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  7. epicivan: YES YOU TAKE THAT PEEN
  8. Guest_DReK23  he felt as her tiny fingers touch upon the fabric of his pants as she climbed and sat upon his lap
  10. MidnightDasher: hey Boocake
  11. Boocake: Can we not have dancers sit on couches / sitting poses?
  12. Boocake: While in the club I expect youg uys to be on stage.
  13. Boocake: If you're afk or brb
  14. Boocake: sit on brb
  15. Guest_DReK23: On the break
  16. Guest_DReK23: Not brb
  17. Boocake: If you're on break
  18. Boocake: leave the room
  19. Boocake: You don't sit in here on break
  20. Guest_DReK23: Hmm I see
  21. Boocake: Yeah.
  22. Boocake: I hate the one to be addressing it to you guys
  23. Boocake: but It's become an issue
  24. VenomousAngel: Hellos to you too Boo
  25. VenomousAngelVenomousAngel : lol
  26. Boocake: Hello love.
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  28. VenomousAngel: :)
  29. Guest_DReK23: Hey princess, I'll pm, seeing that someone is a little yk
  30. Guest_DReK23: Poof
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  32. epicivan: o.o
  33. epicivan: oh looook at the time
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