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Oct 31st, 2011
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  1. Here's the current list of available scripting parameters (valid for this alpha ONLY, and will be extended with new options in new releases, for comprehensive list refer to [ping me to insert proper url here])
  3. Script Parameters
  4. =================
  5. The following are valid parameters for Script notifications:
  7. Global Parameters
  8. -----------------
  9. %type Event Type (these you can figure out pretty simple by putting "echo %type" in the script box in Notifications setup and performing various activities)
  10. %sskype Remote Skype Name (where applicable)
  11. %sname Remote Display Name (where applicable)
  13. Chat Messages
  14. -------------
  15. %smessage Chat Message
  17. File Transfers
  18. --------------
  19. %fpath File Path
  20. %fname File Name
  21. %fsize File Size (in bytes)
  22. %fprogress File Progress (in bytes)
  23. %fspeed File Speed (in bytes per second)
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