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Apr 12th, 2012
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  1. Hello myxomop,
  2. >
  3. > Two of our recent encounters on mushroomobserver have been unpleasant. On
  4. > the first occasion back in May you approached me as if you were an
  5. > authority when objecting to my use of the name “yellow morel”.
  6. > I knew the name would be controversial, and I was expecting objections,
  7. > but the way you objected was really annoying. You talked down to me as if
  8. > you were my superior telling me how it is. I’m 38 years old. I wrote
  9. > my master’s thesis on the species problem, and I teach logic and
  10. > ethics at Ohio University. I’m also a military veteran with service
  11. > in two wars, and I’ve been hunting and photographing mushrooms since
  12. > 1998. I’ve earned the respect that I demand. I’m not asking
  13. > that you look up to me, but I do not tolerate anybody talking down to me.
  14. >
  15. > The second unpleasant encounter was a few days ago when you offered your
  16. > critique of my photography. The criticism was annoying not only because it
  17. > was unsolicited and condescending, but also because it was totally off the
  18. > mark. Your suggestions demonstrated a total lack of understanding about
  19. > the scientific goals of the observation and the photographic challenges
  20. > presented by that tiny black mushroom. I would have happily answered a
  21. > request for more detail, but instead you spoke down to me as if you were
  22. > some kind of authority. I was posting beautiful mushroom photos years
  23. > before you rolled up on mushroomobserver with your early crappy snap
  24. > shots. If you compare your portfolio to mine you will see that you are not
  25. > in a position to instruct me on photographic technique. On this occasion I
  26. > got angry and responded poorly – for that I apologize.
  27. >
  28. > You spend a lot of time on mushroomobserver myxomop, and I appreciate it
  29. > when you put a name on one of my observations. However, I do not
  30. > appreciate the disrespect and the drama. There are plenty of places on the
  31. > internet where can go to engage in drama. Please keep it off
  32. > mushroomobserver, or at least keep it out of my observations.
  33. >
  34. > I hope my point here is clear, and I hope that we can have more civil
  35. > interactions in the future.
  36. >
  37. > Dan Molter
  38. >
  39. > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. >
  41. > Dear Dan,
  42. >
  43. > Thank you for your embarrassing letter. I will take your mediocre
  44. > lifetime achievements and middle-age into greater consideration when
  45. > entering into future debates or trying to kindly and conscientiously offer
  46. > up constructive criticisms. Of course, if your arguments stood on their
  47. > merits and their merits alone, perhaps you wouldn't feel the need to
  48. > remind us of the sublime gift to the world that is The Dan Molter to
  49. > bolster them.
  50. >
  51. > I have no regrets about how I've carried myself in your company. I have
  52. > consistently dealt with the content of the debate, not the character of
  53. > the debater, free from patronization and condescension, not once having
  54. > been afforded the same courtesy from you.
  55. >
  56. > Had you come to me truly as an adult, not smuggling schoolyard put-downs
  57. > and smug self-promotion into a letter of supposed reconciliation between
  58. > feuding parties, I might be ever-so-slightly more inclined to entertain
  59. > your requests for self-censorship, but I don't find myself in the habit
  60. > rewarding arrogance, especially arrogance masquerading as congeniality.
  61. > Shots fired across a bow with tongue-in-cheek pleasantries and apologies
  62. > etched into the casings draw no less blood, but I thank you for the empty
  63. > sentiment all the same. It does not go unnoticed.
  64. >
  65. > The truth is, Danny, you would like nothing more than to be looked up to.
  66. > The fact that I have offered commentary which runs contrary to your
  67. > personal opinion, stood my ground without compromising the argument to
  68. > cater to your ego, and then been chastised for essentially neglecting to
  69. > salute you when I entered the room, makes this unflatteringly clear. This
  70. > is a personality campaign you've pursued against more users than one, and
  71. > we all find it unprofessional and, as previously mentioned, embarrassing.
  72. >
  73. > As a side note, a minute's worth of homework might have caused you to
  74. > notice that there are no less than three other photographers credited in
  75. > the copyrights of images used in my observations. Consequently, images
  76. > from Bolivian observations from 2006, 2007 and much of 2008 are not my
  77. > own. I've offered up apologies for the worst of them on several
  78. > occasions. A poorly documented record being better than no record, they
  79. > live on in the background, unlikely to ever be confidently identified to
  80. > species.
  81. >
  82. > I also couldn't help but notice that after destroying the original
  83. > observation in question, then creating a new one, there appeared a new
  84. > image adhering to the very principles outlined in my recommendations,
  85. > exposing for the shadows and showing much-needed, diagnostic detail. I
  86. > heartily commend you on taking this genuine step toward overcoming your
  87. > objection to outside input and sincerely hope it will be a continuing
  88. > trend.
  89. >
  90. > Yours truly,
  91. >
  92. > -myxomop.
  93. >
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