Cosmic Particle Transmogrification — Ch. 1

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  1. Fetishes: hero, heroine, supernatural, femdom, chase, capture, boyish charm, blushing, cute, romantic
  3. Tags: superheroines, Pony Express, Rhapsody, Lane, hero, Cosmic Particle World, super speed, enhanced speed
  5. Note: This is a requested fantasy and is not intended to slam any men at all, in case I get comments about how this sounds condescending to men. Some facts of biology are also included, like about XYs, so please look them up before telling me I’m putting down guys here. I love all you guys, no homo. :P It is a bit like some of the stories on Literotica about the Y chromosome getting unstable and making men a rarity in the word where they can get the opportunity to breed on a subway train by several women (viz. The Y-Virus by Elvenslaveboy, with 8 parts so far). This story doesn’t have any handsome men dying at all, just genetic mutations caused by the cosmos which give men and women different powers.
  7. The entire profile of the Pony Express is at the end of the story for your reference. The link to view a picture of her is at
  9. Chapter 1 — Speed Demon: Meeting With Rhapsody
  13. When the world changed it was because of the Cosmic Particle. A newly engineered particle created by former porn star and current Head Particle Engineer of Succubus Corporation, Amita Darzi.  A company that had its hands in nearly every field of production and research named after Rosaline Succubus.  However when the Cosmic Particle escaped isolation it multiplied thanks to the nitrogen in the atmosphere.
  15. Once it began multiplying it was absorbed by masses that contained large amounts of water.  And because humans were the masses that contained large amounts of water.  They gained new properties of the universe thanks to the amount of Cosmic Particle Concentration.  It is still uncertain why only women can have stable transformations when absorbing Cosmic Particles.  But, the Y half of the male chromosome is incapable of sustaining the Cosmic Particle without turning the host into a terrible monster. This is in accordance with the law of mutations of how the chromosomes work: the Y is more variable and can give the species new abilities and powers, but may also become unable to sustain the being and collapse in on itself, causing the being to die. The X is stable and doesn’t mutate, but it cannot help change the species at all due to it’s resistance on being filled with a different strain of DNA.
  17. Some males have developed a defence to the Cosmic Particle thanks to them having a dominant gene in their X chromosome.  But, scientists are unsure which gene it even is.  They just know it’s in the X chromosome.  And because women have two X chromosomes, they are capable of using incredible cosmic powers to help the new world. The men could use their unique XY chromosomes to generate new mutations and create new strains of DNA which would finally get through to defending the men’s chromosomes from the unexpected mutations which caused them to get weaker. The binding DNA would wrap its strands around the other genes in their organelles and cells, strengthening them and in turn all the organs and different systems in the male body. A similar process was present in these cosmic females, though the difference was that it was there since birth. The males were not present in the cosmos where the women appeared from, so they had to make do with human men who were willing to accommodate them. It was a hard job to convince them, since these exotic women didn’t look exactly like humans. However, they turned out to be beautiful, much more than the women living on earth. They had exotic features, like ears, tails, and sometimes extra long tongues like lamiae would. They also had gained incredible powers from the cosmos, such as super strength, super speed, and super hearing or vision comparable to Earth’s fictional superheroes and heroines, like Superman, Wonder Woman. These were good enough traits to make men fall for them — or perhaps be afraid of them. No one knew the real reason, but they were slowly but surely winning over most of the men they encountered.
  19. It was one of these occasions which led Lane to the forest to find one of the superheroines. She was supposed to be a pony type from the different genres he came across. He read the biodata he’d been given from his employers for the superheroine. It read: ‘Pony Express, CPC 600-625/1000, Type: Messenger, Diet: Celery, Strawberries, Apples, Carrots, Peanuts, Milk, Cheese and other foods that aren’t meat or eggs, Powers: Horse Mimicry, Enhanced BaLane, Enhanced Bite, Unstoppable Charge, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Leap, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Strength, (along with several others), Alignment: Lawful Good 2:4, Neutral Good 1:4 and Chaotic Good 1:4, Traits she fancies: Men who enjoy being lassoed and have a boyish charm, likes youngish men who may appear a lot younger than they are, is fastest in the world thanks to two powers of hers which are not completely explained. More information overleaf.’
  21. He turned it over and read the entire profile of the Pony Express. There were a few terms he didn’t understand, of course, but he noted that the superheroine he was hunting was quite fast and powerful. She could kick holes through metal beams and doors, or walls with her strength. There was an odd weakness of hers where she had to put on a pair of stockings to use her powers at all.
  23. He stood at the edge of the forest, contemplating his next move. He decided to move forwards and risk getting captured or defeated by her. The superheroine wasn’t his only target. There was also a bandit who was planning to destroy everything he could find on the land which he was about to enter and then bring the superheroines he found down, capture them as slaves, and sell them wherever he could. He had been told this from his employers as well, though he had no idea where they’d heard it from. He could hardly care less because of the fee they were paying him to persuade the heroine to join their regime, and capture or kill the bandit.
  25. He heard a rustling noise from the undergrowth, and whipped out his crossbow. He aimed it at the bushes.
  27. ‘Who’s there?’ His voice was strong and steady, with no sign of wavering. He had to be when dealing with any kind of cosmic creature, as they could smell any signs of fear or hesitation when they dealt with someone other than their species.
  29. There was no response, apart from more rustling up ahead. He fired one of his bolts at the disturbance, but there was no thud of a body hitting the ground. Whoever it was happened to be a lot faster than him, that was obvious. He lowered the bow and listened carefully, but there was no other sound. He walked forwards and checked the bushes, finding nothing whatsoever.
  31. He took the longer route around and looked for someone else who could give him a hint on where the brigand lived. The area was desolate and abandoned, though, as if someone had already started to pillage the land which he was standing on. As he looked ahead for hints, he noticed that a large square of the land appeared to have been cleared and then burned repeatedly until there was hardly anything left. The place appeared barren and forlorn, like no one had stayed there for years. The only thing which gave away the fact that someone else had done the job was that around the foliage, there was no indication of anything else at all which showed that someone had been around. It was perfect … for now, it was very likely that someone else wanted to use the land for their own purposes.
  33. He slowly walked over to the place behind the trees and stepped on the bare patch of earth which was completely devoid of life. There was clearly very little he could do to bring it back to life now. He walked to the other end of the patch and saw nothing. Turning around, he prepared to go back to the other side and search for the bandit.
  35. He stopped short as a strange sight met his eyes. He noticed a man who definitely had not been there before, digging up the garden close to the barren patch. He slowly walked over, trying not to alert the man. Reaching behind him, he grabbed the man’s shoulder. The man swung himself backwards in a graceful capoeira kick which Lane only just avoided by leaping sideways in the air and spinning around. He whipped out his sword, aiming it right at the man’s heart.  The other man somersaulted into the air, pulling out two miniature daggers with blunt ends. Lane recognised them as sai. He aimed them at Lane, preparing to fight.
  37. Lane chuckled. ‘I’m not sure how you intend to fight with those, fella.’
  39. The man didn’t answer. He ran forwards, doing front flips and backflips in perfect continuity before coming up on his knees near Lane’s ribs. He slammed one of the ends of the sai right into Lane’s eleventh rib on the right. Lane gasped in pain, doubling over as the pain spread from his rib to his arm. The man swung the other sai to his stomach, but Lane managed to block it with the edge of his blade. He kicked out, making the man jump back and backflip to safety.
  41. Lane started walking towards the man, but groaned and knelt on the ground, clutching at his aching ribs. The hit was quite powerful, much more than he’d anticipated. The man raised his sais and pointed them at him.
  43. ‘Give up yet?’
  45. Lane shook his head. ‘I don't think so. You’re going down.’
  47. The man sighed and shook his head. ‘At least I offered you the chance.’
  49. Lane was the one who rushed towards the man this time, swinging his sword. The man caught the edge on his sai and ducked under the next swing. He kicked Lane in the chest and flipped over to whack him in the head with the sole of his shoe, then rebounded off him and landed on his feet. Lane groaned as he clutched his head in pain. He whipped around to kick the man on the side of his face, but received a sai to the ankle which made him yell out, and then a knee to the chest. He collapsed to the ground, his body aching. This guy was good. It had taken him minutes to subdue Lane at least partially. Ten more minutes and he would take out Lane — which he couldn't allow. He stood up and thrust his sword forwards. The guy simply turned sideways and whirled around Lane. He hit Lane on the sides of his head with the sais and he fell down again. Lane dropped to the ground as the man swung his weapons at the back of his head, then kicked him in both knees. The man fell to the ground on his knees and face, giving a yell of pain.
  51. ‘That should do it, big boy,’ snarled Lane, whipping out a set of handcuffs. ‘You’re coming with me.’
  53. The man rolled backwards and flipped up into a standing position. He raised his sais, but there was a rushing sound and both of them vanished from his hands. Lane stood with his mouth agape, as did his opponent.
  55. ‘What is this?’ said the man, curling his hands into fists. ‘What kind of magician are you?’
  57. There was another rushing sound, and the man’s overcoat was gone. He gasped and tried to cover his body with his hands before realising he was still fully dressed. Standing up, he looked around. There was a whirlwind of sand to his right, picking up speed as it came towards him. It whipped around him for a while, making his hair fly around and his clothes flutter, before there was a screeching sound. Whatever was in the cloud screeched to a halt in front of the man.
  59. Lane gawped for a while at the woman who was standing in front of him. She was dressed in what looked like a purple pony hoodie, her midriff bare. Her abs were prominent and proudly outlined by her posture and physique. She had a tiny, skimpy pair of thong panties on, her ass on complete display. He would’ve asked her why she was so shameless, but it wasn’t the time while he could check out what her ass looked like. She turned to the man he’d been fighting, hands on hips. Her gaze was cold at the moment, though her eyes looked very gentle. She leaned forwards and placed her hand on the man’s shoulder. He shook it in irritation, but her hand didn’t budge. He raised his fist and gave her a swift, direct punch to the abdomen. It had no effect, however, her abs of steel absorbed them without impact. She grabbed his throat and lifted him up. The man choked in her strong grip, his legs flailing helplessly in the air. She brought his face close to hers as she sized him up.
  61. ‘Listen, little one,’ she said rather condescendingly, ‘I have a few plans for the guy here you want to kill. He was tasked with tracking you down, not killing you. And yet you want to finish him off.’ Lane ears pricked up at that. ‘He’s actually a really cute one, so you’re not touching him. I’m the one who’ll capture him for the ultimate reward: making him mine. Unless you’re attracted to men, I don't see your business here.’
  63. ‘Oh, I am attracted to men,’ said the man mockingly. Both Lane’s and the woman’s eyebrows went up. ‘I like some of them as video game partners, and others as headless corpses adorning my closet.’ Lane swallowed. ‘You can guess where this one’s headed. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a job to do.’
  65. The Pony Express lowered the man to the ground. He chuckled and headed towards Lane, who backed away a little at the ferocious expression in the fellow’s eyes. The Pony Express grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face her. She grabbed his neck with both hands and locked it in place. He squirmed without success.
  67. ‘You people just don’t learn,’ she said, sounding almost sad. ‘I suppose I’ll have to put you into another dimension.’
  69. She grabbed the guy and tucked him under her arm like a parcel, then adjusted her stockings. The stockings glowed a little, showing a recharge of power to her legs and body to help her run fast. A whirlwind formed around her and she ran in the opposite direction. Five seconds later, she returned to where Lane was, not even out of breath. She must have been fast to break the barrier between worlds.
  71. Lane stared at her before speaking up. ‘Did you put him in another —?’
  73. ‘Nope,’ she said, sounding irritated. Lane closed his mouth at her tone. Her face softened. ‘It wasn’t directed at you, I need the powers of a Sciencecubus to break the dimensional barriers between worlds.’
  75. Lane stared. ‘A who?’
  77. ‘A succubus who has the power of science,’ said the Pony Express calmly. Lane scratched his head. ‘If you know something about superheroines, you’d have heard of her. She’s one of the most powerful.’
  79. Lane thought of what the organisation he worked for had said about those creatures, but nothing rang any bells. He sighed and gave up the thought. He had enough to do.
  81. ‘Okay, Miss Pony Express,’ he said, turning to her.
  83. ‘My name is Rhapsody,’ she responded, leaning closer to him.
  85. Lane stepped back from her face being so close to him, but she just brought her face closer. He began to walk backwards, checking behind him for barriers, but she grabbed his shoulders and kept pace with him. He didn’t know if she was teasing him or not, and didn’t dare to ask yet. He couldn't understand why she was being so familiar with him when they’d just met.
  87. ‘What’s going on?’ he asked.
  89. Rhapsody looked deep into his eyes, then kissed him on the mouth. ‘You’re what I’ve been looking for,’ she said, a dreamy look in her eyes. ‘I’ve always wanted to be with someone who looks young and cute. How old are you?’
  91. Lane told her.
  93. ‘Oh, definitely the right age,’ she said, ‘but you look so much younger. You’re fresh and floral unlike the other cuties I noticed.’ She shoved him to the ground unexpectedly, getting on top of him and slowly grinding her crotch on his. ‘I think I did the right thing by waiting here to capture you instead of that other hottie who passed this way five years ago. He seemed just right, but he didn’t fight a man with sais the way you did.’
  95. Lane blinked. ‘What logic is that? A fight is a fight! And why are you unbuttoning my shirt?’
  97. Rhapsody blinked as well, her hands fumbling with his middle buttons. ‘Huh? Oh, I got distracted. I wanted to see what kind of shape you’re in, but it feels pretty good already. Shall we at least make out before getting to —’
  98. Lane started to shuffle backwards, made triply hard (no pun intended) by Rhapsody on top of him. ‘Wait! I didn’t come here to be captured and turned into a rapidly ageing purse holder — I mean, boyfriend! Let me go and tell me one thing — are you willing to join me? I’m fighting against desperados here!’
  100. Rhapsody moved along with him, making sure her crotch was rubbing against his semi-hard cock. ‘Sure, sure, I’ll do anything you want. You want me to join your team consisting of just you and me so we can fight crime? Then we need to make a costume, put those crime fighter masks on ourselves, and get everything ready. What do you think, should we start now?’
  102. Lane groaned. He slid under her, kicked at her back and knocked her off him. He stood up. ‘I came here to recruit you with my employers, not be your toy! If you want one of those, buy them at auction! Good day to you, sister!’
  104. He turned to run, but as he got beyond the line where the barren land was and the green grass began, he felt himself slow down as if his limbs were in thick syrup. He moved an arm forward and a leg back in slow motion, struggling to move. He turned and saw Rhapsody calmly heading towards him. It was her Speed Manipulation, he knew it. He didn’t stand a chance. Rhapsody went into a running pose and turned on her Absolute Speed. She flew forwards and zoomed right past him, leaving craters in the ground with her feet. The stockings gave her the power he saw the encyclopaedia claim, but he hadn’t realised just how much. She flew around in a huge circle, destroying trees along the way and sending them all flying torn in half. She rebounded off some of the trunks, trampled bushes, and left a powerful slipstream behind her which caused as much damage as her actual power stomps. Lane felt the air behind her hit him and he flew into the air in slow-mo, trying desperately to regain his baLane. Rhapsody actually managed to fuck up half of the remaining forest before she ran back towards him. He felt the Speed Manipulation turn off and himself return to normal speed. His body floated to the ground at the usual acceleration rate, but Rhapsody caught him before he hit the ground. Her eyes were shining again with either infatuation or lust. He couldn't tell.
  106. ‘I’m glad you called me sister, darling,’ she said, nuzzling her nose against his. Lane opened his mouth and got a finger inside it, which she made him suck despite herself. ‘A cute onē-chan of yours can always help you in your quests for justice. I hope you continue calling me that, and we have several adventures together.’ Lane wondered if such an obvious example of sister zoning had to be explained to her. ‘I’m ready to do whatever it takes for us to conquer the world, otōto, so let’s go forth and make history! That includes the bedroom.’
  108. She dropped Lane to the ground and climbed on top of him. With him staring at her wide-eyed and too embarrassed to move or protest, she kissed him deeply.
  110. Footnote:-
  112. Pony Express
  114. Cosmic Particle Concentration (CPC) minimum and max amount: 600-625/1000
  116. Typing: Messenger
  118. Diet: Celery, Strawberries, Apples, Carrots, Peanuts, Milk, Cheese and other foods that aren’t meat or eggs.
  120. Powers: Horse Mimicry, Enhanced BaLane, Enhanced Bite, Unstoppable Charge, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Leap, Enhanced Smell, Enhanced Strength, Expanded View, Night Vision, Absolute Speed, Prey Instinct, Danger Intuition, Enhanced Awareness, Enhanced Endurance, Stealth Tactics, Speed Cancellation, Speed Theft, Accelerated Vision, Accelerated Metabolism, Accelerated Thought Process, Supernatural Agility, Enhanced Durability, Supernatural Reflexes, Supernatural Stamina, Absolute Navigation, Flash Step, G-Force Adaptation, Intangibility, Invisible Speed, Mobile Invulnerability, Speed Combat, Speed Strike, Unrestricted Movement, Lasso Construction, Stocking Empowerment, Horseshoe Construction, Desert Adaptation, Indomitable Will, Fertility Inducement, Message Inducement, Parchment Generation, Writing Utensil Generation, Speed Manipulation, Dimensional Pocket Saddle Bags, Power Legs, Megaton Kick, Simultaneous Interaction and Razor Foot.
  122. Alignment: Lawful Good 2:4, Neutral Good 1:4 and Chaotic Good 1:4. 
  124. Trait she fancies: Men who enjoy being lassoed and have a boyish charm.
  126. While containing less cosmic particles than most of the Sisterly Six Hundreds, she is still a proud member of them.  
  128. Acting somewhat as a lurid older sister she’ll jog around in her stockings, belt with saddle bags, panties and horse themed hoodie looking for an adorable little brother.  She won’t be interested in men that are actually younger than 18.  But, she’ll definitely be interested in a man that is 18 that looks like he’s 14 or 15.  If he does look his age, that’s fine too.  But, she ultimately prefers to be taller than her man and have him be super cute, having a boyish charm. She will never approach a boy that is under 18, almost having a minor detector that will eliminate him from a potential husband.
  130. Thanks to her Absolute Speed and Speed Manipulation she is the fastest heroine archetype in the world.  But, her powers are only available when she’s wearing a pair of stockings.  No matter what kind she puts on they instantly transform to have either horses, lassoes or horseshoes on them.  Her stockings give her powerful kicks that are capable of cutting through trees or steel beams like her feet were the sharpest blades.  Her kicks can also cause impacts to walls or the ground making craters or shattering the object. While, she does have Absolute Speed her speed is not fast enough to run her into another dimension or go back in time without the assistance of a Sciencubus.  The temporal barrier and dimensional barrier requires more than just absolute speed.
  132. From her stockings can appear lassos or horseshoes which materialize with but a kick or toss of her leg.  These objects can be used to restrict others or be made out of a purple energy that slow or cancel the speed of a person or object.  She takes delight in making lassos to rope herself a cute boyish man.  
  134. She carries on her belt a pair of saddle bags that carry an endless amount of paper and writing utensils.  When she gets near people they have a desire to write a letter.  Typically, the letter is to a loved one or friend.  Once she has the letter in her possession she’ll strive to deliver it to the person its’ addressed to.  All the letters are remained private between the writer and the receiver.
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