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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa
  2. At that same medical tent, but in a different time. The quiet before the storm, before the big battle. There was a huge flurry of activity as Koeru Mura was preparing for the fight of their lives. And in this moment, a certain white haired samurai, dressed for war in his purple light armor, entered a tent that was freshly set up and marked with a medical sign. He was unwounded, barring the white bandages one could still see at his wrists, but he still had urgent business within.
  3. Asahina Kairi
  4. Kairi moved around the tent, making sure there was enough supplies all around.  Of course there wasn't but she tried to arrange everything on such a way that what supplies she did have on hand could be used most efficiently.  Her apron was clean for now, as was the bonnet she wore to cover her hair.  Movement out of the corner of her eye made her stop and turn. "Kuro-kun, do you need something?  You aren't hurt already, are you?"
  5. Shinjo Kurosawa
  6. His eyes lit up; searching time was over. Why was he not doing his duty though? Because it was not yet time, the animals attacked near the evening. He strode over, trying to look professional and stately. He carried his helmet under his arm and he bowed when he got closer. "Kairi..." his eyes leveled to her face. This was his fault. She should not have been here and yet he always spoke that she should go out more. But now he could not help but worry. "No, no. I am fine." A hand set the helmet onto a nearby desk, his fingers idly strumming the top of it. "I will be assigned a post soon, and I wished to check up on you. How are the accomodations here?"
  7. Asahina Kairi
  8. Before she responded she gave him a once over.  She wasn't much for weapons and armor, but a lot could be said about how it made a samurai look.  Her hands idly tightened the strings on her apron.  "I'm fine, it's quiet now of course.  There's never enough of everything but I will make do, I always do.  I......hope I don't see you here later." She was of course referring to Kuro's knack for winding up injured.
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. A smile broke through his face, the serious On gone for a moment; the tension and nervousness had been building inside of him like a storm, so even her amusing remark cut through it all like a light in the darkness. "I will be back, Kairi. But do not save me a bed, I will walk." He caught notice of her fidgeting, and he would aim to take one of her hands into his own, to try and still it with his firm grasp. Not very Crane-ly of him, unfortunately. "I wished to ask something of you, if you would be willing to answer." His voice was steady and calming, despite his upcoming question beginning to worry him.
  11. Asahina Kairi
  12. Her free hand went to the bonnet covering her hair.  She looked down at first, but then she took a slight step forward so his face wouldn't be as blurry.  "I have been honest with you since the beginning.  Ask me anything."
  13. Shinjo Kurosawa
  14. Ahem. He cleared his throat. "I remember my vow to you. And I intend to make good on it, to ease your burdens." His heart beat quickened when she got even closer now. "I have many duties, at Kyuden Ashinagabachi. But many of them I have brought upon myself. I would instead, I wish to learn from you. To learn the art of medicine, to heal the sick and the wounded. Would you be willing teach a simple bushi as myself?"
  15. Asahina Kairi
  16. That was not what she was expecting.  Actually, she didn't know what she was expecting to be asked, but it wasn't that.  "Of course I will.  I would teach anyone.  Are you looking to step away from danger?" Her question was hopeful though she knew the answer already.
  17. Shinjo Kurosawa
  18. He squeezed her hand, his fingers intertwining with her own. Definitely wasn't a Unicorn style handshake here. "I am honored, to be the newest disciple of the greatest healer in the resistance." His tone was serious and yet his eyes twinkled at hers with delight. But at her next response they dimmed down slightly, and he slowly shook his head side to side. "I could not." He said softly. "Before, a long time ago, I also made a vow to another, that I would serve the resistance with every fiber of my being. I could not deny our side a willing warrior." Sometimes, he was dutiful. Sometimes.
  19. Asahina Kairi
  20. "I know.  I am too hopeful sometimes." The feeling of his hand in her own sent goosebumps up her arms.  It was a good thing she was covered from ankles to neck in preparation of the wounded being brought to her, otherwise her reaction would be obvious. "I am still learning too, I must warn you.  Hopefully you don't learn too fast and outpace me." She chuckled at that.
  21. Shinjo Kurosawa
  22. Her chuckle was adorable to his ears, pure and kind. He would store the memory of it in his heart, to aid him against the ever tumultuous storm within his soul. "My sensei was eccentric, but he proclaimed that I was a prodigy among his students." His smile returned, but small. "Maybe I will become a prodigy under you as well, a person you may find worthy of bragging about. But I could never surpass someone with such mastery as yourself. You are far too skilled."
  23. Asahina Kairi
  24. Now her cheeks reddened at the praise.  She wasn't quite sure where to look, it was hard to look right at him but she figured that what she should be doing.  Her eyes kept drifting to one of the cots or to a group of bottles just off to the side.  "Thank you.  That is good to know though, it means I don't have to go easy on you.  I will expect greatness from you then." She felt hot.  It was probably all of the layers she was wearing.
  25. Shinjo Kurosawa
  26. Unconsciously, he took a small step forward to her, likely taking up even more of her field of vision. How close were they now? Very. "Whatever you throw at me, I will endure. And for you, I will be the greatest." His voice was practically a whisper, although he would hope that she did not reward failure with a punishment of an involuntary fasting in the desert as his old sensei was known to do. "So, when will my first lessons begin, Kairi?" That eagerness to learn from his old pre-gempukku days was already bubbling to the surface once again.
  27. Asahina Kairi
  28. She almost didn't hear what he said when he moved closer to her.  The clarity of his features was appreciated as she preferred not to squint to make his face out.  It was something she figured she wouldn't have to keep doing, her eyesight would get better.  Or at least she believed so.  "After this coming battle.  Think of it as incentive to come back in one piece.  The more injured you are, the longer out the start of your lessons will be." There, finally.  Her eyes met his.  "Being your teacher......adds another layer to.....well.....any possible......" She pointed at herself then pointed at Kuro.
  29. Shinjo Kurosawa
  30. "I will return immediately after the fighting is over, for I fear there will be many injured and wounded. You'll need all the assistance you can get, and I shall attempt to provide you with some. I will not be late." He'd seen people wrap bandages before, his own for the most part. Maybe all his observation would be useful in the future. He had only blacked out once from all his wounds. Steel hues locked into her softer brown gaze and he pondered what she could mean. "It would add another layer to our... relationship?" He spoke the last word in a whisper, for even in Koeru Mura the trees might have had ears. This place was a hellhole full of twisted taint creatures. But was layers a bad thing?
  31. Asahina Kairi
  32. The words didn't come to her at first so she just looked at him.  How was she supposed to explain everything?  It wasn't that she didn't want to, it was that she didn't know how.  "Well....I suppose.  Though I don't know what...." again she pointed to her then to him "  Teacher and student.  Doctor and patient.  Priestess and bushi.  That is all obvious."
  33. Shinjo Kurosawa
  34. She was the smarter one; how did she not know what they were? It wasn't as if Kurosawa knew, he was a damnable fool. He peered at her fingers as she gestured and his eyes became thoughtful. "You are mine. And I will be yours." Was there such a word for that? Maybe the Ikoma had one. "You shall be my sensei, my priestess. And I will be your kouhai, your warrior." He would lean in closer now, the tip of his nose brushing against hers. "Is my logic sound?"
  35. Asahina Kairi
  36. A shiver ran up her spine.  "Sound logic.  But...." Her voice was a whisper. "....wasn't there a meeting with a nakodo?  How could you be mine if you will be someone else's?"
  37. Shinjo Kurosawa
  38. For one of the first times, someone dared refer to Kurosawa as logical. Not reckless or foolish. This really was the darkest timeline. "I met with her." His voice was uncertain. "They ignored my request of challenge from before and did not bring up marriage; but instead they have requested my service as a yojimbo for one of their own." He was still unsure what that would bring about, exactly. It was a most heavy thought to ponder upon.
  39. Asahina Kairi
  40. "Interesting.  Perhaps they are letting you dangle for longer before taking you away."  That caused her to look down and away.  She had been given something few others had and once the shock had died down she knew that it wasn't going to be as easy as it sounded.  This just proved it.  "Your yojimbo services seem to be in high demand.  Where does the line end so that I can line up?"
  41. Shinjo Kurosawa
  42. A wince. Surely they would not be so cruel? But in his mind now the idea began to bubble and murmur in his skull. He opened his mouth to protest, that he would never let such a thing happen. But he couldn't say it. He'd been so headstrong the first time, if he did it again surely the Phoenix would have to take action against him. "My heart, wherever it goes, will always be yours." A sad smile broke across his face before he turned away, something must've got in his eyes. Maybe this time he would be able to keep that promise for forever.
  44. The yojimbo remark he was sure was supposed to be in jest, but he seemed down now. "It is a mystery. I did not place well in any tournaments. Agasha-sama must have remembered me from a mission." Although he turned to her and tried to smile. "If such a line exists, surely I would bring you to the front, Kairi. You have never asked before, however."
  45. Asahina Kairi
  46. She wasn't sure what to do with his words.  His heart was hers.  She felt like a hug was in order, but they were still quite out in the open.  She had not felt like this even with the man she was supposed to marry all those years ago.  But that would have been a marriage to strengthen the bonds between to families, it was nothing like the situation she was in now.  "I don't think I require one, I hardly travel outside the walls of the castle.  Besides, thirty screaming children is deterrent enough for most situations."  She danced around what he said earlier, choosing to lighten the mood a bit with some humor.  But the words and feelings made her want to just say what she felt.
  47. Shinjo Kurosawa
  48. Oh how he longed to just reach out and pull her into him, to escape from his trouble and woes and lose himself in the moment. But he resisted; it was daytime, unlike the late night of his first scandalous action. He rubbed at his eyes, blinking hard and bringing his focus back. He could not allow his grief to overwhelm him now. In due time, maybe he could explain. But not now. "Next time you go out, grant me notice. I will gladly serve as your guard, until I no longer can by duty." He smiled at her at the mention of the children. "They do not scream hard enough, Kairi. They may need more training, for Yashiro-san and Temujin-sama were unphased by them." A small laugh, genuine at least.
  49. [ In case it becomes relevant, spending a void point to refocus after reminder of lost love. ]
  50. Asahina Kairi
  51. "Oh, the children are too well behaved now?  I know what I must do then."  She laughed in return, her hand returned to the strings of her apron.  She needed something to do with her hand besides resting it on Kuro's chest, something she wanted to do instead.  "I will be sure to find you then.  As for now, I was surprised to find the hospital tent was given a guard detail.  Though if the situation turns dire I expect them to be called away."
  52. Shinjo Kurosawa
  53. "I hope I learn as fast as they do; you have taught them well. So well, in fact that I almost dare say I wish to be a teacher of children too." She was fidgeting again; but he knew not why. Worry? But he breathed a short sigh of relief; she would be safe, hopefully, with a contingent of guards around her. "Perhaps by the time you need of me, I will be easier to find within your infirmary, and you will not have to look far."
  54. Asahina Kairi
  55. "It sounds like you are looking to take all of my duties then." Another laugh, just short of a snort.  "Let the reason you are here again not be because you are in one of these cots." She stopped messing with the strings of her apron and instead reached into her sleeve.  A small piece of cloth was wrapped around something, though it was hard to make out what it was.  She unwrapped what turned out to be a small comb and mirror.  Those she set aside, the piece of cloth was what she was really after.  "Will you keep this with you, so that some piece of me will be with you even when we are apart?  I know it is not much....." The small rectangle of cloth was plain except for the characters of her chosen name.
  56. Shinjo Kurosawa
  57. He laughed with her, a light and airy laugh; if he took over her teaching duties the children were surely doomed. The thought was simply far too outrageous and surreal, which made it hilarious. But his laughing eased up slightly as he observed her wondering what was she up to. The sight of a mirror reminded him of a certain grim duty that he had been neglecting as of late, but her words easily snapped him back. She wanted him to have her cloth. Oh how he wanted it more than anything.
  59. "I could not take such a precious and wondrous memento from you, Kairi." That's how bad he wanted it.
  60. Asahina Kairi
  61. That got a serious look from her.  "I appreciate the formalities, but there is no need to refuse. really don't want it." That was not good, her mind started to spiral, maybe Kuro didn't want it, maybe he didn't want anything of hers, maybe he didn't want to be reminded of her.
  62. Shinjo Kurosawa
  63. It seemed no matter what, he was always doomed to never be graceful or get these things right. Awareness 3 wasn't enough. "That was not my intention at all," he replied so, so quickly. His face flushed red with crimson embarrassment. "Forgive me, for even now I still am a fool in etiquette." He bowed his head in apology. "It will become my most prized possession, Kairi, if you forgive my error and permit me to accept it."
  64. Asahina Kairi
  65. "Of course.  I apologize, but between us there is no need to be so polite.  We can just be who we are." That was easier said than done for her, but she had been and would continue to be honest with Kuro.  "It would make me happy to know you have that with you."  She smiled big, the happiness on her face evident and genuine. "I.....I should get back to preparing here.  I never look forward to the wounded, but I will make sure I am ready nonetheless.  Please be careful." She withdrew her hand from his and placed both of them on his chest.  Of course she acted like she was making sure his armor was snug, something she knew nothing about.  Maybe it was convincing?
  66. Shinjo Kurosawa
  67. To simply be who he was. That was the dream, someday. He gently took the cloth and stored it in a pouch sewn on the inside of his kimono, right over his heart. He brought his face up and upon seeing her smile, well he longed for his father's artistic talent. He would have immortalized such a beautiful image in a heartbeat if he could draw or paint. At least he could hold this memory in his heart and mind. A nod; he would indeed be careful. For her sake, above all else. "Please be safe as well, Kairi." He brought his hands up, as if to remove her hands from his breastplate, but instead left them on top of hers for a moment. Kurosawa's gaze rose up and he began to say something---
  69. A loud, horrifying, bloody roar rang out through the village as the words escaped his lips but drowned him out entirely. His eyes widened and he quickly pulled away. It was showtime. Before he left, he stood at the doorway and glanced  backwards, to see her one more, but hopefully not the last, time. And then he was gone.
  70. ((TN5 awareness to read his lips for what he said during the scream, unless you have the read lips advantage.))
  71. Asahina Kairi
  72. (13, I absolutely must know :wink: )
  73. Shinjo Kurosawa
  74. He said "I love you."
  75. [/scene]
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