wtf shane

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  1. → Shane
  2. Pussy.
  3. ← Shane
  4.       No. He's already on his way out.
  5. → Shane
  6. paused in retreat to look at him, arms crossing over chest. Come on then. Let's see it.
  7. ← Shane
  8.       nevermind that, it's tiny.
  9. ← Shane
  10.       she should see his cock.
  11. → Shane
  12. he was the world's biggest idiot.
  13. ← Shane
  14.       stayed where he stood. Is. So. FUCKING. In. Love. Will have to tell Juro and Nate about this. Or should he? Maybe he should leave it as a surprise. Commence the scheming.
  15. → Shane
  16. hazel orbs flickered at the jubilation in his voice, akin to one winning the lottery. Cal hadn't figured Shane would actually be into whatever it was she just did. Nor had she counted on the fact she kinda liked it. "..Not if you were the last man on earth," pushed shoulder against his as she went to make her way past him.
  17. ← Shane
  18.       wanted more. So so so much more. But-- Shane wasn't going to push his luck. "YES MA'AM." A nod before picking himself back up. Scratched at his ear. "So you're into me. Huh?" Probably not.
  19. → Shane
  20. this went on for a few minutes, just long enough to guarantee a miniature tenting in his jeans. A rough shove given directly after, to separate them. Probably one of the nicer forms of humiliation she could do to him.. "Alright, you good?"
  21. ← Shane
  22.       wouldn't know that. He wouldn't even think that. For fuck's sake, his face was buried in between her thighs. Was he supposed to just ignore that fact? Of course not. Maybe occasionally, he tried to bite at the material, just to have some sense of victory from the rough-on-tongue feel of her jeans. What the FUCK was going on? He liked it though.
  23. → Shane
  24. first off, is fucking around.. completely harmless. Second? It's Shane Dougal, as if she would fuck him. Smirked at how eagerly he buried his face between denim clad thighs, would permit a rhythm to build.. effectively humping his stupid face. It was definitely better when he wasn't speaking at all.
  25. ← Shane
  26.       First of all? Kian does NOT approve of this in any way, shape, or form. Second? Shane thinks this is the hottest thing since Juro fucked that Scandinavian chick. Buries his face in her jeans.
  27. → Shane
  28. eased closer fingers taking firm grip of his hair and jerking head towards the coveted crease between thighs, denim preventing him from actually enjoying it. Proceeded to rub his face there, in a rough but sensual manner.
  29. ← Shane
  30.       quickly does it. YES MA'AM.
  31. → Shane
  32. hands behind your back.
  33. ← Shane
  34.       just fucking does it.
  35. → Shane
  36. on your knees then.
  37. ← Shane
  38.       only for you, baby.
  39. → Shane
  40. eyebrow lift. Is he.. a masochist?
  41. ← Shane
  42.       will praise her when that happen. Please, be meaner. It's hot.
  43. → Shane
  44. that could take quite a bit of time. His knees will give out first.
  45. ← Shane
  46.       Will remain in front of her, at least until he's the only face she sees.
  47. → Shane
  48. face palm. No.
  49. ← Shane
  50.      Or a drink.
  51. → Shane
  52. ...Are you trying to pay me for sexual favors?
  53. ← Shane
  54.       theoretically
  55. ← Shane
  56.      How much, theoretically,for a kiss?
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