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  1. Changelog of Pokemon GO for iOS 0.31.0 (v1.1.0):
  3. 01) General bugs fix and improvements.
  4. 02) Improvements for signing in Google.
  5. 03) Improvements for the app in background.
  6. 04) Improvements for the in-app browser.
  7. 05) Many improvements for the log-in.
  8. 06) Improvements for fetching Google user data.
  9. 07) You will be able to create groups to communicate with other people, Pokemon GO will be able to access into your address book, if you will want. Groups will have a filter function, that will filter messages that cannot be shared.
  10. 08) Improvements for the Location feature.
  11. 09) Added Chrome support.
  12. --------------------------------
  13. NOTE:
  14. Some of these features are hidden and disabled by default. Niantic will enable them in next Pokémon AppStore releases.
  15. ---------------------------------
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