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  1. '''What is “Walking”?'''
  3. A decentralized strategy for networking with local anons anonymously IRL.
  5. '''Why Walk?'''
  7. Walking allows normally isolated anons to meet with little risk, make friends, and to organize locally.
  9. '''How does it work?'''
  11. '''Step 1:''' On the specified date, wear a plain white shirt and any style of hat. Wearing these clothes on this specific day serves to identify you at a glance to other participating anons while also providing absolute plausible deniability if needed.
  13. '''Step 2:''' Go to the local place that best corresponds to the OP’s suggestion. Locations might include:
  15. >Most popular park
  17. >The sidewalk outside Town Hall
  19. >Downtown’s fanciest tavern
  21. This improves the odds of anons meeting without naming any specific location, making a honeypot or ambush virtually impossible.
  23. '''Step 3:''' If you see another person wearing a white shirt and hat, say hello and drop some hints about /pol/ culture. If they don’t understand, assume they’re not an anon. If they do, congratulations! You probably just met a friendly anon.
  25. That’s it! Feel free to exchange contact information, meet up for coffee later, go find more anons, whatever. It’s up to you how to interact with your newfound compatriots.
  27. '''March Walk Schedule'''
  29. March is winding up, so endure the last few weeks of winter thawing in your local comfy library.
  31. '''Location:''' Your largest library at or around it’s first-level public reading area.
  33. '''Days:''' March 23rd and 30th
  35. '''Time:''' 1:11pm – 4:44pm
  37. '''Hints:'''
  39. >Pick the largest, most open reading area your Library has. It’s usually located on the first level and might even oversee the entrance.
  41. >Perfect opportunity to read some necessary literature. Pick something an anon might recognize if you want.
  43. >Not finding any anons? Stroll around the library periodically and see if they might be in a different reading area.
  45. // Post the following in a reply
  47. '''Common Concerns'''
  49. >“Hey, isn’t this another Online Meetup thread? This is a honeypot!”
  51. Walks take all identifying actions and locations offline. With all meeting places being public, no illegal activities being conducted, meetups occurring literally anywhere, and your identifying outfit being non-distinguishing from the average person, the risk of a honeypot operation is nearly non-existent.
  53. >“What if Antifa wears a white shirt to get me!?”
  55. First, use /pol/-tier humor. Seriously. A true anon will very often enjoy /pol/ humor and faking legitimate amusement is very difficult. Normies who respond positively might also be good for redpilling anyway. Feel uneasy about someone’s response? Just disengage and use your plausible deniability. Trust your gut, it’s right most of the time.
  57. Second, don’t be a massive pussy. If in the rare chance an Antifa was brave enough to take off the ninja shit and attack you let alone find you in all the possible locations you might be, onlookers would see it only as an unprovoked and unjustified attack on an innocent person. In fact, if subversives become paranoid about all people who wear white shirts and hats, they’ll likely attack normies as well or even each other. And remember, Antifa have weak upper body strength due to their soy-filled diets. You can take a punch from one if you needed to and use it as an opportunity to punish them in legal and justified fashion.
  59. >“You’re just a glownigger trying to get me v&. I know your tricks!”
  61. There is no organization on Earth that has the resources to post subversive agents at every potential park, library, city hall, or other general location in Western countries to maybe-possibly find a guy in a white shirt and hat who is participating in this and at the same time interesting enough to justify the cost. It simply is impractical. What would be more practical is shilling fear of this idea on certain imageboards to convince anons not to participate. If you want extra security, leave your cellphone at home and stay off similar devices while out on your completely legal and innocent Walk.
  63. >“But my city has many parks and sidewalks. Where should I go in [Insert City]?”
  65. Go about your day and visit well-trafficked areas that correspond to the OP’s location suggestion around the specified times. Other anons may or may not select the same place or time, but participate enough and eventually you’ll encounter one another. It takes just one handshake to forge a lifelong connection. Keep that in mind.
  67. >“So I’m just going to wander around and hope I see someone? Sounds boring.”
  69. Bring a book. Get some exercise. Chat with strangers. Clean up some trash. Shitpost on your phone. Breathe fresh air. Amuse yourself while on location like a normal person and keep an eye out for other anons. Just remember your purpose is to meet anons. The rest is just bonus.
  71. >“I can’t make it to the suggested location. I guess I’ll just not do anything then…”
  73. You can still participate by wearing the outfit. The location and time suggestion are to help improve the odds of meeting another anon, but by simply wearing the outfit on that day in places with other people you have a chance to find a fellow anon. On that day if you see someone with a white shirt and hat, try chatting with them. They might be an anon who couldn’t make it to the place either.
  75. >“This sounds cool! I’m going to bring my kekistani flag and preach about Hitler and-”
  77. No you won’t. The point of a Walk is to blend in and not be noticed by anyone but other anons. Acting in ways that draw attention to yourself defeats the purpose, and no other serious anon will associate with your bullshit.
  79. // Post the following in a second reply
  81. '''Common Concerns Cont.'''
  83. >“What if that complete faggot above tries to talk to me?”
  85. Simple: Use your plausible deniability. No anon needs to associate with anyone they don’t want to, and feigning ignorance is made possible by your common outfit. To improve your chances of making good connections, don’t act like a complete faggot. Likewise, don’t spill your guts to the anons you meet. They don’t need to know your mother’s maiden name to go meet you for coffee later.
  87. >“Are we going to march around? You know, ‘do something’ about ‘things’?”
  89. Not while you’re Walking. The goal is to blend in and meet other anons. That’s it. Leave the marching and postering and whatever other entirely legal campaigns you have in mind for another day, in different clothes, with your newfound compatriots. Don’t compromise a Walk by doing attention-attracting things while on it, and ignore those that do.
  91. >“Is this /pol/’s new uniform? More fucking kaki’s and polos?”
  93. No, this is not a uniform. The combination of clothing doesn’t matter. What matters is wearing a specific outfit on a certain day that allows other anons to recognize you. These clothes do not represent /pol/, membership to any group, or signify anything beyond normal clothing. They can change anytime. White shirts are just cheap and common, and so are hats.
  95. >“But I’m a poorfag who doesn’t have a white shirt or hat…”
  97. Then buy what you need, or make due with what you have. The shirt can be any style (long-sleeves, coat, tank top, etc) so long as it is white, and the hat can be any color or style so long as you have one on your head or with you. Remember, gentlemen take their hats off while in a building.
  99. >“This outfit seems TOO common. Can I differentiate myself further?”
  101. Yes, to an extent. Common accessories might be a briefcase, a redpilled book, a phone with memes on it, and that sort of common-yet-uncommon accessory that you can have plausible deniability for. But do not wear things that are too conspicuous. No swastikas or Pepe’s or anything that a normie might point you out of a crowd over.
  103. >“I think this is legitimate, but how do I ensure I don’t get doxed or v&?”
  105. Act completely normal. Don’t advocate, discuss, or do illegal things. When you encounter a potential anon, use humor and memes that only a /pol/ack would know about. If they genuinely recognize and enjoy it and can joke back, they’re unlikely to be a subversive. If questioned about your outfit or approached by someone you don’t like, say you’re just wearing what you threw on this morning. Maintain plausible deniability.
  107. >“I met an anon, thread! His name is Joe Moron and we met at Bill’s Tavern in Bumfuck, Wisconson to discuss a solution about the Je-”
  109. Don’t ruin it with specifics. Meeting other anons is exciting, but don’t give away specific locations, names, or anything like that. Maintain anonymity online over this stuff. The most specific you should ever get is to say which city you met an anon in, but more than that is unnecessary. Just say how well it went and anything else without giving away specific locations.
  111. >“Oh… so I shouldn’t say anything about anything that happens on a Walk online?”
  113. You can, just don’t compromise the location or online anonymity of yourself or others. However, reporting that you’ve met other anons and how your Walk went in general terms is an excellent motivation to other anons. So definitely do that. Posting is not necessary to making a Walk work though. Remember that lurkers outnumber posters a hundred to one, and they may be participating quietly themselves.
  115. >“What’s the point of this then?”
  117. To allow anons to network locally. Local organizations are necessary for any political action, but this is also a way to meet likeminded people and forge new relationships. Walking preserves full anonymity online while allowing real life associations to form between anons and thereby facilitate all future beneficial campaigns and operations that will be necessary for the good of our societies.
  119. >“But what if I’m alone…?”
  121. You’re not. Anons are everywhere. Even if you don’t find an anon for a few Walks, just be persistent and promote this idea. Have the balls to give it a try and encourage others to do so too, and sooner or later you will find people who share your views. You’re not alone, wherever you are. You are not alone.
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