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Oct 9th, 2020
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  1. Punch-A-Chunk Rule Set
  3. You may only dig one layer at a time.
  5. You must have the best possible version (Wood>Stone>Iron>Gold>Diamond) of your pickaxe and shovel. Your axe and sword are exempt from this rule.
  7. You can only use resources from your chunk.
  9. The trees in your chunk are your initial source of wood. You may continue to plant as you dig down and dirt allows, but you can’t wait for trees to grow. So dig around them to give them as much time to grow.
  11. A bed, furnace, and a chest filled with 4 golden carrots have been provided to each player.
  12. All blocks dug up (minus anything you use to craft tools) must be disposed of in the provided lava trash can.
  14. Water/Lava removal instructions:
  15. A single Source block can either be scooped up with a bucket (if you wish to use your iron for such decadence) or you can use a wood plank. That wood plank then needs to be thrown away in your lava pit.
  16. A pool that is entirely within your chunk. Use wood, or a combination of wood and bucket to remove all the source blocks. All wood use for such must be thrown away.
  17. A pool that exists in your chunk and the adjacent chunk. Dam off the water on the outside of your chunk to create a pool that is entirely within your chunk, then follow section B above.
  19. These are the only things you’re allowed to place in your chunk: Ladders, Saplings, Wood (Only for the removal of water and to bridge any gaps to keep your ladder in a straight line)
  21. You are welcome to take a tool down to 1 durability to combine with another 1 durability tool of the same type. I wouldn’t suggest this for anything other than iron. No punishments for broken tools. You are free to keep as many or as few tools on your person as you’d like. Inventory management is part of the game.
  23. Once you get down to bedrock, after Y=5 you are free to dig as you’d like, disregarding the layer at a time rule. This is referred to as the Clean-Up Step.
  25. Direct PVP is not allowed, you may not enter the other player's pit. However, if a Boon awards you a Creeper Egg (for example) you are encouraged to spawn it on the side of the opposing player wall.
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