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  1. [22:06] {NARRATION} [For the two newer players. This is a Chance of Injury event. You can get INJURED. THAT'S BAD.]
  3. The rugged plans of Craftdawnia. Once inhabited by Atl Invaders, racist old grandmas, and even vampires. Now? It's a ghost town. Nothing to see - and nothing to do. A terrible fate for any young child.
  5. Yet Wilde was the exception. A brave adventurer and possible feral psychopath. They've decided to follow the rumblings from the ground. To hunt after an ancient Acorn Nature Spirit. Said to give blessings to those who are worthy.
  8. They arrive at its last known location. Slightly forested, mostly plains. It's a nice cool day.
  9. [22:09] During the entire time, Declan had his head in his book and his feet on the ground, simply following the children here and even acting like a parent-figure in it. However, when they group stopped, he stopped. His book goes to the side and he looks around, feeling the breeze on his face and a smile coming.
  11. "What a beautiful, cool day, is it not?" he said while looking back at the group. "Surely, NOTHING could go wrong, right?" He was ready for the worse, but not ready for what may come. However, who could tell when he kept that same happy smile on his face, that damn false-confidence will get him killed.
  12. (Declan)
  13. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. [22:10] As she followed her friend Wilde into what seemed to be unknown land she called her friend Flappy to her side and looked around at everyone present. She then puts her hand above her eyes to better scope out the surroundings.
  18. "Looks deserted"
  20. She said with a matter-o-fact tone in her voice.
  21. (Aqua)
  22. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  24. [22:10] All she had was her twig! Literally, that was all she had- and she may or may not be thinking of hunting said acorn nature spirit.
  26. Which on its own was a terrible idea.
  28. But she only recalled something from her dreams. Nothing more, and nothing less. The Thulile tribeswoman scratching at the corners of her shamanistic mask, the idol of her 'Mother of Rot' slung around her neck. The upper half that of a dryad, whilst the lower was that of a serpent- not unlike that of Eiphraem Kang.
  30. Save for the feminine carving and the much more brighter palette.
  32. "..Wha-.. Hsshh.. No, hhhnn.. Hunting! Isss hunting, not out for SSSTROLL! Ggghh.."
  34. Declan may not see it, but there was a quiet roll of her eyes from beneath her mask. The ebb and flow of nature slowly but surely following the rumblings along the ground.
  36. "Not enough treesss.. Will fix, after hunt.."
  38. Even Event Island wasn't safe from the normal child with tree-bent tendencies.
  39. (Wilde)
  40. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  42. [22:12] Xeno was going through the forest before he noticed the group, As he walked up to the group he only knew aqua but said nothing about their relationship. They mentioned about going on an hunt and Xeno was interested and wanted to come and see what adventures was Aqua facing . As Xeno followed the group he stayed on guard and his vision was clear for all things, he was really just waiting for orders.
  43. (Xeno)
  44. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. [22:12] Felix had come prepared.
  48. And by prepared that meant no weapon, no armor, not anything actually useful for a hunt. Aside from his bandit sash pulled tightly across his eyes and the sugar sticks in his pocket, the boy had really just followed Wilde and the others into the forest on this hunt because it was more exciting than anything Dawn could have offered.
  50. Once out amidst the trees he offered everyone there own sugar stick, though he promised himself he wouldn't be passing out extras if any of these guys didn't know how to appreciate a good candy snack when they saw one. "You're only gettin' one. So don't ask for another unless I'm offerin'. And even then.. don't ask." With a soft bite down on his own sugar stick, he took out a small fraction of the treat before trudging onward with the company.
  51. (Felix Tval)
  52. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  54. [22:14] Wilde immediately starts chewing on the sugar stick that Felix gave her. That didn't last long.
  55. (Wilde)
  56. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  58. [22:16] {NARRATION} As a critique, Declan is reading a book during a perfectly sunny day. Who does that?
  60. But yes, as some have noted. It's empty. There's not enough trees. Something that bothered Wilde quite a bit! But it's all expected. They are legally insane. At least to me, maybe not to everyone else who had gathered for the hunt.
  62. The party strolls south, entering into a more open area. All while eating candy and sugar, wow this was going to be awful for whoever they run into.
  65. Maybe this will please some of you. Slowly the plains turn into a forest. Trees on every side. Shrubs! Bushes! What's the difference???
  67. Whatever it is, that's not important. Could you all do /roll
  69. [22:19] {NARRATION} Most of you are a bit daft, blind, and possibly deaf? The bushes rumble and one by one an army pops out.
  71. An army of Bablines.
  74. They get a drop on most of the party! Wilde, Xeno, and Felix have rocks flying right at them.
  76. Aqua? She's a bit more aware. Capable of avoiding the initial barrage.
  78. Declan however! He knows what's coming. Maybe reading books does SOME good after all. The rocks come, and he can easily call out to warn the others.
  81. Whatever happens after this? They still got a shit ton of angry Bablines.
  82. [22:22] His ears twitched. What the fuck was that? Oh shit, oh fuck.
  84. Was it the sound of regular people coming to greet them?
  86. Or, was it the sound of a wild boar coming?
  88. His ear twitched and his eye wandered over, brown hues glaring at the distance as he started to smile. Only then did he shut his book and stored it in his chest pocket. Real shit was truly, really going down and they had to be warned.
  90. Putting his hands together, he manipulated the wind into a quick, swift clap that utilized the wind to make a wonderful sound to alert them. However, if that didn't work, he lets out a simple scream of worry.
  92. Ahem.
  95. (Declan)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. [22:23] "Yeah, Thanks meanie man."
  100. Noticing the Bablines and the rocks flying towards them. Realizing she had the time to evade the barrage she was rather nimble. As she ran, jumped, and rolled avoiding the would be damaging rocks that would bring harm to her being. She looked towards her friends hoping no harm would come to them.
  101. (Aqua)
  102. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  104. [22:24] Where the Praires began to bleed into a forest, she was utterly distracted! Shovel out in preparation as she starts- oh god she was going to try to plant TREES to fix the 'lack of a forest' problem. It seems a proper ecosystem mattered little to the tiny Tribal, what did matter, was completely and utterly destroying a habitat to make it into a forest.
  106. Because, that's just what she did.
  108. At the Behest of her 'Mother of Rot and Growth'.
  110. She was midway through digging a hole when Declan shouted out and-
  112. Oh that was a lot of rocks! She tosses her shovel in the commotion and scatters, trying desperately to get out of the way!
  114. Which.. Might not have ended so great, actually.
  115. (Wilde)
  116. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  118. [22:26]
  119. As Declan yells about the bablines Xeno because more aware of the situation and starts to concentrate on his water magic. His body started to become more of pure mist, he did this so he couldn't be hit by the rocks. Xeno was sometimes good for the last minute moment's but the mist form could only last so long. if the barrage continued he would be in a tight situation.-
  120. (Xeno)
  121. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  123. [22:27] BABLINES.
  125. It was only when Declan shouted it that the young Tval spotted the rocks being chucked his way. Felix was little more than an amateur hydromancer, and so he knew he couldn't take the rapid fire head on. He ducked, dodged, tucked and rolled through the forest as he tried to close the gap between he and the bablines that were trying to pelt the hunters.
  127. "Oh damn--" he had expected Wilde's vines to take care of them like usual, but just by the sheer amount of pebbles coming their way, maybe there was more than anyone could actually manage alone. "Make sure to dodge!"
  128. (Felix Tval)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  131. [22:28] Thankfully, he saw it first, right? And just like the mist, he turned into it. He would successfully dodge those rocks and move around like it was nothing, however, not without sacrifice.
  133. The book was now on the floor; fuck.
  134. (Declan)
  135. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. [22:28] {NARRATION} Thanks to Declan, they managed to avoid a rocky surprise. Or, like, a rocky trip. Rocky relationship? Something rocky.
  139. But still, the Bablines leap (!!!) up from the bushes and move to attack. Defending their home from those who just might be looking to cut some trees.
  142. The paper trade has taken a toll.
  144. Prepare yourselves you have a minute.
  145. [22:31] {NARRATION} Oh god, he was too powerful. THe director retracts its existence.
  146. [22:32] Felix Tval whispers: (I NEED TO AFK real FAST 10 minutes go on without me
  147. [22:35] {NARRATION} But everything else was real, mostly.
  149. The bablines. Trying to do something but not having the mental capacity to do - ANYTHING. They'd dawdle about and, most of the time, run into eachother. Possibly exploding on contact.
  151. A few Acorns are gathered. A few Bablines run away crying. But Wilde has proven themselves as the Alpha Babline today. Great job!
  154. Sacrificing the well deserved round of applause is necessary, however. Some of the large brush was blown away in the fight! Revealing a Stone Cairn site. Three pillars of mix and matched stones stand tall above the youngsters. Each having a bowl sitting at its base.
  157. What else is there? Well thank you for asking. A small pond of water. A field of flowers, and just a big ol' pile of dirt.
  158. [22:40] First thing was first...
  160. Without a second thought she'd waddle over towards her shovel, pick it up, and start digging. This lasted a good several minutes as the tiny tribal was very, very adamant on putting at least a single tree in this barren plains. Eventually patting down the earth as a single vine prodded into the soil and a slow drip infusion of mana was pumped into the ground. A slow hum escaping her as she left the sapling to..
  162. Nurture naturally.
  164. Unless it'd just absolutely die in this disturbing CURSED ground. Which she would undoubtly come back to fix later.
  166. Maybe.
  167. Probably.
  168. Who knows!
  170. But after that display, the tiny pre-teen would waddle towards the nearby bowl and sit in front of it, staring into it, and then up towards the three pillars- and than towards the field of flowers, and the pond and the pile of dirt.
  172. ".. WE MUSSST.. PLANT! Yesss… D-..Dec..-D..Dede!" She'd point at Declan. "You.. Move earth, too uhh.. Bowl. Yesss."
  174. This was likely the wrong idea but she was already going off of what she thought was right.
  176. "I.. Bring Flower.. To bowl..? Than Aqua.. Watersss from pond!"
  178. What could possibly go wrong.
  179. She didn't even try to read any instructions!
  181. .. That might've been because she couldn't read.
  182. (Wilde)
  183. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  185. [22:45] "Me? Move Earth?" He tilted his head to the side and pondered it for a bit. As true as it was to move Earth, he could also manipulate the water in the pond to move, and utilize the wind to make it flow. However, he had a specific job, so that job will be done.
  187. But he was not going to do that, no. This seemed really too convenient, too easy, as if things could go wrong if things were not in the right place. He looks at the pond of water, and he looks at the dirt, and with a simple nod, he looks at Wilde.
  189. "This may be a trap, let's not move or touch anything, let's, instead, observe these pillars and see if they have any sort of symbols or records of it...and...if not?"
  191. A sigh.
  193. "Then I'm wrong and we move the dirt and the water, deal?"
  194. (Declan)
  195. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  197. [22:45] Wilde exclaims, "HNNNGHHH.. Fffinne hurry UP!"
  198. [22:45] Declan says, "Perfect, Wilde, take one - do not touch, I'll look at one, Aqua, you as well, and...blood boy."
  199. [22:45] Declan says, "You check one out as well."
  200. [22:47] Wilde does as Declan instructs...
  202. But if the markings on the pillars held nothing in terms of her tribes runic hieroglyphics, than she'd quickly lose interest.
  204. Like any small child her age would.
  205. (Wilde)
  206. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  208. [22:48] Would do similar, except he was more than willing to continue reading, and if nothing was on it, he would look at the others.
  210. There has to be something, HAS TO BE.
  211. (Declan)
  212. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  214. [22:49] {NARRATION} Deep inscriptions have been carved into each Cairn. They'd be inscribed with Hieroglyphics of sorts. Not her own tribes, but...
  216. Winding vines travel upwards, all originating at the base. Where the bowl is waves rush outwards from it. At the top a sun sprouts from each vine.
  217. [22:51] Wilde exclaims, ".... Meaninglessss picturessss!!! Now we plant flower!!"
  218. [22:51] Aqua exclaims, "Sounds good to me Wilde!"
  219. [22:51] Aqua exclaims, "I have the water ready!"
  220. [22:51] Wilde exclaims, "Yesss.. Good.. Sssee!"
  221. [22:51] Wilde is an impatient and stupid child.
  222. (Wilde)
  223. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. [22:51] Declan says, "..."
  226. [22:51] Wilde stares up at the back of Declan's head impatiently.
  227. (Wilde)
  228. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  230. [22:51] Declan says, "......."
  231. [22:51] Declan says, "WE'RE SO CLO-"
  232. [22:51] Felix wakes from h is stupor.
  233. (Felix Tval)
  234. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  236. [22:52] Felix Tval says, "What's going on."
  237. [22:52] Declan says, "Fine..."
  238. [22:52] Wilde exclaims, "Move dirt! Then flower, than water!!!"
  239. [22:52] Declan exclaims, "Fine!"
  240. [22:52] Declan says, "Start moving the dirt."
  241. [22:52] Wilde says, "I can do flower..."
  242. [22:52] Wilde says, "Yessss"
  243. [22:52] Felix Tval says, "I can water."
  244. [22:52] Wilde says, "Thisss one ssshall flower.."
  245. [22:52] Aqua says, "I'm doing the water."
  246. [22:52] Wilde exclaims, "Both!!!"
  247. [22:52] Wilde exclaims, "Double water!!"
  248. [22:52] * You have been awarded 6 Roleplay Points! *
  249. [22:52] Xeno says, "....."
  250. [22:52] Wilde exclaims, "... TRIPLE WATER!!!"
  251. [22:53] Wilde literally planted an entire forest herself, 'more equals better' is her very simple mindset.
  252. (Wilde)
  253. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  255. [22:54] "I really could do it all but fine..."
  257. Suddenly, a simple stomp on the ground and the dirt that was there was elevated just enough off the ground. Declan would then utilize his wind to keep that dirt elevated without a single crumb dropping.
  259. They then turned to Wilde. "I got the dirt."
  260. (Declan)
  261. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  263. [22:57] "Issss about teamwork!! Wissshessss to give everyone sssomething to do.."
  265. Or by the way she was staring at the field, she just really wanted to roll in it...
  267. The small girl waddled off towards the field rather than picking any old flower, an arm extended and, if nothing stopped her from doing it, than she'd brace her fingertips at the base of one of the flowers...
  269. And the roots would soon sway, swoon, and move from the soil, opting to dig into her flesh as if she was a portable and proper 'carrier' for it. Sustainning it through the usage of mana rather than natural means as she starts to return to the bowl.
  271. "Dirt in Bowl, flower in dirt, water on flower. VERY carefully.. Yesss…"
  273. What a proper gardener.
  274. (Wilde)
  275. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  277. [22:57] Wilde says, "And make sssure to ussse.. Dirt in pile, and water from pond!! Not from anywhere... Isss important."
  278. [22:57] Declan says, "Wilde."
  279. [22:57] Declan says, "If this ends up very poorly."
  280. [22:57] Declan says, "...I told you so."
  281. [22:57] Wilde exclaims, "Pssshhh!!!"
  282. [22:57] The dirt would find it's way to the bowl, and Declan would wipe the sweat off his brow. It was the same dirt that was found in the pits next to the water, so utilizing that pile was exactly what he did. But, holy god, he hated that they had no good attention span.
  284. "Now the flower."
  285. (Declan)
  286. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  288. [22:58] Xeno says, "okay"
  289. [23:01] Slloooowly she'd descend next to the bowl, holding her arm out where the flower, roots and all, had dug into. She leans in close to the petals and it sounds like she's asking whispering gibberish to the thing.
  291. "Ivol gnul, dne ripsurp."
  293. Slowly, but surely, the roots of the plant began to ease away from her veins and flesh. Like a needle slinking out from an artery, before gingerly sliding into the pot and taking root once more. The youngster popping upright before looking between Aqua, Felix, and Xeno.
  295. "Now! Ussse the water from nearby pond.. Water it, be CAREFUL. Not too much yessss! Jusssst little bit."
  296. (Wilde)
  297. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  299. [23:03] She would walk towards the pond and manipulates a good portion of it about a liter's worth of water suspended in air with the help of her water spirit. She walked towards the flower and lightly added water towards it as Wild said. Allowing bits to be poured onto it making sure to allow the entire flower to drink the pure water of the pond hoping it would grow from her tender and care touch as she smiled realizing she loved nature more than she thought.
  300. (Aqua)
  301. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  303. [23:04] "Yeah yeah, water, on it."
  305. Felix waved his hand dismissively and then approached the pond. He wasn't as good as his mother at directing the aquatic flow, but he was learning! And every magi had to begin somewhere. A noodle like shape of the pond's share was pulled into the air and carefully directed around Felix's hands and toward the flower Wilde has so gently planted.
  307. While the mass of floating liquid was a lot itself, the Tval knew better than to just let it drop all over the plant. But maybe he only realized that because Wilde specified to be careful.
  309. A steady stream of drops dripped down into the soul from the noodle, feeding and nourishing the roots there before the aquatic bubble diminished entirely.
  311. "Think that'll work?"
  312. (Felix Tval)
  313. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  315. [23:07] Wilde issued the command of water the pond Xeno did as told, He concentrated on his water magic. He began to pull water from the nearby ponds, He was being careful to pull to much so he doesn't overflow the pot. This wasn't easy at first, Xeno is used to pull an immense amount of water. Xeno started to make the pile of water hover over the pot while slowly letting the water lose his control, taking piece by piece to he didn't put to much.
  317. " I'm a nature slave now, I like it "
  318. (Xeno)
  319. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  321. [23:08] {NARRATION} Declan with the dirt, Wilde with the FLOWERS.
  326. The flowers grow and wrap around each of the cairns. A deep rumbling is heard... when....
  328. In a cloud of dirt, spores, and superstition, The Nature Spirit appears!
  330. A huge Babline, yet shaped like an acorn. More brown in color, wearing a cute cap. He bobs from sdie to side. Barely able to keep itself balanced. It's giggling. Or what you'd interpet as giggling. Cultural differences and all, right? He stares upon the party and bobs forward and backwards.
  333. "YeeeS?" it says in a broken voice. Overly hyper and a bit skitterish.
  334. [23:08] Declan says, "..."
  335. [23:14] Hunt hunt hunt hunt!
  337. The tiny twig was swung about wildly when the massive creature appeared, and at first it looked like the tiny girl was going to try and 'bap' it with a pathetic twig. Something a million times larger than her.
  339. And than it SPEAKS!
  341. Prey didn't Speak.
  343. "EEEHHH??"
  345. She waddles around the giant nature spirit, arms flailing about as she inspects it. The tribal, shamanistic mask jingling from left to right. Little bones clattering together whilst emerald hues looked from left, to right- she was trying to look for the person that spoke.
  347. Clearly, the hyper sounding, loud, broken-voiced individual MUST be hiding behind the giant Babline, right?
  349. But so far she could find absolutely nothing to say otherwise. Before she whips around to face the group.
  351. The tiny girl was dumbfounded.
  353. Prey didn't talk!
  355. "Why isss talking, isss hunt? Came to dreamssss from Dream Pipe! Prey doesss not ssspeak..!"
  357. She was quite the huffy and puffy little kid, almost as if she were on the verge of throwing a tantrum.
  358. (Wilde)
  359. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  361. [23:14] Declan says, "...NOW."
  362. [23:14] Declan exclaims, "LET'S CALM IT!"
  363. [23:14] Wilde asks, "... Eeeeh???"
  364. [23:14] Declan asks, "We don't know what it is, so let's try talking to it, yeah...?"
  365. [23:14] Declan waves shaking, please don't make this thing KILL US.
  366. (Declan)
  367. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  369. [23:14] Wilde vibrates intensively but is clearly still in that 'hunt' mindset.
  370. (Wilde)
  371. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  373. [23:14] Xeno says, "let's just slay it"
  374. [23:14] Declan says, "No, no no no."
  375. [23:14] Declan says, "Do not slay it."
  376. [23:14] Declan says, "Let's...try to communicate/"
  377. [23:14] Xeno says, "Why not...."
  378. [23:14] Nature burps.
  379. (Nature Spirit)
  380. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  382. [23:14] Wilde exclaims, "Dream Pipe sssshow hunting.. Not talking.. Why isss- it burpssss!"
  383. [23:14] Declan asks, "...Because it freakin' talks?"
  384. [23:15] Declan says, "Wilde...buddy...friend."
  385. [23:15] Felix Tval says, "Maybe bigger bablines have bigger brains."
  386. [23:15] Declan says, "Let me try..."
  387. [23:15] Felix Tval says, "Bigger brains mean bigger-- I mean more talking."
  388. [23:15] Wilde says, "Mnnn.."
  389. [23:15] Declan says, "......"
  390. [23:15] Wilde exclaims, "One try, if bad, than hunt!"
  391. [23:15] Declan says, "...."
  392. [23:15] Wilde plops down into the grass and curls her knees to her chest. She's pouting.
  393. (Wilde)
  394. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  396. [23:15] Xeno begins to charge water beam.
  397. (Xeno)
  398. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  400. [23:16] Xeno says, "listen .... move or get hit right along with it"
  401. [23:16] You learned the spell Torment.
  402. [23:16] You learned the spell Corruption.
  403. [23:16] You learned the spell Drain Life.
  404. [23:16] You learned the spell Occult Flame.
  405. [23:16] You learned the spell Occult Flame V2.
  406. [23:17] You learned the spell Dour Javelin.
  407. [23:17] You learned the spell Ring of Malice.
  408. [23:18] "Uh...hello"
  410. They tried their hardest to not make any quick movements. But, when he got threatened by it. That was when he was willing to show his true personality. Not only was he truly ready to beat down the child, but his entire personality changed entirely.
  412. "If you use that beam while I try to talk to it...I won't just kill you. I'll ruin you. Relax."
  413. (Declan)
  414. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  416. [23:18] You learned the spell Ocean's Fury.
  417. [23:18] Xeno asks, "Threat??"
  418. [23:18] You learned the spell Water Beam V2.
  419. [23:19] Felix Tval says, "Wow man."
  420. [23:19] Xeno begins to charge the beam greater than before after hearing Declan's threat.
  421. (Xeno)
  422. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  424. [23:19] Felix Tval says, "You two should totally fight."
  425. [23:19] {NARRATION} The Nature Spirit jumps up and down. Releasing clouds of spores that go every which way.
  427. A vine manifests from underneath it, slowly reaching out to Declan. Bapping him on the face.
  429. A challenge, perhaps?
  430. [23:19] Declan says, "..."
  431. [23:20] Xeno says, "listen, I don't care for your threats.... move or get hit the choice is yours you have 5 seconds..."
  432. [23:20] Declan blink. fucking. blink.
  433. (Declan)
  434. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  436. [23:20] Declan says, "Hunt it."
  437. [23:20] Aqua says, "Say no more."
  438. [23:20] Felix Tval says, "Ahaha"
  439. [23:20] Xeno begins to fully charge what beams and sends it directly towards the nature spirit.
  440. (Xeno)
  441. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  443. [23:20] "HUNT!"
  445. The moment the vine manifests and baps Declan on the face, Wilde's reaction is to go absolutely apeshit.
  447. Poison began to ebb and flow from her body, toxic little spores bubbling from her flesh as vines began to rise up.
  449. "HUNT. HUNT. HUNT!"
  451. Finally, the dream from her dream pipe was coming true!!
  453. Of course there were... Four extra people there, that helped her get to it, but that hardly mattered as the venomous miasma that seeps from her tiny body begins its slow, unrelenting approach towards the spirit.
  455. The 'Hunt', would begin!
  456. (Wilde)
  457. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  459. [23:22] Felix chuckles and eats the rest of his sugar stick. "So long as someone is fighting. Let's kick it to the CRUB."
  460. (Felix Tval)
  461. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  463. [23:22] Felix Tval says, "I MEAN CURB."
  464. [23:27] {NARRATION} The Babline Nature Spirit starts vibrating, violently.
  466. Slowly it grows in size, pushing back brush and trees alike.
  467. [23:27] Declan says, "Oh what the hell."
  468. [23:27] Wilde exclaims, "HUNT. HUNT. HUNT!!"
  469. [23:27] Aqua says, "..."
  470. [23:27] Declan says, "Oh god dammit."
  471. [23:27] Wilde exclaims, "JUSSST LIKE VISSSION!"
  472. [23:27] Declan says, "Oh fucking Kraus."
  473. [23:27] Aqua says, "Guys."
  474. [23:27] Aqua exclaims, "Guys we need to work together!"
  475. [23:27] Aqua says, "Please.."
  476. [23:27] Aqua exclaims, "For wilde we cant let her down!"
  477. [23:28] Declan says, "Right..."
  478. [23:28] Declan says, "...right."
  479. [23:28] Felix Tval asks, "Did it get bigger or is it just me?"
  480. [23:28] Declan says, "Too much sugar buddy."
  481. [23:28] Felix Tval asks, "Did it grow vines or is it just me??"
  482. [23:28] Aqua says, "Unfortunate."
  483. [23:28] Wilde exclaims, "Jussst like visssion!"
  484. [23:32] Wilde wheezes something that sounds like 'hunt'.
  485. (Wilde)
  486. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  488. [23:34] {NARRATION} [Nature Spirit has been defeated by Wilde! They're unable to continue fighting.!
  490. Everyone, do /roll for me please]
  491. [23:38] {NARRATION} [
  492. Aqua and Declan make it out just fine.
  494. Wilde and Xeno get a 1 day temp.
  496. Felix...? A perm hehehe.....]
  498. The battle quickly rages! Poison flies, water beams are literally fucking everywhere. The vines run rampant and fight off Wilde's. Xeno's blood seeps everywhere and is generally very creepy.
  501. Spores surround Wilde. Planting themselves on her body and sprouting flowers.
  503. Xeno gets smacked to the side by a mighty vine.
  505. Felix? The raging battle does something to him. Being cornered leads to... extreme circumstances.
  509. [jk felix gets a 4 day temp]
  510. [23:49] Literally, how did Wilde get the KO. For real,
  512. Either way, with the assistance- and boy she did need that assistance, of occult, water, blood, exorcism- lots of water, wow there was a ton of water, Wilde was one of the few that kept trying to get into the Nature Spirit's face. Or well.. Not entirely within its face persay, but rather striking from the sides, and behind.
  514. The toxic brambles that bristled beneath the soil combated with the spirits own, but through sheer happenstance she found herself atop of the spirit, just like she'd been within her dream. Sickly green spores having enveloped around her body, small flowers blooming from her flesh- though these ones were far more benign, docile, and lacking in toxins. Draining from her leylines and her body rather than the usual plant life that grew from her was.
  516. The spirit was in her vision, it was to be hunted. For what? She didn't know, but the tiny child didn't doubt the Dream Pipe,nor the mad, feral hallucinations granted to her from it. Both arms outstretched over her head, the moving Nature spirit nearly jostling the tiny child off from atop of the
  518. "Gnorb rauy gnossilb, Thul, nusoup iht dnel, iket no rauy snoxut, tnerg iht siirt htwurg. Llot siotoc ridnas…"
  520. She shouted at the top of her lungs- words that she'd heard in her dream, but didn't quite understand. Before slamming her hands down atop of the spirits forehead. Vines broke away from her skin and dug into the spirit, locking her into place as it seemed she was...
  522. Toxins began to fill it, replacing its more natural elements with volatile poisons and decaying rot. The vines that were nearby latching into the Spirit's underbelly to keep it in place as she slowly spread out its touch. Using the spirits mana to..
  524. What could only be described as an attempt to spread what mana remained within it, to the plantlife that was abound. Except, to prepare the next generation of flora and fauna to be far more poisonous.
  526. Like a toxic forest!
  528. Who knew if that'd work. Probably not, she was a dumb kid. But either way, all that'd be left of it was whatever remained of its drained husk.
  529. (Wilde)
  530. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  532. [23:59] Throughout the fight, Felix found himself cackling like a madman. It wasn't really evil, per se, but more like the cackling of the schoolyard bully while he tumbled through the grass to push other people over. It had only been a minute before the hunt began that he was egging on two of the others who had joined the group to beat the shit out of each other before a common enemy had shown its face.
  534. He was only distracted by a quick tingling in his palms, and when he looked down, where normally blue water swirled around under his minor control, a darkened, occultic influence had manifested.
  536. Felix stared down curiously before letting it all out in a massive torrent toward the creature. He didn't care what it was or what it wanted, all he knew was that he intended on flooding this place with his newfound power.
  538. Even as a few vine beat him back into the trees covered in wounds and nearly crippled, a lash of that violet water was thrust through the air and stabbed into the creature if only to pull some of its life force back into Felix so he could continue fighting.
  540. When Wilde finally put the thing to rest, he clapped his wet hands together and laughed again. "Well aha.. that was something!"
  541. (Felix Tval)
  542. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  544. [23:59] Well...that went cleaner than usual. Who would've thought that he was an actual fighter in regards to everything that happened. The best part was that he had no casualties, or scratches, or even a bruise.
  546. In that same regard, he looks at everyone else who may have been injured, and that same festering personality came. How dare that spirit do that to them?
  547. (Declan)
  548. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  550. [00:00] After all the battling had finished Aqua looked around towards her friends and she smiled glad to see that everyone was okay.
  552. "Glad everyone is not to badly injured!"
  553. (Aqua)
  554. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  556. [00:01] Xeno got hurt from the battle but it wasn't to bad, 24 hours and he would be better than ever. Xeno never been on a hunt but this was decently fun for him. Xeno stayed quite while everyone felt relief.
  557. (Xeno)
  558. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  560. [00:04] {NARRATION} And that's all it took.
  562. A slap on its forehead.
  565. Wilde was wild, brave, and truly free. Taking her psychedelic visions and transposing them onto reality.
  567. The hunt was here, and she had won.
  569. The vines would grow out from the beast. Rooting it deep into the ground. SUCKING the mana from its body and dispersing it throughout this section of the plains.
  571. Slowly you could notice new fauna popping up. More colorful. More... sickly sweet. Things were definitely changing, for the better some might say.
  574. At the end, the great Acorn Spirit would disperse into nothingness. The only thing left behind being... acorns. A ton of Acorns.
  576. And even a weird set of chain-mail acorn armor?
  577. [00:07] ** SawbonesDM has inflicted an injury upon Felix Tval. ("Occult Awakening", "The viciousness of nature has brought up something within you. A terrible occultic fever that'll leave you stricken for a few days. Your deepest darkest nightmares are waking up, and you must learn how to master them. Upon closure examination - a fungal infection lies on your body. Concealed by clothes.", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  578. [00:11] Declan whispers: [fucking pillou]
  579. [00:11] Declan whispers: [r u fucking kidding me]
  580. [00:11] Declan whispers: [u monster]
  581. [00:12] SO MANY ACORNS! And some weird.. Suit of armor that was essentially acorns just connected to one another. She gives it a little jingle jangle giddily before turning back to face the group. Blinking a few times...
  583. Now, a good leader would have divvied up the acorns properly.
  584. Or given up the suit of acorn armor.
  586. ….
  588. Wilde was ten years old and a little shit.
  590. So she'd not only cling to ALL the acorns, but the armor was clung onto and everyone else was given absolutely jack-diddly except the experience.
  592. Unless they tried to force her to drop the armor that is!
  594. "Hssss… Yesss.. Thank you for coming to hunt.. Mnnn.." Unless people started demanding something of her, she'd prepare to well, treck on out!
  596. ..
  598. But not before stopping by one of the nearby much more.. Sweetly tinted flowers and giving it a happy three fingered wave.
  599. (Wilde)
  600. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  602. [00:13] Felix didn't really care about getting any of the acorns. He was ready to stroll out, even if he was a little more jittery than before.
  603. (Felix Tval)
  604. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  606. [00:17] {NARRATION} With that, and Wildes greed holy shit, the party would depart.
  608. Returning home, wherever that was. I forgot.
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