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  1. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 20:35:06 2010
  2. Session Ident: JustBeing
  3. 01[20:35] <MsSwin> someone left a message for you in the bar
  4. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 20:35:19 2010
  5. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 20:36:18 2010
  6. Session Ident: JustBeing
  7. [20:36] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  8. [20:36] <JustBeing> Maybe I'll get it later.
  9. 01[20:37] <MsSwin> your choice, your consequences
  10. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 20:37:12 2010
  11. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 20:37:39 2010
  12. Session Ident: JustBeing
  13. [20:37] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  14. [20:37] <JustBeing> Ok.
  15. [20:38] <JustBeing> There's no message.
  16. 01[20:51] <MsSwin> scroll up
  17. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 20:51:49 2010
  18. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 21:48:01 2010
  19. Session Ident: JustBeing
  20. [21:48] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  21. [21:48] <JustBeing> I scrolled up and I dont' see a message. Do you mean the title of the channel?
  22. [21:48] <JustBeing> Better not be a serious threat.
  23. [21:49] <JustBeing> A real life threat, I mean.
  24. 01[22:00] <MsSwin> not a threat.. a promise
  25. 01[22:00] <MsSwin> search for just, i'm going to make this quite simple
  26. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 22:02:03 2010
  27. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 22:27:08 2010
  28. Session Ident: JustBeing
  29. [22:27] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  30. [22:27] <JustBeing> Ok, just type it here. I can't find it. Or don't tell me. I know that people like aulait have actually messed with folks here face-to-face in real life and I don't want any threats, won't tolerate them. This is a chat channel only. I showed hub as well and he didn't see anything and he's rolling his eyes. What consequences are you taling about? A ban or something you will try to do in real life?
  31. [22:27] <JustBeing> It's not hard to find out who people are these days and I don't want or need anyone on my door step.
  32. [22:27] <JustBeing> If you just mean ban stuff, well, I don't care about that. This is irc. Tell me or drop it.
  33. [22:28] <JustBeing> Say what you want about other channels. I've never dealt with threats before. This is getting spookky.
  34. [22:28] <JustBeing> oops..spooky.
  35. 01[22:29] <MsSwin> it's in the bar just.. i'll post it again for you
  36. 01[22:29] <MsSwin> no.. it's starting to get real
  37. [22:30] <JustBeing> Real life?
  38. [22:31] <JustBeing> I'm going to show my husband and keep the message. If it is in any way a threat, it will be saved.
  39. [22:31] <JustBeing> Post it.
  40. [22:31] <JustBeing> You raelly seem to want me to see it.
  41. [22:31] <JustBeing> really
  42. 01[22:33] <MsSwin> posting now
  43. [22:33] <JustBeing> Ok.
  44. [22:34] <JustBeing> I still don't see anything.
  45. [22:34] <JustBeing> Bye.
  46. 01[22:38] <MsSwin> its sitting right there in the bar
  47. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 22:38:35 2010
  48. Session Start: Mon Jul 26 22:39:56 2010
  49. Session Ident: JustBeing
  50. [22:39] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  51. [22:39] <JustBeing> I can't see it. Look, this isn't funny anymore. If you mess with my real life, you'll find the cops in yours. I know your real name thanks to your op-eds. If you leave me alone, you're good. But nobody messes with my family without me calling the cops. If you're just going to ban me, go ahead. That's insignficant. I'm not reading anything and I'm not answering you anymore, Judy. Let it go.
  52. 01[22:40] <MsSwin> just you are sitting in the bar
  53. 01[22:40] <MsSwin> you must have me on ignore
  54. 01[22:40] <MsSwin> remove ignore
  55. 01[22:40] <MsSwin> and i'll be more than happy to post it again before you get any more paranoid
  56. 01[22:41] <MsSwin> tell me when you have ignore removed
  57. [22:42] <JustBeing> Post it here. I'm not paranoid and you're not on ignore. I have recently heard stories about what some of you have done to people and it's sick.
  58. 01[22:42] <MsSwin> fine
  59. 01[22:42] <MsSwin> stories even lol
  60. 01[22:42] <MsSwin> here's another story to tell
  61. [22:42] <JustBeing> True stories
  62. [22:42] <JustBeing> I'm not going to watch it. bye.
  63. 01[22:43] <MsSwin> here we go:
  64. 01[22:43] <MsSwin> just, i'm going to make this quite simple.. your warning from me was with regard to your bashing the channel when in political/per the rules, your lies bordered on hilarious, 20 people have not left the channel and you know it, our numbers still the same, aero didn't 'leave' the channel, he was fired as an op for harrassing chatters, other rule violations and now harrasses the channel with games, encouraging you, others to play his games in our channel and elsewhere, which again, is against the rules when the games are brought to political.  He simply can't get back in.. now banned.
  65. 01[22:43] <MsSwin> i don't run darff as you said and neither does any other op, he answers to monchie only.. when he says jump we ask how high, when he says shit we ask how deep as we trust darff's leadership, leadership that is trying to be reasonable during a time of stupid irc games, jog is not a "muslim tyrant" and you were most rude, if not bigoted yourself to say so.. what you do in ap is your business.. what you do in monchies channel is his business.. you know we have the strictest rules and most enforced rules on undernet for a political channel, especially towards racism..
  66. 01[22:44] <MsSwin> i don't know what your problem is and why you have now chosen to systematically bash the channel while in the political, but i know it is against the rules.  when and if you get warned and or voice gagged, even kicked and or banned, i want you to know why.. but i think you do.. and channel games will not be tolerated within political.  You can post this anywhere you wish, play whatever games you want with it.. but this is how it is.  you comply with the rules in here and i have no problem with you.  you continue or increase the games, don't be shocked at the result, you will be corrected in channel and the reason given.  And as you can see, and what you apparently so worried about in pm, this is no threat, it's simply reality.
  67. 01[22:44] <MsSwin> now i'm gonna tell you something else.. you can take that personal threat to expose my real name etc and shove it up your ass
  68. Session Close: Mon Jul 26 22:49:21 2010
  70. And your explanation to AmericaPolitics:
  72. <JustBeing> I just had the creepiest experienc
  73. <JustBeing> And I want to tell people in case it was a threat.
  74. <JustBeing> Ms. Swin in political said she was posting some secret message to me in #Chaos, but there was nothing there. And she told me to read it or face the consequences.
  75. <JustBeing> If I end up dead, look at her :)
  76. <JustBeing> What a goofy crazy group.
  78. My Response: You still playing games
  79. More games:
  81. Session Start: Sun Aug 01 10:32:40 2010
  82. Session Ident: JustBeing
  83. [10:32] Session Ident: JustBeing (UnderNet, MsSwin) (
  84. [10:32] <JustBeing> I should give your name to the channels, but I won't. It's stupid. I don't care though. You aren't going to find out anything about me that is shocking. I am who I say I am.
  85. [10:34] <JustBeing> Just keep it on the channel. I know all the cops here (all three) and I really don't care if you see my beautiful kids or my name. But nothing bad better happen in real life. Have a nice day. You need it.
  86. [10:36] <JustBeing> If you try to write to hub's worik, well, I told's working class. His job is secure.You'll be laughed at. Since I have your name, his boss may even call the cops. We don't care.
  87. 01[11:13] <MsSwin> what the fuck are you talking about?
  88. [11:14] <JustBeing> LOL. Look, give it up. I've had about five people PM me about it. You are all very sick. If you think you "got" me, you didn't. I don't care if people see who I am. I've always told the truth. Now, I'm not answering you anymore as you are too sad to respond to. Message me all you like, but it will NEVER be read. And have fun finding out how boring I am :)
  89. [11:14] <JustBeing> And don't mess with my real life. Cops are nasty.
  90. 01[11:14] <MsSwin> no, you've been pm'ing five people trying to lie that i am trying to threaten you
  91. 01[11:16] <MsSwin> i want you to write out exactly what threat i made to you just
  92. 01[11:16] <MsSwin> word for fucking word
  93. Session Close: Sun Aug 01 11:17:15 2010
  95. Like I said, post the damned threat or stfu
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