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  1. Say a one-word noun, concrete or abstract but very broad (Darkness, Joy, Food). Write it on a card and put it in the center.
  2. Roll a d6.
  3. If the result is ≥ the number of people who have spoken this round, the person to your left says a more specific variation on the previously spoken phrase (Darkness Under Beds, Joyous Memories, Cereal) and rolls again.
  4. Otherwise, the most recent speaker writes the phrase on a card. If they are already Attuned, they pass it to the left until it reaches someone who is not. This is now their Attunement.
  5. Repeat until everyone is Attuned. Initial noun choice proceeds to the right.
  7. Everyone writes three "I can..." Abilities on their card - one that CREATES your Attunement, one that TRANSFORMS instances of it, and one that PERCEIVES things related to it.
  9. Shuffle the center cards and choose one at random. That card is the Attunement of a corrupted Incarnation. The person who wrote that card is the scene-setter, and describes the Incarnation's evil plan. The rest of the people describe how they use their Abilities to foil it, and may ask clarifying questions. Repeat twice more.
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