  25. ...thats weird.
  26. whats her twitter?
  27. moxie01/07/2018
  29. ashe @ devilman crybaby spoilers lol (@1800VANEY)
  30. You think thats bad? I've seen way worse. My name's Ashe and i'm 14 and goth and i NEVER listen to my parents. suck a dick dumb shits! -jenn
  31. Tweets
  32. 40583
  34. 109
  36. Twitter
  37. medjed.01/07/2018
  38. what a weird... twitter handle.
  39. jeez...
  40. i'm sorry.
  41. Did you had any beef with her? She seems to keep to herself so im kinda shock.;;
  42. moxie01/07/2018
  43. nope!
  44. its jenn
  45. probably
  46. jenn is insane
  47. LMFAO
  48. medjed.01/07/2018
  49. siigh. im sorry
  50. all i can say is.... dont let it bother you.;;
  51. medjed.01/07/2018
  52. angie, are you okay?
  53. or max.. i never know what to call you.
  54. moxie01/07/2018
  55. LFMAO
  56. you can call me whatever you like
  57. im okay.. im just crying bc im so scared of jenn
  58. and am tired of like finding out shes turned people against me
  59. medjed.01/07/2018
  60. all i can say is...
  61. just wait.
  62. because ive said this in the past. jenn friendhops a lot;;
  63. admittedly, im a little upset that you thought i would do something like that.
  64. moxie01/07/2018
  65. NO LMFAO
  66. i dont think you would have
  67. i was going to ask if ashe mentioned anything
  68. about jenn or roe or me
  69. medjed.01/07/2018
  70. whos roe..
  71. moxie01/07/2018
  72. roe is my ex.
  73. medjed.01/07/2018
  74. but dont worry, i dont blame you. its better that you came to me and asked
  75. moxie01/07/2018
  76. yeah :frowning:
  77. i just wanted confirmation
  78. i feel like im being stalked
  79. LMFAO
  80. and sabotaged by jenn
  81. medjed.01/07/2018
  82. i can just tell you that... i wouldnt because i do not want to be involved with anything related to jenn.
  83. moxie01/07/2018
  84. yeah :frowning:
  85. im just confused...liek wtf...
  86. did i do
  87. medjed.01/07/2018
  88. okay, i do have one question
  89. whats your exs role in all this
  90. moxie01/07/2018
  91. roe is close to ashe
  92. medjed.01/07/2018
  93. do they -- Oh
  94. do they talk to jenn?
  95. moxie01/07/2018
  96. no
  97. but jenn knwos dirt about me and my ex
  98. 9_9
  99. so she probably told ashe
  100. lol
  101. medjed.01/07/2018
  102. ... what kind of dirt.
  103. i mean what happened between you and your ex
  104. should stay between you and your ex
  105. moxie01/07/2018
  106. i know
  107. LMFAO
  108. but jenn is insane..
  109. medjed.01/07/2018
  110. how does jenn know
  111. moxie01/07/2018
  112. i used to talk to jenn aobtu mine and my exes problems
  113. medjed.01/07/2018
  114. hm;
  115. moxie01/07/2018
  116. and something happened -- lynne and alma were talking about roe. and jenn told me about it
  117. and i told roe should tlak to alma
  118. and then
  119. everything blew up
  120. lynne got angry at jenn who in turn got angr at me for "not keeping my mouth shut"
  121. and i flipped out at roe
  122. LMFAO
  123. bc jenn was flipping out on me
  124. so it was a mess
  125. medjed.01/07/2018
  126. how long ago was this?
  127. moxie01/07/2018
  128. so jenn twisted it to make me look insane.. ig..
  129. a year ago
  130. not even
  131. under a year
  132. medjed.01/07/2018
  133. jeez
  134. moxie01/07/2018
  135. it was the stupdiest thing id ever been invovled in and i got punished when the others were gossiping
  136. and it bit them in the ass..
  137. medjed.01/07/2018
  138. yeah.. thats why gossiping fucking sucks
  139. moxie01/07/2018
  140. it was mostly about roe's identity bc they were previously tati
  141. so id been concerned for roe bc alma told lynne
  142. who roe was
  143. so i was like idk if you want people knowing who you are
  144. medjed.01/07/2018
  145. i remember a tati
  146. moxie01/07/2018
  147. that was it..and lynne alma and tati got toegether
  148. and all were liek WE'RE TOO OLD FOR THIS DRAMA XD
  149. and then
  150. proceeded to create drama over it
  151. and blcoked me..
  152. bc they used me as a scapegoat.
  153. LMAO
  154. medjed.01/07/2018
  155. hm...;;
  156. this is why gossiping is bad...
  157. moxie01/07/2018
  158. ik
  159. medjed.01/07/2018
  160. and i know we gossip sometimes... like now
  161. moxie01/07/2018
  162. im telling you about stuff that involves me
  163. so i dont mind
  164. medjed.01/07/2018
  165. I KNOW
  166. but yeah, this is exactly why i wouldnt run to ashe or anyone else
  167. moxie01/07/2018
  168. i just dont want people spreading rumours about me
  169. LMAO
  170. i know.
  171. medjed.01/07/2018
  172. if you dont mind me asking
  173. what do they have on you?
  174. moxie01/07/2018
  175. i only asked bc i know you know them - and i was wondering if youd seen anthing off
  176. who jenn??
  177. nothing..basically telling people im insane
  178. LMAO
  179. medjed.01/07/2018
  180. any of them, i guess
  181. moxie01/07/2018
  182. nothing..literally nothing
  183. medjed.01/07/2018
  184. cus the way she talked to you on um
  185. moxie01/07/2018
  186. they just think i'm psychotic
  187. i told jenn about roe being a swer
  188. medjed.01/07/2018
  189. that pm, it seemed like she had like major dirt on you
  190. moxie01/07/2018
  191. no she doesnt LMFAO
  192. medjed.01/07/2018
  193. swer?
  194. moxie01/07/2018
  195. sex worker
  196. medjed.01/07/2018
  197. ... who cares
  198. moxie01/07/2018
  199. id been confiding in jenn about it
  200. bc i was worried about tati/roe
  201. and tati finding out about that made her hurt
  202. btu yeah she dirt on me
  203. ive literally done nothing wrong
  204. LMAO
  205. i just told on them for gossiping
  206. and they turned against me for "snitching"
  207. when it was innocuous
  208. jenn tries to paint me as obsessive/creepy
  209. bc in our relationship roe and i had issues wit jealousy and deceit -- roe catfished me etc.
  210. but that was between us
  211. and id blow up at roe in ange
  212. r
  213. and jenn would like
  214. hear about it through me..
  215. medjed.01/07/2018
  216. i get it. ive been catfish too
  217. moxie01/07/2018
  218. and id talk about my anger issues
  219. with jenn
  220. so jenn twists it and makes it seem like im psychotic and obsessive
  221. when it was
  222. issues i had with roe bc they had lied to me so many times
  223. its just the typical type of thing where someone like
  224. only knows one side
  225. of a story and twists it
  226. ashe would dislike me bc jenn would tlel them i was abusive at roe
  227. abusive as in me having fights with roe
  228. but yeah..thats it..
  229. medjed.01/07/2018
  230. couples fights
  231. moxie01/07/2018
  232. jenn has nothing on me..ive never done anything wrong aside from weird misunderstandings
  233. yeah 9_9
  234. ashe is attached to roe though
  235. medjed.01/07/2018
  236. i would just stay away. it seems like you have better friends now anyways.
  237. moxie01/07/2018
  238. i do!!!
  239. i do...
  240. omfg.
  241. it stil sucks
  242. bc you somehow run into these people through otehrs
  243. medjed.01/07/2018
  244. yea dwrp is a small place
  245. but if me and jenn can co-exist
  246. you can too
  247. moxie01/07/2018
  248. mhm
  249. im surprised you can but jenn hated me way more
  250. LMFAO
  251. shed like bully me..
  252. and tell me shed make out with me
  253. and id be like
  254. medjed.01/07/2018
  255. girl
  256. moxie01/07/2018
  257. sweating and trying to change the topic..
  258. LMAO
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