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  1. Ouch [28|Sep 05:53 pm]: 91 not 71*
  2. Avenus [28|Sep 05:56 pm]:   his fault for playing 13h without relogging :/
  3. Crankshaft99 [28|Sep 06:02 pm]: sorry for lost but its long known its good if you relog 2-3h just in case.
  4. Thomy [28|Sep 06:13 pm]:    a crash's a crash, it's impossible to get back lost data. I'm sorry for it but it cannot be undone
  5. Reinout123 [28|Sep 10:07 pm]:   How long will dxp be on?
  6. The Return [29|Sep 06:52 am]:   todays night ot so
  7. Therapist [29|Sep 09:25 am]:    fruit cake
  8. Therapist [29|Sep 09:26 am]:   
  9. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:06 pm]:  I hope Thomy liked the data lost because it sure was damn fun to do it anyways
  10. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:07 pm]:  ty for ban, retard. you will get such attacks from now on, don't be surprised you cunt Thomy.
  11. Jp [29|Sep 12:07 pm]:   ?
  12. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:09 pm]:  oh, and Jp, you ugly ass-kisser. I don't know what you find good in helping thomy out
  13. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:09 pm]:  but he is cunt for sure
  14. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:10 pm]:  let that be start of all lessons coming his way
  15. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:10 pm]:  as to why he should listen to ppl who care about this server and don't want it to die.
  16. Jp [29|Sep 12:11 pm]:   yo wg
  17. Jp [29|Sep 12:11 pm]:   u do realize the yesterdays crash was an error in the code
  18. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:12 pm]:  As usual, Thomy has no fking idea whats coming for him
  19. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:12 pm]:  shut ur face cunt
  20. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:12 pm]:  u sure do like to talk a lot of shit for ugly ass-kisser
  21. Jp [29|Sep 12:13 pm]:   yes i'm the one raging in shoutbox every day ._.
  22. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:13 pm]:  u are in ded rsps
  23. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:13 pm]:  instead of doing something irl
  24. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:  such dissapointment of man
  25. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   and you're not here...?
  26. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:  waste hours on server that is full of cunts
  27. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   you act like that and wonder why nobody likes you
  28. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   like, why
  29. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:  nobody gives a shit about me
  30. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   what's the point
  31. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   bingo
  32. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:  if they gave they would contacted me long ago
  33. Jp [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:   does it have something to do with your attitude?
  34. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:14 pm]:  bingo ur ass outta here
  35. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  my attitude is based on other person behavior u cunt
  36. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  u treat me good i treat ya good
  37. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  u talk shit
  38. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  u get shit
  39. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  not other way around
  40. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:15 pm]:  for cunts like u
  41. Jp [29|Sep 12:16 pm]:   well you act like that towards everyone all the time? seems like your principle is not true at all?
  42. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:16 pm]:  still feeling "proud" to win over someone that is not here even?
  43. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:16 pm]:  the only not true thing is thomy being smarter than he looks
  44. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:17 pm]:  other than that i just dont believe in what shit cunts have to say
  45. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:17 pm]:  acting smart in rsps forum isn't one of the best irl skills u got, on ya mate, ye?
  46. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:18 pm]:  so unless u continue ass-kiss thomy
  47. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:18 pm]:  u are nothing but cunt
  48. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:18 pm]:  that goes for everyone who kisses his ass too.
  49. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:19 pm]:  dont forget to ban ltu as country with full list of ips they got
  50. Kosmodromas [29|Sep 12:19 pm]:  bet thomy ain't done this yet
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