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  1. Taylor Academy OC Acceptance Paste
  3. Name: Lauranella (Laura for short) Lillis
  4. Species: Minccino (Regular)
  5. Gender: Female
  7. Personality + Character traits: A kind and friendly gal, she always tries to do the good thing and stay out of trouble. Admittedly, she is kinda intimidated by much bigger, strong lookin' pokemon, but she tries not to judge too much. She is sorta shy, but once she warms up to someone, she can be quite talkative, especially in subjects she in interested in. She enjoys reading and literature, and likes quietness. Being a Minccino, she naturally also cares a lot about cleanliness.
  9. Other stuff worth of note- She always carries a satchel her essential things...that all somehow fit inside.
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