PokéAcademy: Why Not Stay a Wile

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  1. [18:16:25] * Mikaela goes with Rica to Yulia's place on the 25th, after having spent some time with the newly hatched chitchitwile. This is not a TRADITONAL Mawile. What even is this?
  2. [18:16:54] * Rica doesn't hang around like last time and crisply knocks on the door.
  3. [18:17:22] <Yulia> The door swings open, phasing through a ghostly Xatu who simply stands there.
  4. [18:17:24] <Yulia> Staring.
  5. [18:17:27] <Yulia> Into your SOUL.
  6. [18:17:52] <Rica> "Ahem... uh... excuse us."
  7. [18:18:02] <~Mons> Pure blank featureless white is what it is, with a complete lack of eyes or any features save its two mouths, a rounded, ever-grinning closed one on its face and the red-toothed maw in the back, the latter being the one that makes noise. And noise it makes, incoherent scrambled chattering.
  8. [18:18:03] <Mikaela> "Nifty." Mika nods in greeting to the Xatu and proceeds in, holding the chitchitwile.
  9. [18:18:30] <Yulia> "She doesn't mind. Come right in," Yulia says, not looking away from her work.
  10. [18:18:43] <~Mons> <Excuse you I will.> It sits there, remaining intangible. Though as Mike passes the chitchit seems to have some... difficulty passing through it as phased but it's more of a push back than completely blocking.
  11. [18:19:05] <Yulia> A rather lengthy calculus problem lies on the whiteboard Yulia is staring at.
  12. [18:19:23] <Yulia> The work is simply labeled "PFT HW" on the top left.
  13. [18:19:45] <Mikaela> "So, Rica an' I were hatchin' a new mawile today, an' well..." Mika lifts up the chitchitwile.
  14. [18:19:56] <Yulia> "And?"
  15. [18:20:03] * Rica floats in after, taking her hat off. Again. "Sorry for stopping by without asking, Yulia. But... you're probably the best person to ask about this."
  16. [18:20:23] <Yulia> "Specify," she says simply.
  17. [18:20:32] <Yulia> "I need the parameters to the problem."
  18. [18:20:58] <Yulia> She puts a whiteboard marker down, and takes her usual seat in front of her desk.
  19. [18:21:06] <Mikaela> (mons what were Minmay and the others' reactions upon seeing chitchitwile and auraspeaking or whatnot?)
  20. [18:21:32] * Yulia motions to the couch across from her. Despite the room being filled with stacks of reference materials, the couch is untouched by them.
  21. [18:21:33] <Rica> Armfold.  "That's just it.  I... don't think we know."
  22. [18:22:04] * Yulia raises an eyebrow. She's more used to her problems bewing well-defined.
  23. [18:22:10] <Yulia> *being
  24. [18:22:28] <Rica> "The egg hatched fine and everything, but what came out of it is... well... this."
  25. [18:22:34] <~Mons> WWWWWWWWWWHAT about
  26. [18:22:38] <~Mons> were they were
  27. [18:22:44] <~Mons> okay hold on let me words here.
  28. [18:22:47] <~Mons> they were all like HUH
  29. [18:23:09] <~Mons> "(WF(k03sdfjs09itw3oi0r9jW*(J#u38jo$T(*"
  30. [18:23:18] <~Mons> "@(#%*W$(#%$I#T)($#*%"
  31. [18:23:28] <~Mons> All from the back mouth. Its face grins eternally.
  32. [18:23:52] * Rica just motions Yulia to the creature during this, gulping.
  33. [18:23:54] <~Mons> At least it's SHAPED like a mawile...
  34. [18:23:59] <Mikaela> "None of my other mawiles can make anythin' of this. Totally inscrutable thoughts an' aura. And y'know, my mawiles are all pretty personable lads and ladies."
  35. [18:24:21] <Yulia> "Very well. Have a seat and relax as I try to speak with...the Mawile."
  36. [18:24:31] <Yulia> "Nicodemus can provide beverages and biscuits upon request."
  37. [18:24:51] <Yulia> Looking over, strangely enough, he's made Unovan biscuits, not Gennis ones.
  38. [18:25:30] <Mikaela> "I wouldn't mind some sorta flavored lemonade if ya got it. Just never seen anythin' like this mawile, y'know?"
  39. [18:25:47] <~Mons> He proceedes to zip around and fish for lemons to CRUSH.
  40. [18:25:48] <Rica> "Ohh, that sounds great."  Float float.  "Nicodemus, is there any tea prepared?"
  41. [18:26:05] <~Mons> Of course tea. always tea.
  42. [18:27:17] * Yulia stares at the Mawile, establishing a telepathic, zoopathic connection to it so they can speak in earnest.
  43. [18:28:21] <Yulia> She waits, listening to what the chitchitbeast has to say for itself first.
  44. [18:29:48] <Yulia> "I have not seen this kind of Mawile, myself."
  45. [18:30:03] <Mikaela> "It might do a bit of good to 'splain how I came across this egg, I 'spose."
  46. [18:30:19] <~Mons> "@)(ke0oewr320ir(#?"
  47. [18:30:48] * Yulia rubs her left temple, and furrows her brows. This is clearly uncomfortable, but she keeps at it.
  48. [18:31:14] <Mikaela> "I acquired the egg from a quite similar lookin' entity in the dream world, all white all over."
  49. [18:31:38] <Yulia> It takes only a few seconds for Yulia to reach for an aspirin and a glass of water.
  50. [18:31:46] <Mikaela> "Though it was pretty coherent, if not a tad condescending. Not at all like the incoherent chatter of this one, y'know?"
  51. [18:31:46] * Rica sips tea. "What I'm uncomfortable with is that I... can't tell how healthy it actually is, no matter what tools I use. Even though it hatched and seems content, it may have a serious problem. Hence why it, well, acts like this."
  52. [18:32:28] <Mikaela> "Y'know, Franz has a pokemon that's similar now that I think of it..."
  53. [18:32:39] <Mikaela> (legit almost called her Varg IC there)
  54. [18:32:47] <Rica> (you mean her name isn't Varg?)
  55. [18:32:55] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  56. [18:33:01] <Ramiel> (Middle name is. . .)
  57. [18:33:21] <Ramiel> (She's rather embarrassed about it, I guess)
  58. [18:33:36] * Yulia downs the aspirin with a gulp of water, but keeps her focus.
  59. [18:34:23] <Rica> "Mhm... I wasn't there myself when it was hatched, but I recall her using it at a gym when we went to Asteri earlier.  It... definitely wasn't a mawile though."
  60. [18:34:57] <Yulia> "...interesting."
  61. [18:36:32] * Yulia flips her whiteboard over, and uncaps a black marker.
  62. [18:36:43] <Mikaela> "What's the diagnosis, doc?"
  63. [18:37:15] <Yulia> "Well, it's better than the chattering I've heard."
  64. [18:37:25] <Yulia> "Clipped statements. I hesitate to call them sentences."
  65. [18:37:54] <Yulia> "It speaks in a stream of information, almost as if it's immediately saying what comes to mind, with no filter."
  66. [18:38:03] <Yulia> "About a connection to Everything."
  67. [18:38:06] <Yulia> "About a Creator."
  68. [18:38:09] <Rica> Eyebrowquirk.  "But you're able to at last communicate with it?  That's a start."
  69. [18:38:23] <Yulia> "About a danger. Mortality."
  70. [18:38:33] <Mikaela> "That's certainly somethin' more than I got."
  71. [18:39:12] * Yulia motions to her Xatu for assistance. "Delphi."
  72. [18:40:14] <~Mons> <Hm? Is it stuck in the couch or..>>
  73. [18:40:28] <Yulia> "I'm having trouble parsing this."
  74. [18:40:45] <Rica> "And that means it's healthy and capable of conscious thought, at least, which sets me at ease."  Siiiip.
  75. [18:41:44] * Yulia takes off her hat uneasily.
  76. [18:41:47] * Mikaela nods and takes a big gulp of lemonade.
  77. [18:41:53] <Yulia> " is....afraid?"
  78. [18:42:04] <Mikaela> "Afraid of what?"
  79. [18:42:35] <~Mons> She stares incredibly intently at the thing, almost through it. <What... it sees... I see...>
  80. [18:42:41] * Yulia repeats what she heard to Delphi.
  81. [18:42:44] <~Mons> <Are you sure this is a pokemon?>
  82. [18:42:46] <Yulia> "Failing nothing only communicate."
  83. [18:42:48] <Yulia> "Wrong."
  84. [18:42:55] <Rica> "Well, that's not uncommon for newborns... being afraid, that is."
  85. [18:43:02] * Rica sips the tea with worry.
  86. [18:43:02] <Yulia> "Am feared but not afraid invoke it within kind but not within All."
  87. [18:43:09] <Yulia> "Make one other and other one?"
  88. [18:43:13] <Mikaela> "All."
  89. [18:43:25] <Mikaela> "That's what the creature I met called itself. 'The last of the All'."
  90. [18:43:49] <Mikaela> "Some sorta networked group of beings in the dream realm. It uh, became separated from the rest or somethin'."
  91. [18:43:57] * Yulia nods, having found a little context. "The rest?"
  92. [18:44:12] * Yulia rubs her forehead.
  93. [18:44:27] <~Mons> <It... oh, how basic. My, my, it's only unsure what it is and how the other Mawiles react to it. And... it has... rather strange preconceptions of what this means. It understands concepts but does not apply them or follow them.>
  94. [18:44:35] <Mikaela> "The All was incredibly frustrated by its separation from the rest of its kind."
  95. [18:44:54] <Mikaela> "Oh, well, that's easy, I'll just tell Minmay to keep the others in line an' play nice with the new one."
  96. [18:45:18] * Mikaela gives the chitchitwile a reassuring hug.
  97. [18:45:26] <Yulia> " towel," she says simply to Nicodemus.
  98. [18:45:36] <~Mons> Flap flap rub.
  99. [18:45:57] <Yulia> "Delphi, how did you determine that?"
  100. [18:46:03] <Yulia> "There was too much to sort through."
  101. [18:46:47] * Yulia 's grasp tightens around the arm of her chair.
  102. [18:46:59] <~Mons> <You've missed the forest for the trees, dearie. It's not the information so much as what it means to it, the feeling behind it.>
  103. [18:47:09] <~Mons> <Though the line in this one is very thin...>
  104. [18:48:10] <Rica> "So it'll be okay?  It isn't going to cause problems or anything?"
  105. [18:48:50] <~Mons> <That's up for the little one to decide, now, isn't it?>
  106. [18:49:27] <Mikaela> "In the end, it's still some sorta mawile, an' I know mawiles, y'know. So everythin' should turn out peachy."
  107. [18:49:37] <Rica> "I suppose it is."  Siiiiip.  "... Sorry, could I have more tea, please?"
  108. [18:49:45] <Yulia> "All it knows is how it feels."
  109. [18:49:52] <Yulia> "What it feels is what it knows."
  110. [18:49:58] <Yulia> "The realm of experience is larger than that."
  111. [18:50:10] <Mikaela> "You seem to have quite some remarkable pokemon 'round here to help ya out with all this, Yulia."
  112. [18:50:15] <Yulia> "Something so abstract is difficult to teach directly."
  113. [18:50:45] * Yulia relaxes, finally.
  114. [18:50:50] <Yulia> "...yes, well."
  115. [18:50:59] <Yulia> "I appreciate their presence, certainly."
  116. [18:51:36] <Yulia> "That is what we can determine."
  117. [18:51:40] <Mikaela> "I've had one I haven't quite figured out how to handle, brought her out actually to try to make heads or tails of the new mawile, but she didn't have any sorta insight either."
  118. [18:51:41] <Yulia> " least, before I get a migraine."
  119. [18:52:18] <Yulia> "Maybe this one's a budding philosopher."
  120. [18:52:56] * Mikaela pulls out a pokeball and releases an absol that seems to be shedding its hair. "Probably more suited for dealin' with ominous disasters an' the like given her species, but maybe you'd like to give a shot at teachin' her your trade. I feel she won't reach her full potential 'round me."
  121. [18:53:12] <Yulia> "Curious."
  122. [18:53:26] <Yulia> "You're quick to trust me with these matters."
  123. [18:53:50] <Yulia> "Frederica was the same," she notes, motioning to a Dratini sleeping on top of a Duclohm.
  124. [18:54:15] <Rica> "I mentioned your name briefly," Rica nods.  "There wasn't much room for me to have taken her, or at least she probably wouldn't be comfortable with my 'horde.'  So it's better somewhere where she's likely to have a use."
  125. [18:54:21] <Mikaela> "Well, you've proven your abilities now, haven't ya?"
  126. [18:54:29] <~Mons> The dog and bird share existential, knowing looks but little else.
  127. [18:54:31] <Yulia> "It is one test."
  128. [18:54:36] <Yulia> "Proof is for mathematics."
  129. [18:54:39] <Yulia> "...and alcohol."
  130. [18:54:44] <~Mons> One goes back to scratching itself and the other to fluffing at its chest feathers.
  131. [18:54:47] <Mikaela> "An' well, I'm a much better trainer when it comes to Mawiles." Mika shrugs.
  132. [18:55:01] <Yulia> "But fine. Absol are known for having good intuition."
  133. [18:55:05] <Rica> "Besides... how's Procne been doing?"
  134. [18:55:11] <Yulia> "They're able to track, yes?"
  135. [18:55:15] <Yulia> "Procne?"
  136. [18:55:32] * Yulia looks around for the Togetic, as she'd previously been engrossed in her physics homework.
  137. [18:55:37] <Rica> "Has she been overcoming her, well, problem lately?"
  138. [18:55:56] <Yulia> "I've tried giving her a medium for creative expression."
  139. [18:56:00] <Yulia> "Paper, crayons."
  140. [18:56:05] <~Mons> The tiny little thing peeks out the slightest bit from behind the couch, more waiting on the mawile than anything.
  141. [18:56:47] * Yulia looks to her. "Anything to show for that, little one?"
  142. [18:56:47] * Rica heaves a breath and takes another teasip. "So reading didn't work after all, did it? Hmmm."
  143. [18:57:09] <Rica> Also she probably returned the book on artifice over a week ago, much to the nonfun of both players.
  144. [18:57:43] <Yulia> "Reading to her....haven't done much. Just trying to find a way to engage her imagination."
  145. [18:57:50] <Yulia> "Whatever works best in that regard."
  146. [18:58:11] <Mikaela> "Er, if ya don't mind my askin', what's her 'problem'?"
  147. [18:58:17] <~Mons> She shuffles back down and lightly tosses a crumpled paper full of scribbles over. Is that a castle? ...No wait, it has eyes and a head. Person. Weird person.
  148. [18:58:25] <Mikaela> (oh u)
  149. [18:58:43] <Yulia> ""
  150. [18:58:51] <Yulia> "Do you even like drawing?"
  151. [18:58:55] <Rica> "Well, that's exactly what we mean!  You're able to put effort into teaching them, so that's why we trust you with them."
  152. [18:58:58] <~Mons> She nods very slightly.
  153. [18:58:58] <Rica> (I hate you so so so much)
  154. [18:59:10] <Yulia> "....very well."
  155. [18:59:20] <Yulia> "Drawing is a perfectly worthy pursuit."
  156. [18:59:30] <Mikaela> "Have ya tried music?"
  157. [18:59:33] <Yulia> "I can get you more paper and more colors if you'd like."
  158. [18:59:37] <Yulia> ""
  159. [18:59:39] <Rica> "Well, we tried television first."
  160. [18:59:41] <Yulia> "Very mathematical."
  161. [18:59:50] <Yulia> "Also strangely intuitive despite that."
  162. [18:59:51] <Rica> "She wasn't quite as much as a Scouts fan as I'd have hoped."
  163. [19:00:02] * Mikaela grabs up the chitchitwile again. "Hey, maybe this one can sing as well, if it's gonna be constantly chatterin' away." She stares into its eyeless face.
  164. [19:00:21] <Yulia> "But I think drawing seems to be a good path to go down for now."
  165. [19:00:30] * Yulia looks at the paper. "It's not a bad start, at any rate."
  166. [19:00:55] <Yulia> "Is it finished?"
  167. [19:01:33] <~Mons> Nods again.
  168. [19:02:03] * Yulia shows a hint of a smile, and places it on her whiteboard with a magnet.
  169. [19:02:31] <~Mons> Wiggle wiggle.
  170. [19:02:47] <Yulia> "Not a bad start at all. Should you require more paper or more colors, don't hesitate to let me know."
  171. [19:03:11] <Yulia> "I'm always open for that."
  172. [19:03:58] <Rica> "Hehe.  See?  I don't think anybody has any reason NOT to trust you with pokémon."
  173. [19:04:32] * Yulia looks to Mika and Rica. "In any case, if you'll trust me with the Absol, I'll definitely take it. It can offer more mundane assistance with my investigation."
  174. [19:04:36] <Mikaela> "Well, if ya ever decide you want her to try her hand at music, just say the word." Mika taps the guitar case she always has with her.
  175. [19:04:57] <Yulia> "You can stop by and try if you wish."
  176. [19:05:13] <Yulia> "I'm willing to try many things to get her out of her shell."
  177. [19:05:41] <Rica> "I can tell you from experience that trackers have made my committee work infinitely easier.  Of course, my trackers are my good friends, too."
  178. [19:05:50] <Yulia> "But of course."
  179. [19:06:06] <Mikaela> "Absol have a natural ability to use aura too. S'always useful to have more of those 'round, y'know."
  180. [19:06:30] <Yulia> "Of course. Nico has that skill, as well."
  181. [19:06:43] <Yulia> "But yes. Hopefully this offers a course of action."
  182. [19:06:49] <Rica> Siiiip.
  183. [19:06:50] <Yulia> "Get it to socialize with the others."
  184. [19:07:04] <Yulia> "Try to make it see experiences beyond its own."
  185. [19:07:10] <Yulia> "And wear sunscreen."
  186. [19:07:21] * Yulia nods, all too sure that the last suggestion was key.
  187. [19:07:36] <Mikaela> "Gotcha, Minmay's good 'bout keepin' the others in line, an' she'll listen to me if I tell her to make the new one feel welcome."
  188. [19:08:01] <Yulia> "It is unsure."
  189. [19:08:13] <Yulia> "It can only gain confidence by testing its experiences with the others."
  190. [19:08:25] <Yulia> "Confirming what works, rejecting that which does not."
  191. [19:08:55] <Yulia> "A bit of testing should go quite a way in letting it see experiences beyond its own."
  192. [19:08:55] <Mikaela> "Well, I'll be teachin' it the same song and dance routines as the others, so there's a chance there. Thanks Yulia. Hope the Absol suits ya too."
  193. [19:09:01] * Yulia nods.
  194. [19:09:06] <Yulia> "Is there anything else?"
  195. [19:10:49] <Mikaela> "Nah, I think that 'bout covers it. I'll come by again for a progess check next month or somethin' probably."
  196. [19:11:06] * Rica wears a smile. "Let me know if little Procne ever decides she wants to watch TV dramas again, but otherwise..." Her head shakes as she sets the cup down. "Thanks for the tea. And for helping. I'll make sure to come to you if there's ever another problem."
  197. [19:12:00] <Yulia> "Very well. Don't hesitate to visit should you require my assistance."
  198. [19:17:25] <Mikaela> "You got it. Thanks again." Mika sweeps up the chattering glitchwile and downs the rest of her lemonade, then leaves with a wave. Ushering Rica along too unless she has more business here.
  199. [19:17:50] * Rica totally floats out, also waving.
  200. [19:17:56] <~Mons> She does, as a steel claw clamps uncharacteristically gently on her shoulder, dropping a note into her lap.
  201. [19:19:18] * Rica looks around for a second but nods at nobody, taking her hat and closing the- oh, right, the door's supposed to be left open. Right.
  202. [19:19:19] <Rica> Vrrr.
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