Galacta Knight Moveset

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  1. Galacta Knight Moveset
  3. Galacta Knight is similar to Meta Knight, being a small swordfighter with good speed. He has one of the better airspeeds in the game, but is also one of the lighter characters in the game, lighter than Mewtwo. His versatility, combo potential and recovery are balanced by his overall lightweightness and fall speed.
  5. Mutlijab - Galacta Knight, just like Meta Knight, only has a multijab. Galacta Knight jabs his lance in a flurry of strikes, ending with a strong swipe upward. Each mutlihit deals 1% with the launcher dealing 3%.
  7. Dash Attack - Galacta Knight dashes forward with his lance, launching the enemy at a combo-friendly angle. It is a fast move, but deals low damage, a measly 6%.
  9. Forward Tilt - Galacta Knight swipes his lance twice, the first dealing 5% and comboing into the second, which deals 6% and launches quite far.
  11. Down Tilt - Galacta Knight spears his lance downward on the ground, having decent range and a chance to trip, along with dealing 9%.
  13. Up Tilt - Galacta Knight swipes in an arcing motion upwards, launching at a combo friendly angle and dealing 6%.
  15. Forward Smash - Galacta Knight reels back, shifting his hurtbox, and charges forward quickly. High start up and endlag, but long range and reliable killpower. It has the same damage throughout the move, dealing 17%.
  17. Down Smash - A surprisingly long range move, Galacta Knight swipes in front of, and then behind him. The first hit deals 10%, the second dealing 13%. Reliable kill potential with the back hit.
  19. Up Smash - Galacta Knight raises his lance quickly and a large pillar of pink and red energy erupts from the ground. High damage and knockback, with lenghty startup, akin to Ike's Up Smash, but no endlag. His best smash attack in neutral, dealing a powerful 20%.
  21. Neutral Special - Galacta Knight raises a large pillar of flame that travels slowly forward, lasting for a while before disappearing. If a fighter is caught by the pillar, they will be hit multiple times before being flung upward. The attack will always deal 14%. In the air, this is an entirely different move. Galacta Knight summons swords made of energy and throws them in a rising motion, starting from directly below him. The swords have decent knockback and deal 7%, covering a wide area. Galacta Knight can only use this move once in the air.
  23. Side Special - Galacta Knight slashes the space in front of him, creating a fast bladebeam that has a set knockback with low knockback growth. It has a decent size and deals 7%.
  25. Up Special - Galacta Knight essentially does a drill rush upward, dealing low damage but going far, fast and able to be angled even sideways. It grabs ledge well and travels far. A versatile move, dealing 1.2% with each hit landed, with a 3% launch hitbox, with a potential of 9 hits overall. If Galacta Knight gets hit while using this move, the distance traveled will be reduced until he lands.
  27. Down Special - A counter with Galacta Knight's shield. If hit by a physical move, a burst of pink energy will erupt violently from the shield, dealing 14%. If hit by a projectile, the shield will absorb it, increasing the damage, range and knockback of the counter next time it is hit with a physical move. The more projectiles it eats, the more powerful the counter will become, capping at 19% damage and 1.6x the range.
  29. Up Air - Galacta Knight swipes a wing in an arcing motion upwards while spinning. Decent hitbox and low endlag with low knockback, allowing for combos. It deals 5%.
  31. Forward Air - Galacta Knight swipes his lance, tearing the space in front of him. A powerful aerial, doing 13% and killing well.
  33. Down Air - A stall and fall with a powerful landing hitbox. Upon landing, Galacta Knight buries his lance into the ground, and two pools of pink energy splash upward. The beginning of the move spikes, and the energy pools that splash upward upon hitting the ground deal the most damage, dealing 12%. High endlag if the move hits the ground.
  35. Back Air - Galacta Knight strikes behind him with his shield. The move has armor on the shield hitbox with high knockback but average damage, with 10%.
  37. Neutral Air - Galacta Knight summons multiple small pink energy based swords and spins them around him rapidly. Hits 8 times, the 8th being a launch hitbox that deals 2%, while the other 7 deal 1%. Okay range, and can drag down, but launches at upward diagonal angle, preventing any further combos.
  39. Forward Throw - Galacta Knight savagely spears the fighter, dealing 10% and sending at a purely horizontal angle.
  41. Down Throw - Galacta Knight stomps on the fighter and hits them upward with his wing, dealing 6%. Is a combo throw until 30%, at which point it stops reliably comboing.
  43. Up Throw - Galacta Knight tosses the fighter upward, raising his shield, at which point a blast of pink energy erupts from it, sending the fighter flying. Deals 9% and launches well.
  45. Back Throw - Galacta Knight tosses the fighter back and slams them with his shield, at which point a blast of pink energy erupts from it. Launches well and deals 9%.
  47. Up Taunt - Galacta Knight does his signature pose, swiping his lance and pointing it upwards while spreading his wings.
  49. Side Taunt - Galacta Knight spins, posing with his wings spread.
  51. Down Taunt - Galacta Knight mimics Meta Knight's side taunt, but doesn't say anything.
  53. Alternate Costumes
  55. Default - Basic default design, inspired heavily by Star Allies.
  57. Alt 1 - A black body with a red mask, white eyes and white pauldrons and boots, with red-to-orang wings and red horns. The lance has a gold guard and a red blade, and the shield is orange with red accents. This alt is inspired off of Morpho Knight, and doubles as a red alt.
  59. Alt 2 - A blue body with black pauldrons, yellow eyes, purple wings, purple boots and a golden lance. The shield is silver with a purple highlight. This alt is obviously inspired by  Meta Knight. It also doubles as a blue alt.
  61. Alt 3 - A lime green body with a white mask, yellow eyes, bright green wings, golden lance and white pauldrons and boots. The shield is white with green accents.
  63. Alt 4 - A grey body with a black mask with red eyes, golden horns, black pauldrons, black boots, black wings, a golden lance and a golden shield with red highlights. edgy.
  65. Alt 5 - A white body, white mask, white pauldrons, white boots, gold and a white shield. The eyes are red, as the wings and lance being a deep crimson. This is a reference to Zero Two.
  67. Alt 6 - A white body with golden armor and red eyes, with the gold texture that most gold skins have. The weapons are also golden, but the wings are white.
  69. Alt 7 - idk lol
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