Dies irae Pantheon

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  3. Story
  5. This world where the strongest being becomes a God and paints the universe in his colors is called Shinza [Divine Throne].
  6. And so, when the time comes for the Divine Law to change, the world also reaches an era of absolute devastation.
  7. Even through the Seventh God’s rule, with the world reaching an unprecedented level of stability, this destructive factor still remained.
  9. In that time of devastation, a mysterious existence called “The Observer” always appears.
  10. And his appearance is said to be a sign that the current God is soon to perish.
  12. Why is such a person born?
  13. What principle lies at the very root of this world known as Shinza?
  15. To unveil all the mysteries, the curtain will now be raised on the war of an unprecedented scale.
  17. Character
  19. Protagonist
  20. VA:Ishikawa Kaito
  21. Height:?
  22. Weight:?
  23. Affiliation: Seventh Divine Throne / Dawn Mandala.
  25. A young man who was born in the age of the Seventh Divine Throne, he has the mysterious ability to summon the central characters across all Throne ages. For that reason, Hirume holds great interest in him. It has already been arranged so that he will end up devoting himself to the great battle.
  27. Masada's comment: The Protagonist. His name can be freely changed. His personal data is unknown since he's the player avatar. The type that completely silent and only talks when shouting skill names in battle.
  29. Hirume
  30. VA:Ookubo Rumi
  31. Height:148cm
  32. Weight:40kg
  33. Affiliation: Seventh Divine Throne / Dawn Mandala.
  35. “If you have no place to go, then become my friend. You were born for that very reason”
  37. The one who controls the Seventh-generation Divine Throne, the current god. Though her origin itself is rather peculiar, something she herself is not aware of. She was once overwhelmed by boredom, however when she discovered the protagonist that boredom turned into glee and joy. Because of her ignorance of the ways of the world, she’s somewhat selfish. However, at her core she is a naive girl.
  39. Masada's comment: The "-no ja!" loli. A hot-blooded defender of justice. More of a hero than a heroine. Tend to easily befriend sun-type characters (dunces, extroverts, positive characters) and warrior types (knights/warriors) Her catchphrase is 'What in damnation is that?' (Nanja sore?)
  41. Yomi
  42. VA: Seto Asami
  43. Height:163cm
  44. Weight:52kg
  45. Affiliation: Seventh Divine Throne / Dawn Mandala.
  47. “I’m happy that you’ve come. Please get along well with Hirume-sama"
  49. A young woman who serves as Hirume’s follower. Because of her straight-laced nature, she puts too much emphasis on her position as a retainer, as such she cannot live up to the sister/friend like relationship that Hirume wishes for, in other words she possesses a dilemma. For that sake, the protagonist’s existence is something of a saving grace as far as Yomi is concerned. Nervously, she attempts to create a brand-new relationship. 。
  51. Masada's comment: Serious. Serious to a troubling extent. But can be hot-headed enough to put even Hirume to shame at times. Loves Hirume. Loves (cat) Kouha. Modest and polite, which means she gets along with most characters, but can't handle perverted ladies. Her catchphrase is 'Please compose yourself, Lady Hirume (Ochitsuite kudasai, Hirume-sama)'.
  53. Kouha
  54. VA:Koshimizu Ami
  55. Height:159cm
  56. Weight:50kg
  57. Affiliation: Unknown
  59. “I’m connected with you. Isn’t that enough?”
  61. The protagonist’s self-proclaimed older sister, a mysterious young woman. A character who holds tons of secrets. However, make no mistake, to her there is nothing more precious than her younger brother. In the Protagonist’s consciousness she appears in her past form of a beautiful young woman. However, when she appears on the surface, she takes the form of a suspicious cat plush doll.
  63. Masada's comment: A skilled multitasker who juggles both the role of providing exposition and the role of being the mascot. In terms of mechanics, is in charge of the gacha system. Is something of a realist, which makes her clash often with Hirume. They get along great, however. Voice samples 2 and 3 are her voice in cat-form. Her catchphrase is 'Ya numbskull princess (Kono baka hime-sama).
  66. World
  68. [Divine Throne]
  69. Shinza
  71. The existence that becomes God, or otherwise known as the Divine Throne that indicates the reigning world and laws.
  72. God is the entirety of Creation itself- in other words, a living being known as the Universe.
  73. Therefore, be it entire planets, mother nature or those who are living there; they are no more than a part of God itself.
  74. Just as an individual person's cells would all carry the same genes, the disposition and attributes of one who becomes God dominates all of creation in his era.
  75. So, by principle it is impossible for multiple supreme Gods to exist simultaneously.
  76. As each God is born, a mortal conflict would occur with dominance as the prize; the victor would create a universe by his very own ideals.
  77. That is the crux of the world of Shinza, and up to present time there has been seven Gods and Laws confirmed.
  79. First Divine Throne
  80. [Ahura Mazda]
  81. Dualistic Truth of Good and Evil/ Zen'aku Nigen Shinga
  83. "All is woven through the twine of human hearts. I thought it beautiful."
  85. This God’s name is Shinga.
  86. The first in history to hold the Throne, the prime generation, her Law divided every living being into the two extremes of good and evil, creating a world of eternal conflict.
  87. Even if one side destroys another, in the next moment the whole value system is reversed, and what yesterday was good, today is evil. And so the war never ends.
  88. The Law that continuously changes the meaning of justice could be somehow called a miniature copy of the Divine Throne's universe itself.
  90. Second Divine Throne
  91. [Paradise Lost]
  92. Remorseless Paradise of the Fallen/ Daten Muzan Rakudo
  94. “Live in the embrace of sin and punishment. Such is the nature of man.”
  96. This God's name is Muzan.
  97. The second generation God who overthrew Shinga and took the Throne, his Law planted the original sin in every living being, creating the world of primordial karma.
  98. Therefore, with the desires growing to the extremes, not being shackled by anything, the era where atrocious crime equal to the progression of civilization had begun.
  99. The Paradise where evil consumes evil.
  100. A world where strength is everything, sinful people poisoned by cruelty and shamelessness, and if shame does not exist, neither does regret.
  102. Third Divine Throne
  103. [Zoar]
  104. Imperfect Heaven of the Morning Star/ Myoujou Hisouten
  106. “Be white, be white, be dyed in the color of the pure snow-white salt.”
  108. This God’s name is Myoujou.
  109. The third generation God who overthrew Muzan and took the Throne, his Law washed away sin from existence, creating a world of purity.
  110. A world of perfect goodness, where strife and conflict were completely erased, and human individuality itself ceased to exist, a dystopia with a structure similar to that of a colony of primitive organisms.
  111. A sterile salt prison born from an obsessive-like yearning for cleanliness — such is the world of Myoujou.
  113. Fourth Divine Throne
  114. [Omega Ewigkeit]
  115. Eternal Mercurial Recurrence/ Eigo Suigin Kaiki
  117. “Show me the unknown.”
  119. This God’s name is Suigin.
  120. The fourth God who overthrew Myoujou and took the Throne, his Law locked every living being within an endlessly looping world.
  121. Bringing the concept of life after death into the world, extending his grasp over multiple time-axis and parallel worlds,he could undoubtedly be called a renovator of the Throne universe.
  122. This God boasts the longest reign.
  124. Ougon
  125. [Du-sollst Dies irae]
  126. Supreme Golden Sky of Asura's Realm/ Shuradou Ougon Shikouten
  129. “I love all and everything. Therefore, I will destroy all and everything.”
  131. This God’s name is Ougon.
  132. A Godslayer born from a God's Apoptosis, a desire for self-destruction. Having lived for far too long, Suigin fell into despair and desired his own death, creating Ougon as a being that could slay him.
  133. For this reason the two are as parent and child, bosom friends, and simultaneously both irreconcilable enemies and inseparable companions that share their fate with one another.
  134. As Ougon is the incarnation of Suigin's desire for self-destruction, should the latter perish, so would the former. For this reason, while Ougon achieved the status of a God, he could never claim the Throne.
  136. Fifth Divine Throne
  137. [Anima Entelecheia]
  138. Twilight Samsara/ Tasogare Rinne Tensei
  140. “I wish to embrace everything.”
  142. This God’s name is Tasogare.
  143. The Fifth God that inherited the title from Suigin, who abdicated the Throne in her favor.
  144. Her Law was that of a world where all life reincarnates in a cycle of eternal transmigration.
  145. The most striking characteristic of her Law was that as one experiences countless lives in the cycle of Saṃsāra, the souls of man gradually became mixed and intermingled.
  146. As a result, the discrimination of race, sex and wealth became faded as the differences between people diluted. Over the course of many ages and incarnations, the souls of mankind would grow and mature.
  147. In addition, across all ages, Tasogare's Fifth Throne was the only that allowed the co-existence of different Gods.
  149. Setsuna
  150. [Also sprach Zarathustra]
  151. Endless Moment of the Great Crimson Hell/ Mugen Setsuna Daiguren Jigoku
  153. “Halt, O time. For thou art beautiful beyond measure.”
  155. This God’s name is Setsuna.
  156. An artificial lifeform created by Suigin to facilitate the growth of Tasogare as a God.
  157. He later shattered the shackles of his born purpose and awakened as a God, but realizing that his Law would only plunge the cosmos into eternal stasis through the stopping of all time, he deemed himself unworthy of Godhood and yielded the Throne to Tasogare.
  158. As such, he serves as her guardian and the shield of the Fifth Throne.
  160. Sixth Divine Throne
  161. [Mahamara]
  162. Hajun’s Tengu Realm of Avarice/ Hajun Dai Yokukai Tengudou
  164. “Metsujin Messou* — I just want to be alone.”
  166. This God's name is Hajun
  167. The God of the Sixth Throne who defeated Tasogare and stole the Throne away from her, his Law was that of a world where all lives kill one another until only one remains.
  168. Bearing extreme, maddened egotism, he believed himself to be the only existence that bears any kind of meaning in the entirety of creation, and decreed that everyone other than him are to die.
  169. His was the single most terrible Law in the history of the Throne.
  171. Seventh Divine Throne
  172. [Amaterasu]
  173. Myriad Dawns/Shokou Yaoyorozu
  175. “Now listen, I'm great. Probably the best there is.”
  177. This God's name is Shokou.
  178. The Seventh God, daughter of Sakagami Habaki and Koga Rindou of the Six Heroes who vanquished Hajun.
  179. Her Law is to lead a soul to where it belongs in a pseudo-reproduction of the worlds from the First to the Sixth, but she is still immature both in mind and body.
  180. She doesn't understand her power and situation well, only knowing that "for some reason I'm the best", but everything goes well because of her capable guardians.
  182. This God's name is:
  184. Shinga: 真我 Truth, True Self, the "ātman". In the Upanishads the ātman is the sole thing that starts all creation so it makes sense for her to be the First Heaven.
  185. Muzan: 無慙 Merciless, Remorseless, Shameless. A buddhist term for someone who breaks a holy law without shame.
  186. Myoujou: 明星 Venus, Morning Star. Basically Lucifer, as Satanael's own name. A fallen angel.
  187. Suigin: 水銀 Mercury. The term refers not as much to the planet but the element. Very straighforward, its significance was already explained in Dies Irae to the minutiae.
  188. Ougon: 黄金 Gold. Even more straightforward. The element contiguous to Mercury.
  189. Tasogare: 黄昏 Twilight, Dusk, Melancholy. This one is also pretty much self-explanatory.
  190. Setsuna: 刹那 Moment, an Instant. A buddhist-sanskrit term meaning the shortest portion/unit of time possible, a "kṣaṇa". It has the connotation of a very precious and short moment of time, something that fits Ren like a glove.
  191. Hajun: 波旬 Devil, Killer Demon, Evil Spirit. A demon who destroys everything that is good. Usually refers to the demon "pāpīyas", who at the same time is conflated with the sanskrit word "māra" and the Devil King of the Sixth Heaven (which makes even more sense with Hajun, him being the Sixth Heaven of the Throne). A monster who tries to prevent humanity from attaining enlightenment.
  192. Shokou: 曙光 Dawn, Daybreak, the first light of the morning. It can also represent the hope after a horrible night (see above) and looking forward to the future.
  194. *Metsujin Messou:滅尽滅相 Absurd Destruction.
  195. - 滅尽 (Metsujin) refers to the act of destroying wordly desires or completely destroying something.
  196. - 滅相 (Messo) refers to "extinction, as when the present passes into the past. Also, the absolute, unconditioned aspect of bhūtatathatā; the mark of extinction".
  201. 『The Savior that comes to the Divine Throne(Saošyant Dasātīr)』
  203. "Does living with purpose yield joy or misery?
  204. I did not know the answer... Yet I found myself yearning for an unattainable world.
  205. To lead an unremarkable life of peaceful mundanity, and pass away peacefully.
  206. That is the life I wished for you. A path far different from my own.
  207. It was a universe in which wrath was dominant.
  208. That's what her intuition had told her.
  209. For Seven Generations, Seven Cycles, Seven Heavens, the Throne had perpetuated itself. Sustained itself on rage.
  210. That serves as a passport to a privileged standing. The greater one's ire, the deeper one's indignation runs, the higher they are elevated to planes unknown. Those who held on to it, emanated it, would be the ones to brush the strokes with paint.
  211. The Day of Wrath, Dies irae.
  212. The Goddess known as the Twilight was a clear exception.
  213. But that exception would ultimately reflect a Goddess of Death.
  214. For if the rules were to be broken, that would herald the system's collapse.
  215. Thus, the hour of reckoning has finally come.
  216. The Truth grins, the Remorseless stands tall, the Morning Star attempts to decipher the riddle.
  217. The Mercury sheds his skin, born anew. The Gold exalts, the Ephemeral Moment and the Twilight paint dreams of peace, and Hajun senses his true enemy. But what does the Dawn look towards?
  218. On that day, every God shall gather, and the curtain will be raised upon their final fight."
  221. Countdown messages:
  223. Reinhard:
  224. "Brothers and sisters, what if I told you your entire life had been decided by fate? That victors were born for glory; that the defeated live only to serve? You live your life as it had been decided in advance, always reaching the same finale, unable to diverge, no matter what. What if I told you the universe was woven from such a cruel fabric?
  225. I wonder how many among you experienced déjà vu from this oration of mine? In other words, I'm asking how many among you know of me?
  226. Well, if you do not know me, no matter. I am not dready enough a man to torment newcomers.
  227. That said, complete ignorance can bring upon problems. You should investigate the words "Dies Irae Pantheon" to some rudimentary extent.
  228. Therein lies the cause for which we fight, the banner under which we gather.
  229. Should you research into the gist of things,  you may inquire more deeply into my person. I do not mind.
  230. Having come this far, our stories will one day surely mingle. Henceforth, the order of things matters not.
  231. My life has already reached its end, and yet here I stand once again upon the stage. I will no doubt have you lend me your strength to overcome this peculiar situation.
  232. So when the time comes, remember this:
  233. I love all of creation.
  234. Now then... How was it? Have you experienced that déjà vu...?"
  236. Mercurius:
  237. "Aaah, indeed. I see. My dear companion has already handled introductions.
  238. You, and you, and you, as well. Such a gathering of familiar faces. Did you long to see me again that much?
  239. Truly, to have such one-sided emotion directed at me can be unpleasant, but... it does save me the trouble of explaining things.
  240. As you surely already know, this world is one where Gods subrogate one another. In other words, multiple gods fundamentally cannot coexist in the same age.
  241. However, it seems that rule has since crumbled... Or perhaps there was some truth we were unaware of at work.
  242. Either way, things being as they are, individuals who could never meet one another have all gathered in one place. Fascinating, is it not?
  243. But being reunited with my beloved goddess is all I could ask for... I do intend to do anything she would wish for."
  245. Marie:
  246. "Hello! Do you all know who I am? Or is this our first meeting?
  247. I think the others already explained this, but we've all finished our roles and retired. But for some reason, we've all been gathered here.
  248. We're all anxious because we don't know how or why it happened, and we have this bad feeling about this... so we all discussed how we should approach this.
  249. Well, it wasn't a very peaceful discussion... But that's probably to be expected, since they're all so distinctive people. Poor Ren had the worst of it, too.
  250. So I would be really happy if you could find out what happened to us, and what's going to happen from now on.
  251. No... I believe you deserve to know."
  253. Ren:
  254. "I swear, what kind of fucked up karma brought this on...
  255. Not only do I have to meet these guys I never wanted to see again, I have to be acquainted with people who are just as annoying. And cooperate with all of them, on top of everything? This is some kind of bullying, I tell you. There's no way we could ever unite and work together.
  256. But Marie looks resolved, and I did agree to this to begin with... Now that things have come down to this, it'd be convenient to stick around, for the sake of keeping watch over everything...
  257. Aaah, sorry. This all turned into me bitching. Not that I'm trying to whine or anything, but I'd be happy if you understood my position in this whole mess.
  258. Seriously, there isn't a single normal person here. In more ways than one, it's a gathering of bitter enemies.
  259. And don't you dare say this looks like it'll be fun. I'm sure you won't be this complacent soon enough. So you better prepare yourselves. Having other other worldly-wise people on my side would be a bit comforting, you know?"
  261. Hajun:
  262. "Shut up... Be quiet... Stop spouting your pointless bullshit... All I want is to be alone... All I need to be complete is myself... so I don't need anything but myself...
  263. I thought I had finally found true peace, but what the hell happened to me...?
  264. Buzz off already... You stink, you little shits... Why do you touch me...?!
  265. I need to cleanse myself... But I can't be bothered with you... I'll give you my shit, so you little shits can kill each other like the shits you are...
  268. Satanael:
  269. "My friends, what would you call the most vile of evils?
  270. Would it be murder? Theft? Perhaps perjury?
  271. All of those may be despicable, but they are not the root of wickedness.
  272. All evil stems from ignorance.
  273. The things one does not understand frighten the heart of man, and spur him to foolish acts.
  274. That is why I once strived to purge that from the world,
  275. and the results of the endeavor aside, my feelings remain unchanged.
  276. My fate is to unravel the indistinct. And for that purpose, I stand here now.
  277. Therefore, you too, should know of me. Lest you be drenched in evil...
  278. Know my name, for it is the Morning Star. Let us meet again, soon..."
  280. Muzan:
  281. "Now then... What to do?
  282. I've nothing to tell you.
  283. The others seem to call me the Remorseless,
  284. which is to say I am a man that knows neither shame nor regret for his actions.
  285. Therefore, I am not one who would ever be in such a place.
  286. I've already fulfilled my role and left the world.
  287. Interfering with the future goes against my principles. Hence, you may do as you please.
  288. Or so I would say, but circumstances have changed.
  289. I had resolved to settle my scores, but things are not yet over.
  290. Truly, such a farce...
  291. But I've no choice. If it is not yet over, I need only continue.
  292. Continue what, you ask? Why, my remorseless acts, of course.
  293. I will put an end to what was left unfinished.
  294. You will one day understand the particularities of what I mean.
  295. For the time being... Observe."
  297. Mithra:
  298. Introductions are in order, first.
  299. I am known as the Truth - Mithra.
  300. It was I who gathered the others here, and it is also I who will command them.
  301. My acquaintances say that I'm not one to be a leader, and I tend to agree...
  302. But I have no intention of relinquishing this delectable position to anyone else.
  303. I mean, isn't it wonderful? So many fine men are gathered in one place.
  304. And this position allows me to toy with them freely... I almost wonder if I'm worthy of this much luck.
  305. I've loved the Remorseless for ages now. His murderous impulses make my heart beat excitedly like a drum.
  306. The Morning Star's straight-laced seriousness makes me want to tease him so much,
  307. and the Mercury's perverted nature is ever so exciting.
  308. The Gold's fervency and masculinity are truly to my tastes,
  309. and the Moment's strict and earnest nature is simply too adorable.
  310. And Hajun... His problematic nature tickles my maternal instincts.
  311. So with this being the case, I wish to make all these men my own.
  312. Or rather, that is fully my intent.
  313. All men are meant to fall in love with me. In which case, nothing's wrong here, no?
  315. Yomi:
  316. "Pardon me... I've been invited to this dignified gathering, but haven't any idea what to say...
  317. No, I do see this as a great honor, of course.
  318. So great it feels wasted on someone like me... Or rather, it's almost too awe-inspiring...
  319. I'm just so trifling compared to everyone else, I feel like I should know my place and stay silent...
  320. Instead, allow me to speak of my distinguished master.
  321. My master's name is the Dawn. The exalted Seventh Throne,
  322. who is extremely... not... diligent.
  323. And a far-cry from... graceful.
  324. They are cheerful, if not selfish,
  325. and on top of being a glutton, are terrible at waking up on time and bad at cleaning.
  326. And despite being lazy, are extremely curious and a mischievous prankster.  
  327. They're truly a troublesome individual that causes me grief time after time...
  328. Ah, pardon me. Please forget that.
  329. My master is... is, hmm... Oh, yes! They love baths.
  330. ...In any case, they're a passionate person who's true of heart, so please, treat my master well!"
  332. Hirume:
  333. "Ah... what...?
  334. Ah, good morning to you.
  335. Wait, what time is it?
  336. Ah, I guess it doesn't really matter. Morning is whenever I wake up, after all.
  337. Anyway, bring my clothes. And did you heat up the water?
  338. I mean a bath, you little fool, a bath. Today you may humbly and reverently scrub my back.
  339. Wait... who are you?!
  340. Are you some Shikigami Yakou or Ryuusui prepared?
  341. Ah, what is that dull expression on your face?
  342. If you are to be my vassal, you must have some vigor in your eyes! Vigor!
  343. I am the greatest commander this world has ever known, after all, so you mustn't smear mud on your master's name.
  344. Devote your life to being my playmate, who will entertain me forever more!
  345. Heh heh heh... Is it not the greatest honor imaginable?
  346. Ah, satisfactory! Ever so satisfactory!
  349. "Be quiet! If you won't act responsibly, I'll beat you senseless, you fool!"
  351. "Aaaah! M-Mother!! Forgive me!!!"
  353. Kouha:
  354. "Last but not least, say hello to the star of the show and your resident pretty girl!
  355. Huh? Who am I supposed to be?
  356. Yep, makes sense you'd think that, right?
  357. Guess I should explain then.
  358. I'm this story's protagonist!
  359. You know, the most stand out girl around. Let's get along!
  360. Well, you know, I feel like I can't get started unless I spread some good cheer around,
  361. so try and put up with me, OK?
  362. After everything you've heard, you probably kinda get what everyone else is like, right?
  363. And I gotta lead 'em... The Truth's orders and all that.
  364. Damnit, Imma show that damn woman up one day, so you better help me then!
  365. It's a promise, okay?"
  368. Credits to:
  369. Anonymous: Character, Story, World 1st to 4th Thrones, 7th Throne, Divine names explanation.
  370. @SingerOfW: Law's names
  371. @DistantValhalla: Saošyant Dasātīr synopsis
  372. @TheZackZeal: 5th-6th Thrones, Ougon and Setsuna, Countdown messages, Masada's comments.
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