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  1. BayTV is a 24-hour regional cable news channel that serves the San Francisco Bay Area and operates from July 1st 1994 to August 30rd 2001 and again from February 25th 2019. The channel is owned by PatrZDZ MediaGroup.
  3. BayTV is the Bay Area's only local 24-hour news and information channel. BayTV was created in response to the Bay Area's continued demand for more local news and to expand and focus news coverage on a uniquely local level to augment its long tradition of serving the community needs.
  5. With news bureaus in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, BayTV is a Bay Area wide station. Reports generated from Oakland and South Bay bureaus typically represent one-third of the total news stories covered.
  7. With BayTV, the KRON4 newsroom is delivering relevant breaking news, live events and press conferences, as well as up-to-the-minute weather and traffic coverage twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  9. BayTV features 11 hours of KRON regularly scheduled live, local news programming and content, including six hours of live morning news coverage and five hours of live evening news, commercial free.
  11. The service delivers even more local content to Bay Area viewers with live bonus coverage during standard broadcast commercial breaks. Once KRON4’s live broadcast programming concludes, BayTV continues with exclusive local content, feature news, weather, traffic and much more 24/7.
  13. The service also delivers original live local programming exclusive to BayTV, including Bay Area Sports Night, a one-hour sports talk program streaming weeknights at 7 hosted by KRON sports director, Mark Carpenter.
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