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  1. Hi! Welcome to this server. This server is just a simple throwaway server that I made, so that my friend can test his plugins.
  2. I dont take this server seriously, and no you <b>cannot</b> apply for mod I just give it to people I see fit.
  3. This server is basically just a perpetual event most of the time. It will rareley ever have normal rounds.
  4. A few people have asked for a discord, so here it is. Its a clickable link.
  5. <link=""><color=#cdf><u>Discord</u></color></link> Oh yea the discord is a dead one im recycling.
  7. I guess I state the rules here?
  8. This is just so the server doesnt fall into chaos.
  9. Dont TK for no reason at all.
  10. Dont unironically whine about being abused, (unless an admin is taking it too far) you will just be ignored. You can <b>ask</b> for a round normal though.
  11. If you want a certain configuration option to be changes you can ask (Enable or disable decontanimation, friendly fire, etc) just don't whine if I say no.
  12. Dont be racist (unironically)
  13. Dont ask for mod or admin.
  14. Dont be a dick.
  15. Dont expect this server to be up 24/7
  16. This server will be up from 3-4ish PM to around 10 PM on the weekdays but on weekends it will probably be up the entire weekend.
  17. As much as I hate to say this, if this communtity grows, please do not expect it to last forever, like I said, it IS a throwaway.
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