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La-Mulana notes

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  1. blue monster with eyes; need serpent staff
  4. ----------
  5. Heavenly Temple of the Cross: need flare gun
  6. Room of Courage: Shuriken GET, treasure GET, exit to Spring in the Sky,
  7. "Fear not the water.
  8. The water holds the answers for those who have been delivered by it.
  9. Cross the Sacred Lake.
  10. Heavenly Corridor: done?
  11. Pit of the Holy Grail: lift active, skellington and tablet explains boss summoning, jewel at foot of "Cliff of Radiance",
  12. To those who push the white box:
  13. The white platform and white box are drawn to each other.
  14. Door to Eden: ????, Chi You, demon attained power of eternity absorbing life force of innocent maidens. Woe to those that fall into the Sacrificial Abyss
  15. Snake's Sanctuary: holy grail teleport expo
  16. Room of the Strong: done?
  17. Gat of Giant Faces: Two brave souls, quiet solitude, a rock that reaches a high place
  18. Monument of Time: 1: flood 2: wind 3: fire 4: blood and fire
  20. Amphisbaena DOWN
  23. Oannes= babylonian deity, manfish, taught wisdom
  25. Spring in the Sky = built by giants, "above the sun"
  26. ---------------
  27. Mother's wrath sank the earth. people persevered at bottom of sea until anger subsided. they persevered, until child with strength to rise to Surface was born.
  29. Those seeking Eden. Open the four boxes. Seek the four pedestals. Stand before a face of the highest rank, in a place bathed in moonlight.
  31. Caltrops GET
  33. Sacred lake: Heal thine tired body. FAIRIES???
  36. Mausoleum of Giants
  37. -------------------
  38. Abuto  = last , ji = pray to land on moonlit night, Bado = blanket of stars, Zebu = first born,sustained land, holding it up
  39. "strength lies at the foot of Futo"
  40. "Abuto, Ji, Ribu, and Akit all hoped there would come day when the mother would live in this land."
  41. "The sun shone brightly the day Ledo fell in battle. A gaping hole in his chest, he entered his eternal slumber."
  42. 1=snake 2=large 3=soared 4=fish 5=wisdom 6=earth 7=cast mother away 8=orphan 9=0
  43. flying tower = Bado, Migela, Ledo, Futo
  44. Approach of the Giants: ghost king, Rolling Shuriken GET
  45. Shrine of the Giants: "Concerned for his brothers, Ribu dug a hole to send the lake's water to the tower. His strength exhausted, he then laid down to rest.
  46. "In order to return the Mother to the heavens, Bado, Migela, Ledo, and Futo built a flying tower"
  47. "For the tower to fly, much water was needed. Migela carried a like to this land, then drew his last breath."
  48. Sakit = tread own path, put key on Ledo's body, falling into slumber with powers in hand
  49. Star Palace of the Giants: Bado: star collapses statue, Ledo: sun reveals pedestal, Sacred Orb GET
  50. Moon Palace of the Giants = Ankh
  53. Twin Labrynth
  54. --------------
  55. the twins were the sole survivors of the first child. the hero of the third child captured them, and thus obtained the wisdom of the first child
  59. Beyond teh skull Lies the entrance to the E      r.
  61. Scalesphere GET
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