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7 Days to Die login bypass

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  1. 1. Download 7 Days to Die from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!ZcICHB7Y!dNNKMUrpZrOJB9WhGLMs_BiCjuc1GGd9hzff5CqKyS0
  2. that is 64 bit version
  3. 2. Install it
  4. 3. Search, download and install Charles Web Debugging Proxy
  5. 4. Run 7 Days to Die
  6. 5. Run Charles (make sure its scanning windows proxy)
  7. 6. Try to log in to 7dtd with random username and password
  8. 7. Check Charles, there in structure view you should see http://www.7daystodie.com folder
  9. 8. expand it and also expand php folder
  10. 9. there is that magical checklogin.php
  11. 10. Right click on it and click "breakpoints"
  12. 11. Now try to log in to 7dtd with random username and password again.
  13. 12. Charles will pop up and there at request just click Execute, but when it pop's up again when Response arrives, then on top choose "Edit Response" tab and on bottom go to "Text" tab. There you should see "Username not found! Please create an account on the forum of our website first! " JUST EDIT THAT TEXT TO "OK" without quotas and VOILAA!!! ENJOY GAME!!!!
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