Master's Back! (Kikimora Green Text with Sad Anon's Opening)

Jun 11th, 2015
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  1. <The Post That Started it all and made me sad. Credit goes to the Anon that wrote it.>
  2. >Be Kikimora maid
  3. >Make your bed and cook Master's favorite omelette, humming to yourself that you hope he remembers today is your 40th birthday
  4. >He's not in bed today, aaya, Master is such a workaholic
  5. >Keep cleaning about the house, expecting to see his car pull into the driveway any minute now with another present for you
  6. >Master always gives you the best presents, you still treasure the broom made of yew he gave you on your first birthday
  7. >School kids pass by Master's house, giving you looks like you're a ghost
  8. >Tell yourself it's no big deal, kids will be kids
  9. >All that matters to Master is that his house be spic-and-span
  10. >You're already imagining the fun you're going to have in bed tonight, with his sturdy and yet well-centered manhood
  11. >You still remember the night he took your maidenhood, hushed whispers and sticky fumbling on the couch in the living room
  12. >The warmth of his hug still permeates in you
  13. >You love your Master with all your heart
  14. >Night comes, make Master's favorite dinner
  15. >Put on his favorite lipstick for you, your full red lips pouting almost coquettishly for him
  16. >Your tail whaps excitedly against the chair when you begin to hear him say "I want my bath, my dinner, and most definitely -you-"
  17. >Master never shows up
  18. >Go to bed, telling yourself he's going to be a lewd man and slip in, pretending to be the naughty baron who sleeps with the help
  19. >You wake up in the middle of the night, crying
  20. >Call out Master's name, no answer
  21. >Scramble around, calling his name again, turning on your desk light
  22. >See the picture of you and your Master
  23. >An old man smiles from his chair, petting you on the head
  24. >The tears won't stop
  25. >Your sobbing gets harder as you cry his name
  26. >Master isn't coming home
  27. >It's been forty years since your beloved Master began celebrating your birthday
  28. >This year you don't think you have the strength to carry on that tradition
  29. >Your red lipstick clings to the glass of the photo as you cry yourself to sleep
  31. <Posts leading up to story>
  32. >Not fighting through heaven, hell, and some third party after your disappearance to comfort old Kiki
  33. >Not breaking through the walls of reality to land in your bedroom on Kiki's birthday.
  34. >Not having a heartfelt reunion where she weepily tells you how shaggy your beard is.
  36. I refuse to let it end this way.
  37. No one makes Kikis cry, least of all myself
  39. ------------------------
  41. Indeed, i would become doomguy and crawl all the way from hell to the everloving arms of my kiki.
  43. No one makes my kiki cry, not even the fabrics of reality itself.
  45. <Our Story begins>
  47. >Crawl out of the hell not populated by cute monster girls a muscled, war scarred man only to find that fourth years have passed, as opposed to the four you felt.
  48. >Kiki has kept the house spotless despite her gray feathers going white and her youthful features having matured
  49. >Her eyes are listless as if she's a dead woman walking until she opens the door, golden eyes filling with tears as she embraces you with a cry of master, still recognizing you after all this time.
  50. >Apologize for being late to her birthday
  51. >First night after fighting your way back from hell.
  52. >After spending that tearful moment with the Kiki, you were brought back inside and dragged to the bathroom.
  53. >You really don't remember your house being this clean. Seriously, the only dirt is the soot flaking off of you from that cyberdemon you torched.
  54. >Kiki doesn't mind though, she's still crying, smiling, and laughing all the way as she tells you that it'll be gone by the time you're done.
  55. >The house is just like you remember it though, the furniture's the same (you can see where she's fixed the covers) and the only difference is the updated TV (which is apparently just a hologram projector the size of a shoe box)
  56. >With a bow that shows you her bosom hasn't gotten any less perky with the passage of time, the Kikimora tells you that dinner shall be ready in fifteen minutes, although you can take longer if you wish.
  57. >That last part is said with a little unease, as if you are going to vanish as soon as she looks away, in fact, her hand still hasn't released it's grip on you.
  58. >It takes you telling her you'll be her still and a ruffle of her hair feathers to get her to let go, although she starts nuzzling into your calloused hand as she tries to enjoy your touch as much as she can.
  59. >She's practically skipping down the halls in joy though, if a little slower than you remember.
  60. >You turn the water up to scalding and let out a sigh as you sink back into the water, muscles relaxing as the bath does its work. The layers of soot and dirt coming away as, unsurprisingly, there wasn't much water to wash with in the pits of hell.
  61. >Heck, you actually have to empty the bath and refill it a second and third time to fully scrub all the dirt and grime off of you, the feeling of being clean causing your skin to almost burn without it's protective layer of ash.
  62. >There is a knock on the door as your Kiki lets you know that dinner is ready and she has some clothes prepared for you.
  63. >She almost sounds worried that you aren't there as she says that, almost panicking over how you may have vanished again.
  64. >You can almost hear the sigh of relief as you let her know that you'll be down in a moment.
  65. >After quickly drying off, you open the door to see the clothes she brought you, a fresh pair of briefs (heaven knows you need them), some clean socks (your old one's having long since disintegrated), a pair of jeans to replace your old, shredded ones, and a loose workout shirt for you to use, the last one chosen because any of your old ones won't fit over your new muscle.
  66. >You also find a small razor hidden within the close along with some shaving cream, luxuries compared to your usual method of shaving with whatever knives, blades or other sharp objects you'd found.
  67. >It's the only reason your hair was a shaggy mop instead of making you look like Chewbacca.
  68. >A few flicks of the blade an you looked almost presentable, although the removal of your beard did show off a few of the scars you'd gained.
  69. >Stepping down the stairs and into the dining room, something that required you to jog your memory a bit lest you walk into the living room, you found the old table still intact, although now it was lit by candles and with two plates set at opposite sides of the table, a freshly cooked steak calling for you, mashed potatoes and carrots at the side.
  70. >Yours was set at the head of the table with the chair pulled aside the aging kiki practically hopping in place as she waited for you.
  71. >"Dinner is ready for you Master," she said with a bow, hiding her smile as she did "cooked just the way you like it....Although it has been a while since I've made it."
  72. >You told her not to worry, after having to eat whatever you could scavenge in that pit you aren't particularly picky. Although it did smell divine.
  73. >She was blushing at that and her smile was sunny, stepping aside an pushing the chair in as you sat before taking her place at the opposite end of the table.
  74. >That first bite from the steak, the juices flowing, the rich spices perfectly seasoned so as to emphasis the meat rather than overwhelm it, you almost couldn't believe it was real. After all those days of ray meat and scraggly plants ripped from the earth and....
  75. >Wet....why did you're eyes feel wet?
  76. >"M-master! I-I'm sorry if I messed up!" your maid shouted as she rose from the table, a look of horror on her face "I-I'll dispose of it right away and -"
  77. >You laughed and told her to sit down, your mixing mirth and tears confusing her.
  78. >"I'm not crying because it's bad," you told her, cutting another, generous bite off for emphasis "It's because it's so good! Seriously! You've outdone yourself!"
  79. >Joy, pure joy bloomed within her at those words, the feathered helper almost ecstatic at your praise.
  80. >"T-thank you master!" she replied, feathers puffing out a little in happiness. "It's good to know that I still have it after all these years."
  81. >Years...the word held heavily in the air.
  82. >After all that time, you'd missed a lot and left quite a few people behind, although not by choice. Waving her over to the seat next to you, so the pair of you could better discuss how things had been since your 'disappearance'.
  83. >It took some prodding but eventually she relented and told you her tale, a sad, lonely tale.
  84. >She told you how she'd kept the house clean and ready, made fixes and watched the world spin. Your life insurance had kept her living comfortably, as had the missing/dead masters fund from the maid agency but....it had been a hollow life, that much you could tell.
  85. >Every day she must have awoken to disappointment, her heart pining for you but always finding disappointment and loneliness.
  86. >"I-it wasn't anything I c-couldn't handle Anon," the mature kikimora told you with a smile, a few crows feet making their presence known "I still had friends who w-would visit with their c-children and g-grand children. It made the days a bit easier."
  87. >'but I still wanted you', the words were left out but you could feel them there, the Kikimora still keeping her professionalism in place.
  88. >"W-what about you master?" she quickly covered, one hand resting on your leg "W-what happened to you?"
  89. >What had happened? That wasn't an easy question to answer but all you knew is that you'd awoken one day to find yourself in a fiery land of hell spawn you'd never seen before.
  90. >Life was...difficult, in that place, barely sleeping, always looking over your shoulder to see if some new beast was hunting you. Four years of war, fire, and death until you'd slain the master of that dark land and popped out here.
  91. >You toned it down for her but even then she still would gasp in horror and murmur "poor master!" and "how horrible!" every now and then.
  92. >At the end of your story she was teary eyed and hugging you, all professionalism tossed to they wayside as she tried to make you feel at ease.
  93. >"You're home now master," she wept as you stroked her head, wondering who was comforting who now "you're safe and no demon is going to take you or hurt you ever again!"
  94. >You couldn't help but feel a little guilt at that, she'd vanished for forty years, for her, and she was still more worried about what had happened to you. It warmed your heart a little bit.
  95. >The ancient grandfather clock in the living room donged as the cluck struck ten, signaling that bed time had arrived.
  96. >"I-I'll clear the table master," the Kikimora said, gathering your empty plate and discarded silverware "brush your teeth I I'll be up to tuck you in. The sheets were just changed today and the pillows fluffed so everything should be perfect. I'll be in the guest room an-"
  97. >"No" you told her with absolute certainty, shocking the aging, white feathered woman. After all she'd done to keep your house clean and suffering all those years of loneliness, she was going to spend the night in bed with you.
  98. >It warmed your heart to know that even after forty years she still had the same buttons, your simple invitation to sleep in you're bed causing her to go red as a beet and stammer worse than an alp caught in the men's locker room.
  99. >"M-master! I-it's indecent for a servant to s-share a bed with her master!" she stuttered, squirming in her chair "e-especially for one as old as I am! W-wouldn't you w-want a younger girl?"
  100. >A younger girl? HA! Even after forty years she looked as fine as ever. Sure, she had a wrinkle or two that was making it's presence known and her feathers no longer had their soot gray color but she was just as cute as ever.
  101. >You could almost hear the steam pouring from her ears, the maid red as a tomato from your comments.
  102. >She was smiling though, and that made you feel all the better.
  103. >"If you insist, master," she told you, feathered tail giving a happy wag "I'll be up momentarily, just allow me to finish this."
  104. >You let her know that you were looking forward to it, rising from the table and walking to your bed as happy humming filled your ears.
  106. ----------
  108. >You'd long since forgotten how nice beds could be, the mattress springs creaking slightly as you shifted. After years of sleeping on rocks and hard packed earth, the comfy bed made you want to fall asleep then and there.
  109. >Still, you fought to stay awake, there was something you wanted to see.
  110. >"Are you awake master?" the kikimora's hushed voice whispered, "I'm coming in."
  111. >The door creaked open and standing there in a lacy, pink nightgown was your kikimora maid.
  112. >Age had, like other monster girls, done almost nothing to her, the feathered girl's palmable breasts just as perky as they had been when she was young, in addition to being a hair bigger while her hips and plump rear sported a bit more padding thanks to a slowing metabolism, although it did nothing more than give her an hourglass figure.
  113. >Man, you wondered if you would've held up that well if your positions had been reversed.
  114. >Somehow you doubted it, a cruel difference between the bodies of man and monster.
  115. >The kikimora didn't seem to think so though, her fidgeting increasing as she felt more and more embarrassed beneath your gaze, quite selfconcious about her age.
  116. >"I-I can put on more clothes if you want master," she said with a stammer, taking a step back towards the bedroom door "I know I'm not exactly beautiful anymo-"
  117. >You told her to stop worrying in a stern tone, although you still had a smile, she was as beautiful as ever and no one should tell her otherwise.
  118. >That little shiver of joy and her feathers fluffing out slightly told you all you needed to know.
  119. >"Very well master," she said as she stepped towards the bed, tail slowly wagging as she walked "if you say so then it will be."
  120. >You scooted aside in the queen sized bed and pulled back the sheets, leaving a spot for her on the bed.
  121. >She took it slowly, tentatively, slipping into he bed as if she couldn't believe what was happening.
  122. >She'd barely gotten in when you grabbed her from behind, causing the white feathered monster to yelp as you nuzzled into her.
  123. >"M-master! W-what are you doing?" she asked as you hugged her, face crimson and tail struggling to wag in what little space it had between the two of you.
  124. >You let her know that you just wanted to enjoy her touch, her skin, it had been far to long since you could enjoy a simple pleasure like a hug.
  125. >Her struggling relented, the girl letting you hug your fill as sleep began to take hold.
  126. >"Good -yawn- night master..." the Kikimora said as she turned to face you, hugging you as well "I...love...you..."
  127. >You told her that you know that, and that you'll always be with her and for the first time in a long while, the kikimora was happy.
  128. >...
  129. >Then the maid awoke from her slumber, alone in your bed and the darkened room once more.
  130. >The door was shut, the lights were out, and your spot on the bed was empty, the sheets pulled up almost as if you were never there.
  131. >"N-no," she breathed, eye's widening in the dark while tears gathered at their corners "not again...please...not again!"
  132. >It was another dream, another midnight fancy that reminded her of what she'd lost, taunting her about how her master would never return.
  133. >But why should she be surprised? He hadn't returned after forty years, now forty one, why would he have shown up now?
  134. >She let out a hiccuping sob, as she fought to hold back her despair, her strained will having finally reached it's breaking point.
  135. >The loyal maid who'd waited for her master gave up, letting out a loud, sorrowful wail as her mind's cruel joke took away that last bit of strength she'd had.
  136. >There would never be children for her, little girls with brooms and bows, there would never be dinners where she dressed up, there would never be a white wedding where she strode down the aisle.
  137. >What was the po-
  138. >The door swung open and you ran in, a look of worry on your face as you grabbed her, holding the sobbing girl in your arms.
  139. >"What's wrong?" you asked as her eye's went wide with shock, tears freely flowing "Are you alright? What happened?"
  140. >She didn't hear your questions, simple staring at you.
  141. >"M-master!? Y-you're here?" She cried, confusion and sorrow still fighting for dominance.
  142. >"Of course," you told her, sitting down next to her and pulling her tight, "I just had to hit the restroom, where did you think I we-"
  143. >The sheets you'd pulled up to save heat, the door you'd closed, your brain telling you how much of a moron you were.
  144. >"O-oh crap," you said as she continued to sob into your chest, "I'm so sorry! I didn't think you'd wake up!"
  145. >"S-stupid master," she sobbed, although you started to hear a little bit of mirth in her voice "S-stupid, thoughtless master."
  146. >She was laughing a little now, her arms wrapping around you and hugging you just as tight while her body shook with a little bit from laughter.
  147. >"I won't argue that," you said with a sigh, stroking her hair as the tears of sorrow became ones of relief "I screwed the pooch on that one. I'm sorry about that."
  148. >She just laughed, a happy laugh that rang like bells as she nuzzled into your neck.
  149. >"I-it's Ok master." she hiccuped, a warm smile on her face as she started to pull you back into the bed. "You're home now, that's all that matters."
  150. >"Yeah," you said before she pulled you into a deep kiss, "I'm finally home."
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