Double Cross - Shushifu, Part 2

Aug 6th, 2015
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  1. [17:02] <Cherem> Double Cross - Shushifu, Kiu
  2. [17:02] <Cherem> Welcome to Double Cross. This is the world of Traitors.
  3. [17:03] <Cherem> Several hours have passed since Akite relayed the official plan to Ian: while she and Tsune take on the Western hall and Hanase and Tsubaki take the north, the east hall is being left to "Illegal contractors". After a bit of maneuvering and insisting that her allies demand "anonymity", there's a distinct lack of UGN security on the East Hall, instead being watched by standard police.
  4. [17:03] <Cherem> They haven't been lazy though, as sound systems, speakers, and amplifiers have been brought in to barrage the hospital with noise from all angles, with the intent of dulling the terrorist's senses and providing cover for the UGN assault.
  5. [17:03] <Cherem> An hour in, however, Akite tries to contact Ian again. "I may have another alternative."
  6. [17:13] <Ian> Ian sends her a text, having reunited with the others and preapring to go in "Go for it."
  7. [17:16] <Cherem> "A way if you want to try sneaking inside instead. At a house nearby, one of the UGN's agents left a little gizmo that should be able to disarm the bomb from a distance."
  8. [17:16] <Cherem> "If you can attach it to the bomb, we can activate it when the other two are secured, and we can arrest the people inside instead, maybe get a better look into this group of False Hearts. It's your call though."
  9. [17:21] <Ian> "Do they have a clue on which floor the bomb could be? A possible location? I could try something." Ian then glances at the party. "I think we might have to split. You are the distraction, and I'll be searching for the bomb."
  10. [17:25] <Cherem> Akite frowns a little, "Tsubaki-san said the most likely place for the bomb in the East building is the central lobby, strapped to the foundations and ready to blow. She suggests the smaller lobby, closer to the Northern Hall, as an entry point."
  11. [17:25] <Cherem> Mary tilts her head a little, "Ah, Junko-chan, we can play the stars of the stage."
  12. [17:26] <Tsuboki_Junko> "At least we get to do something then."
  13. [17:27] <Ian> Ian then nods to them. "The Northern hall will be your entry point, then. I'll go fetch some gizmo nearby and sneak in there. Then, once I've strapped it to the bomb, I'll link up to you. Sounds fair?"
  14. [17:27] <Cherem> Mary glances at Junko, "I suppose we'll be having all the fun in that case." She smiles a little.
  15. [17:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Where do we start?"
  16. [17:29] <Cherem> Akite would have mentioned before that after they start playing the music, there would be a ten-minute lull before the operation began.
  17. [17:30] <Ian> "There's a small loby near the northern hall. That's where you should be. Make your way towards the larger hall."
  18. [17:33] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian then runs off and heads to the small home designated by Akita to fetch the aforementioned device.
  19. [17:33] * Tsuboki_Junko yawns and laces her fingers together behind her head, "Guess that means we should get going."
  20. [17:33] <Cherem> Mary nods a little, "Mm, will do. Junko-chan will protect me."
  21. [17:33] <Cherem> Indeed, the house that she mentions has a package left on the doorstep. Inside, there's what looks like... a locket? If you open it, the inside is made of gears of silver and brass, and a single violet sapphire set in the center.
  22. [17:34] <Cherem> When your fingers brush against it, the locket seems to tremble: it reacts to the Renegade, at least. And it doesn't seem to be particularly malignant.
  23. [17:36] <Ian> "Well that's... intricate." Ian comments as he closes the locket back, slipping it into his pocket. He takes the time to enjoy a cigarette, the virus in him nearly painfully throbbing in his veins.
  24. [17:38] <Cherem> Mary nods, going to follow Junko after altering her appearance. Better safe than sorry.
  25. [17:38] <Cherem> The path to the hosptial's east hall doesn't have much cover besides the buildings near it and some cars, and it seems from here that the doors have been barricaded with tables, desks, and really anything sturdy.
  26. [17:38] <Cherem> Occasionally, a man pokes his head out, holding a dark weapon in his hand, keeping an eye on the street. The upper floor windows don't seem as secure, but what they lack in physical support they seem to have in personnel.
  27. [17:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ideas?"
  28. [17:41] <Cherem> "Well," Mary purses her lips, "The front door seems a little... I could try carrying you up to the second floor?" She doesn't seem particularly enthused by the idea, but if you asked nicely enough she'd probably make a spectacle out of the two of you.
  29. [17:41] <Cherem> The sun is burning hot in the sky, but it is already at it's zenith as the music begins playing.
  30. [17:42] <Cherem> Loud, angry, music clashes with orchestral soundtracks from movies and children's music turned up louder than it should ever be, as windows tremble and shake with the sheer amount of sound being produced.
  31. [17:42] <Cherem> As soon as she hears it, Mary covers her ears, but really it's not enough. To her, it's painful. To somebody with Ian's ears? Suffering manifest. Junko might be used to listening to loud music though.
  32. [17:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> "If you think thats best!" She shouts over the music. "I was just gonna smash my way in but this sounds cooler!"
  33. [17:43] <Cherem> "WE CAN DO THAT," Mary yells back.
  34. [17:43] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko gives a thumbs-up.
  35. [17:44] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian is glad to have plug in his ears as he reaches the hall again, looking for his own entrance. Rifle in hand, he looks for an access to the lobby.
  36. [17:44] <Cherem> Mary returns the guesture and prepares for a loud entrance.
  37. [17:45] <Cherem> The most direct line to the main lobby would be through the courtyard, but considering what's happening, that would probably be a deathtrap. There's the South Entrance, but as far as you know it would be the same as entering the North, but going in alone.
  38. [17:45] <Cherem> Occasionally, Ian and the others can see members of the terrorist group answering to Blooming Dream peeking through windows. They seem to be armed with assault rifles and dressed in dark paramilitary gear, faces obscured with balaclavas and bandanas.
  39. [17:46] <Cherem> As the music rages from every angle, they seem to be, while not in a panic, seriously agitated.
  40. [17:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko hastily removes the jacket she was wearing with her school uniform, folding it up neatly and setting it aside.
  41. [17:47] <Cherem> The second story windows seem to be some six meters up, a bit of an easy climb for him.
  42. [17:47] <Cherem> "Worried they'll get dirty," Mary yells her question.
  43. [17:48] <Ian> Ian then runs up the wall as if it were the most natural thing from an angle without windows, if possible. Once up there, he carefully rounds his way towards the lobby.
  44. [17:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "YES," is her response, not minding the fate of her bloodied uniform though.
  45. [17:49] <Cherem> Mary nods, and then turns to the main entrance, "Well... I suppose we should get started!"
  46. [17:50] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ready when you are! Just don't drop me!"
  47. [17:50] <Cherem> As he bounds up, he's able to see that the soldiers are preparing for a fight at least. Not enough to expect anybody to come from below the roof (although he does spot a fire team on the rooftop).
  48. [17:52] <Cherem> "Alright..." Mary wraps her arms around Junko as her hair lights up and her wings of light materialize. "Hold on tight!" And just like that, they're up and heading for the window!
  49. [17:54] <Cherem> The men are armed with assault rifles, and one of them is toting an RPG, probably meant for one of the helicopters circling the hospital.
  50. [17:55] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian brings his back up against a railing as he spots the fire team. He takes in a deep breath, then glances over the railing and takes multiple potshots at them.
  51. [18:01] <Cherem> They don't even see him, and the bullets tear through them like wet paper.
  52. [18:04] <Ian> Messy exit wounds paint their backs as the renegade enhanced shots tear through them. Ian then swiftly heads towards them and looks for equipment that could aid them.
  53. [18:05] <Cherem> Assault Rifles, medical gauze, ammunition and one (dropped) RPG.
  54. [18:06] <Cherem> And it's through the window that Mary and Junko enter the secord story: Mary leaves opening it to Junko, and like that they're in one of the hospital rooms. Mary lets out a sigh, voicing a complaint about how faint her arms feel. Truth be told she was straining to carry you Junko: despite her attitude she's a frail person.
  55. [18:08] <Tsuboki_Junko> They made it though. "Doing okay onee-san?" She had her hands on her hips, a genuine look of concern crossing her features.
  56. [18:08] <Cherem> "Ah... Just a little weak. Even when I tended the shrine I wasn't that strong." She laughs a little as she tries to yell it, "Now, to get their attention... I suppose we can beat a few up?"
  57. [18:11] <Ian> Ian picks up the RPG. "Well, that might come in handy."
  58. [18:11] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Seems like the best option. Better stay behind me though." She's already poking her head out into the hallway.
  59. [18:12] <Cherem> And just like that, there's one of the terrorists. Looks like he has his back to her, but you can see the AK47 hanging on his shoulder.
  60. [18:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> Was the music really that loud? Seemed alright to Junko. It did take some work not to sing along. Whoever chose Babymetal had decent taste. She slipped out into the hallway and approached.
  61. [18:19] <Cherem> Keeping close to the wall, she's masked by the sound of the music, but then: there's a moment where the music doesn't overlap and there's the sound of a gunshot somewhere. The man turns, and is two meters away from Junko. And just like that, his hand goes for his radio!
  62. [18:20] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Fucking ducks, Mary!"
  63. [18:20] <Cherem> "Haai," Mary calls out, and points: a tiny circle before her finger, and then her trademark beam of light.
  64. [18:24] <Cherem> The bolt sends the man into the far wall, and he slumps over: however, arou nd the corner there's shouting, and then two more men rush out, assault rifles at the ready! And just like that, they start firing at their closest target, Junko!
  65. [18:27] <Cherem> The bullets patter off of Junko like rain off an umbrella. They're a good 10m away from her, but that won['t keep them safe.
  66. [18:28] <Cherem> Upstairs, Ian pulls on a Balaclava, and he can hear the party starting downstairs. If he can hear it, others might hear it too, and that will make his approach easier.
  67. [18:29] <Ian> Ian will begin making his descent towards the lobby, then.
  68. [18:29] <Tsuboki_Junko> Damn right it wouldn't. Head bobbing along to the music now she waited for a particularly dramatic break in the lyrics and started running straight toward them.
  69. [18:30] <Cherem> "Shit, shit, shit!" You can hear them yelling, one of them frantically keying his radio...
  70. [18:31] <Cherem> "Ah, Junko-chan!" Mary calls out, and turns, firing at several other men who have emerged from the other side of the hallway: dressed the same as the men Junko is face-to-face with now, they too are toting assault rifles.
  71. [18:33] <Cherem> Mary's next lance cuts through one of the four men, sending him crashing down, the bolt clipping another one as well, but now the two are surrounded: this second group is about10m away from Mary, and they open fire as the other ones try to club at Junko with their rifles.
  72. [18:38] <Cherem> Mary, however, dances out of the shots while Junko doesn't even flinch at the rifle butts. And now it's payback time.
  73. [18:39] <Cherem> Upstairs, Ian makes his way down: every so often he can catch the sight of men running North: looks like something, or someone, got their attention. It's not that bad.
  74. [18:42] <Cherem> As he descends, he can hear some rough speech... english. "The bomb is set, are we really just gonna wait for the Captain to set them off? She's got a plan for getting us out, right?"
  75. [18:42] <Cherem> "Well, the captain's... let's not tlak about that. The guards say we're being raided, so, let's get somewhere closer to the South Building. We can regroup with Dream there."
  76. [18:43] <Cherem> Several men talking, probably ten, in the main lobby. The click of guns being loaded, and the faint electronic beeping of a timer clock.
  77. [18:45] <Ian> Ian figures that so many terrorists might be trouble for Junko and Mary, but he might just have what they need to give support. Turning a corner, he shoulders the RPG and aims down at the group.
  78. [18:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko transforms in spectacular fashion, a mouth full of conical teeth smiling down at her playmates. Her body twists as she brings an arm back, muscles tight like springs, before making a swipe with her lethal claws! They're no match for her Renegade-fueled might and fall to her attack.
  79. [18:51] <Cherem> Inside the lobby, it looks like a carnival of C4 and explosive wires. Lined and laced like red and blue and brown and black tinsel, there's wires leading from pillar to pillar, all linked to a large box in the center of the room. It looks almost cinematic, with a big red countdown clock set to [00:00].
  80. [18:52] <Cherem> Around the bomb (and watching the corridors), there's ten men, dressed in black paramilitary uniforms and wearing ghostly white masks. In their arms are AK74s, and they all look tough as nails from a quick glance.
  81. [18:53] <Cherem> Meanwhile, as the combat rages in the other room, Mary takes another shot at those who shot at her.
  82. [18:54] <Cherem> Her shot arcs and cuts through the other two men, and they collapse like puppets with their strings cut. Mary and Junko are, somehow, alive and unharmed.
  83. [18:55] <Cherem> "Alright... that panic button is going something fierce," one of the masked men says to his comrades, "She really wants us on this bomb?"
  84. [18:56] <Cherem> And the one who is probably in charge growls, "It doesn't matter. Set up firing positions and shoot the hell out of the next thing to come down that hallway, be it man or Gyaum or whatever. Captain'll kill us if we move, you all know this." He doesn't sound like this is an idle threat either.
  85. [19:01] <Cherem> Mary lets out a pent up breath, "that was the first... that was a bit easy, wasn't it Junko-chan?" Maybe she shouldn't be yelling that.
  86. [19:04] <Ian_Goodwill> Ian unpins a venom grenade and fills it with a bit of his overed power. He then chucks it down in the middle of the room, pretty much just on top of the box, and once it detonates, the enhanced blast fills the room, poisoning the people inside.
  87. [19:06] <Cherem> As they take their breather, it's over in a flash as down the hall from junko, another group of armed men burst out, "Shit! It's them!" Their shouting somehow is overheard over the music, as they level their guns. On the other side of the hallway, another scene is unfolding!
  88. [19:07] <Cherem> Mary glances at Junko, "You'll take that one, I'll take this one?"
  89. [19:07] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Fair enough. You get in trouble lemme know. I'll kick all their asses!"
  90. [19:08] <Cherem> "Ahaha, of course." Mary smiles, turning away and preparing to fire. "Good luck Junko-chan!" And she darts down the opposite hallway towards the others, firing at them.
  91. [19:09] <Cherem> Her arrows of light punch into them, and then both groups open fire on their respective targets!
  92. [19:10] <Cherem> The men inside the room let out a curse as the gas floods the room, backing up and coughing, "Shit, move back and open fire!" The commander hacks, still giving out orders.
  93. [19:14] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's running down her own end of the hallway, sneakers squaking against the floor as she closes the distance between herself and her new victims.
  94. [19:21] <Cherem> The men fighting Ian take the shots like champs: the bullets tear through their clothing, but only three of the ten fall outright. The rest look pretty shocked by the sudden attack, and another one collapses, grabbing at his throat.
  95. [19:21] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Junko can hear Mary's blasts faintly, but then all goes quiet.
  96. [19:21] <Cherem> At least, the sound of Mary fighting does.
  97. [19:26] <Ian> Ian then falls lifeless before them after the hail of bullets injures him, limp and cold.
  98. [19:28] <Tsuboki_Junko> If something happened to Onee-san she'd...she'd--! She swipes at the group stupid enough to get in her way, growling as she unleashes the beast!
  99. [19:30] <Cherem> The soldiers buckle and turn to flee!
  100. [19:30] <Cherem> Meanwhile, the men are abandoning the room filled with venom gas, coughing and hacking, lacking in anything that would save them.
  101. [19:32] <Cherem> Soon, they've beat a hasty retreat from the gas-filled bomb room.
  102. [19:33] <Cherem> After a moment though, Mary pops around the corner, flying and preparing to blast them!
  103. [19:34] <Cherem> The men flee in the opposite direction, leaving several of their comrades dead behind them.
  104. [19:37] <Ian> Ian slums back up from the dead, and chases after the men who left him for dead, panting and growling in pain, filling the room with another hail of bullet.
  105. [19:39] <Ian> The coughing and wheezing men fall one after the others, all filled with plenty of sizeable holes in them.
  106. [19:41] <Cherem> Mary, meanwhile, blasts over Junko's shoulder, putting the rest of the men fleeing from Junko out. "Ah... It's over." She lets out a sigh, as the corridor is crowded with some 20-30 bodies.
  107. [19:42] <Cherem> Meanwhile, Ian has nobody to distract him, just himself and the bomb.
  108. [19:42] <Ian> Ian then rushes to the box and takes the device out of its locket. "Shit, okay, now what?" He tries to fit the device onto the bomb.
  109. [19:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I wonder how much you get paid to clean this all up."
  110. [19:43] <Cherem> As soon as he draws the locket, he feels the renedage slipping out of it, like a snake. This... isn't normal. And the [00:00] on the digital timer begins to flash, before forming [0_:_0].
  111. [19:44] <Cherem> "We should find Ian-san," Mary intones, "He might be in trouble."
  112. [19:45] <Ian> "Is this good or is this bad?" He leaves the locket on top of the bomb, then eagerly texts his contact. "Okay, what do I do with the gizmo, it's on the bomb."
  113. [19:45] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Right, right."
  114. [19:46] <Cherem> There's a hesitation, then his phone begins to buzz. Akite's number flashes across the display.
  115. [19:46] <Cherem> It's not that hard to find him: one floor down, right where he said where the bomb would be.
  116. [19:46] <Ian> He answers the phone and leans against the bomb, not even really thinking about this. "Well, now what6"
  117. [19:47] <Cherem> "Ah... Did you make it?" Even with the noise in the background, her voice sounds a little strained, like she took a particularly stiff punch to the gut a few minutes ago.
  118. [19:47] <Ian> "Yeah, we did, but I have no clue what's -this- I'm holding."
  119. [19:49] <Cherem> "... Wha?" Akite sounds confused, "Just... There's the bomb squad coming in, you don't have to do anything. Look, I may have forgotten to mention something. We didn't see Blooming Dream in here, Tsune and me I mean. And Hanase says she's not there in the North building."
  120. [19:50] <Ian> "Right, good, but the timer of the bomb changed. I didn't touch it." He half-lies as he takes his back off the box.
  121. [19:51] <Cherem> "... Weird. Maybe she's... I didn't want to ask you to do this, but I kinda took a bit of a hit. I need a breather, can you and your people keep going and check the South Hall? I think... she's in there."
  122. [19:51] <Cherem> Mary follows Junko down the stairs, waving at Ian when they meet up with him.
  123. [19:51] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I guess he kept busy."
  124. [19:52] <Ian> "Yeah, we'll do that." Ian waves back at Mary, an RPG still on his back. "Just make sure the bomb squad gets here prompto."
  125. [19:54] <Cherem> Mary nods a little, "It's nice to know we all were safe though." She sighs a little, rubbing her stomach. "I'm really lucky none of them have hit me yet."
  126. [19:54] <Cherem> "Will do. And, uh... good luck." Akite mumbles, and then the line goes dead.
  127. [19:54] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Don't jinx it."
  128. [19:55] <Ian> Ian isn't looking too good, though, on his own. He starts patching himself up with some gauze.
  129. [19:55] <Cherem> "Ahaha, well..." Mary smiles a little, "A phone call now, Ian-san?"
  130. [19:55] <Ian> "Speaking of which, we're headed South hall. We,re gonna track down Dream."
  131. [19:57] <Cherem> "A-ara..." Mary looks a little worried, "Can we... Do you think we can?"
  132. [19:57] <Ian> "Who else." Ian cracks his neck after bandaging most of his entire body.
  133. [19:58] <Tsuboki_Junko> "We -are- the best."
  134. [19:58] <Cherem> "... I suppose you're not wrong." Mary smiles a little, "Well then... should we get going?"
  135. [19:58] <Ian> Ian taps the RPG he's holding, shouldering it. "And I have a little surprise for that bitch."
  136. [19:58] <Cherem> "... What in heaven's name..." Mary stares.
  137. [20:30] <Cherem> As you being making your way to the South Hall, you come across Jamie, who was surveying the exit to make sure that none of them escaped. In that time, she's been privy to the situation inside the South Hall: nobody's come in, nobody's come out, but Blooming Dream has demanded that they turn off the music or she's going to start "taking toll", whatever that means.
  138. [20:33] <Jamie_Knapp> "You guys look like hell."
  139. [20:33] <Cherem> "Ahaha, well..." Mary laughs a little, the front of her clothing starting to bleed again.
  140. [20:35] <Ian> Ian is bandaged from head to toe. "Yeah, we'll chit-chat later, I think."
  141. [20:35] <Jamie_Knapp> "So we've got a bit of trouble ahead, everyone ready for a fight?"
  142. [20:36] <Cherem> Mary nods a little, "Mm, I think we need a nice break after this anyways." She laughs a little, "Maybe being in hiding won't be so bad for that."
  143. [20:38] <Ian> "Right, let's settle this then." Ian fistbumps Junko as he walks past her.
  144. [20:38] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Hrn, I don't like the hiding."
  145. [20:41] <Cherem> Mary watches it and nods, "Let's get going then."
  146. [20:41] <Cherem> The South Hall is suspiciously unmanned, compared to the others: while the doors are shut as tight as a miser's wallet, there's no reaction from inside the building.
  147. [20:43] <Jamie_Knapp> "Be prepared for an ambush here."
  148. [20:44] <Ian> Ian keeps close of Junko, RPG at his shoulder still. "Not sure I like this..."
  149. [20:44] <Cherem> As you approach, there is the thick, sickening smell of iron drifting from the doors.
  150. [20:46] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Too quiet."
  151. [20:47] <Cherem> Indeed, as the roaring music slowly starts to become white noise you start to filter out.
  152. [20:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Well that can't be good."
  153. [20:49] <Ian> Ian then concentrates and listens to his surooundings, trying to locate a sign of life.
  154. [20:52] <Cherem> Indeed he does. Not here, behind the barricade, but deeper inside the hall, there's a mechanical voice humming, a sharp crack like lightning, the sounds of at least three, four dozen frightened people, and the cold, iron sound of a shell casing falling to the ground.
  155. [20:53] <Ian> "She's got hostages."
  156. [20:53] <Ian> "And she just executed one, I'm sure."
  157. [20:53] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Oh great, and she's crazy."
  158. [20:56] <Cherem> "Are there more soldiers inside?" Mary looks at Ian, worry crossing her face.
  159. [20:56] <Ian> "Not that I can hear. Not that she needs." Ian, throws his RPG down.
  160. [20:57] <Ian> Ian takes out his phone and dials for Akite. "She's got hostages. She's executing them. Cut the music."
  161. [21:00] <Cherem> "Eh...?" Akite blinks, and then hangs up the phone. There's a moment, then the music goes ghastly silent. And then the speakers crackle on, "Finally. My pistol only has so many rounds, I was afraid I would run out." She does not sound happy.
  162. [21:00] <Cherem> She being Blooming Dream.
  163. [21:02] <Ian> "Thank you." Ian shuts his phone. Approaching the barricade now. "She's a bit beyond this."
  164. [21:02] <Ian> "Junko, please do the honors."
  165. [21:02] <Cherem> "Now, my offer still stands. Release my comrade, and I will release half of the hostages. Then, you will release me and my men, and the rest of the hostages will be set free. We will take one, and then they will be released when we are gone." She doesn't seem to know her army has been, for the most part, decimated.
  166. [21:03] <Jamie_Knapp> "Stacking up." Jamie stands to one side of the door and nods to Junko, weapon ready.
  167. [21:03] <Cherem> Mary tilts her head at the military jargon and just holds her hands in front of her lap, frowning at the smell of blood.
  168. [21:04] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko nods to Ian, a glance to Jamie and Mary before she puts her weight into breaking down the barricade.
  169. [21:06] <Ian_Goodwill> "Let's see if Blooming Dream remembers Middleman and Beast King, then."
  170. [21:06] <Cherem> Inside... it's like a charnel house. The lights are dimmed and dark, shut off, and the walls are scorched and laced with bullet holes. The smell just gets worse, like a trip into hell. It's probably a good idea that half the lights are dead. It looks like the place you just left, except this time you know they didn't even try to put up a fight.
  171. [21:10] <Cherem> Mary reaches up to cover her mouth, looking sick, but she manages to force whatever it is rising down, letting out a shudder. Her form trembles for a moment as she loses some concentration on her disguise, but it reconstitutes in a moment.
  172. [21:11] <Ian> Ian slams his fist against the wall, losing control of himself slowly. "Fuck." He growls out in English this time, not having much of his mind left.
  173. [21:12] <Ian> He brings his rifle under his chin, the renegade taking over him. "No, I won't let you take over, I'd rather -die."
  174. [21:13] <Jamie_Knapp> "I-I can't." Jamie turns and runs back down the hall she came from.
  175. [21:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Get a hold of yourself," she barks at Ian.
  176. [21:13] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Wh- hey, what the hell?"
  177. [21:14] <Cherem> "Eh?" Mary freezes.
  178. [21:15] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's attention has to leave the fleeing Jamie so she can focus on grabbing at Ian's rifle, capping the end with her hand.
  179. [21:15] <Cherem> "Ah- Knapp-san!" Mary turns, and leaves Junko and Ian as she goes running/floating after Jamie.
  180. [21:16] <Ian> The shot fires as she grabs it, preventing Ian from repating the walls with his brain. Ian drops his gun, panting, giving Junko a confused look. "The Renegade, it was trying to take me over, I couldn't just..."
  181. [21:16] <Cherem> "Knapp-san, please, come back!" Mary calls out. Shit, somebody could probably hear that.
  182. [21:17] <Tsuboki_Junko> "So grow a set and remind it who's in charge, man."
  183. [21:18] <Jamie_Knapp> She can catch up to Jamie just fine. "I can't go in there...What if-no he can't be but...I just can't...Don't make me go back..."
  184. [21:18] <Ian> Ian grabs his gun again and shakes his head. "Right. Today's just... a long day."
  185. [21:19] <Cherem> "Ah... I..." Mary frets for a moment, "Knapp-san, Jamie-chan, it'll, we don't... erm-" she stutters, not exactly sure what to say, "I, we, that place, we can stop that from happening again! But we have to go in there!" Good job, Mary.
  186. [21:20] <Jamie_Knapp> She draws a shaky breath, coughs, and sighs. "You're...you're right, I know...I just..."
  187. [21:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Do it against and I'll kick your ass." She mutters, flicking the spent bullet at him.
  188. [21:21] <Tsuboki_Junko> again*
  189. [21:21] <Cherem> The priestess makes a worried face, before pulling Jamie in for an inappropriately-timed hug. "Don't worry, you've got friends to help you through this."
  190. [21:23] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie akwardly tries to hug back. "Thanks Mary."
  191. [21:24] <Cherem> "Kya!" Mary's a little surprised, but she squeezes harder. "Alright. Let's go and do our best, so this never happens again."
  192. [21:26] <Jamie_Knapp> "Deal."
  193. [21:26] <Cherem> The hallway beckons, like a red maw of broken teeth, the light-green tile floor slick and wet with... well, heaven certainly knows.
  194. [21:29] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie cocks her pistol and draws a breath. "Alright. Let's do this."
  195. [21:30] <Cherem> Mary nods, "Junko-chan, do you wish to lead the way?"
  196. [21:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Haaaaah? Yeah, I guess." Junko takes the lead!
  197. [21:31] <Cherem> Mary smiles weakly and follows.
  198. [21:32] <Ian> Ian holds his rifle up, not intent on pointing it to himself once more.
  199. [21:32] <Cherem> As you walk, there smell gets thicker and thicker, and you have to lift your legs high to keep from tripping on things that you're glad you can't see. Following the mess, you can chart the path that the madman here followed.
  200. [21:33] <Cherem> Before long, you come to the doors of the cafeteria of the South Hall. Finally, some light peeks through the doors, blocked to the top with doors. Somehow, the music from outside seems deadened here, like a world of it's own. There's a haunting mechanical hum, and then the roar of a pistol. And then, more screaming.
  201. [21:33] <Jamie_Knapp> "Aww hell no."
  202. [21:33] <Cherem> "Haaaa..." The mechanical voice muses over the noise, "None of them are responding. They aren't exploding. This isn't good. This isn't good at all."
  203. [21:34] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ah shit." Junko, not one for hesitation, bursts through the door!
  204. [21:34] <Cherem> It's painfully calm, as the sound of another casing hits the ground.
  205. [21:34] <Cherem> Inside, there are at least fifty to sixty people against the far wall, several of them lined up in the center, strapped up with sheets, and a painful amount of bodies. There's a dim light, half of the bright flourescent lights on the ceiling shot out.
  206. [21:35] <Cherem> Behind the row, the culprit of this nightmare is sitting on a single table left in the center, a grenade launcher sitting across her knees and a monster of a machine gun on the table behind her. Looking up as you enter the False Heart, Blooming Dream, holds one arm up in greeting. "Ah, fellow outcasts."
  207. [21:35] <Cherem> She stands, stretching, "Although, I heard, you're the ones who captured Black Reaper. I guess you're here to free them, aren't you?"
  208. [21:36] <Ian> "Middleman. Beast King. I believe I told you to remember those names." Ian raises his rifle up.
  209. [21:37] <Cherem> "You did. And if you're here, then that means the UGN is taking care of my bombs, aren't they?" She has her grenade launcher up in a flash, "Well, you're welcome to these ones."
  210. [21:38] <Cherem> She grabs one of the figures wrapped in sheets, pulling him in front of her. "I knew it would end this way."
  211. [21:40] <Cherem> "In face, you can take them all the way to hell!" She plants her foot on the man's back, and kicks him towards you. In that moment that he man goes stumbling towards you, Ian, you see he's still alive. In fact, all of the bound ones are alive.
  212. [21:41] <Cherem> Ian even sees through the sheet, there's way too much space for his arms to just be bound there. He's holding something. And then, there's a clicking noise, like the pin being pulled on... something
  213. [21:41] <Cherem> There's a sickening thud, and then the world goes white for a moment as the grenade held to the man's chest goes off. He absorbs most of it, but a fair amount of shrapnel blasts your way as everything south of his ribcage pops open and away.
  214. [21:45] <Ian> Ian immediatly unloads onto Dream, screaming in anger at this point really.
  215. [21:51] <Cherem> The bullets punch through her armor like nothing, and blood starts to pour from her, but all you get from her is that grating, mechanical laugh, "Aha... Ahahaha... It had to be this way... You don't do what we did and get a happy ending! There is only a DEAD END from here on out." Somehow, her eyes seem to glow from behind her white, emotionless mask, a vivid orange pair of orbs.
  216. [21:54] <Cherem> roll 8d10 Mary dodge
  217. [21:55] <Cherem> She hefts her grenade launcher, "In case, I'm going to try and take you all with me!" And then, the grenade launcher explodes with something unholy.
  218. [21:58] <Cherem> The ground becomes fire, the air brimstone, and the temperature shoots up a good thirty degrees in an instant as she begins cackling maniacally.
  219. [21:58] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie spots a single safe zone in the blasts radius and dives for it just in time.
  220. [22:00] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko's scales can't protect her from the blast, the explosion taking the delinquent down. Thanks to the Renegade though she's soon geeting back on her feet.
  221. [22:01] <Tsuboki_Junko> (scratch that, still down)
  222. [22:03] <Ian> Ian takes the full of the blast his own fury and drops, his body convulsing.
  223. [22:03] <Cherem> Mary forces herself to her feet, coughing up even more blood, her form returning to her normal as her clothing and skirt are burned away. There's an incredibly nostalgic look across her face as she lets a single blast out at Dream.
  224. [22:04] <Cherem> Blooming Dream, likewise, looks like she's on her last legs. In the hell, there's the smell of cooking... something. Meat, sizzling. Her last blast didn't just fry half the agents.
  225. [22:05] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie eyes her fallen friends and predicts every possible angle Dream might dodge from and fires, predicting exactly where the bitch might jump into her acid bullet.
  226. [22:06] <Cherem> The soldier halts, trying to step back, before the bullet punches through her chest. The hole looks like it's on fire for a moment, as the light behind the mask fades, "Ah...." A mechanical gasp.
  227. [22:08] <Cherem> There's the sound of crackling fire, the smell is something terrible. You recall blacking out, a moment ago, Ian. In fact, you can't even remember what it's like to move without pain, as the last few seconds seemed to drag on forever. But there's a cool, icy-cold touch in your leg, spreading slowly. Your eyes, glassy, blink once, twice.
  228. [22:08] <Cherem> "You won't... get rid of me... that easily." The light behind the mask begins to flicker again.
  229. [22:09] <Ian> Ian doesn't understand too much what's happening, but recollects himself and stands up.
  230. [22:09] <Ian> He takes a moment indeed to try to recognize what's happening. Using his sharp hearing.
  231. [22:09] <Cherem> The super-soldier, or nightmare, demon, whatever you want to call it, is standing up slowly across from you. Her chest is half gone, one of her arms is hanging limply, but Blooming Dream isn't done with you yet.
  232. [22:10] <Cherem> At your feet, Ian, there is a small figure, curled up. Her form is laced with burns and cuts, her legs limp and rag-doll like, but you at least remember that the person at your feet has been through this hell at least once before.
  233. [22:11] <Cherem> "Eh... You're not dead yet?" Mary looks defeated, slumping, exhausted.
  234. [22:12] <Jamie_Knapp> "Do I have to ram bullets down your throat?"
  235. [22:12] <Ian> "Uh...?" Ian's ears are ringing, his sight blinded by blood, utter confusion being on her mind. "What's... eh?"
  236. [22:12] <Cherem> "That might work." The creature laughs roughly.
  237. [22:14] <Cherem> Seeing you're up, Kumotta Kagami, the girl you saved from Viktor the Red and Razorback, turns her exhausted, half-dead attention to the passed out Junko. Meanwhile, Dream drops her grenade launcher, reaching back for the monsterous gun behind her.
  238. [22:15] <Ian> "I'm not gonna let you have the pleasure." Ian fires from the hip this time, abusing of his powers once more.
  239. [22:19] <Cherem> "You-" Blooming Dream doesn't even have enough time to curse before a bullet slams right through the mask, shattering it into a hundred pieces. She falls with a wet thud, and then, no more.
  240. [22:19] <Ian> Ian then runs over to grab her machine gun and empties it into her body.
  241. [22:19] <Jamie_Knapp> Jamie doubletaps just to be sure.
  242. [22:19] <Cherem> "Ha... Ha... Was... was that it?" Mary can barely stand, "Ah... Junko..." And she makes a beeline for her comrade.
  243. [22:19] <Ian> He is not having this today.
  244. [22:20] <Cherem> The body makes wet noises as it's torn apart. The renegade can't even stop it, and it seems to consume the body, the flesh lighting on fire and the body starting to burn wildly.
  245. [22:21] <Cherem> Junko, you hear the rat-tat-tat of gunfire, your skin feeling like a nightmare, scorched and burnt to hell and back.
  246. [22:21] <Ian> Ian then slams the empty machine gun at the quivering cubes of flesh.
  247. [22:21] <Ian> "You. Bitch."
  248. [22:22] <Cherem> "Ian-san..." Mary's voice is hollow, "It's over."
  249. [22:22] <Tsuboki_Junko> Junko groans and grunts, moving a little and finding the pain to be quite disagreeable.
  250. [22:22] <Cherem> She sits on one side of Junko. On the other, the young girl you saved so many weeks ago.
  251. [22:23] <Ian> Ian pants and huffs, stumbling back towards the group. "Let's just... leave."
  252. [22:23] <Cherem> "Ah... thank goodness," Kagami sighs, shuddering. "I thought... I knew I recognized this... this scene somewhere." She sounds exhausted.
  253. [22:23] <Jamie_Knapp> "Jamie puts her hand on Ian's shoulder. "Let's see if there are any more hostages to save."
  254. [22:24] <Cherem> "I don't know if I can let you do that." A voice calls from the entrance, one that you're all familiar with.
  255. [22:24] <Ian> Ian nods to Kagami, but is still taken by convulsions every once in a while.
  256. [22:25] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Ah crap, we've been caught haven't we?"
  257. [22:25] <Cherem> Hanase steps in, over one of the bodies, looking like hell. His face is burnt, his uniform is splattered red, and his sleeves are missing, torn apart by.. something. "Who knew I'd find you here?"
  258. [22:25] <Cherem> Mary lets out a little groan, standing up and helping to pull Junko up.
  259. [22:26] <Jamie_Knapp> "Still fighting the good fight."
  260. [22:26] <Cherem> "You call this good?" Hanase glances around, shuddering, "If I didn't take a nausea suppressant..."
  261. [22:27] <Ian> "Trying to, anyway." Ian still has a good grip on his rifle, just in case. "We did what we could. Blooming Dream has the whole place down, and she would've gone done no other way."
  262. [22:27] <Jamie_Knapp> "It's good she won't be hurting anyone else."
  263. [22:28] <Cherem> Hanase makes an upleasant face, "Yes, but, that doesn't... Look. You're wanted. Conspiracy. Murder. I should take you in." He glances at the door, then his wristwatch.
  264. [22:29] <Cherem> "... Eh?" Mary gives him a strange look, "Ah... The way you say that..."
  265. [22:29] <Ian> "No, wait, you're not... Hanase."
  266. [22:30] <Ian> Ian raises his rifle again. "Who are you? You can't fool me. I know you're a fake."
  267. [22:30] <Cherem> "Excuse me?" The professor frowns, crossing his arms, "I think I should know who I am. But in any case, I can let you go, this time."
  268. [22:30] <Cherem> He stops, raising his ams, "I wouldn't."
  269. [22:30] <Cherem> Mary looks relieved: she's not alone in thinking something was off.
  270. [22:30] <Jamie_Knapp> "A fake?" Jamie raises her pistol, looking towards the others.
  271. [22:31] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Not this again..."
  272. [22:32] <Cherem> "Well..." Hanse smiles a little, "I guess the jig is up. No, I'm not your old handler. For the record, I'm no False Heart either." The voice of the man drops, a mature, sultry woman's voice. It sounds very, very wrong coming from a tanned, muscled okinawan man.
  273. [22:33] <Ian> "Where's Hanase? What's up with this?" Ian doesn't lower his arm in the least.
  274. [22:34] <Cherem> "Hanase is overseeeing the cleanup. He's alive, but he thinks the agents Tsune and Akite are in here, cleaning up Blooming Dream. At least, that's what I told him. I knew you'd be heading here though: I mean, I did ask you to come here." The voice changes to one Ian recognizes.
  275. [22:35] <Cherem> "I guess I should cut to the chase. I'm here for her." Hanase points at Kagami, "And you're not in a position to deny me. If you say no, I can stay here and we can wait until the UGN arrives here. Or, you give her to me, and you'll hear from me later."
  276. [22:36] <Cherem> Mary looks incredibly uncomfortable with this development, inching closer to the still-dazed Kagami.
  277. [22:36] <Tsuboki_Junko> "I'm gonna bite ya." Junko straightens and takes an experimental step forward.
  278. [22:36] <Ian> "Played like a damn fiddle, uh. How do you know about Akite?" Ian seems annoyed.
  279. [22:37] <Jamie_Knapp> "Well, we could just let you stand in our way. We've outrun the UGN so far, and we can do it again." Jamie raises her pistol. "You willing to lose your life over this?"
  280. [22:38] <Cherem> "Ah, don't be so rude." The voice turns back to the sulty one, "And I know her because I know her. I know you. I know she's been watching your sister. Did you know she's ruined half your wardrobe by now?"
  281. [22:38] <Cherem> "Ah... Well, even if you killed me, I don't think I'd die." The professor smiles mysteriously. It's kind of scary to see Hanase with that face.
  282. [22:39] <Ian> "Killing actual UGN agents might seal the deal for us, Jamie. She knows too much to just be some person. I don't like the request either, but..."
  283. [22:39] <Cherem> "Erm..." Mary finally speaks up, "I... don't want to say we can't trust this person, but..." She's got one arm around Kagami now.
  284. [22:40] <Cherem> There's a groan from Hanase's duplicate.
  285. [22:40] <Tsuboki_Junko> "If she's playing stupid games she's not UGN."
  286. [22:41] <Cherem> "Look, you have maybe a minute, two, before the real Hanase, and Tsubaki, and others come in. And they are actually interested in taking you all. I need that girl's help."
  287. [22:41] <Ian> "I don't like it either, but the sooner we're out, the better it is for everyone. But if you think I can't track you down, you are dead wrong."
  288. [22:42] <Cherem> "Oh, I'm sure you'd be able to." Hanase smiles, waving his finger back and forth, "Tick tock, tick tock."
  289. [22:42] <Tsuboki_Junko> "You saying to trust her over Hanase and Tsubaki?"
  290. [22:43] <Ian> "I don't trust anyone anymore, all that I'm saying is that WE are better out. I'm sorry for Kagami, but..."
  291. [22:44] <Jamie_Knapp> "If you can track her then fine. It's your decision."
  292. [22:45] <Cherem> Hanase nods, "Then, come here, Kagami-chan. Tsukimiya-san, please let go of her."
  293. [22:45] <Cherem> Mary looks between the three of you, glaring at Hanase, "If we're leaving, we're leaving quickly."
  294. [22:46] <Jamie_Knapp> "Then let's go."
  295. [22:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> "This is stupid."
  296. [22:47] <Cherem> "Junko-chan," Mary sounds urgent, "I... I promise it'll be okay."
  297. [22:47] <Tsuboki_Junko> "It stopped being okay the minute we listened to Jamie instead of going to Hanase and Tsubaki."
  298. [22:48] <Cherem> "Eh...?" Hanase hesitates.
  299. [22:48] <Cherem> Mary mirrors the noise.
  300. [22:48] <Tsuboki_Junko> "Just take her and fuck off already."
  301. [22:48] * Tsuboki_Junko growls.
  302. [22:50] <Cherem> Hanase nods a little, stepping forward. There's a winkling in his form as she approaches the girl. "Alright then. It was a pleasure talking with you, really, we'll do this again."
  303. [22:50] <Cherem> Mary takes a cautious step back, "You're not allowed to hurt her."
  304. [22:51] <Ian> Ian then heads out, not looking back. "We'r e off now."
  305. [22:52] <Cherem> "Of course, of course, my word is all I have after all." Hanase calls out as Mary goes to follow Ian, glancing over her shoulder periodically.
  306. [22:53] <Cherem> As you leave, there's a sudden chill. If you turn back, you can see that Kagami and... a figure, that become briefly visable, disappear into thin air.
  307. [22:53] <Cherem> If you make tracks quick, you can hear the UGN foot-troops, led by Hanase himself, run right into the room you were just in.
  308. [22:54] <Cherem> There's a litany of curses and surprised shouts at the carnage.
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