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  1. Shinjo Kurosawa
  2. ((Forgive me, here's a scene break. This is, for now, a training field.))
  3. Ikoma Chiaki
  4. ((Oops))
  5. Shinjo Kurosawa
  6. Thunk. Thwack. The sound of a wooden bokken hastily meeting rough unhewn timber echoed loudly. There, in a training field, was the Unicorn known as Shinjo Kurosawa. His leg had healed from the scouting adventure, but his mind had not gotten over it. "Foolish," he muttered as the bokken arced towards the wooden dummy. He'd let himself get caught up in all the excitement, and there'd been casualties. Not like he could've protected those that had died, but maybe if he'd been faster, or hit harder, it wouldn't have gone down like that. His breath was short, and his swings grew wilder and faster with frustration as he lashed out at the dummy. Thwack.
  7. Ikoma Chiaki
  8. Dressed in a dark brown and unadorned Gi and Hakama, Chiaki walked by the training area until she noticed a familiar face. Stopping to watch them instead.
  9. Shinjo Kurosawa
  10. Damnable dummy. The wood continued it's song as he continued to punish it for his sins. Whackwhackwhackwhack. His teeth ground together, and a snarl began to form and pull at the corners of his mouth. His hands stung like they hadn't in a log time, before finally; SNAP. The shaft of the bokken could no longer take the punishment. It did not break in full, but an ugly crack had been born. A bead of sweat ran down the side of his head and he panted like an overheated dog. He let the bokken fall to the floor, before whirling around and spotting a familiar Lion-sama, dressed in a neat simple outfit. He quickly struggled to regain his On, trying to dredge up calmness from the depths, to the surface. His eyes closed and his breathing was slowed. "...Forgive me, Ikoma-sama." Yeah that Lesson from the Phoenix was already paying off. "I was lost in thought, and believed I was alone. However," he bowed deeply, "I am honored by your presence here today."
  11. Ikoma Chiaki
  12. "Mmhm? Oh, that's quite alright Shinjo-san; this one was just watching your form." Chiaki chimes with a bow. "How does the day find you?"
  13. Shinjo Kurosawa
  14. The Unicorn was taken aback. How long had she been watching him? "I..." He couldn't just vent to her about all the thinking he'd been doing, all the thoughts refusing to leave like stray cobwebs in an attic. "I am fine. I was thinking about the mission from the other day." He idly brushed at his thigh, remembering all too well the blade that had found refuge in his leg. "I did not perform to the standards the resistance needs, I think."
  15. Ikoma Chiaki
  16. "I seemed to recall Shinjo-san did well enough. What were the particular issues with your performance? If this one may ask."
  17. Shinjo Kurosawa
  18. The Shinjo shook his head. "I disobeyed the order, Ikoma-sama. I was supposed to catch any who would run away. Instead I charged into the fight without strategy or thought." He couldn't help but smile a little bit. Well enough was a good enough compliment, those seemed to be rare in these dark and troubled times.
  19. Ikoma Chiaki
  20. "I see to recall they chose to fight, rather than flee." Chiaki points out. "Perhaps if they ran, you would have recalled. Instead you acted as needed after the plan survived as long as it needed to. There are lessons left to learn, for all of us for the future. But now we get the chance."
  21. Shinjo Kurosawa
  22. He bowed his head. "It was more than disobedience. I wanted to get in there." Even just the memory of the event caused his face to flush red with excitement. "My whole body was on fire and screaming at me to go forth, and I failed to resist." He was going on about this too long. Time to change tracks. "You were an excellent asset to our mission, Ikoma-sama. Your presence helped the headman keep a cool head in a dangerous hour." Was he gonna say that he wished he spoke as good as her? "You... you speak well," he ended lamely, half embarrassed at his own words.
  23. Ikoma Chiaki
  24. "This one can only do their duty." Chiaki replies with a bow. "Action was the better choice, and this one knows that. Don't get caught in Regret"
  25. Shinjo Kurosawa
  26. Her humble reply awed him a little bit. She did have a different perspective than he did from all the chaos, especially since he was in the thick of it. Her gentle rebuke managed to pierce through his thoughts, he needed to stop dwelling on what had happened. It had ended, they had won, and were alive. His leg twinged slightly though, as to remind him to not forget what he'd learned that day. He bowed to her once again, but more deeply and respectfully this go around. "Thank you, Ikoma-sama. Your wisdom is what I needed in this dark hour. If you ever have need for me, know for you, I am available whenever you need."
  27. Ikoma Chiaki
  28. Chiaki bows in reply. "This one will be sure to remember that, should the need arise."
  29. Shinjo Kurosawa
  30. "Were you here to train today? I come at this hour due to the peacefulness that solitude brings." Although today's session had not been peaceful at all.
  31. Ikoma Chiaki
  32. "This one has thought to do some, though there better with a Yumi than with a Wakizashi."
  33. Shinjo Kurosawa
  34. While he had been beating away at the dummy earlier, the white haired unicorn was still full of energy. But he was also curious about her abilities. "Do you mind an audience? Or would you prefer a partner?"
  35. Ikoma Chiaki
  36. "This one would make a poor sword partner, but perhaps there is something we can train together?"
  37. Shinjo Kurosawa
  38. The Unicorn is, while talented at his school skills, not nearly so diverse in other things. Starting character XP, man. He gave pause for a second. He couldn't just wimp out after he said he'd do anything. An idea actually came to his head. Not the best idea,unfortunately. "Would you..." His face turned a hint of pink, "like to learn how to sing? Not Unicorn songs. More traditional ones." No one was ever down for Mongolian throat singing.
  39. Ikoma Chiaki
  40. "Hmm... this one supposes that would be a wise idea, Shinjo-san." Chiaki chimes with a nod
  41. Shinjo Kurosawa
  42. The Unicorn's author has no idea how to roleplay singing. "Let us start with this one. It is an old favorite of mine, taught to me long ago." He hesitated again, a small lump rising in his throat. "It is called 'Yuki no Hana.'" The young man swallowed the lump that had blocked his throat, closed his eyes... And let the song flow out of him.
  43. Ikoma Chiaki
  44. Chiaki listed silently to the Shinjo's performance. Letting the song wash over her.
  45. Shinjo Kurosawa
  46. ((rolled a 26; TN 15 with 1 raise, void))
  47. By the time the song was over, the Unicorn could barely contain himself, but he managed. Too bad they didn't have a band playing him off. His eyes watered as they opened, and he turned away from the Lion Courtier. "Your turn. Forgive me, I am not the greatest teacher, and I am unpracticed."
  48. Ikoma Chiaki
  49. ((rolled 36 unskilled, TN 15 with two raises, voided))
  50. "It was lovely, Shinjo-san." Chiaki replies before trying her own hand at singing.
  51. Shinjo Kurosawa
  52. The Shinjo seated himself in the grass, and closed his eyes. The voice was different than what he had grown up with, but it was still beautiful all the same. His chin rested on his hand, a small smile pulling at the corners of his mouth while he remembered the good times from the past he had, singing this song with his best friend.
  53. Ikoma Chiaki
  54. Chiaki let the song come to it's end quietly with a small bow. "Ano... how was that? This one didn't quite sing in the exact way, Shinjo-sama did."
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa
  56. "It was..." The Unicorn hadn't been moved like this in a while. "It was most beautiful, Ikoma-sama." And how! She practically blew him away with her rendition, and while he had grown sad, it was because the song had come to an end, as all songs do. The feelings inside him were a whirlpool of joy and grief. The windows to his soul gave away some of the turmoil, but he beamed at her. "You must be blessed, to have such a voice."
  57. Ikoma Chiaki
  58. Chiaki bows. "Arigato Shinjo-sama. Your words are very kind."
  59. Shinjo Kurosawa
  60. Author has to bail now, unfortunately. He shakily stood to his feet and looked upon the Lion with awe, eyes shining. "I am overjoyed to have heard your singing voice. I would like to hear it again, someday." However, a din could be heard, as some guards were coming by to do some daily routines. "Until next time, Ikoma-sama." With that, he'd bow once more, and turn sharply on his heel to exit stage left, her voice lingering in his thoughts.
  61. Ikoma Chiaki
  62. "Walk with honour, Shinjo-san." Chiaki replies with a bow before withdrawing herself.
  63. ((Thanks for the RP!))
  64. Shinjo Kurosawa
  65. ((Thanks, you too.))
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