Chapter 57 of Shieldbro,Tanuki,Firo,and Melty

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  1. Melty has joined the party~
  2. Chapter 57
  4. Church of Three Heroes
  6. "Alright, let's throw this guy away and leave the country."
  8. I declare immediately after finding out that this goddamn brat is the second princess of Merlot Mark, Melty.
  10. "Please wait. Are you just going to abandon a child who is being targeted?"
  11. "She's the daughter of trash. I'm also going to be convicted regardless."
  12. "But I think the circumstances are quite strange."
  14. Hm, Raphtalia's opinion does make sense.
  15. The second princess who was almost murdered is shaking again, while Firo is babysitting her.
  16. If she really is the second princess, there should be no reason for the knights of this country to kill her.
  17. Is this just a big conspiracy, or factional strife? Why would they want the princess dead?
  18. I am completely ignorant about the circumstances of this country's internal affairs.
  20. "Mel-chan. Why were you almost killed?"
  21. "......I don't know. I just came to complain to the Hero of the Shield because he hurt father."
  22. "You came alone?"
  23. "No. The imperial guardsmen knights wanted to come no matter what."
  25. It seems the second princess is merely a puppet.
  26. Even if I interrogate her it would be impossible to get any information.
  28. "Firo will certainly help you!"
  29. "Hey, don't just go making promises without my permission!'
  30. "Master. Firo wants to help Mel-chan"
  31. "No."
  32. "I want to help! I want to help! I want to help!"
  33. "Argg, so annoying!"
  35. Shit, I have a bad feeling about this. What's going to happen.
  36. The knight who was watching begins to laugh.
  38. "Finally you understand your position as a devil."
  39. "Shut up. I'm done with you."
  40. "You can't escape. I'll be waiting here until the mission succeeds."
  41. "......What do you mean?"
  42. "Our goal is to kill the second princess and pin the blame on you, but even though the first condition can not be fulfilled it is fine. Your head will be worth a lot of money from now on."
  44. That trash, to think he would do something like this.
  45. You're willing to sacrifice your daughter to find a just cause for killing me!?
  47. "Even if you escape abroad, the royal family's assassins will pursue you!"
  48. ".....Wait, why is it necessary to kill the second princess in front of me?"
  50. If you wanted to pin a false charge on me all you needed is the Bitch's testimony.
  51. Even if the second princess is murdered somewhere else, they just need to claim that I did it.
  52. Why aren't they doing?
  53. Suddenly, I recall that other knight's crystal ball.
  54. Due to him fleeing first, he managed to escape.
  55. If that was something that took photographs.
  57. "Devil of the Shield, the fact that you participated in murdering princess Melty has been spread to the other countries. You will no longer be able to take refuge there."
  59. No wonder. In this country, they cannot cross the borders to search for me.
  60. If I manage escape abroad then it will show that this country is weak.
  61. As for the other countries,they will help the Hero of the Shield to try gaining me as an ally.
  62. However, that will be impossible now.
  63. There is a crystal ball that shows the moment when the Hero of the Shield might have murdered the second princess.
  64. That is plenty of evidence.
  65. Once they show that to foreign countries I won't be able to seek refuge.
  67. Wow...... I kind of respect how thorough they are.
  68. That leaves me with 3 choices.
  70. Choice 1
  71. I ditch the second princess.
  72. The knight of the trash that came to kill the second princess will fulfil his duty and give the country a just cause to hunt me.
  73. I live as a wanted man with a bounty on my head.
  74. It spreads to another country and the time that I stay as a wanted man becomes even longer.
  75. It will be the most dangerous when the wave comes. I will most likely be caught.
  77. Choice 2
  78. I take the second princess to the trash and explain the circumstances.
  79. The second princess will keep her life, but this is trash we are talking about. The crime of kidnapping will not be cleared.
  80. In other words I can save the life of the second princess, but my innocence will not be proven.
  82. Choice 3
  83. We go kill trash in an outrage.
  84. The crime will be complete which will lead to the 3 heroes, the church, and a massive amount of knights hunting me down.
  85. The possibility of failure is too high.
  87. "No matter the choice my innocence will not be proven-! That trash king, to murder his own daughter to kill me!"
  89. Very unpleasant!
  90. Seriously why is everyone blood related to the king so annoying,
  92. "Hahaha! It's over for the Devil of the shield. You will perish before the Church Three Heroes!"
  93. "Shut up!"
  95. I tell the knights to shut up while ordering Firo out of spite.
  96. You are allowed to kill them, but it's meaningless since a lot of them already escaped.
  97. But, if my false charges are dropped, they will ask about the homicide.
  99. "Still, that Church of Three Heroes......"
  101. Church of Three Heroes
  102. Three, Heroes, Church.
  103. Now that I think about it, aren't these things all connected?
  104. The symbol contains the holy weapons of those three.
  105. But isn't it strange?
  106. Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield.
  107. According to legends these 4 are the only ones.
  108. But the Knights view me as the devil, and the Church of Three Heroes are also hostile.
  110. ......Is that it?
  112. Upon arrival in this world, none of the adventurers wanted to become my companion.
  113. Naturally, the only adventurers they prepare are ones trusted by the country.
  114. It seems the religion known as the Church of Three Heroes is brought up a lot around the city.
  115. Since the Church of Three Heroes calls me the devil of the shield, I am supposed to be an absolute evil within the country.
  116. Who would willingly become the devil of the shield's companion? Were they not even aware of my situation, or were they trying to create a situation where I can be nothing but evil?
  117. ......That seems to be the case. In this country just saying Hero of the Shield will earn you a dirty look.
  119. The majority of knights are blind believers, of course the royal family is no exception.
  120. Thinking back with this information, I can't help but be a little amused at the rape accusations placed on me.
  121. Since I am treated as a religious enemy, I was ignored intentionally and branded as a criminal without evidence.
  122. If I do anything bad the citizens will just say "Because he's the devil of the shield"
  123. That sister's hostility towards me at the Hourglass of the Dragon's era proves it.
  125. I can somewhat understand the trash king's thoughts.
  126. If he wants to keep his standing as the king, he will not be able to treat the devil of the shield the same as the three heroes.
  128. Currently, the reputation of the Hero of the Shield has improved within the country.
  129. Since I have been going around various places masquerading as the Saint of the Holy bird and saving people.
  130. Excluding the castle town, recently even as the Hero of the Shield, there has been no more hostility aimed towards me.
  131. The problem is related to the prestige of the church.
  132. I have no doubt they will also add threatening the church of three heroes to my list of crimes.
  134. Is that why they played the trump card that is the second princess?
  136. But, in the end this is all merely speculation.
  137. No matter what I do it will be impossible to get rid of the false accusations.
  139. "Fa-father won't do something like this!
  141. Declares the second princess.
  143. "Maybe......"
  144. "Finish your sentence."
  145. "Mother said that Father's forte is in warfare but, recently he also has quite a short fuse."
  146. "Mother huh......"
  148. Speaking of which, I still have not met the wife of trash.
  149. Good at war huh......That's certainly one hell of an enemy I've made. So far nothing good has happened to me.
  151. "Mother always wins when they play intellectual games."
  152. "Aren't you just calling her cunning?"
  154. Whenever I talked to him all I felt was the he was a fool. Not sure how smart this mother will be.
  156. "Father cherishes me so he won't do something like this."
  157. "Then why did such a thing happen?"
  158. "Uh......"
  160. The second princess seems to cry at an moment.
  162. "Master is awful~"
  163. "That's right. To make such a small child cry."
  164. "She is the same age as you."
  166. Did Raphtalia forget she was the same size about two months ago?
  167. Or is it because she has a big sister relationship with Firo.
  168. Well, that trash king wasn't exactly a good person; However, he does not seem like a criminal.
  169. I think that the trash treasures his relatives.
  170. There is also the possibility that this situation was entirely cooked up by the fanatics that are trying to label me as a devil at all costs.
  171. Besides, is the current royalty even stable?
  172. This might be a little forced, but what if there are two factions: one supporting that bitch and one for the second princess?
  174. "What about your sister?"
  176. The successor would want to nip a bad bud early.
  177. That bitch would pull off such a plan.
  179. "wouldn't it be something like, I am the next queen. I need to prevent my younger sister from somehow taking the seat?"
  180. "If it's elder sister......maybe."
  181. "Well I'm not denying that possibility."
  182. "Since the old days mother would tell me not to imitate my sister in entrapping people to get whatever she wanted."
  184. Is this the bitch's plan?
  185. I mean, even her own relatives are wary of her.
  187. "Mother said that Father does not understand."
  188. "Now that I think about it, you've been saying mother a since a while ago but, who is she?"
  189. "Mother is the queen of this country. All year round she is in charge of diplomacy. I am always with mother."
  190. "So what does that have to do with us?"
  191. "Mother will occasionally return visit father."
  192. "Uhh......So about her diplomacy."
  193. "Because I do not want war I try my best everyday. Because of the wave the world is in danger, since I am the queen It is my duty to protect my country."
  195. From what I hear she seems to be superior to the trash.
  196. She might not patronize me.
  197. Though a dangerous fellow may come after me to protect trash.
  198. Hmm?
  199. Thinking back seriously, did I not pass by this fellow in the castle after I parted from trash?
  201. "The day before yesterday, were you with your mother? Is it that person with the purple hair?"
  202. "That is my mother's body double."
  203. "Body double huh...... Was there really such a feeling?"
  205. Her outstanding purple hair left an impression.
  207. "Yup. That's her disguise, and she talks funny."
  208. "Wow"
  210. Doesn't matter.
  212. "She is greater than father."
  214. The second princess just said something outrageous.
  216. "......What did you say?"
  217. "She is greater than father."
  218. "What?"
  219. "Naofumi-sama, in Merlot Mark the queen has the power. This country's royal family is of the female line."
  221. Raphtalia supplemented as if it was natural.
  222. Then is that it?
  223. That trash is a son-in-law!
  225. "Naofumi-sama why are you laughing?"
  226. "This is too funny, that trash is just a son-in-law taken into the family? Ahahahahaha!"
  227. "Master you seem to be having fun~"
  228. "Do not speak ill of father!"
  229. "Isn't it fine? He deserted you."
  230. "I wasn't thrown away! Uwaaaan"
  232. Oh, the second princess has begun hitting me while crying.
  233. What a healing scene. I see an annoying fellow crying.
  235. "You're the worst, making a child cry and then laughing."
  236. "I know."
  238. Rapthalia got mad as expected.
  240. "So is there any way we can clear the suspicions and save her life......?"
  242. In the first place why should I defend relatives of the trash and bitch?
  243. Still, I cannot murder her.
  244. Though this fellow's blood is bad I would rather not dirty myself with it.
  246. Sigh......
  248. However, I do sympathize a bit with her situation.
  249. Being betrayed by blood relatives whom you believe in, the second princess has tasted the bottom of despair.
  250. All right. There must be some method.
  252. "Do you know where you mother the queen is?"
  254. This is the first method. If trash is of no use, I'll meet and talk with the queen.
  255. Since she has more power than trash, our problem should be solved.
  256. In this scenario, the second princess's survival has become a necessary condition.
  257. We will be heavily depending on whether she lives or dies.
  258. It also seems that from our talks her mother is quite intelligent.
  259. Though I still have my doubts considering how stupid trash is.
  261. "......I don't know."
  263. The second princess shakes her head.
  265. "I see."
  267. There is no reason to flee to another country aimlessly in this situation.
  268. I recall my talk with the old man of the equipment store.
  269. If I'm not mistaken, the country of Demi-humans Silt Welt is one that dominates humans. Merlot Mark's influence will be very low there right?
  270. The possibility is quite high that the queen will find out and come to negotiate when she finds out that the second princess leaves Merlot Mark.
  271. Of course, it would be very dangerous for us humans, but we have Raphtalia who is a demi-human.
  272. It might also be good if we disguise ourselves.
  274. "Alright, let's run away to Silt Welt for the time being. We might be able to overcome this situation there."
  275. "That's the country of Demi-humans..... I see, It could work."
  277. Raphtalia seems to understand.
  279. "I'll leave the negotiations to enter the Demi-human country to you."
  280. "Okay!"
  281. "Now second princess, I will have you come with us. Rest assured, I will protect you by all means. If you do not wish to die then follow me."
  282. "......okay"
  284. The second princess unwillingly joins our carriage.
  286. I do not dislike children if they understand.
  287. But in this case.It would be better tell the truth about this trash king and bitch princess who are no better than filth to this world.
  288. Since the situation demands it our destinies have become intertwined, if either of us die it's over.
  289. The second princess is also still a child.
  290. If we teach her about what's correct starting from the beginning she might be able to understand.
  292. "Then we'll be together from now on Mel-chan."
  293. "Yup......I'll be in your care Firo-chan."
  295. Firo is in a good mood now that she found out she'll have a new friend to journey together with.
  297. The second princess will be the key that leads us to victory.
  298. If we lose her we are done.
  299. I covered the knights who fainted in the forest and changed our direction to Silt Welt while staying cautious.
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