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  1. 100% Amnesia "Justine" Walkthrough by Ryukaki
  3. Start off by cranking the Phonograph -- Listen to the woman, and grab the lantern. Leave your cell, and head down the corridor, taking your first left and then search the corridors here for a broken ladder.
  5. After you have the broken ladder, proceed from there to the first Chamber, there will be a man in a cell to the left, second door in. Go immediately to the prison cell on your left and hide in there until the Horror passes. Collect the Note (Note 1 - A New Plan)
  7. Once the Horror has passed, leave, and go through all of the other rooms, collecting a note in room III (Note 2 - Billet Ooux) and listening to the audio cues in each room. Start collecting crates and boxes. You wil be building a stack up to the loft on the left side of where you entered the room.
  9. Both notes collected, and a stack of boxes and barrels leads up to the loft (My personal favorite is 2x barrels, a long trunk ontop of them, then a barrel, and finally a small box ontop of that.), clean out the loft of all the boxes by throwing them down, and collect the Wax Cylinder hidden behind the largest crate up there.
  11. Finally, build a large stack of crates, barrels, and trunks, to open the trapdoor on the ceiling on the far side of the room, and use the broken ladder on the ledge to climb up into the airducts. Follow the airducts to the end, and you will come out in another corridor. Turn around, and use the Wax Cylinder on the Phonograph.
  13. Head away from here into the hallway and follow the blood to a torture room, use the phonograph and collect the letter there (Note 3 - Newspaper Article). Exit the room and head down the stairs to the Library.
  15. Once in the Library, use the Phonograph. Head into the room on your immediate left, and collect Slide 2 from the room, as well as two Tinderboxes. Leave the room, and head to the one opposite it. Collect Note 4 (Note 4 - Results) from the desk, and grab Slide 1. Open the drawers of the desk for two more tinderboxes, and finally grab Note 5 (Note 5 - Herbert's Letter) from the shelf to the left of the desk.
  17. Note 5 can be difficult to see at first, so try standing on the nearby table to get a good look at it.
  19. The second door on the left, farther down the hallway, is the actual library. Go in and collect the Tinderbox off the shelf to the right, and gather Slide 3 from the shelf on the left near the back of the room.
  21. Across the hall from here, is the Torture Room, or the "Puzzle Box", as they call it. Collect Slide 4 from the table on the left, and Note 6 (Note 6 - Soul Journal Entries) from the table adjacent Slide 4.
  23. In the Light Box room, take a right immediately and head to the bookshelf on the back of the wall. Pull out a book on the 5th shelf up, and pick up Note 7 (Note 7 - Shipment Letter), light the Light Box, and head back to the Puzzle Box/ Torture Room.
  25. There will be a lever with two slots near it, put Slide 4 in the top, and Slide 3 in the bottom, then pull the lever, and exit to the Library room, where the empty shelf in the back will have revealed a passage.
  27. Play the Phonograph in the corridor, and then head down the stairs to the "Potato Room", the creature here can only detect you by sound, so as long as you crouch, only move when he's distant, and don't make much noise, he's easy to get by. Follow the potatos. You'll eventually reach a room called the "Dungeon."
  29. In the Dungeon, use the Phonograph. Go through the door in the water, and then from there take the door on the right. Follow it until you reach a room full of boxes with a lever. On the shelf on the left, under a box, is Note 8 (Note 8 - Unopened Letter)
  31. Pick up the Lever, and exit to the main watery room. Get ready, because this is where you have to be fast and bricks will be shat.
  33. Push up on the lever, once it's inserted where it belongs, and the door will start to open. Quickly run through it, and then close it behind you with the lever to your left. Once here, quickly run to your right, through two doors, and pick up the large gear on the table.
  35. No time to waste, run back to the main hallway and to the door on the opposite side. Mount the Gear, and don't wait for it. Just turn around once it's settning in and bolt for the lever on your left as you exit into the main corridor again.
  37. Quickly close the door behind you once more, and head to the right side of the room. There will be a man in a cell, and a spinnable wheel next to him. Spin the wheel and close the cell door, and then quickly run for the wheel on the north side of the room (It's straight forward from where you came in.), turn the wheel like a madman, don't panic, and once the door is open enough to run through, do so, and just keep running until you reach the Crypt. Don't look back.
  39. Once in the Crypt, use the Phonograph, and then head to the right side of things. There will be a grave and a "touchable" gravestone. Grab Note 9 (Note 9 - Unfinished Letter) and click the headstone. Dart across the room to the angel statute, and click it too.
  41. Head to the far side of the crypt to another Phonograph and start it up. Head through the door after.
  43. Walk down the long corridors, and you emerge into a large room that looks as though it'll crush you. Wait it out, and you'll wake up after blacking out, the walls will receede, and you will bar the door automatically. Head through the door on the far right side of the gear wall, and head upstairs to freedom.
  45. 100% complete!
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