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Cause of Homosexuals

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Aug 15th, 2017
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  1. The Cause of Queers
  3. Gay germ theory is the strongest candidate for the cause of human male exclusive homosexuality. It is currently being politically suppressed. Brilliant geneticist and evolutionary theorist Gregory Cochran is currently the main public proponent of the gay germ theory. Read his thoughts on the topic:
  8. Let me reiterate the reasoning behind the gay germ theory:
  9. 1. Exclusive male homosexuality cannot be genetic because the genes responsible would not persist in the population.
  10. 2. Human male homosexuality has an identical twin concordance rate of approximately 25%, another strong point against the genetic hypothesis.
  11. 3. Pathogens are known to exist which can cross the blood-brain barrier in mammals and modify sexual behavior to the parasite’s advantage, i.e. toxoplasmosa.
  12. 4. Homosexuals exhibit behavior which seems optimized for pathogen distribution. The average homosexual has a lifetime partner count of over 500. Homosexuals have rates of sexually transmitted disease that are far higher than heterosexuals. Homosexuals are prone to child molestation at a rate that is far higher than their percentage of the population would predict. Homosexuals commonly engage in waste product fetishism, a behavior that seems optimized for pathogen distribution. Homosexuals are more prone to a full range of mental illnesses. a possible side effect of the parasite.
  13. 5. Homosexuals report being sexually abused as children at a rate far higher than the rest of the population, supporting the thesis that childhood infection by the gay-germ modified their behavior.
  14. 6. I know of no alternative to the gay germ theory that explains as many of peculiarities of the homosexual condition. Hopefully we will soon identify this horrible pathogen. It is unlikely that we will be able to undo the damage caused to its victims. They will need to be permanently quarantined, but it is possible that some sort of inoculation might be devised.
  18. We know how rabies works. An infected animal becomes more aggressive prior to death. It will end up biting other animals to spread the infection along. This is an example of a behavior-modifying organism. What you probably don’t know is that there are hundreds of other organisms that also affect behavior. A virus causes caterpillars to climb up trees. Then it liquifies their organs so the body disintegrates and the virus can be spread by the wind. (1) There is a STD for grasshoppers that makes them more sexually active. (2) In the days prior to experiencing the symptoms of the flu, the virus will make you more sociable so can transmit it more. (3) Here’s the real kicker though: There is a parasite that has the ability to modify sexual preference. Toxoplasma gondii. You’ve probably heard of T. gondii as the amoeba that infects cats. There’s a lot more to it than that. Rats are a carrier of T. gondii. When infected, a rat will be attracted to cat urine, making it more likely to be eaten by a cat, the intended host. How does it work?
  19. Toxoplasma alters the brain to make the rat sexually attracted to cat urine. (4)
  20. Toxoplasma’s ability to make rats sexually attracted persists even after the rat is no longer infected. (5)
  21. That’s right–a parasite has the ability to PERMANENTLY ALTER SEXUAL PREFERENCE in its host. Dig deeper into the facts behind T. gondii and we see:
  22. 1/3 of all humans are chronic carriers of toxoplasma. (6)
  23. Males with toxoplasma are taller and have more attractive faces (Allowing you to have more sex and spread the virus further). (6)
  24. Toxoplasmosis increases the concentration of dopamine in the brain of infected humans (You become more likely to do risky, thrill-seeking behavior). (6)
  25. Toxoplasma immunoglobulins are found in 9% of newborns in the US. (10)
  26. Toxoplasma transfers from pregnant woman to their baby. (8)
  27. Toxoplasma infected women have male sons 72% of the time. (9)
  28. If you haven’t pieced it together yet, I’ll fill you in. Toxoplasma infects the fetus of pregnant mothers, making the baby more likely to be male and permanently altering the baby’s brain to create sexual attraction to men. You’ve probably heard the false “genetic hypothesis” that claims that female siblings of gay men have more babies, meaning that faggotry must be an advantage. The “gay gene” has been disproven, but toxoplasma explains why the sisters are having more babies. The same toxoplasma that altered their brother’s brain altered their brain to increase their sexual attraction to men. Homosexual men are having more sex than their heterosexual counterparts, spreading toxoplasma further. Use HIV as a proxy for how effective homosexual behavior is at transmitting disease: homosexuals are 0.8% of the population but account for 60% of new HIV cases.
  29. In response to homosexuality, homosexual disgust (a.k.a. “homophobia”, also known as “common sense” or “self-preservation”) has evolved as a means to avoid toxoplasma infection. The purpose of disgust is disease avoidance. (11) You are disgusted at the sight of feces because feces have a lot of bacteria. You didn’t need to learn to avoid feces; it’s just genetic. Similarly, homophobia was found to be genetic. (12) This means that homophobia evolved because it increases your darwinian fitness by helping you avoid toxoplasma.
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  35. 5.
  36. 6.
  37. 7, 9.
  38. 8.
  39. 10.
  40. 11.
  41. 12.
  45. I’ve said it before, but it’s probably time to say it again. The most likely explanation for human homosexuality is that it is caused by some pathogen. It’s too common to be mutational pressure (and we don’t see syndromic versions, as we would in that case), it’s not new, identical twins are usually discordant (~75% of the time), and it’s hell on reproductive fitness. There is no way it is adaptive–the helpful gay uncle notion, group selection, compensating advantage in females, etc–these range from impossible to bloody unlikely. It doesn’t exist in most hunter-gatherers: you have to explain what it is you’re even talking about when you ask them. Presumably with diagrams.
  46. As for Freudian explanations, exotic-becomes-erotic, etc: just reading the social-science literature on the subject is enough to make you wonder if the human brain really does exist to cool the blood. A fair number of the smarter people interested in the subject agree with me. Not that they think it proven, but they agree that it is the only theory out there that makes any evolutionary sense. Bill Hamilton thought it made sense. So does Alan Grafen. Mike Bailey thinks it more likely than any other explanation tendered thus far.
  47. My model–not the only possible model based on a pathogen, but reasonable–leans on a couple of natural examples. One is narcolepsy. We now know that narcolepsy happens when a particular kind of neuron, concentrated in a little region in the hypothalamus, somehow gets zapped. 99% of narcolepsy cases happen in the 25% of the population that has a particular HLA type – which suggests that something, probably a virus, triggers an overenthusiastic immune response that zaps a neuron subpopulation that produce a particular neurotransmitter (called hypocretin or orexin) that regulates appetite and sleep patterns. And it doesn’t do anything else: narcoleptics aren’t stupid. You can compare narcolepsy to type I diabetes or Parkinson’s disease. Suppose there’s a neuron subpopulation that performs a key function in male sexual desire: wipe out that subpopulation, and Bob’s your uncle.
  48. Another is toxoplasma, which we now know changes mouse behavior in ways that increase a mouse’s chance of being devoured by a cat, the definitive host for toxo. Infected mice are attracted to cat urine, while uninfected mice avoid it. In fact, in infected mice, cat urine apparently triggers activity in neural pathways involved in sexual arousal. Microorganisms can reprogram sexual attraction in mammals.
  49. I have had people complain that I’m neglecting the social aspects of homosexuality, what it means, how people think of it. Let me tell you a story. In certain parts of west Africa, boys are expected to start menstruating around age 14. And they do, sort of: you start seeing blood in their urine. When that happens, there’s a big ceremony, everyone says, ‘Today you are a man.’ Whatever. The thing is, that’s about the time they put the boys into the flooded rice fields, where they’re exposed to schistosoma haematobium, which causes urinary schistosomiasis. It’s bad for you: it can impair growth and cognitive development in children, reduces productivity, and is a potent cause of bladder cancer over the long term.
  50. Our explanation of male menstruation as urinary schistosomiasis must undermine these people’s worldview. Eliminating schistosomiasis would undermine it even further, just as the rubella vaccine dealt a heavy blow to deaf culture by cutting the number of congenitally deaf children in half. Isn’t that just too damn bad.
  52. ~:~
  54. Look at Calhoun’s rat utopia experiment. There were a bunch of rats who were limited by space but not resources. Evolutionary theory states that when survival is ensured, reproduction is the next goal. Without the need to scavenge for food, reproduction becomes the primary motivator. But with an infinite amount of resources and a limitation on space, overcrowding quickly becomes an issue. Mate competition increases to unnaturally high levels because there is no starving or being killed by predators to cap population size. The increased competition means increased violence, sometimes resulting in death.
  55. Survival becomes a motivator again, but with new strategies. Some males isolate themselves, lay low, and try to wait for the population to drop or migration to become possible. Some males keep trying to mate but become hyperviolent to be able to defend themselves and secure mates. There is also group of rats who become homosexual or bisexual and travel together in a pack.
  56. The advantages of this behavior are numerous. Like the isolated males, they avoid the dangers of mate competition. They can also relieve their natural sexual urges with each other. By extension, this allows for community cohesion because they all get their willies off on each other. The hyperviolent males are too busy competing with each other to form their own pack, and thus strength in numbers protects the homosexuals from unprovoked attack.
  57. I believe that because human homosexuals are more likely to be found in cities and the cities are often a hotbed of deviant behavior, that city life is perceived as a form of overcrowding and triggering the same biological survival strategies that rats (and probably a lot of other organisms) have. I also suspect that media and being exposed to hundreds of images of different faces a day is also a factor. Why do degenerates shove their behavior in your faces everywhere? Once again–strength in numbers. They want you to think they’re too big a group to attack.
  59. ~:~
  61. The idea that people are born gay cones from studies (1)(2)(3) in the early ‘90s which looked at factors such as post-mortum biological markers, twins, and apparent areas in the chromosomes that were thought to house a gay gene. These studies suffered from serious methodological weaknesses, such as small and non-random samples, or even misclassification of subjects. (4) Some research was repeated and didn’t get the same results, others on identical twins found that not 100% (as it should be if the cause was genetic) were gay–the first result was 50%, and when tested on a larger scope, the results dropped to 11%. (5)
  62. More recently, there has been a growing body of research into psychosocial factors regarding homosexuality, with much more success than biological factors. (6) Evidence and statistics have shown that parenting has by far the largest impact on sexual orientation. To conclude–no one is born gay, there is an overwhelming amount of research to conclude that homosexuality is the result of psychosocial factors. (7)(8)(9)(10)
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  76. ~:~
  78. I first found out about turpentine from Dr. Daniels in some interviews she gave on Republic Broadcasting Network with Deanna Spingola a little over 2 years ago. Her stories were inspiring and got me curious enough to go buy some turpentine. I tried it out a few times off and on with no real noticeable results. Then around the beginning of this year, I decided to do a serious parasite cleanse using turpentine and some anti-parasite herbs in a tea. About 2 weeks into the cleanse, I noticed that the raw sugar (mascabo) I was using in my coffee was making me feel ill. Upon noticing this, I stopped using sugar and the coffee tasted wonderful without it. At this point, I need to provide some background info on me. I had been living in a same sex relationship for the last 28 years of my life. I was quite comfortable with the fact that I was gay and everyone who knew me, thought I was gay too.
  79. So a few days after noticing I didn't need sugar anymore, I noticed that I wasn't feeling my “normal” interest in sex. At the time, I just considered that I was really wore out and tired from the vigorous parasite cleansing and expelling I was doing. Then a few days later, my partner, who had spent a number of weeks researching parasites, told me about how in the same way that viruses take over a cell and cause the cell to reproduce the virus, the parasites take over the reproductive capabilities of the host to get the host to help the parasites reproduce. Then he told me about how the single celled parasite called toxoplasma gondii can infect a mouse and make the mouse SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO CATS, so that the cat will eat the toxo-infected mouse and the toxo can complete its reproductive cycle in the intestines of the cat. And in humans, it is the parasites that create the interest/desire/attraction for anal sex also to facilitate the parasites’ reproductive cycle.
  80. All of a sudden, I realized that my desire for anal sex was exactly like the toxo-infected mouse looking for sex with a cat! Anal sex only facilitates the parasite reproductive cycle. In reality, it is the parasite who wants it, not the human. In that moment, I was able to see what he was telling me from my own experience, because ALL of my daily thoughts of gay sex had left me along with the parasites I had been flushing out of me. In that moment I was able to verify that his observation was correct and I realized I was now free from the influence of what ever parasites got me thinking and acting like I was “gay.” I realize now, I never was gay. I was ONLY parasitized. You would not believe the volume of different kinds worms that came out of me, both living and dead.
  81. As I write this message, it is now almost 4 months after defeating the parasites and I have to say, I feel wonderful and still to this day have zero interest in any form of anal sex. I know now that desire for anal sex is a symptom of the parasite infestation and that it is time for a vigorous cleanse if I ever start feeling that way again. Now, I want to help others who are struggling with these mind controlling parasites to get clean and free of these mind, life and body destroying invaders.
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