Vhatug's tips for anatomically correct clop [mlp]

Aug 28th, 2012
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  1. A collection of snippets about sexual anatomy, collected on request of AiE.
  2. For those who want to make their clop more anatomically correct.
  3. Remember, you can write your tiny pastel horse (and other creatures) porn any way you want, this is just one way, written from the idea that these beings retain the same sexual anatomy of their real world counterparts.
  5. -
  7. Mares have an internal clit, they can expose it in a process called winking.
  8. They use this to show sexual interest.
  10. Unlike women, mares have incredible muscle control, and can constrict or expand to accommodate, so no matter the scale of your p0nies, size isn't really a concern for them.
  11. You're unlikely to be too big or too small for them because they're able to adjust themselves to ensure a snug fit.
  13. This also serves as protection from unwanted advances. A mare can clench herself shut so tight (or "telescope") that nothing can get in that she doesn't want.
  14. This is so effective that a full sized horse mare can effectively keep out human fingers with
  16. An added benefit is that, unlike women, mares do not get "loose" from normal use.
  18. Their core temperature is higher than a humans, so they'd be really warm.
  20. Their internal texture is a bit less slick than a woman, and more cushiony. Akin to a very warm, soft, wet velvet.
  22. Horses have hymens.
  24. They have "outie" anuses.
  25. They are also VERY elastic. The use of lube for anal in my stories is more for comfort and ease rather than necessity.
  27. And the biggest, and most used thing I've pointed out, is that equines have a low sexual stamina (or rather, humans have an incredibly high one.).
  28. Compared to our impressive average, stallions average about 20 seconds from insertion to exit, not enough to usually give more than a normal orgasm for a mare.
  29. Maregasms are incredibly rare for this reason.
  31. The vaginal lips and entrance of a mare are more sensitive than her depths.
  32. This reinforces that size matters little to mares, your Anon is better off using long, slow strokes instead of hard shallow thrusts.
  33. "Pull out until only the head is inside, then push back into the depths."
  35. While the clit is of course still very sensitive, mares are more receptive to stimulation of the g-spot.
  36. It's on the bottom of the birth canal, only a few inches in even on full size horses.
  38. Mares have 2 types of orgasms.
  39. In the first, they "wink" repeatedly, which is supposed to feel really good.
  40. In the second, more intense type, called a maregasm, they release a large volume of fluid. We call it squash soup around here because of the yellow color.
  41. According to various forums mentioning it, it has a strong smell similar to musty hay. It may contain pheromones as many on forums report it causing at least a small increase in arousal.
  43. This fluid consists mostly of feminine fluids, but if the mare has not used the bathroom recently, it will likely contain urine as well.
  45. Equines can terminate a pregnancy at will, developed in nature to prevent wasting energy on the process if the foal is unlikely to survive anyway.
  47. During estrus, the vaginal lips swell up a little, get a reddish tinge, and produces a scent to indicate heat.
  48. Many writers use this as a time for wonton and a complete lack of inhibition. Personally, I prefer to write it as them just being a little more open to the idea.
  51. While stallions are easily worn out (A stallion can only be expected to perform about 5 times a day), mares are the more sexual of the species, and more suited for multiple sessions. This comes from the animal times when their insatiability would be useful in ensuring jealous stallions didn't kill foals to eliminate competition, because the stallions wouldn't be sure of who the father was.
  52. When intelligence is thrown into the mix, this makes human staying power a very desirable attribute.
  54. Due to their origin as prey animals, especially to big cats, they're profoundly uncomfortable with anything that can emulate claws running along their haunches.
  55. This includes human fingers. While they likely wouldn't kick on impulse like a real horse, enough of the instinct would remain that they'd dislike the action, especially with low trust.
  56. For massage of this area, Anon should keep the fingers closed, or use the thumb and ball of the palm. For sex from behind, grab the pelvic bone at the front of the haunch.
  59. Real equines only display a small amount of foreplay as an assurance of interest, while intelligent ones would be a little more sophisticated about it, if you're writing them as still having their normal stamina, they'd be used to a very small amount of it. Depending on your point of view, this may make a human seem an especially caring, giving, and romantic lover.
  61. Equine foreplay (for both genders) includes nipping (especially at the fetlocks or ankles), the stallion biting at the base of the mares mane, sniffing and light licking of the genitals, and mild suckling of the teats.
  62. They're known to "share breath" to show affection. Simply put, they will place their mouths together and breathe into each others mouths. Perhaps as a means of testing with the Jacob's organ, however, it does build trust even outside their species, such as humans doing it with their horses.
  63. Again, intelligence changes things a bit, pick and choose what would still apply.
  66. -
  67. Stallion specific
  68. -
  71. There's a small cavernous area in front of the womb to accommodate the stallions "flare", where the head of the dick swells up to force the cum in.
  73. Even at their hardest, a stallion is comparatively softer and more flexible or "floppier" than a human.
  75. The flare itself refers to the head of the stallion penis swelling to 3 or 4 times during climax.
  76. This would make oral and anal troublesome for stallions, and vaginal potentially painful for Femanons.
  78. This sudden extra girth is spongier than the normal flesh. While more yielding than the normal flesh, it's still something to be concerned with.
  80. Because of their body structure, joint range, and general bulk placement, it would be difficult if not impossible for a stallion to hilt.
  81. In general, a stallion can insert 50 to 70 percent of his length. The ring part way up the shaft is a decent indicator of max depth.
  83. Compared to the simple slit of a human urethra, stallions have an indent around theirs.
  85. According to SEVERAL users on various forums, their taste is a lot more mild, and less robust than human cum.
  86. Of course, the varied diets of an intelligent species would still give it more variety.
  88. Most equine males lack nipples.
  89. Male donkeys (or jacks) are an exception and have one on either side of the sheath.
  93. -
  94. Pegasi, unicorns and other species
  95. -
  97. Ignoring wing boners, there's no reason to think wings are especially sensitive, as such a thing would be detrimental.
  98. That said, in real avians, the area where the wing connects to the body, or "wing pit" IS rather sensitive in real creatures, and trained birds will try to keep their handlers from going near it unless they have an exceptional level of trust.
  100. From the bird angle, we can also figure that when interested, a pegasi may subtly puff up their plumage to strut without even realizing it.
  101. Humans ourselves subtly adjust our behavior on the subconscious level when trying to catch someones eye.
  104. The unicorn horn was originally based on that of the narwhal. In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, narwhal tusks where often sold as unicorn horns.
  105. These tusks are very sensitive, having 10,000,000 nerve endings.
  106. The human clitoris has 8,000.
  107. The uncircumcised human penis 24,000.
  109. Given that the show has both showed Rarity's being flicked to painful effect (canceling her magic in the process), filed to no effect, and Celestia being floored by a blast to hers.
  110. The conclusion seems that they have sensitive feeling in them when their magic is active, and none when
  111. it's not.
  112. Exactly how sensitive they are is uncertain, as is the range of sensations they can actually feel.
  115. Perhaps pertaining to changelings, in many types of insects, there exists a special pouch inside the vagina that can collect and store sperm for later use.
  116. Attached to this is a special gland that secretes nutrients to keep the sperm alive. Depending on the lifespan of the insect, the sperm can be kept alive for days, weeks, months, or even years.
  118. This gland also secretes a chemical that eats through the shell of the egg to allow a small amount of sperm in.
  119. Lower down in the main vaginal cavity, there are glands that exude a lot of lubricant to ease sex and the passage of clutches of eggs.
  120. It can also secrete a special protein mix that covers and seals the eggs after the fertilization left a hold in it.
  122. This is not the only form of insect reproduction out there, but it is a common one.
  126. -
  127. Gryphons
  128. -
  129. Lion half.
  130. -
  132. Males have a stamina of about 5 seconds start to finish.
  134. They have multiple heats per year. Each heat is about 4 days long.
  135. They don't come at any specific time, likely whenever food is plentiful enough.
  137. They have several females for each male because they have low survivability.
  139. Typically, in mating, they'll have their little 5 second fuck, a 15 minute rest because it exhausts them THAT much, and then go at it again.
  140. They'll go at it at least 40 times a day for 4 days to make damn fucking sure it takes.
  142. As survivability is low for a predator eating things that can kill you back, it's estimated they'll mate about 1,000 times for each cub that lives long enough to have its own cubs.
  144. Feline dicks have tiny backwards facing (fleshy) barbs. They're designed to make things quicker to allow all that sex.
  146. Felines as a rule have small penises. A full sized lion has a dick probably smaller than your thumb.
  147. The gryphons are not full sized lions.
  149. Felines have multiple sets of teats, 4 being most common, but not the max.
  153. -
  154. Bovines
  155. -
  157. Bovines have fairy small genitals.
  159. The male shape is thin and tapered.
  161. Because of their raw bulk, the penis sheath actually opens below the stomach on bulls instead of the crotch.
  163. Bovines, or at least cattle, have a sexual stamina of about 10 seconds, but can easily perform over a dozen times in a day.
  166. -
  167. Canines
  168. -
  170. Canine are fairly proportionate in terms of genital size.
  172. The shape is a simple rod with a pointed tip, it's always bright red in color.
  174. The canine penis contains an actual bone, so is always hard, it simply retracts.
  176. Like flaring in stallions, canines have a "knot". During sex, the base of the penis expands several times, locking the male in place.
  178. During sex, the male leaks or even squirts large amounts of pre-cum throughout the entire act.
  180. Dog cum is not white, it's clear.
  182. Females (or bitch) has has several rows of teats from the crotch up the chest. The actual number varies.
  184. Canines have an average sexual stamina of two minutes, and top out around 5. This does not include the aftermath of the knot, in which they simply stand in place waiting for it to deflate.
  185. The knot typically shrinks between 4 to 8 minutes after the fact, but can last significantly longer in some cases.
  186. The male can actually bend his way around, going butt to butt with the bitch.
  188. Bitches are surprisingly deep.
  191. This will be updated as I learn more.
  192. Don't take this as saying how clop should be done, but rather a way it can be.
  193. Part of the fun of writing porn of a fictional species, even if based on a real one, is that you can do whatever you want.
  194. Humanize or animalize them as much as you please. Just be sexy and have fun.
  198. As it was requested by someone who shall not be named, here's an image of a real, fully exposed horse clit.
  199. http://unicorn.wereanimal.net/Kondor/Animals/Horse/Photo/Mare/J-L/j_mar_26.jpg
  201. And a soupy real life maregasm.
  202. http://unicorn.wereanimal.net/Kondor/Animals/Horse/Photo/Mare/J-L/j_mar_67.jpg
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