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  1. SECOND RORY stands, gauntleted fists raised, her body slick with sweat and covered with matches of dust from the area floor as she stares down Rory. The fight had been going on a while and it had been a fierce one, SECOND RORY has insane explosive power behind her attacks but Rory is remarkably resilient, not to mention his reach advantage. Her eyes swirl with ephemeral yellow light, the excitement overpowering the exhaustion as adrenaline surges through her body. "Well, guess you're not that bad after all, for a dog."
  3. Rory pants, and wipes off his brow, his tail wagging and his ears high and alert. "I'm a wolf, to you, shortstuff." He jokes, rolling his shoulders, his own body glistening with sweat, muscles clenched tightly. "Gotta say, you're giving me a run for my money- who taught you your technique?"
  5. As he asks about her fighting style, SECOND RORY goes pink, "W-well... you know... an ancient master of a long forgotten fightiny style too powerful to be left in the hands of mortals. Who else would teach someone as amazing as me? You think that I, SECOND RORY would learn some sort of traditional fighting style? Hah!" She tries her best to be haughty, but here in the heat of the moment her composure is starting to slip. "Wait, who are you calling shortstuff you mutt?! I guess I'll have to bring you to heel!"
  6. She tenses her muscles, the dust at her feet suddenly kicked up by some unseen force as her petite yet powerfully built body becomes momentarily more defined. She rushes forwards, closing the distance and beginning another one of her savage combinations. Her fighting style can best be described as like getting caught in an avalanche, a disorienting flurry of strikes that send her foes hurtling backwards, leaving them disoriented. However, if you can evade the first blow, her momentum quickly falters.
  8. Rory steps to the side, and sticks a leg out, spinning and sweeping his leg underneath her and taking her footing from her. "I ain't no mutt, I told ya! I'm a wolf to you." He grins, getting her on the ground before delivering one decisive strike into the ground beside her head, the packed dirt of the arena cracking around his fist as it slammed down, inches from her ear, the man pressing his face right up to hers and giving her an almost predatory grin. "And for calling me one- that's a real grave insult, shortie. You sure you wanna keep saying that?"
  10. She looks up at him, momentarily surprised by the impact of that punch, but it quickly turns to excitement and determination. "You're going to regret not taking that punch, and you're going to regret calling me shortie" She rolls to the side quickly, using her strength to push herself into the air and then spinning to bring one leg down in a brutal overhead axe kick.
  12. Rory diverts his head to the side, and growls, letting her leg impact his shoulder, but still standing tall. He shakes as the force rocks through him, the sound of a bone most assuredly cracking-then-knitting-back-togther being heard before grinning up at her, grabbing her calf and tearing her off of him before jumping away and assuming a defensive stance
  14. She hits the ground and lands on all fours, skidding across the dusty floor, staggering slowly to her feet as she recovers. She's left panting, this fight had been going on for a long time, and while she was landing solid hits, Rory's regeneration is giving him the stamina he needs to take them and keep going. This could keep going for a long time, it was going to be a battle of attrition... and honestly right now she just wanted to hit the showers. "Okay fine, Mister Wolf, you're pretty tough and I'm getting tired. Want to call it a draw... for now?"
  16. He rolls his neck, and grunts. "I wouldn't mind it. You can call me Rory, gal. I like your style." The man straightens up, walking over and helping SECOND RORY up. "You fight well. Had me on edge for a good while there, but if there's one thing you need to deal with, it's your temper." His tail wags, and the tall man pats the girl on her back. "You really should learn to control it- people can take advantage of that if they know of you in advance. How's about we get spruced up? I need to know where the showers in this place are."
  18. She gets up without his help, but takes his hand and grips it anyway in a handshake, the fact that there's two feet of difference between them and that her hand is so small compared to his makes it look almost comical. As he pats her on the back she looks up at him, pouting slightly, clearly not a fan of the patronising seeming gesture.
  20. "People can take advantage of it all they like, people who take advantage of my temper end up with broken arms." She hops up and then pats hip on the back in return, though with notably more force than he had, making it more of a slap on the shoulder.
  21. "I think the showers are over this way though, never had to break so much of a sweat in the arena before."
  23. "Me neither- you're a great fight." He chuckles and follows after her, rubbing his shoulder. "You're a fiery gal. I like that. Not too many girls I've seen with your kind of drive." Soon he's gotten ahead of her, thanks to his longer strides, his fluffy tail hanging behind him, directly in front of SECOND RORY
  25. "That's because most gals get everything they want just handed to them. Psh." She finds herself going quiet, staring at his body, and that swishing fluffy tail. Its motion is almost hypnotic, calling to her, so fluffy and soft...
  27. A moment later Rory feels the sensation of a hand brushing against his tail.
  29. His tail jumps, and the man looks back, confused. "...What are you doing?" He asks, stopping in his tracks, ears flicking in annoyance.
  31. SECOND RORY is blushing pink, looking a little startled as she quickly puts her hands behind her back and does her best to look innocent, "What? I'm not doing anything! I never ever touched your tail!"
  33. He snorts. "That's a lie. Every girl here has wanted to touch it. Guess you're a little more like them than you think, eh?" He jokes. "No hard feelings- but at least wait until I've cleaned off before you start groping me."
  35. "D-d-don't think yout you can rope me into your perverted delusions, who'd want to touch a cute, fluffy, soft tail swaying in front of them like that..." She trails off, pausing for a moment before storming past Rory, "N-now lets find those showers so I can get you out of my hair you furball!"
  37. He snickers. "Fine, fine, do as you do." He says, following after her with his hands in his pockets, whistling and watching her petite but muscular frame. "I ain't a furball either. That's my brother. He's got a cat's tail." The man says, a bit sarcastically
  39. She turns a corner, at which point Rory hears a cry of frustration echoing through the stone corridors. As he catches up he can see that there is apparently only one shower room, and it's unisex. She has her hands on her hips and is glaring alternately at the showers and Rory, "What kind of cheapskate arena is this. Jeez, this is because of them having to build everything to accomodate those stupidly huge dragon princesses!"
  41. Rory raises an eyebrow. "Uni-sex? ...What does that mean?" He asks, peering around before staring at SECOND RORY with a confused look.
  43. "Jeez, dumb dog, it means that there aren't different ones for guys and girls!" She gestures at the shower illustratively, showing that there's no dividers between them. The showers are currently empty, what with there being no official matches going on right now and none due to start for a few hours yet.
  45. He whistles. "Oh. That's what that means. And I'm a wolf to you, dammit." The man shrugs. "I've been in closer quarters before. This isn't too bad." The wolf-man states, striding into the shower room and starting to strip his trousers off in full view of SECOND RORY.
  47. Her eyes can't help but wander, the way the sweat glistened over his hard muscular body just make it seem that much more alluring. He was a huge man, and SECOND RORY loved everything in excess, a strong and powerful man like him ticks a lot of her boxes for what she wants in a mate. Still, this wasn't the time or the place! She does her best to ignore him and pulls off her own clothes, stripping down one layer at a time reveal her own muscular but petite body, patches of white scales on her shoulders, her back, her arms and her legs. Her breasts are petite, even on her smaller frame although her hips and butt are a little more developed and curvaceous, giving her a toned but slightly pear-shaped figure.
  49. Rory eventually gets stripped, the strong man's tan skin tight with muscle, a large brand in the shape of a wolf's maw covering mot of his upper back, the raised, red scar contrasting with his skin. His hair fell down to his shoulder, thick, bushy, and black, with little care given to it. Putting his clothes on a hook nearby and doing a couple stretches to get the kinks out of his joints, he exhaled, and started the water, beginning to clean himself off
  51. She steps into the shower next to him, for the purposes of saving water of course, no need to be wasteful by standing in an entirely different shower bank! She lets the water fall over her form, scrubbing over her body with a washcloth and continually glancing over at the huge wolf-man across from her.
  53. Rory's back faces her, the man scrubbing his long hair, before turning around and giving her a glance. "If you need any help, just ask. I'd be happy to oblige." He says, the water steaming up but not obscuring the fact that there was a large dog-cock hanging between his legs. It was ginormous- with a knot nearly as large as Rory's fist, the tip nearly falling down to his knee, the angry red tone highlighting the throbbing veins that covered it. "I do need some help getting my tail, though- so..."
  55. SECOND RORY says nothing, her eyes have fixed themselves on his immense, canine length that was huge even on his immense frame. She was entranced, she could feel her body reacting to it, her nose caught a hint of the scent and it caused a tingling in her mind. Her love for huge things caused the logical centers of her mind to short circuit, she needed it. It needed to be hers.
  57. He gives her an odd look. "Uh, gal?" He asks, cocking his head to the side. His member began to throb in the heat of the shower, along with her close proximity, getting plumper and standing straighter as he stood there. "...You look like a bitch in heat." The man says, grinning wolfishly. "See something you like?"
  59. "S-Shut up!" She cries out, her cheeks burning red, had she not been in the shower he'd have been able to see her drooling, "Dumb dog with your stupid... huge..." She moves a little closer, her face getting nearer to it, cool breath washing over it as she stakes hungrily. She looks up into Rory's eyes, her expression defiant, hands on her hips. "If you're going to have such a stupidly enormous dick like that then the least you can do it put it to good use!"
  61. He whistles, before taking a hand and grasping his member, poking the tip up at her and right under her nose. "Really? That's what you want me to do? I don't see any other woman around here... so I guess you'll have to help me out." Rory smirks, his fuzzy sack looking like it was overfull with seed: each one was large enough to fill his palm, and they both looked tight and pent-up.
  63. Her eyes unfocus for a moment as that raw feral scent invades her nostrils, a shudder running up her body. She lets out a shuddering gasp but quickly regains some semblance of composure, "Y-yeah, all things in the world are mine to possess and that includes this ridiculously enormous cock."
  65. She reaches down and grasps it in her slim but powerful hands, they're cooler than they should be but it has a soothing quality to it. With its sheer size and the difference in height between them she doesn't need to even bend her knees to reach out and grab it, or to reach a little further and grasp at his hanging sack with a tender squeeze. "And these too!"
  67. He grunts, and puts his other hand on the wall. "If you want to get this from me- you'd best start sucking. It's been a while since I've rolled around with a girl as cute as you." The man grins, his balls literally churning with seed in her grip, slimy precum dripping out of his dilated cumslit.
  69. "D-don't tell me what to do, I'm an adult you know, I know what to do with something like this. Even if it is so stupidly huge..." She gingerly leans forwards, licking the tip and shuddering a little at the musky taste that bloomed across her tongue. Moments later she was nuzzling up against it like a cat, the size of it relative to her such that she couldn't properly grasp it without two hands. Her tongue trails from base to tip as she loses herself in the debauchery.
  71. He groans and throws his head back, tongue lolling out of his mouth. "Just start sucking, you fought well in... ah, the arena, you better fight for it here too." Rory says, more precum drizzling out of his tip, the smell of his deeply masculine musk permeating the shower, his cock salty-tasting, her tongue sending shivers of pleasure up his spine.
  73. "Nnngh~ Stop telling me what to do, jeez, I-I'm just getting round to it." She stared at it longingly, but she could feel apprehension mixing with desire in her belly. She opens her mouth wide, wider and wider still before taking that immense canine dick into her mouth. Her tongue is forced against the bottom of her mouth and to get in more that just that pointed tip she has to force it down her throat, discovering that she really doesn't seem to have a gag reflex, throat bulging as she takes more and more of it.
  75. Rory bucks his hips forward. "Good girrrrrl... Good girl..." He rumbles, putting a hand on the back of her head and nudging her down, looking into her pretty eyes with a smirk, his own eyes focused and sharp. "Take every inch you can~" The man sings, loving how tight her mouth and throat were, precum dripping down into her belly, salty and sweet at the same time
  77. Whatever her snarky or proud comeback would be, it's silenced by the fast amount of cock forving her mouth open, though she lets out a muffled squeak as he thrusts he hips and pushes that thing in a little deeper. She gurgles and moans, throat stretched out and bulging obscenely as more and more is pushed into her. The muscles stroke and squeeze and massage the thing, hungrily pulling it in deeper.
  79. He growls, and gives one harsh buck. "Damn! You're tight!" His shaft is so long that it fills every inch of the girl's throat, the man huffing and panting at the sheer tightness of her throat, her muscles making it hard to hold back his pent-up seed. With one final push, he stuffs the last inch into her, his knot bumping her nose and starting to swell, his entire cock throbbing and pulsing in her maw, balls clenching up tightly- and then cum splattered out of his member, a huge pulse that was soon followed by more, each one equal in size to the last, the man shuddering in bliss as he stuffed her belly full of seed
  81. She lets out a whine of surprise, eyes going wide and hands shooting to his cock as if in order to stem the tide, but it was useless. Her thoat visibly bulged as his length surged with each surge of hot sticky cum. There's no chance of any of it coming back up, his dick is thrust far too far down her throat for it to go anywhere other than straight into her waiting belly.
  83. Her slim, muscular middle starts to look a little round, then rounder as she visibly bloats larger with each gush of cum, going from flat to plump to decidedly pregnant looking as his enormous loads pour a torrent into her. A hand flies down to cradle her swelling belly, the maternal looking dome pressing against her hands as she tries to stop it, but there's nowhere for the cum to go.(edited)
  85. He finally stops right as she looks about to burst, the man forcibly pulling his cock out of her mouth, still trailing sticky cum. He clenches his muscles, and squirts out big dollop of seed right onto her tongue. "Mmmm... You aren't gonna go hungry for a while~" He snickers, leaning down and rubbing her pregnant looking belly. "But I'm not done just yet~"
  87. With the huge throbbing length pulled free from her throat, trailing drool and cum in gooey strands, she ends up staggering and falling backwards onto her cute little butt. The little girl is so enormously stuffed with his cum that she looks overdue, her belly doming out hugely beneath her petite breasts. She looks spaced out for a few moments, clearly overwhelmed, panting and letting out little moaning sounds, squirming in pleasure as her tightly packed belly is caressed by the wolfman.
  89. After a few moments she seems to regain her senses, staring up at Rory, her eyes looking faintly defiant. "You'd b-" She suddenly burps, a thick glob of cum splattering against the curve of her belly. She stares at it, completely silent, mortified by how embarrassing and perverse what just happened was. She tries to brush it off, continuing to talk but her flushed cheeks make her embarrassment clear, "-You'd better not be done... I-I'm not even full yet. Stupid dog, thinking that just because you've stuffed my belly so tight with gallons of your... your hot, thick cum that I'd be done..."(edited)
  91. He whistles, and gives her belly another rub. "Nah, I'm not done with you. I still haven't pounded that petite little pussy of yours~" The wolf-man grins, before picking SECOND RORY up, pinning her against the wall and pressing his rock-hard abs up against her, wrapping her legs around his waist as he started to line up his tip. "You're gonna be so tight, I'm not even sure I'll fit every inch in... but that's alright~" He rumbles, his pointed tip poking against her mound, the man using his other hand to hold her rear, grinning wolfishly before kissing her neck. "I can still stuff your little cunt full!"
  93. He lifts her bodily off the floor, after all with the massive size difference there's no way the two of them could do it with him standing up any other way. "O-nnngh~ Oh yeah? Don't underestimate this body, I bet I can take the whole thing no sweat, knot and all, don't think just because your cocks is so stupidly massive that I can't handle it. E-everything in this world is destined to be mine, including that!" She continues to keep up the bravado, despite the fact that he is literally about to bounce her on his dick like a little cocksleeve.
  95. He growls. "You sure about that~?" With that, he lines her up, before letting gravity and the gravid, swollen weight of her belly do its work, dropping her down onto his tip and spearing her on his massive length, stretching out her petite snatch to conform to his doggy prick. "Aha~ Tight~!" Hissing, his tip poked at her cervix, but the man didn't stop. His swollen cock kept her upright, and he pinned her shoulders to the wall, pulling out before letting out a howl of bliss and thrusting in, jackhammering his tip against the entrance to her womb, not letting her get a moment of respite
  97. Her hips groan as her body struggles to accept the sheer amount of canine flesh being thrust, inch by relentless inch into her body. She throws her head back and cries out, moaning and groaning in such a way that there was no way somebody couldn't overhear them. She's tight, unbelievably so but she still seems to slowly stretch out to accomodate the imbossible insertion. Half formed words babble forth from her mouth, unable to manage anything coherent as she's so thoroughly stretched.
  99. As he thrusts in again, harder, pounding into her over and over she writhes with the overwhelming sensation, it hurt, but at the same time it felt absolutely incredible. She was suspended off the floor, every inch of her poor pussy stuffed full of this thing and now it was battering its way relentlessly into her womb.
  101. He grins, grabbing her head with one hand before forcing her into a rough French kiss, stuffing his tongue into her mouth and dominating her in that moment, wanting to stuff her little cunny with every inch of his meaty dog cock, getting more and more ferocious with his thrusting with every moment, desperately trying to get into her deepest of depths, loving every little moan and twitch and pulse her clenched muscles had over his cock
  103. If he hadn't seen her take hits that would knock out a bear, he'd probably be worried that he was going to injure her or rupture something but she seems to take it all in stride. No matter how hard he pushes her tiny body it always had room for more, as if it's jealously trying to hoard every last inch of that cock for herself.
  105. She moans lustily into the kiss, her own tongue dancing with his as finally not only pushes that tip past her cervix and into her womb, but also begins to shove that thick knot into her. She whines and squirms, a throaty lustful sound of distress and pleasure simultaneously as his knot causes her labia to bulge obscenely.
  107. He growls again, breaking the kiss and nuzzling her neck, feeling his knot fully stuffed inside her. He finally lets her settle like that, before roughly tearing his cock out of her, savagely forcing it in again, and continuing like this, his cock stuffing her with each thrust, the man drawing from his tip before slamming in to his base, his hefty, fuzzy ballsack still churning with unspent seed
  110. The rouighness would break a lesser woman, but SECOND RORY seemed to revel in it, moaning and whining, her whole body bouncing and squirming atop his shaft. Each powerful thust caused her tiny breasts and huge sloshing belly to bounce and jiggle, and the lewd squelching and slapping sounds of their lovemaking were starting to drown out the rushing water of the shower. She squeezes him tightly, feeling her inevitable climax building higher and higher.
  112. He finally lets loose a feral howl, before biting into her neck, slamming in one last time. A second later, his cock pulsed and his knot swelled with blood, tying his knot and ensuring that he wouldn't be able to pull out. His cock twitched, and a flood of white seed, almost as large as his first load, shot out of his dilated cumslit, forcefully impacting her womb and starting to paint her deepest cave white and heavy with spunk
  114. The lusty little dragon spasmed as she climaxed, the first gush of hot seed rushing into her womb being enough to topple her over the edge into orgasmic bliss. Her legs wrap tightly around him, her body greedily trying to get him in as deep as possible and to make sure that not a single drop of cum escapes her. As much as she tried to hold on tight and stay close however, her rapidly bloating belly had other plans, forcing her backwards as she went from looking overdue to looking ready to pop with twins, her skin taught and shiny, her navel having popped out from the sheer internal pressure as she's thoroughly bred by the wolf.(edited)
  117. Rory grunts, thrusting a little more, his cock squirting the final bit of cum inside her before he finally slumped over and nuzzled her head. "F-fuck... so tight." He rumbles, one hand groping her rear, the other rubbing her swollen midsection. "Hehe~ You might end up knocked right up~"
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