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Feb 2nd, 2016
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  1. Update v1.0.1:
  3. New Content
  5. Added new map “The Boneyard” for 1v1 Automatch, 2v2 Automatch and Public Games. The Boneyard is inspired by the second mission from our campaign and has fleets clashing for map control during a beautiful sunrise.
  6. Bug Fixes
  7. Fixed an issue that was causing crashes when players were allied with AI players in 2v2
  8. Lowered starting resources on the Torin Crater Map to match the starting resources on all other MP maps
  9. Balance Updates
  11. Gaalsien Carrier
  13. In order create more early game options for the Gaalsien, the Carrier’s combat capabilities have been increased. Enabling it to deal with hordes of early game enemy units.
  15. Gaalsien Carrier Side Turrets:
  16. Default Rate of Fire from 2 to 10.
  17. Burst Time from 1.4 seconds to 1.1 seconds
  18. Negative accuracy modifiers versus small units removed
  19. Accuracy against all units set to 100% at short range, 90% at medium range and 80% at long range.
  20. Gaalsien Carrier Weapon Systems:
  21. Power level 1 - Rate of Fire increased from 5 to 17.
  22. Power level 2 - Rate of Fire increased from 10 to 24.
  23. Power level 3 - Rate of Fire increased from 20 to 31.
  24. Power level 4 - Rate of Fire decreased from 40 to 38.
  25. Coalition Missile Battery
  27. When compared to the Gaalsien Missile Ship, the Coalition Missile Battery was much more cost-effective. Price change will now better reflect its power.
  29. Missile Battery:
  30. Price from 100CU/70RU to 350CU/80RU
  31. Assault Cruiser
  33. The upgraded Assault Cruiser turned out to be a very specialized anti-air counter. The damage has been lowered so it is more in line with other anti-air units.
  35. Assault Cruiser:
  36. It now requires the Assault Cruiser Anti-Air research in order to attack air.
  37. Anti-air weapon will now deal 175 damage instead of 250.
  38. Coalition Strike Fighters
  40. The early game advantage provided by Coalition Strike Fighters is interesting but too strong. The damage has been lowered to retain air as an option but allow opponents enough time to react to it. For example, you needed 2 Strike Fighters to snipe an enemy Railgun, but now you will need 3.
  42. Strike Fighter:
  43. Damage from 175 to 120
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