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  1. * loner42 is now known as Wilik
  2. <Wilik> hey IFHTT
  3. <IFHTT> sup man
  4. <Wilik> nada
  5. <Wilik> been a fun day
  6. <IFHTT> looks like it :(
  7. <Wilik> figured I might as well come out of hiding and join irc
  8. <IFHTT> lol well it's good to see ya even if the circumstances are shitty
  9. <Wilik> agreed
  10. <snesker> Wilik: did you ever engage in an operation with 7chan?
  11. <Wilik> so I just got done reading a bunch of foolz.us threads about our site
  12. <Wilik> snesker, no
  13. <Wilik> apparently some dummy named BoToX hacked the site
  14. <Wilik> hes from Austria
  15. <woxxy> pretty much, his friends learned a way to enter and he used it
  16. <Wilik> and woxxy, I read you were in the process of trying to archive the entire website
  17. <woxxy> then in that chat he gave a link to the dump
  18. <woxxy> and that got published right away
  19. <woxxy> yeah
  20. <Wilik> how successful were you?
  21. <woxxy> I suppose I’m getting direct download from Yukimura-San
  22. <woxxy> so i’ll start from scratch
  23. <snesker> other guys were at 50% or so, if I recall
  24. <Wilik> 50% of the entire 1.5tb collection?
  25. <snesker> if I recall
  26. <snesker> 16 or 17 100gb chunks
  27. <snesker> maybe with redundancy because the guy doing it is bad
  28. <Wilik> well 16 or 17 100gb chucks would give the entire collection if my math serves me right
  29. <woxxy> lol
  30. <snesker> 50% of that
  31. <Wilik> probably gonna be slightly more difficult to get the chucks atm
  32. <Wilik> since I shutdown all the servers
  33. <Wilik> cept for the webserver, so we could post the hacking notice
  34. <snesker> slightly more impossible, you mean
  35. <snesker> so now Jewy McShadyObjective is the only one getting the files
  36. <woxxy> LOL
  37. <Wilik> well, I do pay the server bills
  38. <snesker> from 111 Nigeria Street, South Africa
  39. <Wilik> na
  40. <Wilik> im not from Africa
  41. <snesker> not you
  42. <woxxy> he means me
  43. <Wilik> lol
  44. <Wilik> that depends
  45. <Wilik> im not sure who you are, and I dont remember telling Yuki to give you direct access ;)
  46. * ChanServ sets mode +a #tradersnetwork Yuki|Phone
  47. * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Yuki|Phone
  48. <snesker> also, I thought the reason we were in this mess was because you don't pay the server bills
  49. <woxxy> talk to yuki
  50. <Wilik> +o :)
  51. <Wilik> lol, but the bills do get paid, when the donations are met, someone reported us to paypal which caused the paypal account to be terminated and all donations lost
  52. <snesker> so strangers pay the bills
  53. <Wilik> donations pay the bills
  54. <snesker> so your name is donations
  55. <Wilik> nope
  56. <Wilik> technically on mt I go by Aftershock
  57. <snesker> I go by mrsupsalts
  58. <Wilik> im not sure who you are, I only fix shit when its really broken, pay the bills (with donations) and give horrible news to the community these days
  59. <snesker> aww, shit, I just have away a shitload of personal information
  60. <Wilik> its ok, its not important
  61. <snesker> glad you think my privacy isn't important
  62. <Wilik> it is, but at this point, not much we can do about it
  63. <woxxy> you can get to mailing every user in your database to advise them to change the mail
  64. <Wilik> since all the private info on mt has been leaked onto the internet
  65. <woxxy> err
  66. <woxxy> change passwords
  67. <Wilik> yea, I am working on a script to do that
  68. <woxxy> cool
  69. <Wilik> its gonna take a while, there is 900k+ users
  70. <woxxy> i know
  71. <woxxy> gotta do in batch or something
  72. <Wilik> hey its the foolz.us guys, cool
  73. <Adm|nymous> i was summoned here for some reason :|
  74. <woxxy> nope my name is Jewy McShadyObjective :^)
  75. <snesker> it really is
  76. <Wilik> cool
  77. <Wilik> from south africa, right?
  78. <woxxy> I’m a Shepardi Jew from South Africa that’s right
  79. <Wilik> nice, how many goats do you have?
  80. <woxxy> oh vey
  81. <woxxy> i have none
  82. <Adm|nymous> i just gutted the last one
  83. <Wilik> cool
  84. <Wilik> so woxxy, Yuki isnt gonna give you direct access
  85. <woxxy> i see
  86. <woxxy> you guys have a new plan?
  87. * Yuki|Phone gives channel operator status to Wilik
  88. <snesker> the files have to be had somehow, before the site goes down
  89. <snesker> for good, I mean
  90. <Yuki|Phone> There, back to drinking for me now
  91. <Wilik> have fun Yuki
  92. <Wilik> ping me when you're home
  93. <Wilik> well
  94. <Wilik> as for what we do now
  95. <Wilik> thats a very good question
  96. <Wilik> what do you plan to do woxxy?
  97. <Wilik> setup a new site?
  98. <snesker> others from /a/ plan to as well
  99. <Wilik> do what we've been doing for the past 10 years?
  100. <woxxy> pretty much
  101. <Yuki|Phone> Not till tomorrow man, ttyl
  102. <woxxy> maybe with different structure and infrastructure but the idea is serving direct downloads
  103. <woxxy> and make it easy
  104. <snesker> some guys from /a/ want to create multiple redundancies and archive all of the files and see what happens from there
  105. <Wilik> interesting
  106. <Wilik> how do you guys plan to pay for it?
  107. <Wilik> donations as well?
  108. <Wilik> or just plain old kind people giving you servers?
  109. <woxxy> we got the foolz archive that pays for servers already
  110. <woxxy> this could probably run for free
  111. <woxxy> maybe ads at most
  112. <woxxy> if it gets pricier
  113. <Wilik> yea ads are crap payouts
  114. <woxxy> i know
  115. <woxxy> and really unreliable
  116. <Wilik> manga isnt a field people are fighting to get a hold in
  117. <woxxy> neither it’s nice to put ads on copyrighted material
  118. <woxxy> getting busted is easy
  119. <Wilik> yep
  120. <woxxy> part of foolz team has been working on a release tracking site since past year
  121. <woxxy> this would just come to be integrated to that
  122. <snesker> you'd better do it right
  123. <snesker> people have mangaupdates and google and it does them fine
  124. <woxxy> snesker I’ll give all data if we were to fail
  125. <woxxy> that’s for sure
  126. <woxxy> it’s just how it works for the archive too
  127. <woxxy> if we were to not be able to archive a board, we get in contact with people who can keep it up
  128. <Wilik> well if people have mangaupdates and google, why is getting everything from mt so important?
  129. <woxxy> because scanlators died in the meanwhile and if we lose this data is pretty much gone?
  130. <Wilik> I suppose that makes sense, we do have 10 years worth of manga
  131. <woxxy> yeah.
  132. <woxxy> i even lost my own manga once
  133. <woxxy> that’s why i got a login from you
  134. <Wilik> ah
  135. <Wilik> that sucks
  136. <woxxy> i mean the ones edited by my group
  137. <woxxy> well just a few chapters
  138. <woxxy> but if they weren’t there
  139. <woxxy> it would’ve been pretty hard to get back originals
  140. <snesker> and there's the 6000 mt-exclusive fujoshit titles
  141. <woxxy> lol
  142. <snesker> remember the 6000
  143. <Wilik> lol
  144. <Wilik> is that some kind of spartan joke :P
  145. <snesker> jew joke
  146. <snesker> poorly worded
  147. <snesker> since the channel is jew city
  148. <Wilik> well woxxy
  149. <Wilik> heres what I can do
  150. <snesker> give me little kisses
  151. <snesker> henceforth to be referred to as 'sloppy wets'
  152. <Wilik> I got an offer a while back to sell mt, but I turned it down
  153. <Wilik> i'll sell everything to you, domain and all, for $10k
  154. <snesker> that was a bad decision if you're not going to put some serious effort into improving the site
  155. <woxxy> i don’t want your site, you just leaked passwords for 1m accounts
  156. <Wilik> k
  157. <snesker> I must be out of the loop in the jew world, because I don't understand how a site that doesn't run without donations can expect to go for 10k.
  158. <woxxy> i thought we were going to save data
  159. <Wilik> woxxy, probably not
  160. <woxxy> and i even had the support from the guy who donated 1800$
  161. <woxxy> this is offputting
  162. <Wilik> yea, it kinda sucks
  163. <snesker> so are the servers still burning donated cash while the site is down?
  164. <Wilik> like getting your paypal account killed by some asshat because they dont like your site, or getting over that hurdle only to have some other guy basically dos your site because they want to make a 'archive' or the second you solve that problem getting your site hacked, its all in a days work I suppose :P
  165. <snesker> well, it was more like 40 or 50 guys
  166. <Wilik> guy is a relative term here snesker
  167. <snesker> well
  168. <snesker> I don't particularly think it's right for a dying, unmotivated monolith to hold, as you said, 10 years worth of content hostage for 10 grand.
  169. <Wilik> lol
  170. <snesker> Even in the face of a guy who gave you like $1800 to ensure everyone could get the manga.
  171. <Wilik> the $1800 is going to go towards keeping our backup server online
  172. <snesker> After you leaked 900k emails and passwords.
  173. <woxxy> i think he was promised that he’d get a copy?
  174. <woxxy> don’t remember heh
  175. <Wilik> how could I remember? I didnt promise him a copy
  176. <woxxy> i dunno, i read things on 4chan you know
  177. <Wilik> if Yuki said he was going to get a copy, i'll make sure he does, until then we'll work on rewriting mt, which luckily 1800 will pay for our backup server for quite a while, so we can do that :)
  178. <snesker> How long until the site is fully functional again?
  179. <Wilik> good question
  180. <Wilik> since I actually have a day job these days and am not a unemployeed college student like I was years ago when I wrote the original mt code base
  181. <Wilik> might take a bit longer then 3 days like last time
  182. <snesker> With your business attitude I doubt anyone would help for free.
  183. <Wilik> help write the code?
  184. <snesker> it's not like the site isn't written already
  185. <Wilik> but as you guys have pointed out, its full of security holes right?
  186. <Wilik> for instance, we practically gave away 1m user accounts
  187. <Wilik> would you continue to use that code?
  188. <snesker> So you're going to re-write the whole thing, one some guy's dime, for which he was misled, when you have no time and the same level of skill that allowed it to happen in the first place?
  189. <snesker> I should stop antagonizing you, for my own sake.
  190. <snesker> on*
  191. <Wilik> lol
  192. <Wilik> so you assume that I have the same level of skill I had 10 years ago?
  193. <snesker> yes
  194. <Wilik> k
  195. <Wilik> then why do it, right?
  196. <Wilik> i'll just give bluethings his money back and kill my servers
  197. <Wilik> thanks for all the fish!
  198. <woxxy> i’d rather that heh
  199. <woxxy> guy is extremely generous
  200. <woxxy> and nice
  201. <Wilik> woxy good luck on your endeavor
  202. <woxxy> i rather have the guy back with the money really
  203. <woxxy> and thank you
  204. <snesker> I'm confused
  205. <snesker> Are you fixing the site?
  206. <Wilik> no
  207. <Wilik> im giving bluethings his cash back and canceling my servers
  208. <Wilik> thanks for the input guys
  209. <snesker> c'mon
  210. <Wilik> c'mon what?
  211. <snesker> don't be that way
  212. <Wilik> ha
  213. <snesker> If you quit now, what were the 10 years for?
  214. <Wilik> woxxy is cool with it, and you basically called me a hack, whats the big deal?
  215. <Wilik> they were for fun
  216. <snesker> We're just two random guys from the internet.
  217. <Wilik> yep
  218. <Wilik> im not taking any of this to heart, its all good snesker
  219. <snesker> ;-;
  220. <Wilik> shit happens dude
  221. <Wilik> you got google
  222. <Wilik> and mangaupdates
  223. <Wilik> have fun
  224. <Talarczyk> Wait, are you really killing the whole thing off?
  225. <snesker> What about all the manga that can't be sourced elsewhere?
  226. <snesker> there were 6000 titles at last count
  227. <Wilik> snesker, yea that sucks
  228. <Wilik> seem my previous comment
  229. <Talarczyk> >All this people flowing in from /a/
  230. <Chojiki> Yo
  231. <Talarczyk> Well, shit. That's it, I guess.
  232. <neko> So the services goes down? Finally?
  233. <Chojiki> Is what's going around the baords true?
  234. <Wilik> neko, yes
  235. <Talarczyk> Yep.
  236. <neko> Are you sharing the database, at least?
  237. <neko> Not the user one though. Lol.
  238. <sakisan> Wilik: pm'd you about some stuff
  239. <Wilik> neko, no
  240. <Talarczyk> So, what the hell was the point of this? http://i.imgur.com/SxYwo0z.png
  241. <neko> Why not? There is an attempt to save the work. YOUR work.
  242. <Wilik> the database isnt gonna help save my work, people just want the manga, the manga isnt in the database
  243. <sakisan> yes, but your work, i.e. the site, facilitated the collection and distribution of a lot of manga that now isn't available elsewhere
  244. <Wilik> Talarczyk: its important people know to change their passwords
  245. <Wilik> Talarczyk: for security reasons
  246. <Chojiki> There's gotta be some kinda middle ground we can reach here.
  247. <neko> I hope so.
  248. <Tensei> Can't you at least wait unti lthe 14th like you were going to originally so that the people who were trying to save the manga can finish?
  249. <risho> listen if you're going to be giving up everything, which is understandable after all that mt has had to put up with over the past week, wouldn't it be best for the community if you passed the torch so to speak?
  250. <sakisan> like I said to you in PM--a lot of people are appreciative of what you've donethe database
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