Woshou Items

Jan 28th, 2020
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  1. Woshou Items
  3. Divine Accessory: Amulet of Mighty Fists
  4. Greater Magic Fang (4), Spikes (4), Greater Mighty Wallop (4), Bulls Strength (3)
  5. Gives a +5 bonus to Unarmed Proficiency, and additionally can take martial weapon-only data crystals and apply them to your fists besides the [Greater Magic Fang] used in construction; in this case, [Spikes] and [Greater Mighty Wallop].
  6. Woshou’s anti-magic jacket could be thought of as his defensive mode. Thus, his other equipment is utterly focused on offense. This amulet is effectively the dedication of an entire accessory slot to the role of damage buff, and is focused on increasing damage as much as possible.
  8. Divine Weapon (Unarmed-Wrap): Deadly Spike Gloves
  9. Bristle (2), Thornskin (4), Dolorous Blow (4), Fell the Greatest Foe (5)
  10. Use can exchange their own physical resistance to bypass an equal amount of the opponent’s physical resistance when attacking. They increase unarmed damage, and cause passive damage to unarmed and natural attackers and enemies grappling the user. Doubles crit rate and increases critical damage. Deals additional damage for each “strength is considered 2x higher” ability the opponent possesses.
  11. As with most of the other equipment that Woshou possesses besides his jacket, this weapon is dedicated to increasing damage output.
  13. High Weapon: Morphic Staff
  14. Weapon Shift (3), Mending (1)
  15. Can transform into different kinds of weapons. Doesn’t naturally degrade, and can repair itself out of combat.
  16. The weapon Woshou tends to favour, and use even while using the anti-magic jacket. When not wearing the jacket, it can shift into whatever weapon Woshou desires, depending on which weapon form Woshou wants to use. As an added advantage, Mending is one of the very few effects that functions when not held, meaning Woshou can repair the staff by dropping it on the ground.
  18. Divine Accessory: Ring of Spell Protection
  19. Effulgent Epuration (10), Delay Death (5)
  20. Negate the first 20 spell effects that hit the user. User is remains alive and fully functional while at any amount of negative health for up to 60 seconds; if the user is still at negative health when the effect expires, the user perishes as normal. Both effects are recharged with mana.
  21. Although Woshou is primarily focused on offence when not wearing his jacket, this item brings the bare minimum defences required to ensure that he can close without being bothered by spells or damage, giving him the moments he needs to finish his foe. Woshou is reliant and his allies to recharge this ring.
  23. [Guild Jewelry] <<Gold Key>> (Relic Class Ring)
  24. [Teleport]
  25. [Aura of Ownership]
  26. [Arcane Mark]
  27. A very simple gold band. Can Teleport the Wearer while Outside of Combat, but only back to the Guild, or Between the Floors of the Guild. Items in Inventory as Twice as Difficult to Steal. The standard jewellery that all members of RAVE wear.
  30. Divine Armour: Self Propelled Mage Armour
  31. Apport Object (2), Enlarge Person (2), Haste (4), Girallion’s Blessing (4), Mage Armour (3)
  32. This armour can be teleported in and equipped from any distance by its by speaking the command words “Your Couch” (as long as user isn’t in an anti-magic field, etc). The user gains +2 Str, -2 Dex and treats their Str as 2x higher. The user treats their Dex as 2x higher for action speed. The user gains an additional pair of arms, growing form their torso. The user gains an additional +15 physical resistance.
  33. More offensive power, and a handy instant armour replacement once the jacket comes off. As with the other equipment in Woshou’s set, it is all about the offence, even the Mage armour bonus which is normally traded away with bristle to pierce physical resistance more readily.
  35. Silver Hip Flask: Mystery Spice Rum
  36. Special
  37. Not a magical item per se, but a container for Miku’s magical food items, in this case. It bestows small attribute bonuses, passes on the effects of Miku’s [Greater Heroism] spell (+4 to resistances, proficiencies and skills, and +20 Vitality) and an additional +20 hit points thanks to Woshou’s Brewer class.
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