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  1. The match begins with Rin and Widow in the ring. Right off the bat, Widow starts taking it to Rin, seemingly emotionlessly picking the bunny-clad girl apart. Apparently not ready for this kind of spitfire offense, Rin desperately reaches for a hot tag to Kirigir, who answers the call and starts cleaning up shop... Until Cammy manages to do the same, coming in and locking Kirigiri in a vice-like headscissors, nearly choking her out! Kirigiri manages to escape and tag in a somewhat recovered Rin, who manages some good offense, until Cammy gets her partner back in, who starts going ballistic (nat 100), beating Rin down. It's then that Rin's eyes go blank, and an otherworldly prescense can be felt...
  3. Suddenly, Rin begins to move about with increased clarity, dishing out damage she was previously unable to. Widow gets the tag but Cammy can't deal with this, either... But Rin can't fight two of them off herself, and soon finds herself on the receiving end of the tandem's tag-team offense. Sooner than later Tohsaka-chan finds herself reaching for another tag, but is unable to make one for quite some time as she takes a beating, nearly going down for a three-count before Kirgiri can barely manage to break it up. Shortly after, Rin breaks away and tags her partner in, who finds herself overwhelmed too, and likewise is nearly defeated were it not for the desperate movements of her partner.
  5. After a short pep-talk in the corner, the two begin to work in better tandem with one another, and manage to get some offense in, little by little beginning to work as a unit (and getting some strange looks from Widow who rolls a 78). After a successive chain of takedowns and near falls, Black and White find themselves cornered, the tables turned.
  7. This doesn't last long, however, and soon both teams begin fighting back and forth, near fall after near fall, signature move one after another. Kirigiri finds herself in a precarious position, locked in a knee bar that pushes her to her breaking point, reflexively raising her hand to tap out but only narrowly avoiding defeat as her partner springboards into action, decimating Widow and sending her sprawling for a tag! Both teams manage to reach their partners and roll out of the ring, exhausted. Rin and Ms. White are left in the ring and duke it out until finally Rin goes up high! Springboard forearm, HARE RAISER, hits dead-on!
  9. 1... 2... 3! Rin picks up the win!
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