Nights In White Satin (Titania)

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  1. Nights in white satin.
  2. Tags: Monstergirl, Titania, Nsfw, vanilla.
  4.   Leaving the general store with plenty of groceries in hand you begin to head back towards the forest. Walking through town you people watch a bit while making your way home. This small town was filled with humans like yourself and some monsters with their husbands. A small portion but you enjoyed the sight nonetheless, much unlike the city you were born. A strictly human settlement that was governed by very antimonster elites. Even your parents held these beliefs that monster were just parasites on the human race and instructed you to stay away from them. They would steal you away and you would never be seen again. Of course that was then when you were just a small child but as you grew you had a encounter that would change your life forever.
  6.   When you were old enough to convince your parents to let you leave the city walls to play with your friends in the fields and creek by the forest entrance. After some convincing and carefully planned pouting you were finally given permission on the terms that if you ever saw any suspicious activity or people, report them to the guards and come straight home. But you never had a issue with anything like that for the most part. Usually you just played tag or hide and seek with the other children in the city, but on certain occasions you would venture off into the woods by yourself. The woods were fairly dense and had a variety of trees and plants, small animals littered the forest floors and tree branches giving the forest a feeling of constant tranquility. You never felt in harms way while exploring the forest, until one day during a small hike you stumbled upon a small encampment and 3 men sleeping around it.
  8.   Normally your curiosity wouldn't have caused you to pay them much attention. You often took naps in the woods and you had no intentions of poking around their camps. That is until a certain glass jar caught your attention, the jar was see through with a cork in it. But you had no idea what it was keeping inside, all you could see was a beautiful prismatic light shining from inside. The jar was shining all sorts of colors and something seemed to be moving around inside of it. Mesmerized by the light in the jar you got down on your stomach and started to slowly crawl towards the jar sitting next to a open satchel. As you got closer you started to crawl slower and slower and holding your breath before you finally reached the jar. And you couldn't believe what was inside. A small woman! In a tiny white dress and she has a pair of tiny little wings that resemble that of a butterfly. Noticing you observing her the small woman backs herself away and to presses herself against the opposite side of the glass jar. But after a couple of seconds the small woman seems to not recognize you and moves closer to the side you are looking in from. She seems to realize you aren't one of the men sleeping and she starts to frantically move around the jar. You seem to understand what she’s asking but you are too stunned by the sight of her to move. Still attempting to communicate with you the small woman begins to breath heavily against the glass effectively fogging up the side of the bottle. With this she is able to write something out for you. “HELP ME” is all the message reads.
  10.  With that you feel a pulse of adrenaline shoot through your body. Quickly grabbing the jar and attempting to crawl away to get to some trees and make a run for it. Unfortunately you didn’t account from the foliage and you place your knee directly on a dead branch and snap it. Thankfully the noise didn’t seem to wake any of the men and you are able to get to the trees and swiftly hide behind one before making your way to a new hiding spot and away from the encampment. After losing sight of the fire the men had going you take a look at the jar. The small woman on the inside is staring at you with her hands on the glass waiting for your next move. Looking back in awe at her you start to calm down and you know what you should do. You uncork the bottle to the small woman’s surprise and she instantly fly’s out. “Freedom!” cries the small fairy while spreading her wings and stretching her arms. “I can't believe I got captured, big sis would be so disappointed if she ever found out”. Looking over to you the small woman glides over directly in front of your face almost causing you to fall down from backing away so fast. “Hey kid what was with the wait! You couldn't have just pulled the cork off the bottle back there instead of shaking me up while you were running away! I think im going to be sick!” she says with a hint of annoyance. Unable to respond you simply look the small woman over once again, catching on to your ignorance the small woman speaks again. “Hey what’s with that look? You act like you've never seen a monster before, well I use monster lightly in my case. Im a fairy and your pretty lucky to see me in the first place so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you're in such awe at my beauty” she says. Confused you can only try to make sense of this in your head. A fairy? In these forests? But why? You only heard of fairy’s in story books, most of the time you were told monsters were usually horrifying creatures with strange appearances. Yet this woman was just tiny and with wings and can fly and a surprising clashing personality to her appearance.
  12.   “Hey so if you aren't the talking type let me just go ahead and say thank you, it was nice meeting you human but I really need to get home now before my sister starts to worry about me so take care of yourself!” she says but the both of you are suddenly distracted by the sounds of leaves rustling and branches breaking. “Look there! That fucking kid stole the jar and he let her out!” one of the men from earlier shouted. They had woken up and seemed to have tracked you down and they definitely were not happy. “Great she’s going to get away but we can still catch that kid and hold him for ransom!” one of the men says before they pull their swords and begin to close in on you and the fairy. Before you can even rise to you feet and start to sprint the fairy speaks up. “Hey kid I owe you one and being in a jar for a hour really taught me a lesson that being kidnapped isn’t very fun, so consider this me repaying that favor!” she shouts before flying in front of your face and blinding you with a bright light. When your vision finally returns you are greeted with a strange sight, you were in the forest but it was night out now. A full moon much closer to the earth than usual hangs in the sky illuminating the forest which has also changed. The grass is a strange blue color, the bark on the trees seem to be a strange shade of purple with deep red leaves growing from its limbs. Glowing mushrooms litter the floor and some of the tree trunks giving the forest floor a strange glow. “Hey are you ok? Can you stand? Speak?” the small fairy asks. Pushing yourself against a nearby tree you start to stand and look at the small fairy before responding. “I don't know what you did, but I think you made me color blind!” you say with some concern.
  14.   After silently hovering in place for a minute she responds. “Yeah well crossing realms like that might have some odd effects on non-fairies. Well what color is everything to you?” she asks. Catching you breath you respond “The grass is blue, the trees and purple and the leaves are red!” you reply. “The leaves look red to you? The look pretty orange to me, other than that, no you aren't blind but maybe you missed what I said earlier about switching realms perhaps?” she teases. “What are you talking about? Switching what? Aren't we still in the forest by the city? Where did those men go?” you say. “Hey now, one question at a time this stuff is complicated the first time explaining it. Well kid I brought us to my home. The fairy realm, a bit different from your realm and even a bit different from other fairy realm. My big sis is kind of special so her realm is special too. Anyway you can say we are still in the forest by your city but in a different world. In this world the forest is home to the fairy and where your city is its just a barren field” she says. “You helped me get away from those men so I helped you get away from them by bringing you here! They don’t exist here so you aren't in any danger now! Pretty cool right? Are you actually getting any of this?” she asks with a questioning look on her face. You got bits and pieces of it as this was all quite a lot to take in but it was a lot to take in. In fact it was too much for you to really understand so you did what any kid would have done in that situation. You began to panic and ask stupid questions like “How long am I stuck here” and “What do you mean the city doesn't exist?”. But the one that really seemed to make the fairy uncomfortable was when you asked her on the verge of tears “Did you get rid if my parents and my friends?”.
  16.   With this the small fairy got a very awkward look on her face, a cross between feeling bad for a helpless kid and not knowing how to help said helpless kid. So she told you to stay put and flew off leaving you alone sitting in the forest floor. You look around at the strange environment again and you begin to think of the worst. What if you are stuck here forever? What are these fairies like? She said she’s a monster and she just seemed to have kidnapped you. Were your parents and the people from town right all along about monsters? Suddenly the small fairy returns and with a strange fluffy ball in her hands. “Hey kid check it out! This here is a Kesaran Pasaran, a real cutie isn't she!” she says while holding the fluff ball out. Looking closer you notice the ball of fluff has a small woman inside of it also! The ball acting as closely thing for her almost. She looks up towards you and gives a smile before greeting you. “Hello human! Nice to meet you!” she says enthusiastically. The fairy continues “See isn't she just nice?  That’s the best thing about Pasarans always so cheerful. Oh and they smell funny too here human you tell me” with that she places the fluffy ball directly into your nose. Your sense of smell is assaulted by a nostalgic and relaxing aroma that causes your head to grow fuzzy and your thoughts cloudy. “Yeah huff that fluff” says the small fairy in a almost sadistic sort of way. The small Parasan is giggling from your breathing tickling her. Finally the fairy pulls her away and you sit there in a trance like state for a couple of minutes before lying on your back.
  18.  Why were you afraid exactly? This forest seems so nice. Why are you scared of monsters? Because the adults said you should be. But are they really that bad? This fairy saved you from angry bandits and even if she seems a little strange she’s at least trying to help you. Sitting up and looking at the fairy and Parasan who are looking back at you, one with a confused look and the other with a wide smile. “So, you calmed down now?” asks the fairy. Slowly looking over to her you give her a smile and nod your head. “Good! Hey sorry for just grabbing you like that and shoving you in that kids face” she says to the Parasan who responds “No problem at all! Its always nice to help and it felt nice too! Now if you excuse me.” She say before drifting off in the wind letting out a loud squeal of excitement as she drifts into the forest. “Nice girls those Parasans, anyway kiddo is their anything you would like to say?” she asks. Look up at her you simply reply “Can you take me home?”. Unfortunately she looks concerned and answers. “No, im afraid im all out of mana” she says crossing her arms. Sitting disappointed you ask “Well can you just make more mana like the mages back home?” and with this her face grows bright red. “Hey what are you saying! You really have no idea about monsters do you?” she barks. “I don’t, you're the first monster I’ve ever met. But you're trying your hardest to help me and I guess I want to say thanks for that” you say. Floating in silence for a bit she flies over to you and hovers on front of your face again. “Hey you helped me too, you aren't so bad for a human. Besides your just a dumb kid but my big sis can probably help you out more than I can so let me take you to her” she says. And with that you stumble to your feet and begin to follow the small fairy into the forest.
  20.  After some time of walking and talking with the fairy you arrive to a village hidden deep in the forest. Small houses made from the mushrooms on the trees and large tree in the center of town. The grand old tree was much larger than the other trees and seemed to tower over them reaching far higher than the already high forest ceiling and its massive branches and plentiful leaves block the moonlight. A large hole is carved into the base of the grand tree and multiple fairies fly in and out of the opening. Following your fairy friend inside you are greeted by more fairies who begin to question your friend about how you arrived here and the circumstances leading to you being brought here in the first place. Attempting to save face she explained how you were lost and almost got kidnapped by bandits before she saved you. A slight stretching of the truth but you were feeling too good to argue. That Parasan fluff really was some strange stuff, ever since then you've just been calm and collected, going along with everything that has been happening and just observing everything. Despite how strange it seems its pretty interesting. All of this exists inside of the forest you’ve been playing in for years yet you've never found it until now. Snapping back to what’s currently happening in the moment your fairy friend says to you “Hey so big sis wants to talk with you, please don’t tell her I got caught, she doesn't know I go to your realm sometimes and she’s already going to be mad at me” she asks. You nod but you can't really promise anything since thinking straight is becoming harder by the minute.
  22.   Suddenly a aura fills the inside of the grand tree, descending from the top of the tree is one of the most beautiful sights you have ever seen. A tall woman with pale skin and light green hair covered in a white silky gown. She has a huge pair of large silky smooth wings starting with blue at the tips and becoming a light green as the got closer to the woman’s body. Her flowing hair reaching down to her knees. Unlike the other creatures in this realm who have this far been tiny sized fairies this woman is tall. Much taller than an average human woman it seems. This must be the “big sis” you fairy friend keeps talking about. Landing gracefully on her feet and spreading her wings the woman stands and faces you. Her hair still flowing as if she were gracefully gliding in place. Opening her eyes to look at you the first thing you notice is how milky white they are yet behind them her iris seemed to glow a bright blue color. She appeared to be blind yet she seemed to have a understanding of her surroundings enough to maneuver from the top of the hollow tree down to where you are standing. Finally she speaks up “Welcome human, I believe you are the first human to ever step foot into my realm. Do you mind informing me of why you grace us with your presence?” she asks with a gentle tone. Opening your mouth to speak the small fairy speaks up for you. “Well sis you see I was just messing around at the border when I stepped through and saw this poor kid being harassed by some bandits! They were going to kidnap him and hold him for a ransom! I couldn't let that happen so I brought him here, anyway i was hoping you could send him home!” the fairy says. The large woman stands in place and absorbs the info just given to her. “Young man, are you hurt?” she asks. “No, Im fine. I would like to go home though.” You reply. Giggling to herself the great fairy speaks up “Can you please come here? Id like to take a closer look at you”. Stepping towards her you feel the air getting warmer and warmer, she smells so nice and you feel insanely safe. Standing before the large fairy she places one of her soft hands on your face. Instantly you feel strange, almost like a pulse ran through your body. “My aren't you quite handsome, and heroic too?” she says quietly.
  24.   “Hey big sis, can we just send him home already?” the small fairy asks. Looking over to her the great fairy responds “This child, his city doesn't know of our existence in this forest. If he returns home and tells them of what he has seen they might surely try to come to this realm. And they don't seem to be as tolerant as this young one is” she says in a grim tone. “Because of your recklessness you got yourself caught by normal human bandits only to be saved by a mere child! Had he not shown up who knows where you would be and who knows what would be happening to you!” she says starting to sound frustrated. The small fairy simply hovers in place her head hung low “Im sorry sis, after hearing how the barrier was weak and we were slipping through to the other side, well I got too curious. Im sorry sis.” she says. After some silence the great fairy speaks up “The important thing is you are safe, I will see to this child. Everyone please leave us now I have to speak with this young boy in private” she says and with that the fairies leave the tree. Only you and the great fairy remain, turning to you she looks down on you and lets out a small sigh. “I am truly sorry you have been dragged into such a situation, but I want to thank you for saving my dear sister from those men” she says. “It was only right, nobody should be locked up like that, I mean criminals do but your sister doesn't seem like a criminal” you say. The great fairy giggles again. “You definitely aren't what I expected in a human. Granted I smell Parasan spores on you so your probably more relaxed than you would normally be. Regardless you seem like a open minded child if you were willing to help a monster like that coming from a city like yours” she says. “Wait how do you know about my city” you ask her. Sighing she says “Allow me to help you understand our realm a bit more, but first lets go back to my quarters” she says as she wraps her arms around you and tells you to hold tight before the both of you gently float to the top of the grand tree. You couldn’t stop thinking about how cool monster magic is as you float towards the top.
  26. That day marked your first encounter with any monsters, and it changed your life forever. The great fairy revealed herself to be a Titania, a monster queen of fairies. She watched over the realm that just so happens to border your city, residing inside of the forest you constantly play in with your friends. The only thing separating the two worlds is her magic, shrouding the forest in a never-ending night to mark her territory. Yet no humans could be brought into the fairy realm unless given permission from the Titania or one of her fairies. And you were the first in quite some time, only being brought into her realm on a whim of a small fairy who you had saved. But for some reason the barrier keeping the realms apart has been losing strength and careless fairies began to spill into the human realm. Now that you know of their existence the Titania was worried about a young child like you returning to your city and telling everyone of what you've found. But the Titania saw something in you that surprised her, coming from a city that harbors such ill judgement of monsters you had a curiosity deep within you. It brought the blind fairy some comfort, and it allowed her to try something new. Trust a human. Despite being young and coming from the city you had no hatred or biased towards monsters. So the Titania asked of you a favor, keep the existence of her realm a secret and help any fairies unfortunate enough to wander outside of her realm while she could figure out why the barrier was starting to weaken.  Glad to help the fairy queen and her people you agree to keeping a eye out for any lost fairies, and to keep her kingdom a secret as best as possible.
  28.  This was years ago when you were just a child, now you are a young adult at the age of 20. For years you kept the fairy kingdoms existence a secret and also brought many of stray fairies back to the realm of Celeste the Titania Queen. Taking part in city scout trainings you learn how to handle a blade and defend the city from its enemies. Yet your training would often go unused and your sword would often stay in it sheathe, the region you lived in was relatively safe yet the elders believed a monster attack could happen at anytime. Despite their fears you knew better, Celeste and her fairies had taught you very much about monsters and their nature. Despite their odd appearances and varying temperaments monster women simply want to be loved, only a small sect of monsters want complete domination of humanity but Celeste assures you that this would never come to be so long as most monsters have need for humanity and wish for coexistence. And so you grew apart from your city, while you still stayed in its walls and cared for its people you began to see it as a sort of prison. The elders telling you how to feel about monsters, to always be afraid and live in fear of them one day storming the city. “Stay in the walls you’re safe here” the elders would preach. But since meeting Celeste and hearing her tales of the different types of monsters and the lands the come from your outlook has taken a drastic change.  You could no longer stay in a city that was holding itself and its citizens back.
  30.  One night while you lay in your bed looking up at the moon and wondering how many other cities are out there like yours, you hear a strange knocking on your window. Looking out you see Juno, the small fairy you rescued when you were a child, opening the door the small fairy flies into your room. Hovering in front of your face fairly close the small fairy speaks up. “Hey! Good to see you, before you start asking why im here let me say this. For a guy that spends most his time outdoors and in the woods, your room is surprisingly clean” she says with a smile. “Juno? What are you doing here? Do you have any idea how dangerous it is to be in the city?” you ask the small fairy. Her smile dropping and placing her hands on her hips she snaps back “Hey im only here because big sis needs you now, like right now”. Getting up out of your bed and putting on some clothes you Juno ask what for. Juno gives you a quick and simple explanation. Celeste has a idea as to why the barrier between their realm and yours is weak. Suiting up in your scouting clothes you let Juno tuck herself inside your inner coat pocket before making your way out of the city, the guards were curious why you would be out so late but you give them some lies about possible bandits roaming around at night and they let you pass. Heading into the woods Juno lets herself and of your pocket and begins to float around you, getting deeper into the forest the scenery begins to change to that of the fairy forest. Standing before Celeste's tree Juno chimes in. “Sis seemed pretty nervous when she asked me to go and get you, she hasn’t told us anything other than she might have found a way to fix the barrier and stop fairies from pouring out”. Nodding in acknowledgment you head into the tree as Juno flies off.
  32.  Entering the giant tree Celeste is waiting for you at the base. She has grown over the year same as you, her body is fuller and her hair much longer. She has gotten taller as well and her wings now have a fluffy trim around them. Sensing that you have arrived she begins to walk towards you, coming to a stop right before you she towers over you before beginning to speak. “Anon im so sorry for bringing you here this late, and to do something as risky as sending Juno” she says. “Celeste its no problem it has to be important if you would send Juno directly into the city” you reassure her. Looking at her face you can tell something is bothering her. “Celeste, Juno said something about the barrier and you knowing how to fix it. Is it true?” you ask. Looking into your eyes she begins to speak. “Unlike the others like me the Titania, I have liven my life shrouding my kingdom in darkness. Yet my sisters across the world took an interest to human's, they would welcome them to their realms. Now they have husband's and theirs realms flourish with human and monster relations and everyone is content. My little sisters don't want to be here anymore, they want to see your world and find husbands for themselves. But I fear for them, the only relation with the outside world I have is you. Still im growing weaker by the day, lately the realm has gotten smaller and smaller. You've been busy keeping up with charting its progression and keeping my sisters safe, I cannot thank you enough for that” she finishes before embracing you. Wrapping your arms around her placing them in between her set of wings and feel her soft skin.
  34. “Anon, I have a favor to ask of you” she says while she gently runs her fingers through your hair. “Anything for you Celeste” you reply. With a wide smile and open eyes she look you directly in your eyes. “Stay with me anon, please don't leave me. Be my husband and keep us safe anon. Please?” the great fairy queen says with tears in her eyes. You don't even say anything in response, instead you just lock lips with Celeste. Finally feeling her soft lips a rush runs through you. As strange as it sounds you have considered Celeste your wife ever since you laid eyes on her when you were a child. The feeling of needing to protect and be there foe such a gentle creature was enough to motivate you to make her your wife one day. And it seems that day is finally here and you didn’t even have to propose. It seems Celeste has felt the same but maybe not as long. Opening your eyes after a good couple of minutes of exploring Celeste's mouth and her doing the same with you, you open your eyes. You are surprised to see the room has changed, no longer are you in the base of the great tree but now you are in Celeste's room. Unlike the other times you have been inside this room it has a more intimate feel to it, the air smells sweeter and feels comforting. Taking you by the hands Celeste leads you over to her large bed, gently you both fall onto her soft satin sheets and pick up where you left off.
  36.  Undoing your shirt she takes it off and begins to rub her hands over your chest, this is her first time ever feeling anyone this intimately. But this is your first time ever being touched by a woman, her soft fingertips and slightly sharp nails flowing across you as if to fully understand the shape and tones of your body that she has never truly seen before. You notice her dress has started to dissolve into what can only be described as fireflies that take off into the night sky leaving her nude before you. Her pale skin and jet black hair almost shimmering in the moonlight, her milky eyes with a soft blue glow lock with yours as she slides off your pants. Surprised by your size she begins to fondle you and you fondle her back while kissing her. This goes on until it feels like you are about to burst, Celeste notices and stops. Throwing a leg over your waist she hovers above your dick holding it in place, looking up at her figure you are mesmerized by her slender frame and her beautiful wings. The moonlight is shining through them and reflecting the patterns all across the room lighting it up in a soothing green and blue color. Unable to contain yourself you place your hands on her hips and slowly push her down, penetrating her for the first time as she lets out small quivering moans. This pushes you over the edge and you end up coming inside of Celeste who seems to enjoy the feeling, her hips grinding against your crotch like she was trying to squeeze out every drop. Laying on your chest both of your catch your breaths before she speaks up. “Amazing, I had no idea pleasure like this existed. And to share it with you anon, im so happy” she says while kissing you. Her kiss seems to reinvigorate you as you can feel yourself getting hard again while inside of Celeste. She feels it as well and it seems to be a welcome surprise. She begins to grind her hips again but it soon becomes more like a thrust and it only gets harder and harder. Celeste's moans have become pretty loud at this point, a small layer of sweat covers her and you can't help holding yourself together. With some good final thrusts you wrap your arms around Celeste and hold her close as you finish inside of her once again. Releasing her she rolls over on her back and both of you just lay there trying to catch your breath. Looking over at Celeste she is looking at you with a smile, grabbing her hand she speaks up. “I love you anon, please stay with me?” she says. “Im not going anywhere Celeste, I love you too” you reassure her before both of you pass out in each others arms.
  38.  Months have past since that night, you returned to the city the next day and quit the scouting patrol and tell your parents you are leaving to see the world. Wishing you the best you say farewell reassuring you will visit when the time is right. And with that you travel into the woods leaving the walls that was once a home behind.  Entering the woods Juno is there to greet you before the two of you head towards the fairy village. Things have taken quite a change in the last couple of months. After learning from Celeste how spirit energy and demonic energy worked and as her husband supplying her every night through love and sex she has been able to grow stronger. She realized she can't hide from humanity forever, that not everyone wants to harm monsters. You have taught her this and so she has allowed her little sisters to leave the realm for the first time in a long time and search for husbands themselves. Through this the population of the village began to grow, more human men married fairies and made the forest their homes under the Moonlight Titania. For the first time in a long time the forest of never-ending night was filled with warmth and cheer. Celeste no longer having to worry about her sisters being lost allowed her to focus on keeping her people happy. As for you, you are content with your new life. A amazing wife and a new home full of interspecies relationships, with you two together Celeste turned her kingdom into a wondrous place for monsters and humans. And with the husbands of the fairies following your lead in protecting the village Celeste doesn't have anything to worry about letting her focus on being a queen. And she is a much respected ruler, yet at night you have seen a side of her only witnessed by you. A much more lewd side to the gentle queen, but one that you are happy to call your wife nonetheless. And so you spend your days exploring the woods and keeping the fairies and Celeste company, escorting new arrivals to the much larger village and introducing them to Celeste who welcomes them with a open heart and mind.
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